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Those Inflatable Bellies @demroundbellies

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Yet another blog about bellies and inflation/expansion of the belly. And everything related to it! Count Page Hits - Those Inflatable Bellies (@demroundbellies)
Alwaysexpanded on deviantart had drawn this gift @demroundbellies

AlwaysExpanded on deviantART had drawn this gift for me of my OC Kirry. Her first drawing of Kirry. It is so cute.


Cleverfoxman puffy nior lady in red a @demroundbellies


PUFFY NIOR: Lady in Red

A provocateur of sex, drugs, and weaponry, she was a staple of this cold-hearted city. Her name was Luna Feuer, the South-side Kingpin. She is currently selling one of the hottest drugs in all of SantaRino, Inflex. It’s a special moonshine that causes the body to become elastic, and makes the drinker inhale more air than they exhale. The growing effect that it has on it’s users evokes massive amounts of ecstasy.

The major fallback of this drug is the venerability that it causes. By volume, it takes quite a while for the user to “deflate”. Frequent users of Inflex (addicts) can become permanently inflated or even pop when too much is consumed. 

Far be it from Luna to not test her product. After all, the best way to sell the quality of a product is by example. Just don’t cross this femme fatale, unless you want the police to clean up your splatter with a hose, mops, and alot of garbage bags.

Toxiff commission for sean im liking all this @demroundbellies


Commission for Sean

im liking all this cute couple stuff im getting commissions for lately y vy

commissions are still open!