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ADULTS ONLY. NSFW. 18+ I'm 37 yo straight male discovering amazing world of FLR, wifedom, sensual teasing, orgasm control and denial, chastity, submission and female worship . I'm NOT into hardcore BDSM, CBT, pain, pegging, humilation, cuckoldry, feminization, polygamy, etc. I will keep posting some of my kinky dreams and fantasies, although my English isn't very good. Feel free to send me any corrections of my posts. I'm also trying to create some captions and drawings to show all women that male chastity can be fun and great way to spice up sex life even in vanilla relationships . All photos, images and videos posted here have been found posted elsewhere (often in many places) and is assumed to be public domain. If anyone finds something they feel is violating their copyright, let me know and I will remove it. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy and will share or comment. Thanks. - Denial Fantasies (@denialfantasies)
You see honey here it is healthy to @denialfantasies

“You see, honey? Here. It is healthy to periodically empty the prostate.

Really? Hmmm… I’m sure we will find a way to achieve that even without an actual orgasm. 

I wouldn’t like to waste your so hard earned sex drive.

Anyway, I’m confiscating the book now.”

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Heres the list of your chores im going to @denialfantasies

“Here’s the list of your chores.

I’m going to read a book meanwhile.

After each completed task you can come to kiss my leg as mini reward, starting with this foot and moving up a little bit higher each time until you reach your main reward.

Then you can continue with the other leg. And so on…

Consider yourself lucky today.”

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Our planet is safe women the most powerful @denialfantasies

Our planet is safe. Women, the most powerful creatures in the Universe, live here.

Image credit: Andrew Tarusov

Just some fun again photo credit men in pain @denialfantasies

Just some fun again :)

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Dear mother of beauty this brings peace to my @denialfantasies

Dear Mother of Beauty.

This brings peace to my heart…

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One day she came up with new rule im not @denialfantasies

“One day she came up with new rule.

I’m not allowed to look at her honey pot anymore without her permission.

The same day she stopped wearing panties at home.

What a strange coincidence.”

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Hes so cute i told him to make a list of @denialfantasies

“He’s so cute.

I told him to make a list of everything he really doesn’t like or hates.

He started immediately even though he probably knows how I’m going to use it.

As great inspiration for his punishments.

Or just for my own amusement.”

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Im impressed these tiles have never been so @denialfantasies

“I’m impressed. 

These tiles have never been so polished yet.

Crawl over here and get your reward…”

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Ive been trying many times but i keep losing @denialfantasies

I’ve been trying many times, but I keep losing…

Photo credit: Evil Angel

Mine are not ready yet its been just a 3 weeks @denialfantasies

Mine are not ready yet… it’s been just a 3 weeks so far :)

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Just a little bit more fun today photo @denialfantasies

Just a little bit more fun today :)

Photo credit: St Mackenzie’s

I never do dont you dare to reblog this @denialfantasies

I never do… Don’t you dare to reblog this :)

Im bored at work just captioning for fun @denialfantasies

I’m bored at work, just captioning for fun :)

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Wait i have something for you before you leave @denialfantasies


I have something for you before you leave the house.

Just a little tasty treat to keep your mind occupied at work.

Hurry back home. 

I’d like to try something special tonight.”

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