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ADULTS ONLY. NSFW. 18+ I'm 37 yo straight male discovering amazing world of FLR, wifedom, sensual teasing, orgasm control and denial, chastity, submission and female worship . I'm NOT into hardcore BDSM, CBT, pain, pegging, humilation, cuckoldry, feminization, polygamy, etc. I will keep posting some of my kinky dreams and fantasies, although my English isn't very good. Feel free to send me any corrections of my posts. I'm also trying to create some captions and drawings to show all women that male chastity can be fun and great way to spice up sex life even in vanilla relationships . All photos, images and videos posted here have been found posted elsewhere (often in many places) and is assumed to be public domain. If anyone finds something they feel is violating their copyright, let me know and I will remove it. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy and will share or comment. Thanks. - Denial Fantasies (@denialfantasies)
You see honey here it is healthy to @denialfantasies

“You see, honey? Here. It is healthy to periodically empty the prostate.

Really? Hmmm… I’m sure we will find a way to achieve that even without an actual orgasm. 

I wouldn’t like to waste your so hard earned sex drive.

Anyway, I’m confiscating the book now.”

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Heres the list of your chores im going to @denialfantasies

“Here’s the list of your chores.

I’m going to read a book meanwhile.

After each completed task you can come to kiss my leg as mini reward, starting with this foot and moving up a little bit higher each time until you reach your main reward.

Then you can continue with the other leg. And so on…

Consider yourself lucky today.”

Photo credit: Errotica Archives

Our planet is safe women the most powerful @denialfantasies

Our planet is safe. Women, the most powerful creatures in the Universe, live here.

Image credit: Andrew Tarusov

Just some fun again photo credit men in pain @denialfantasies

Just some fun again :)

Photo credit: Men in pain

Dear mother of beauty this brings peace to my @denialfantasies

Dear Mother of Beauty.

This brings peace to my heart…

Photo credit: W4B

One day she came up with new rule im not @denialfantasies

“One day she came up with new rule.

I’m not allowed to look at her honey pot anymore without her permission.

The same day she stopped wearing panties at home.

What a strange coincidence.”

Photo credit: Met Art

Hes so cute i told him to make a list of @denialfantasies

“He’s so cute.

I told him to make a list of everything he really doesn’t like or hates.

He started immediately even though he probably knows how I’m going to use it.

As great inspiration for his punishments.

Or just for my own amusement.”

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Im impressed these tiles have never been so @denialfantasies

“I’m impressed. 

These tiles have never been so polished yet.

Crawl over here and get your reward…”

Photo credit: FEMJOY

Ive been trying many times but i keep losing @denialfantasies

I’ve been trying many times, but I keep losing…

Photo credit: Evil Angel

Mine are not ready yet its been just a 3 weeks @denialfantasies

Mine are not ready yet… it’s been just a 3 weeks so far :)

Photo credit: St Mackenzie’s

Just a little bit more fun today photo @denialfantasies

Just a little bit more fun today :)

Photo credit: St Mackenzie’s

I never do dont you dare to reblog this @denialfantasies

I never do… Don’t you dare to reblog this :)

Im bored at work just captioning for fun @denialfantasies

I’m bored at work, just captioning for fun :)

Photo credit: Penthouse

Wait i have something for you before you leave @denialfantasies


I have something for you before you leave the house.

Just a little tasty treat to keep your mind occupied at work.

Hurry back home. 

I’d like to try something special tonight.”

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Two weeks ago it took me 3 hours to explain to my @denialfantasies

“Two weeks ago it took me 3 hours to explain to my girlfriend why we should start this innocent experiment.

Today it took her 30 seconds to explain to me why it should never end.”

Photo credit: Simon Bolz

Aaw am i making you horny again wonderful @denialfantasies

“Aaw, am I making you horny again? Wonderful. After all, that’s why you keep buying me all this pretty lingerie. Isn’t it?

What’s the problem anyway? We can have as much sex as we want. Just ask me. Anytime.


Of course not. 

I think I’ve lost the key anyway.”

Photo credit: Only-Opaques

I cant believe youve managed to stuff your cock @denialfantasies

“I can’t believe you’ve managed to stuff your cock into that tiny cage. Are you really sure you want to try this? I thought you were just kidding. Oh look! Poor thing is trying to get hard again. Does it hurt? A little bit? Hmmm… I have an idea. Help me take my boots off first, I’m going to try to get you as hard as possible.

No, wait. Bring me the key first. Both of them. Just in case. I think I like this already.”

Photo credit: OnlyTease

Femdomdoneright @denialfantasies


In my next life I wanna be a drawn character. It looks like they have all the fun, all the time :)

Ouch i was going to count your points from the @denialfantasies


I was going to count your points from the last 3 months to find out if you’ve earned your so much desired orgasm finally, but my butt gets sore from sitting on this hard chair.

 I’m going to round it down to zero this time, but I promise I’ll check again after next 3 months.

Don’t worry, you can try to earn your first point right now. 

I need a good massage.

Then I’m going to punish you for letting me sit on that chair.”

Photo credit: ALS Scan

What are you waiting for you can start @denialfantasies

“What are you waiting for?

You can start introducing yourself to your new best friends.

Smoothly, steady and slowly…

Yeah, that’s it.

Maybe you should even give them names later.

You are going to spend a lot of time with both of them.”

Photo credit: ITC

Its been only two weeks so far and you are @denialfantasies

“It’s been only two weeks so far and you are desperate to come already? 

No, no, no.

Every single drop of sperm that would desire to leave your body must be very well deserved first.

I’m not sure why but I have this strange feeling we are going to have a lot of fun together during the next several months.”

Photo credit: Art Lingerie

Another from my educational drawings let the @denialfantasies

Another from my “educational” drawings. Let the vanilla Femdom revolution begin!

Unfortunately it’s just my fantasy (as always). The reality is much more complex :)

Overly simplified but i guess still pretty much @denialfantasies

Overly simplified but I guess still pretty much accurate.

I just wish more ladies would discover their secret power :)

While throwing punches at the big blue bag during @denialfantasies

“While throwing punches at the big blue bag during her workout she couldn’t stop thinking about the other bags.

Two overloaded blue bags attached to the naked body of her husband tied to the bed upstairs. 

Eagerly waiting for her.

But that’s going to be different kind of treatment.

Lustful grin suddenly appeared on her face.”

Photo credit: Met Art

Ive decided to keep teasing you as long as @denialfantasies

“I’ve decided to keep teasing you as long as needed, until you reach constant state of ultimate sexual arousal and persistent desire.


Don’t be silly. 

You are still far away from your limits.

It’s been only a couple of months so far since you’ve been locked up anyway.

We haven’t even started yet.”

Photo credit: Art Lingerie

I know how crazy you are about footjobs my @denialfantasies

“I know how crazy you are about footjobs. My smooth feet have been stroking your happy cock several times a week during the last year. It was part of my plan of course. To get you even more addicted.

Considering your much loudly moans now, I guess you are enjoying these new footjobs even more. Me too. There is no hot mess on my back anymore and the sensations from the cage tickling my feet are making my pussy slowly dripping. 

And the best part is I can continue as long as I want.

If you need a little break you can lick my pussy clean and we can start all over again… and again…”

Photo credit: MetArt

Your first month in chastity is over you deserve @denialfantasies

“Your first month in chastity is over. You deserve a little gift.

I’m sure you can smell my panties even from there. I’ve been wearing them whole week.

Specially for you.

Every night from now on you will be sleeping with them pulled over your head, the most soaked spot right under your nose.

I want you to dream about me all night long.

Keep them handy during the day as well. You will be using them to clean my pussy up after each of my orgasms. ”

Photo credit: FEMJOY

Take a good look at my pussy from now on she @denialfantasies

“Take a good look at my pussy. 

From now on she is your ONLY way to beg for release.


You can ask me for permission to use your tongue to express your prayers in this shrine any time you desire.

Who knows, maybe one day they will be answered.”

Photo credit: W4B

Why are you so shocked oh yes i havent been @denialfantasies

“Why are you so shocked?

Oh yes, I haven’t been wearing sexy stuff at home very much before, especially not in the kitchen.

But since you’ve been locked up, I enjoy discovering my cruel side. I’ve decided to keep teasing you mercilessly all the time as much as possible.”

Photo credit: Sexy Babes

Ive been trying everything even witchcraft to @denialfantasies

“I’ve been trying everything, even witchcraft, to get him under my spell.

Who would’ve thought that one tiny lock will do the trick.

Just one silent click and suddenly all my secret dreams came true 

…and even more.”

Photo credit: VirtuaGirl

Stop looking im going to blindfold you you @denialfantasies

“Stop looking, I’m going to blindfold you. You have to count all pearls using only your tongue. The time will be up as soon as I get aroused and wet. If your result will be correct, I will let you cum sometime next week. Maybe. If not, you will be punished.”

Photo credit: MetArt

Its like sexual perpetuum mobile after each of @denialfantasies

“It’s like sexual perpetuum mobile. After each of my orgasms he gets more aroused and passionate, so my next orgasm is even stronger and therefore he gets even more turned on and so on and on… He has no idea but I will probably never let him cum again. It would be sin to break this magic.”

The idea of his poor penis trying to escape his @denialfantasies

“The idea of his poor penis trying to escape his tiny prison and confused balls full of boiling semen while he’s eating my pussy is driving me crazy. Even thinking about this right now is highly orgasmic. I can’t wait till he’s back home from work.”

Photo credit: Hungarian Honeys

I wonder how long has she been trapped there a @denialfantasies

I wonder how long has she been trapped there. A couple of hours? Maybe days… or even weeks. I’d so love to be in her place, constantly teased and edged by those cruel small hands without any chance to cum.

I know its been one month already since your last @denialfantasies

I know it’s been one month already since your last orgasm, but I really like it. Even the desperate look in your eyes now is making me wet. Why are you complaining anyway? I’ve been edging you almost every day since you’ve been locked. If you really want to put your tongue to good use, you can try to convince my ass and maybe I will let you cum later tonight.

I should probably stop howling like wolf while @denialfantasies

I should probably stop howling like wolf while edging, otherwise my neighbours may call the police :)

Photo Credit: OnlyTease

11 days of edging without any orgasm my new @denialfantasies

11 days of edging without any orgasm - my new personal record. It may seem like no big deal, but it took several months of sweet agony and total desperation for me. I’ve probably never been so horny yet in my whole life. 

This state of constant uncontrollable sexual arousal is driving my mind crazy and my wild fantasies are getting even more perverted than usual.

There are so many new hot posts here I feel like cumming any second now. And I haven’t even touched myself yet today. Today’s edging session will be very interesting.

But first I need to shave my balls and cock again to further intensify sensations from all the gentle and smooth tortures waiting for me today. I will try not to use my hands at all, only various small paintbrushes and feather.

I’m so scared… and happy at the same time.

Handcuff your hands behind your back we are going @denialfantasies

Handcuff your hands behind your back, we are going to play new game tonight. Do you see this bowl with baby oil? I’m going to unlock your cock, slowly tease you right to the edge and set alarm to 30 minutes. Then you will have to oil my whole body using your penis only. You will be punished for every dry spot I will find when the time is up. And don’t you even think about adding some of your white colour into this “painting job”.

Photo credit: W4B

Misshybrid come and vote for me here leave a @denialfantasies


Come and vote for me here. Leave a message you’ve voted if you want to share in my end of contest surprises Thanks xxxx

Voted in all 3 categories. She’s gorgeous.

Yourbadgrrl no not yet playtoy we have hours @denialfantasies


No, not yet, Playtoy. We have hours of torture fun left today…

Fetishlocker the delicious torture of the @denialfantasies


The delicious torture of the ruined orgasm, being pushed over the edge just by the slightest touch. 

(If you’ve never seen this video, seek it out. It’s one of the most amazing examples of orgasm torture I’ve ever seen. Yes, orgasm torture. Between the ruined orgasm, the torture of continued stimulation immediately after coming, and the additional forced orgasms, it’s proof that orgasm can indeed be used as an instrument of torture in the hands of a deliciously devious woman.)

What youve heard that i said im going to play @denialfantasies

“What? You’ve heard that I said I’m going to play with your penis? No, I said I’m going to play tennis. Your penis will stay locked, but you can watch us if you want.”

Photo credit: Naughty America

Your dessert is ready bon appetit photo @denialfantasies

“Your dessert is ready. Bon appetit.”

Photo credit: W4B

Our new humanoid model offers 3 silky smooth pink @denialfantasies

“Our new humanoid model offers 3 silky smooth pink slots always ready to pleasure your penis. We switched this one to the denial mode as you requested. She will keep monitoring level of your arousal and sending electric or freezing shocks to your penis whenever needed to prevent you from reaching an orgasm. We hope you will enjoy our product and have a lot of fun.”

Photo credit: MetArt

9th day without orgasm only 2 more days to beat @denialfantasies

9th day without orgasm, only 2 more days to beat my (pathetic) personal record.

I’ve been experiencing strange feeling last night - repeated waves of heat and pleasure deep in my “belly”, it felt almost like an orgasm, or the moment right before the orgasm… It was very nice, but I was bit scared I’m going to have a wet dream… Fortunately I managed to wake up without an accident.. at least this time :)

Image credit: Christina QCCP

Im begging desperately to be allowed to worship @denialfantasies

I’m begging desperately to be allowed to worship your pink sanctuary… but you keep ignoring me… wait… watch on your arm… and that look… oh… it looks like you are planning another of your cruel games again… help… I’m trapped in endless sweet agony… trying to keep the last remains of my sanity…

Photo credit: Twistys

Wifeslockedcock nice lips mesmerizing beauty @denialfantasies


Nice lips

Mesmerizing beauty… must… resist… the.. urge… to… lick… monitor… :)

Im so tempted to buy one of these @denialfantasies

I’m so tempted to buy one of these but it would be useless without mistress / keyholder anyway… back to my fantasies :(

What a happy guy @denialfantasies

What a happy guy…

One of my favourite fantasies to be forced @denialfantasies

One of my favourite fantasies - to be “forced” (= allowed) to lick your asshole for hours… every day trying to bring her bit closer to your first assgasm ever… my cock locked securely whole time ofc… *sigh* :)

photo credit: Catie Minx

This picture betrayed me the last time 3rd day of @denialfantasies

This picture betrayed me the last time (3rd day of denial)… no idea why, but as soon as I’ve seen those white socks in pink heels I started to squirm uncontrollably

I must be more careful when browsing pictures randomly while edging :)

photo credit: OnlyTease