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This fansite is dedicated to the bondage creations of Devonshire Productions. The independent movie studio is defunct and no longer producing great quality art. They are sorely missed. — Nullit_ - Devonshire Productions - Fanblog (@devonshire-fanblog)
Sensualhumiliation kidnapped @devonshire-fanblog


Kidnapped !

Beautifulfetish summer cummings in a lovely @devonshire-fanblog


Summer Cummings in a lovely tight leather corset and armbinder.

Rubberdollowner @devonshire-fanblog


Forced feeding & forced drinking is one of the training tools that I use.  I also control urination and the timing of it and it is always occurs in front of me in a metal bowl.  The more control I exercise, the more that I invade into their head space.  I am just a female and lack the sheer brute power of throwing a man down and forcing the change.  Exercising the mental control is much more effective and longer lasting than force.  It creates a craving that they cannot escape and rarely find a replacement for.

2old2care an old devonshire photo with the @devonshire-fanblog


An old Devonshire photo with the watermark removed.

Not the first position of the photo session - note the previous rope marks.

Now, sit on the floor, cross your legs like hers are, put your hands together behind your back and raise them as far up as you’re capable of, then hold it for a 10 count.  Relax.  Then look at this again and simply admire the model that could hold this position for a number of minutes while the photos were being captured.

Elbowstogether model kristal summers source @devonshire-fanblog


Model: Kristal Summers
Source: Devonshire Productions

Kristal modeled under the name Brandy for Devonshire.