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This is a blog for guys in diapers. It is always ok to submit pictures, just click submit below; it can be of anything but keep in mind if it isn't diaper related it might not go up, and if you just want to share but not post, let me know when you submit. I do not own all pictures, if you see yours and want it taken down, send a message with the URL of the picture, if you don't know how to send it in a message, figure it out.... I'm not gonna search for any without the full URL - Diaper Slave (@diaperslave)
Rhyseybabe loving my new id slips feel @diaperslave


Loving my new id slips! Feel awesome. So was a little bit wet this morning once I woke up so decided to go in the garden 😊

Totallydiapers can you see my diaper should @diaperslave


Can you see my diaper? 😝😝 Should I buy these shorts?

Totallydiapers my wet diaper feels good @diaperslave


My wet diaper feels good

Wtdiapjosh woke up wet woah @diaperslave


Woke up wet! WOAH!!

Babyboiblue first post @diaperslave


First post! 😄

Bigbrojj soooooooo happy that i have over 2200 @diaperslave


Soooooooo happy that I have over 2200 awesome followers and to top it all Iv had and awesome adventure with @daddysjandbabyem babyem in London.
We took these pics in Hyde park 😃

Rickdlca dlboyoc guysingear it was @diaperslave




It was decided that I was wearing two tonight.

Well isn’t this a nice view. 

A room with a nice well padded view.

Adlinmelbourne thick double diaper for a lazy @diaperslave


Thick double diaper for a lazy afternoon. Unfortunately had to take it off before I could enjoy it too much so I can go out with friends

Derwindeljunge had a little fun today @diaperslave


Had a little fun today 🙊

Derwindeljunge tempted to try one with my face @diaperslave


Tempted to try one with my face in it… hmmmm.

Derwindeljunge at first i resisted but i know @diaperslave


At first I resisted, but I know Mommy knows what’s best 🙈 First face photo too 😬

Derwindeljunge diapers the outdoors @diaperslave


“Diapers & The Outdoors” 😎

Derwindeljunge nice to be diapered again after @diaperslave


Nice to be diapered again after our vacation ☺️

Ilikemenfan i had a veery wet diapee and no @diaperslave


I had a veery wet diapee😳☺️ and no one to change me

Macuser8850 well my attempt at getting out of @diaperslave


Well my attempt at getting out of bed failed miserably….so I took off my briefs and changed into a diaper. Just way too lazy to do anything today.

Widdleboyjay getting ready for bed even @diaperslave


Getting ready for bed. Even brushed my teethers😬

Widdleboyjay got a new nuke and bottle @diaperslave


Got a new nuke and bottle yesterday! Makes me such a happy widdle boy:)

Babachris test 2 complete @diaperslave


Test 2 complete!