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This is a blog for guys in diapers. It is always ok to submit pictures, just click submit below; it can be of anything but keep in mind if it isn't diaper related it might not go up, and if you just want to share but not post, let me know when you submit. I do not own all pictures, if you see yours and want it taken down, send a message with the URL of the picture, if you don't know how to send it in a message, figure it out.... I'm not gonna search for any without the full URL - Diaper Slave (@diaperslave)
Jackabdl off to the gym for a few hours i hope @diaperslave


Off to the gym for a few hours. I hope no one notices the diaper under my gym shorts…

- JackABDL

did anyone notice? also next time you should change clothes at the gym

Jackabdl tonight daddy decided to diaper me in @diaperslave


Tonight daddy decided to diaper me in an M4 and let me wear the new dinosaur onesie he bought me. I should consider myself lucky having someone to buy me all the diapers I need!

- JackABDL

Awe so cute, i need to go buy one

Dalesman124 off to the shops @diaperslave


Off to the shops

Tndiaperboy im a baby @diaperslave


I’m a baby 🍼

Ronikat took these a coupled days ago mah @diaperslave


Took these a coupled days ago, mah diapee was really wet o.o i dunno how it got like dat :o

Awesomedpry no i dont like these plastic @diaperslave


No! I don’t like these plastic pants!

Minimaxkiddo ababyboy is really awesome at @diaperslave


@ababyboy is really awesome at changing diapers :)

Lilscruff fuck yeah diaper lover @diaperslave


Fuck yeah diaper lover

Tndiaperboy wet baby @diaperslave


Wet Baby 💧 🚼

Babiedboi another boy makes it back into daily @diaperslave


another boy makes it back into daily diapers

Boatbaby54 tndiaperboy morning good @diaperslave



Morning 🍼 👶

Good morning to you too🍼👶🏻

Diaperslave submission @diaperslave



Diaperslave submission @diaperslave



Diaperslave submission @diaperslave



Diaperslave if it were me id have to give you @diaperslave


If it were me, I’d have to give you a spanking for leaking ;)

Submission: When you’ve been in the same diaper all day and it leaks on your clothes so you need to hint at daddy to change you…

Frizbunny thick crinkly padded butt and @diaperslave


Thick, crinkly padded butt and classic cocktails - a good way to spend an evening ^_^;
This is an original dry 24/7 too! Soooo super thick, I love it!!

Abdlrobje new work day and a very wet diaper @diaperslave


New work day and a very wet diaper. I’m sorry for the bad light. I leaked a little bit. Can you see I’m wearing?

Diaperslave its been a while since ive posted @diaperslave


It’s been a while since I’ve posted pics of myself or had diapers, so when I bought some I had to share some pics of me in my first diaper

Diaperedsoldier hey yall im back had to @diaperslave


Hey y'all , I’m back, had to delete my old tumblr because of a security breach! Follow/reblog

good to see you’re back

Emo chef saturday night with me and daddy in my @diaperslave


Saturday night with me and daddy in my diappy daddy let me put stickys on my diappy i got 🐵 and fogs stickys on my diappy thank u daddy

Diapercuck isnt this nice we both are @diaperslave


“Isn’t this nice?  We both are getting exactly what we need?!”

Diaperspanishboy diaper swimming pool i @diaperslave


Diaper swimming pool🏊

i want to go swimming diapered, who else is up for it?

Jackabdl my diaper was super wet when i got @diaperslave


My diaper was super wet when I got home from class, it was clearly visible through my skinny jeans which wasn’t the best outfit to wear with a diaper…

- JackABDL

Jackabdl earlier when i got home from class @diaperslave


Earlier when I got home from class. For some reason I really like this picture :)

- JackABDL

Diaperkenny diaper hiking @diaperslave


Diaper Hiking!

Thewetdiaper i woke up like dis @diaperslave


I woke up like dis 🎼

Tattsandkink reblog if you piss your pants on @diaperslave


reblog if you piss your pants on purpose.

Jackabdl me and daddy have had a very @diaperslave


Me and daddy have had a very productive day doing absolutely nothing! Been chilling in my onesie all day watching TV with plenty of snuggles :)

- JackABDL

Jackabdl a friend recommended taking pictures @diaperslave


A friend recommended taking pictures in white boxers instead of black so here you all go :) Tonight my daddy has me diapered in an ‘iD Slip Maxi’ which are super comfy!

- JackABDL

Flamepaws just a super super super soggy baby @diaperslave


Just a super super SUPER soggy baby foxy feeling extra little today feel free to message me all day today love all of you byeee

Rocket42787 good morning this mornings wet @diaperslave


Good morning! This mornings wet soggy night diaper, then followed up with a fresh bambino and jeans. I was pretty smelly, master said I was a stinky boy. I like the fact that he knows I’m in a smelly diaper by morning. Hehe.

Rocket42787 hey guys hope everyone is doing @diaperslave


Hey guys! Hope everyone is doing well and staying thickly diapered, whether you like it or not. These last few days have been interesting and eye opening. I have reached a new level of diaper acceptance and understanding. In the last few days I have been pushed to the limit in accepting things I cannot change. I recently completed the banana diaper challenge that was ordered by a very special dominant in my life. The challenge taught me a lot of things and I will write more about it in a later post. As an almost completely incontinent DL, I have always been scared, ashamed, and embarrassed to be diapered. But learning to accept my diapers has been my biggest challenge of all. I’m truly reaching a new level, that makes feel proud to be diapered. I am a young guy who loves his diapers and accepts that he’s not getting out of them anytime soon. They are a part of me, and I’m not scared anymore.

Babycbus feeling a little helplesslittle @diaperslave


Feeling a little helpless/little. Someone change me? 😳💩

Pascoe73 mmmmm more padding hehe @diaperslave


Mmmmm - more padding? Hehe

Diaperpuprawrzz oh hai der how are you today @diaperslave


Oh hai der! How are you today!

Thek37 hanging out at the mall stopped in the @diaperslave


Hanging out at the mall, stopped in the bathroom for a quick change.

Lilrobbie25 please anyone be harsh or kind @diaperslave


Please anyone

Be harsh or kind :D

Jackabdl well they didnt stay dry for long i @diaperslave


Well they didn’t stay dry for long… I have to wait till the morning for a change now so it’s a good job these M4’s hold a lot :)

- JackABDL

Diaperedducktail before i take this soggy one @diaperslave


Before I take this soggy one off, I have to let it go. The sexual satisfaction is above anything else!😃

Babycbus muscle boy still cant keep my @diaperslave


Muscle boy, still can’t keep my diapers dry tho 😳

Budapestbest diapered at the gym like a good @diaperslave


Diapered at the gym like a good boy 🙈🙈 hope nobody saw 🙈🙈

Croksdiaper dpjockpup drynites05 abdl @diaperslave




#abdl #tbdl #diapers #frenchabdl #diaperlover

Omg this boy if perfect! I need him

Muy buena foto!!!

Jackabdl my daddy told me i should see if @diaperslave


My daddy told me I should see if they’re looking for any diapered underwear models…

- JackABDL

Jackabdl i cant be the only one can i @diaperslave


I can’t be the only one… Can I?

- JackABDL

Diaper soldier someone dared me to get into @diaperslave


Someone dared me to get into extremely thick diapers

Penis deserves humiliation @diaperslave


Does your penis deserve humiliation? Spread the word and it might come true :)

Diaper soldier bored at the hotel send me @diaperslave


Bored at the hotel, send me dares

Diaper soldier changing into my night time @diaperslave


Changing into my night time diaper, RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE WINDOW

Diaperedave woke up soaking @diaperslave


woke up soaking!

Part time diapers who needs that potty when you @diaperslave


Who needs that potty when you can wear diapers👌

Pacifyme let daddy get you all dry and then its @diaperslave


let daddy get you all dry and then its back in diapers for you young man

Nakeddiaperboy93 safari diapers are amazing @diaperslave


Safari Diapers are AMAZING!!! They hold SOOO much! Here’s a picture of me on scaffolding painting the 30’ ceilings in our new restaurant

Super rubber duckie soaked molicare @diaperslave


soaked molicare ;)

Marcdlboy fabrizle looking to the diaper @diaperslave



Looking to the diaper gods in hopes this one holds all night…. Or maybe not ;)

wow hot

Diapermichel molicare super plus are cool too @diaperslave


Molicare super plus are cool too.

Jackabdl cant help but pull down these lounge @diaperslave


Can’t help but pull down these lounge shorts to expose my new ‘iD Slip Maxi’. They’re so comfy! I’m definitely going to get a good nights sleep in these… I should consider myself lucky having a daddy to buy me all the diapers I need :)

- JackABDL

Diaperloveruk awwww hes so cute jake @diaperslave


Awwww he’s so cute -Jake

Messyunderwearlover rhyseybabe when you @diaperslave



When you think you don’t need an enema…… 💩 wow have to say M4s always reliable! 👌🏼

Omg your way too hot 💗💗💗

Itsbabytien took a few photos earlier to kick @diaperslave


Took a few photos earlier to kick off my new blog! :)

Parttimepervs zuperherodiap halloween @diaperslave



Halloween 2013!

Halloween is coming up ;) 

Diapergear well that one didnt last long @diaperslave


Well… That one didn’t last long 😆👍🏻💯‼️

Jsailor pics of my locked cock in an attends @diaperslave


Pics of my locked cock in an Attends diaper, ended up wet. Requested by my keyholder masternfl90 ;) if you have any dares for me, send a message ;)

Tightywhitey1 briefsrule farmercub @diaperslave










Nothing turns me on more than a hot man wearing only white briefs and a smile! Reblog/Retweet if you’ve got a tighty whities fetish, too!

Think YOU can turn me on? Show me! Find @bigbroth4u on Twitter for even more sexy shenanigans. Like this blog? Please rate it at BestMaleBlogs! 


Sure do!

Me too


I do!


Oh yeah😀

Hell yesh!

Littleaaronkiddo hello everybody @diaperslave


Hello everybody!!

Addibegi iam the 2221th to reblog this post @diaperslave


I'am the 2221th to reblog this post, and I’m proud of it

Boundabdl this diaper might be just a bit @diaperslave


This diaper might be just a bit wet…..

Diaperunderthere goofin around in my thick @diaperslave


Goofin around in my thick bambinos.

Diaperunderthere when i have the time i like @diaperslave


When I have the time, I like to create my own prints on Bambino biancos with sharpies. It’s fun!

Dbcayden just got to try an awwsocute for the @diaperslave


Just got to try an awwsocute for the first time the other day :D

Rocket42787 good morning guys ive been @diaperslave


Good morning guys! I’ve been working so much, out of touch with the fun world. So here I am in a soggy bambino on this sunny morning. You can kind of tell where my heavy duty steel chastity device pokes through my diaper. Time to change up and get my day started.

Dpz09 waiting for my car to get a oil change @diaperslave


Waiting for my car to get a oil change

Jackabdl who else wakes up every morning in a @diaperslave


Who else wakes up every morning in a wet diaper? My daddy also makes me wear plastic pants during the night to prevent any leaks…

- JackABDL

Jackabdl ive had a lot of people saying they @diaperslave


I’ve had a lot of people saying they wish they had someone like my daddy, and enjoyed seeing my list of punishments, however it’s really not as fun as you think. These locking plastic pants are my worst nightmare because I have no control over when they’ll be unlocked…

- JackABDL

Pikadiaperboy abena m4 maxed out @diaperslave


Abena M4 Maxed Out!

Diapereddallas diapered hike with my friend @diaperslave


Diapered hike with my friend @paddedponders

Doggiewolfboi long night day in a nice @diaperslave


Long night & day in a nice layered job my little bro put me in last night, can you tell I made a stinky?? 💩👼🏻🍼

Minimaxkiddo a kiddo doesnt need a spoon d @diaperslave


A Kiddo doesn’t need a spoon :D