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This is a blog for guys in diapers. It is always ok to submit pictures, just click submit below; it can be of anything but keep in mind if it isn't diaper related it might not go up, and if you just want to share but not post, let me know when you submit. I do not own all pictures, if you see yours and want it taken down, send a message with the URL of the picture, if you don't know how to send it in a message, figure it out.... I'm not gonna search for any without the full URL - Diaper Slave (@diaperslave)
Babyliammtd nappy leaked @diaperslave


Nappy leaked.

Extendonap results after madrid shopping @diaperslave


Results after Madrid shopping morning… Time change and nap time ;)

Littlestlash i dont usually wear a shirt when @diaperslave


I don’t usually wear a shirt when I go running in the park.. Do you think I should keep the diaper on?

Atbjorndl net gevonden @diaperslave


Net gevonden

Babyzachfox what do you mean i need a @diaperslave


What do you mean, I “need a change?“

Wolfie doesn’t think so…

Little puppysaurus flamepaws hey guys @diaperslave



hey guys!!! padded puppy pics for ya hope you all enjoy and dont forget to visit my gofundme page (link found on my blog) if you want to see more awesome stuff and foxes!!!!(me im the fox :p)

Cutie padded puppy

The pee boy awesomedpry random snapshots @diaperslave



Random snapshots. Going to be posting a few of these gems left on my phone.

Beautifull diaper Boy!!!

Bostonkoda padded packing is the only @diaperslave


Padded packing is the only acceptable kind. Looking forward to a long weekend in Texas with some really great friends… and an equally long, soggy plane ride down there in the first place ;)

Diaperboyx just being a little thumbsucker @diaperslave


Just being a little thumbsucker ^_^ Ni Ni tumblr!! - Sorry for bad quality, these came from a short video I recorded-

Babiedboi minimaxkiddo tihi all padded up @diaperslave



Tihi all padded up :)

little boys like us should always be padded up, silly!

Ababyboy diaper change is always a special @diaperslave


Diaper change is always a special moment… :)

Krinkleskorner another lil sneak peak just for @diaperslave


Another lil sneak peak just for you krinklefries lol

Diaper soldier so this happened today i didnt @diaperslave


So this happened today, I didn’t notice I was popping my pants until I had already started, and by then it was too late to stop, I guess I am just a big baby 😜😱😅

Diaper soldier for the first time i can @diaperslave


For the first time I can remember, I actually had a night time accident and wet the bed, I’m glad I was wearing a diaper! Here’s what I did, I chugged a 2 liter bottle of soda and stayed up past the point of exhaustion, when I woke up I was wet and I didn’t remember wetting, I hope this continues to the point that I can’t control it

Diaper soldier triple diapered for bed @diaperslave


Triple diapered for bed

Nappyhaze someone needed some quiet time before @diaperslave


Someone needed some quiet time before his afternoon nap

Foreveratoddler a dry 247 a stuffer equals @diaperslave


A Dry 24/7 + a stuffer. Equals a very thick diaper that keeps my legs spread apart. But nothing wrong with that when all you’re doing is watching TV and nursing a bottle of juice. 

Aboymikey just lounging on the couch this @diaperslave


Just lounging on the couch this morning - I think I might’ve soaked by diaper overnight … :s

Diaperg33k morning tumblr double padded i am @diaperslave


Morning Tumblr! Double padded I am going to try and flood these today :-P

Babiedboi diaperedwolfpup i just wanna be @diaperslave



I just wanna be scooped up and cuddled :3

awwww…i could use that too right about now ;)

Babyliammtd im getting wetter @diaperslave


I’m getting wetter.

Slayemscout oh what a lovely place were in @diaperslave


Oh, what a lovely place we’re in.

Urban otter think i might have been showing a @diaperslave


Think I might have been showing a bit today…

Daryl40 say hello to tiger my boyfriend @diaperslave


Say Hello to Tiger, my boyfriend :)

Jockediaperlover woke up wet again lucky im @diaperslave


Woke up wet again, lucky I’m diapered :-)

Jockediaperlover life is good to me now @diaperslave


Life is good to me now, enjoying the sunset after a day at the beach :-)

Emo chef tatdl gotz my day diaper doubled up @diaperslave



gotz my day diaper doubled up over my night diaper. <3 forced soggy dayz

I wuvs this onesie were can I get one daddy and little brudder

Forced2diaperpup time to add more pics @diaperslave


Time to add more pics

Muckrobby ashkidl well tumblr here it is @diaperslave



Well Tumblr here it is again sorry I had to Watermark it.I do hope you like my first face photo :-D just taken with friends all wearing and now have the guts to show my face. Hopefully more photos to follow this week. Speak soon. ashkidl XXX


Diapsandthecity so hot @diaperslave


So hot 

Gordopup robin learned the hard way that his @diaperslave


Robin learned the hard way that his Daddy could punish creatively. He wanted to be a brat? Well, unfortunately for him, Daddy’s friends were starting a new diaper company and needed a face for a high-profile, worldwide ad campaign. He wouldn’t be living this one down any time soon.   

Paddedponders swimming in a tena slip maxi with @diaperslave


Swimming in a Tena Slip Maxi with an Abena L4 on top. They swelled up so much that I couldn’t close my legs.

I just went diapee dippin last weekend and the same thing happened! It was quite fun

Urban otter all ready for sunday morning @diaperslave


All ready for Sunday morning 5-a-side. This should see me through to lunchtime. #gayboy #gaylad #diapers #diaperboy

Diaperboy2blog justmeinny prnceofdrknss @diaperslave




yes plz

God yes!

yes send me pics

humiliate me and show me your massive dicks

Derwindeljunge i love my diapers and my paci @diaperslave


I love my diapers and my paci 🙈

Diapsandthecity happy padded at work wish @diaperslave


Happy padded at work :)

wish i wasnt rushing this morning though! The tapes are not perfect and bothering my OCD

Nappiedmike napdk this little boy has just @diaperslave



This little boy has just got his first baby bottle today and is enjoying it very much before sleepy sleepy. Good thing that the diaper is there to keep the bed dry.

(via TumbleOn)

Diapersam just a quick wetting @diaperslave


Just a quick wetting!

Growing boysxl matte20 in replay to oh @diaperslave



in replay to “ Oh? Then maybe I should send some more! I’ll bet you look twice as cute when you blush!!!! — growing-boysxl

Teehee!!!! :3 it’s true!

Minimaxkiddo hey big bro can you help me with @diaperslave


Hey big bro?, can you help me with the diaper again? I think I played to much with it :0

Enigmaboy genuine big boy @diaperslave


Genuine big boy.

Wharald mydiaperlife 24 7 already do @diaperslave




Already do

White to wet hey guys do you like my outfit @diaperslave


Hey guys! Do you like my outfit for today? You can hear my snuggies crinkling underneath 😳 with the plastic coming out the top, there is no hiding it 😥 but I mean maybe no one will notice how little I am? Right? 😖

Cosmic154 pp 247 padded dl @diaperslave


#PP #24:7 #padded #DL

Foreveratoddler its diaper changing time @diaperslave


It’s diaper changing time! Sorry for the nudity but when it comes to getting my diaper changed I don’t worry about stuff like that. I go into little space…and well…babies have no shame :) Little boys out there don’t be ashamed of your body or your underwear of choice. Diapers are the best!

Thelittlevryk my phone camera got a scratch on @diaperslave


My phone camera got a scratch on it like a week after I got it so most of the rest of my saved photos are blurry which is really lame, but here’s another thing. 

In the back left you can see a real stash. I miss stockpiling diapers like the end times were coming.

Datbabbyfox got some more tape porn for you @diaperslave


Got some more tape porn for you guys. :p

Ihearttightywhities please feel free to message @diaperslave


Please feel free to message me and ask me questions or talk to me about experiences wearing tighty whities

Message me here, anon or not

Paddedponders i always appreciate multiple @diaperslave


I always appreciate multiple mirrors in a fitting room.

Diapsandthecity had a fun weekend watching my @diaperslave


Had a fun weekend watching my parents house with my boyfriend :) #iMightBeWet #DiapeeDippin

Boyplebe mindofasubmissive boyplebe i @diaperslave




I have a big ol diaper butt. :-)

Cutie! :)

Aww, thanks. :-) My belly is too big though. (For my liking)

Ichigo12668 getting ready for bed time to @diaperslave


Getting ready for bed Time to change out of this extremely wet and messy Tena Slip Maxi!

Littlenourz got my new diapers theyre too @diaperslave


Got my new diapers ! They’re too cute 🙈

Tndiaperboy totallydiapers hope the doctor @diaperslave



Hope the doctor doesn’t walk in and see me!

Mmmm HOT

Datbabbyfox i went home for lunch i really @diaperslave


I went home for lunch, I really needed a change. I’m glad I did, because when I got home, I had that familiar pressure in my tummy, and it was URGENT! Hope you guys enjoy!! [Also, I happened to get all of it on video, as well as a little play time! If you are interested in purchasing the video, please send me a message. :3]

Diapertx soaked a depends attends and atn @diaperslave


Soaked a Depends, Attends, and ATN

Manc tenawearer the cks arent hiding @diaperslave


The CK’s aren’t hiding anything! #diaperlover #DL #gay #tena

Krinkleskorner snacktime with baymax @diaperslave


Snacktime with BAYMAX!!!!

Illdonethinguwant i do degrade n humiliate me @diaperslave


I do. Degrade n humiliate me by a real alpha man and I’m a happy fag

who wants to piss in my diaper in public?

Lildiaperederik going out @diaperslave


Going out!

Becomingasubboi boi has returned @diaperslave


boi has returned!

Rocket42787 hey guys thanks for all the @diaperslave


Hey guys, Thanks for all the follows! This photo is of me at the gym a couple weeks ago, I was strutting my stuff, haha. I am here to ask for ideas on public humiliation challenges. I love to have it all show. So send me your ideas, I’ll pick one, and complete it when I reach 200 followers, or if it’s really good, I just do it sooner. I’ll post pics of me completing it. Should be fun. Humiliate me boys! ;)

Diapersandundies more like adult babe than @diaperslave


More like adult babe than adult baby.

Abcubs a busy weekend on the changing table i @diaperslave


A busy weekend on the changing table, I also think the padding got thicker as the weekend progressed.

Diaperboyoutwest wearing my rcds to 5guys @diaperslave


Wearing my RCDs to 5guys always seems like the right thing to do. 🏁🚘🍔🍟

Kik: diaperboyoutwest

Lovespadding my cutest picture ever @diaperslave


My cutest picture ever!

Enforcedchastityuniforms hehe someones not @diaperslave


Hehe someone’s not enthused about getting locked up.

Rocket42787 hit the gym tonight and made sure @diaperslave


Hit the gym tonight and made sure it was terribly obvious. Makes my workout more exciting.

Dyprboy padded outings with friends @diaperslave


Padded outings with friends 😀

Plushie mikki ready to play xd bigger me @diaperslave


Ready to play xD? (Bigger me: This sounds ridiculous -_-. Correct the caption now!) Nah :P

Rocket42787 good morning guys another day of @diaperslave


Good morning guys! Another day of the challenge! Going okay so far, I slept terrible last night. My nuts were burning, stinging and achung in chastity under my totally soaked bambino. My legs are getting tougher against chafing, my attitude towards my master has changed too. I’m so much more submissive, docile and wanting to please. He absolutely loves it. I’m wondering what’s happened to me. I’m less aggressive, always horny, and I’m pissing like a race house all the time. I hardly realize when I’m wetting anymore. Only 23 more days of chastity and mega thick diapers. I hope….

Diaperhero im in love with just about all of @diaperslave


i’m in love with just about all of this.

Diaperedtwink19 new photos of myself wearing @diaperslave


New Photos of myself wearing the new size small diapers from abuniverse. They fit awesome! wish they made size small long ago

Diaper rocker testing a new diaper i like it @diaperslave


Testing a new diaper. I like it :) But I think I’ve worn them for too long ;-)

Diaperboy2blog diaperpuprawrz hewooo @diaperslave




padded  and ready