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This is a blog for guys in diapers. It is always ok to submit pictures, just click submit below; it can be of anything but keep in mind if it isn't diaper related it might not go up, and if you just want to share but not post, let me know when you submit. I do not own all pictures, if you see yours and want it taken down, send a message with the URL of the picture, if you don't know how to send it in a message, figure it out.... I'm not gonna search for any without the full URL - Diaper Slave (@diaperslave)
Dakota pup day 3 of 24 7 p wore a cloth m4 to @diaperslave


Day 3 of 24/7 :p

Wore a cloth M4 to work with my onesie under my shirt and came home to a super soggy padding :/

Nakeddiaperboy93 double diaper for work today @diaperslave


Double diaper for work today! FTW! Dry 24/7 and a Large Bellissimo Bambino!

Nakeddiaperboy93 heres my diaper for the day @diaperslave


Here’s my diaper for the day! Should be no leaking while at work!

Abena M4, with a Large Snuggies Overnight and 2 boosters :):):)

Baby Jakey is a a very happy Baby!

Feel free to message me here or on kik! I LOVE hearing from othe ABDL’s! :) I don’t bite!!! (Tehehe) well I am working on it…. So I’ll do my best not too! 😊 KIK: Nakedcollegeboy
Nakeddiaperboy93 good night friends in my @diaperslave


Good Night friends!!!!
In my normal nighttime diaper :)
May sweet dreams be yours!
:) Love Hugo and Baby Jakey!!! (:

Nakeddiaperboy93 i went to toys r us today in 2 @diaperslave


I went to Toys R Us today in 2 bambinos, my onesie and sweat pants looking for a new cuddle buddy. :)
When I took the picture in the bathroom someone was using one of the stalls. ☺️

Nicklovesnappies lovely padded morning @diaperslave


Lovely padded morning

Nicklovesnappies nice and wet love working up @diaperslave


Nice and wet love working up in a really thick wet warm nappy

Ickp write to me now @diaperslave


Write to me now!!

Gadiaperboy connorfranta via adult @diaperslave



(via Adult Things)

Same, but like 2 or 3.

Slayemscout mommy took photos of me secretly @diaperslave


Mommy took photos of me secretly while I was vacuuming. c: 
She made me stay in only a diaper and all the window blinds were open.

Nakeddiaperboy93 after wearing diapers 24 7 for @diaperslave


After wearing diapers 24/7 for about 10 months, I decided I would make it official. I packed up all of my underwear, except speedos for work, and replaced them with diapers in my dresser :)

Let me know what you guys think. I am a little nervous about having diapers so accessible in my room because I have friends who don’t know about diapers over often and we hang out and watch tv/movies in my room.

Nicklovesnappies padded easter sunday @diaperslave


Padded Easter Sunday

Nakeddiaperboy93 shopping at the restaurant @diaperslave


Shopping at the restaurant depot store! :)

I love hearing new ideas for pics guys :) hope everyone is doing well and has an amazing day!!! :):):)


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