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Paradox of Empty Promises

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"she is a paradox. she is faithful and yet detached. she is committed and yet relaxed. she loves everybody and yet nobody. she is sociable and yet solitary. she is gentle and yet tough. she is passionate and yet platonic. In short, she is predictable in her predictability... i am mostly a good girl on the outside, with a lil bit of naughty on the inside. This is still my place to explore my dark side as a submissive even though i currently do not have a Daddy/Dom. It’s little pieces of me all put into one and includes, some hard and soft BDSM pictures, many quotes that stir my soul and things i find beautiful and interesting. i am also a little, and this you will see by some of the things i choose to post. i can be very sweet, but i also have a sharp tongue and can be quite sarcastic. And mostly, i still believe in the good of other people. ALL PICTURES FOUND AT VARIOUS SITES AROUND THE INTERNET (AND THEREFORE ARE NOT “mINE” UNLESS TAGGED AS SUCH) MESSAGE IF THERE IS A PROBLEM SO i CAN CREDIT THEM. This is a NSFW Tumblr Adult Blog so 18+ only please!!! You can find my more innocent side here: she-is-beautifully-broken

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