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Texas toys daddy because ill be fisting your @dlgws


Because I’ll be fisting your whore cunt later, my friends are here to stretch you out.

D0mesticati0n shekneelsbeforeme i think ill @dlgws



I think I’ll tighten them a little more. I don’t want them to come off during the ride.

Reblogged by
Sir Max 💕 Fuckwhore Foxy

Porndogjoeagain the waiting is the hardest @dlgws


“The waiting is the hardest part.” - Tom Petty

Candyhousebimbos brunette bimbos danielle @dlgws



Danielle Derek is always a reblog.

Definitely always a reblog, one of My favourite pictures.

Ownedbyk9master she cant remember what life @dlgws


She can’t remember what life was like before…all she knows now is being a cock crazed bimbo whore for anyone that will use her like the toy she is!

Ownedbyk9master teamwork @dlgws



Kinghut mmmm cant beat the feeling of fucking @dlgws


Mmmm can’t beat the feeling of fucking a well warmed up loose ass

Coldlatexbitch englishbondage it stays in @dlgws



It stays in until I’m satisfied.

Mmm and now it looks like I have some plans after work ;)

Breathlessprincess sex is about power i love @dlgws



I love making your tits bounce

Mmmmm I know you do Sir

Esadollmisa i fucked hardi didnt do any @dlgws


I fucked hard…I didn’t do any preparation and just fucked this missile toy.
I could feel toy made my inside wider.
my greedy pussy and greedy mind can never be satisfied…I want to feel hands stroke me too :3

Rawdeepthroats need a hand with that big cock @dlgws


Need a hand with that big cock?

Silicone lover swelltits wendy was so @dlgws



Wendy was so excited the first time her new girls were unveiled!

Huge fake boobs gif

Sloppyholes going for the fist @dlgws


Going for the fist…

Hirevkev mad ass skills asspreciation @dlgws


Mad ass skills!

Asspreciation Approved - 😜💋❤️

Brutal fisting brutal fisting 5 fingers that @dlgws


Brutal Fisting

…5 fingers that make you happy…

Amyanderssen2015 click here for more pictures @dlgws


Click here for more Pictures:

Amyanderssen2015 click here for more pictures @dlgws


Click here for more Pictures:

The busty feed the busty feed by instagram @dlgws


@the-busty-feed | by Instagram sa_schy

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Addicted2implants fill them until they look @dlgws


Fill them until they look like beach balls.

Submissive milf adventures cum swallowing from @dlgws


Cum swallowing from condoms.

Themaledomplanet good girl @dlgws


Good girl!!!

Sadisticwhitedom because id rather not touch @dlgws


Because I’d rather not touch your disgusting little cunt

Cumagination milk please @dlgws


Milk please

Gettingstuffed heres my first blog @dlgws


Here’s my first blog recommendation!

A little while back I asked if people would like it if I highlighted some of my favourite pussy stretchers. It took a bit for me to pick the first one…. But now I’ve chosen.
These two asked if they could be one of my recommendations, and I just found this pic where they’re doing something that’s definitely on my to do list. I would love to be in my wife’s pussy as I fist her. Give @fistmynurse a follow if you want to see more awesomeness.

Bigtoysinme ass dripping insertions fist @dlgws


ass dripping #insertions #fist fucking #anal dilatation #big…

Maturedelight monster pussy gape @dlgws


Monster pussy gape

Pleaser i dont know why i like this but i do @dlgws


I don’t know why I like this but I do

Gloryholeaction hookup with a local hottie @dlgws


Hookup with a local hottie tonight:

Thepatriarchyalwayswins ironboxed @dlgws





It would be easy to misinterpret this as humiliation, but it’s not. If it’s even possible for him to do this, then you’re lucky he’s still bothering with you at all.

The toy is better than you.

The toy is better than you.

The toy is better than you.

Even a pathetic scrap of attention like this is, quite frankly, an act of charity.

Thank him for it.

And, to all of the whores following me: Send me a note explaining why a toy like this, or even just his hand, is better than you. Be honest. Be specific. Be personal.

Answers will likely be published unless you indicate otherwise. Anonymous participation is allowed. Longer entries may be done via the submit page or email.

I like reminders of how little attention I deserve. I forget so easily.

The toy is better than me.


The toy is better than you, cunts. I’ve fucked a fleshlight. I know that for a fact.

Love it.

Sbrs1963 oh myis a waste of milkf @dlgws


Oh my…is a waste of milk…f…!!!

Skyfallred007 my sister comes in my room at @dlgws


My sister comes in my room at night to suck my young cock. She loves the taste of my cum.😋😋😋😋

Itscyberskins veronika avluv is a worn out milf @dlgws


Veronika Avluv is a worn out MILF nymphomaniac

Slavepetbabygirl daddy decided to share me with @dlgws


Daddy decided to share me with the board members of his company. They’re the old white guys in charge of him getting a big promotion, so I have to do everything Daddy taught me to make them happy.

Kimmieb01 malantsmutcorner @dlgws




Spitroasting at its best…

No extra words are necessary. Just sit back and admire poetry in motion.

She’s so pretty when she’s pleasing Cocks!

Thepublicsslut follow share @dlgws


Follow & Share


Sir2slutkatya she should be smiling with pride @dlgws


She should be smiling with pride.

Zenbizarre mr filthy torture bizarre and @dlgws



Bizarre and horny! Zou jij dit aankunnen? Zou jij dit willen? Eerlijk?

Like extreme pics? You’ll lilke
Pumping, Electro, Sounding, CBT, and other kinky stuff

Udchen more bouncing boobs @dlgws


More Bouncing Boobs:

More Sexy Tit Fucking: href=""

Cvazn this pussy has been horny all day ever @dlgws


This pussy has been horny all day. Ever since my first class at 8am today, I haven’t stopped thinking about cock. I felt so empty without my ass plug today so as soon as I got back home, the first thing I did was putting it back inside of me. This ass plug fills me up so well and always gives me a constant reminder of what a dirty whore I am. I get so turned on at the thought of knowing that my father raised a whore for men to use. Now that my ass is accustomed to this, I think I’m ready for the next size up. I wonder when Daddy will surprise me with the bigger plug. I’m clearly enjoying this a little too much as you can tell, which I don’t think I deserve. I deserve to be mistreated, objectified, humiliated, used up, and most importantly, I deserve pain cos this asshole is for Daddy, not for me. I think he, along with many others, would rather see me suffer than enjoy this. I’m a dirty dumb fuck pig that knows nothing other than how to suck cock and be a cum bucket for men to use. I hope you guys share this so, everyone on Tumblr can see what a cheap whore with three little fuck holes I am.

Makemeplastic candyhousebimbos mmmmm that @dlgws



Mmmmm, that feeling of sliding down her throat. After she has spent all that time looking like the perfect fuckoll for you, it would be rude not to ;)

Good girl

Bodybuilder sex female bodybuilders that work @dlgws


Female Bodybuilders That Work Hard But PLAY Even Harder - Click Image For Free Muscle Girl Galleries

Slut problems my fraternity nickname from @dlgws


My “fraternity” nickname from Sigma Chi was “Ass Licking Adina.” They gave it to me during pledge week, but they’d never seen me eat ass so I don’t know how they knew. But as it turns out, I lived up to my nickname quite easily. 

Freakyty fromthechi hamburger @dlgws


🍔 Hamburger

Ass the new vagina work it like this every @dlgws


Work it like this every spare minute, stay ready 24/7.

Lilwhiteho smallcockcuckold what an @dlgws



What an impressive massive cock. Her pussy will be spoiled after that.


Zenbizarre like extreme pics youll like @dlgws


Like extreme pics? You’ll like
Pumping, Electro, Sounding, CBT, and other kinky stuff

Tommysgirls check out more of the crazy sexy @dlgws


Check out more of the crazy sexy Naughty TInkerbell at her website.

Misterno040978 stretchedloose @dlgws





Lactaction Tumblr NSFW

The New Average

Well someone hasn’t been milked recently

I love it!

Softpornmustdie proxy paige up her asshole @dlgws


Proxy Paige - Up Her Asshole

Daddyslilfuckslut i dont really look pregnant @dlgws


I don’t really look pregnant from behind…then I turn around & it’s like BAM!!! Hello, Meet my giant belly! lol

Daddyslilfuckslut i better start getting @dlgws


I better start getting dressed now :) Hope you guys have a beautiful rest of the day. Drs appoinment & maybe dinner with the family. It’s enchiladas tonight :) I’m thinking a new video is in order for tomorrow <3 Xoxo.

Daddyslilfuckslut oh well meowwwwww d who @dlgws


Oh well, meowwwwww :D Who wants to cum feed the kitty?? I think she’s ready for her yummy treat :P

Deinmaedchen ich will um alles kümmern @dlgws


Ich will um alles kümmern.

Normalised1 using her mouth for its intended @dlgws


Using her mouth for its intended purpose.

Normalised1 let the experienced fucktoy show @dlgws


Let the experienced fucktoy show the new one what you like.