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Toshi the Doll girl // 21 // pa/nyc occasionally this is a collection of things that tickle my mind or share in what makes me blush. ♥ japan, injuries, fashions, dolls, blood, beautiful people, childish and girly things, plastic, sweets, the horrible, art; すてきなもの。 - Dollfille (@dollfille)
Thanks larry brownsteinimages com animeexpo @dollfille

Thanks Larry! #ANIMEEXPO #Bodypaint #makeup #livingdoll #shironuri

Bye animeexpo its been real i made so many @dollfille

Bye #ANIMEEXPO !! It’s been real! I made so many awesome new friends and also got to spend time with some of the most lovely people I’ve admired from afar and got to meet in person!! I hope to be back soon!!

Rave with internet friends @dollfille

Rave with internet friends!! @thatlittlewhiterabbit @m4sterofdeath

It took like six times to get a photo what wasnt @dollfille

It took like six times to get a photo what wasn’t blurry!!! Today’s photo with @junnyan69 😚

Not really feeling today ill probably wash this @dollfille

Not really feeling today. Ill probably wash this off in a few hours. I’m a goddess of vanity or something like that. #animeexpo2015 #makeup #Bodypaint #motd

Chilling w junnyan69 and my sweetie twin @dollfille

Chilling w / @junnyan69 and my sweetie twin @ultrahappyalarm at #animeexpo2015 !! #kawaii #jfashion

Twinning ultrahappyalarm animeexpo2015 @dollfille

TWINNING!! @ultrahappyalarm ! #animeexpo2015

Hair twins cuteness @dollfille

Hair twins! #cuteness

Galactic space fairy princess idk animeexpo @dollfille

Galactic space fairy princess idk ! #animeexpo

Freckles made me sparkles going shopping then @dollfille

Freckles made me sparkles! Going shopping then heading up to LA to get in line at #animeexpo !

Finally boarding i think flight delay but @dollfille

Finally boarding!! I think…?? Flight delay but ALMOST ON MY WAY TO VEGAS, THEN TO LA TOMORROW FOR #ANIMEEXPO !!! my hair matches the weather! #stormhair (at Philadelphia International Airport - Usairways International Terminal)

Rolia goals @dollfille


Agaucate pride makeup had me feeling @dollfille


Pride makeup had me feeling 💫✨

Kidneypunches reading varrics latest unf @dollfille


reading varric’s latest


Missmusetta rainamermaid @dollfille





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yeah Im in love with this. Mermaid of color? CHECK. Men actually respecting a woman even though she’s gorgeous… CHECK. Mermaid brings them treasure as a thankyou? Love it! make me a movie. now!

Look at those claws in the last picture though. Had they tried to hurt her, they would have been toast.

much yes

Minh o plot twist senpai wants you to notice @dollfille


plot twist: senpai wants you to notice him

y dont these things happen irl 

Linzb0t my submission for the capcom fighting @dollfille


My submission for the Capcom Fighting Tribute ~ Midnight Bliss QBee!

- Capcom Fighting Tribute will premiere with a limited-run convention edition hardcover at San Diego Comic-Con, July 9-12!
- The standard edition of Capcom Fighting Tribute will be released September 2015. Links to pre-order the book at a variety of online retailers can be found here:


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