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Toshi the Doll girl // 21 // pa/nyc occasionally this is a collection of things that tickle my mind or share in what makes me blush. ♥ japan, injuries, fashions, dolls, blood, beautiful people, childish and girly things, plastic, sweets, the horrible, art; すてきなもの。 - Dollfille (@dollfille)
Crime she typed blackflowermagician this is @dollfille



This is the rare nicki minaj boss ass money bitch reblog if you want to make promising moves and be a boss ass bitch

Can’t afford to scroll passed this

Ein bleistift und radiergummi aimee mullinss @dollfille


Aimee Mullins’s hand-carved wooden legs ~ Alexander McQueen’s Spring-Summer 1999 collection, “No. 13”

This wasnt my best makeup job but ive been super @dollfille

This wasn’t my best makeup job but I’ve been super excited for #zenkaikon again lately 💕 photo by @zombiesinmygarden

Tesazombie and i are getting doobed you can @dollfille

@tesazombie and I are getting #doobed !! You can #getdoobed at @doob3d in #soho !! It’s the coolest experience ever and the staff are fantastic to work with 💕 we’ll have a doll 3D printed of us in 3 weeks so we’ll post the side by sides with the doll once it arrives! (at Doob3d)

I felt cute today @dollfille

I felt cute today.

Doing some music stuff for my friend @dollfille

Doing some music stuff for my friend @dialoguefromasilentfilm at @kiyanukim s studio 🎤 Start of my pop star career?? Haha

Horns by wwwfacebookcometernallythirsty @dollfille

Horns by Dress by @ratbabyclothing @toofastclothing #demongirl

Horns by trishdobsondesigns dress from @dollfille

Horns by @trishdobsondesigns dress from @ratbabyclothing makeup is @bennyemakeup @mehronmakeup @sugarpill and @wolfefaceartfx annnnnnd @lasplashcosmetics !

Pretty normcore today after being in a car for 20 @dollfille

Pretty #normcore today after being in a car for 20 hours and very little sleep! But anyway, I’m in Brooklyn working at @mensbesthaircut until the 19th while Max is on vacation…stop by or call 7182303631 to schedule with me ✂️✨ (at Men’s Best Haircut)

In line with evenwithoutwings for @dollfille

In line with @evenwithoutwings For @evanescenceofficial !! (at Marathon Music Works)

Currently on a road trip to see evanescence @dollfille

Currently on a road trip to see Evanescence !

Ratbabyclothing dress and horns by @dollfille

@ratbabyclothing dress and horns by @trishdobsondesigns I forget what brand these socks are which sucks because they’re some of my favorite wig is borrowed (from eBay anyway) 。。。I felt awful yesterday but still managed to get some good shots 😷📷

Djbibbs amanda elise lee @dollfille


Amanda Elise Lee

Had a great shoot today w yuffiebunny and @dollfille

Had a great shoot today w @yuffiebunny and @disneyprincess1313 !! I haven’t shot in so long it took me a while to get used to it again! #ppg #cosplay

So this happened for like ten minutes after the @dollfille

So this happened for like ten minutes after the photo shoot today! @lockshopwigs I luv u dress from @ratbabyclothing

Im sick and sleepy but working as usual i love @dollfille

I’m sick! And sleepy! But working as usual. I love it at @talkingheadzsalon !! Doing a photo shoot for the lovely sponsorships I’ve been taking forever to post about…(thank you for your patience!!!) p.s. Do you like my new dress from @ratbabyclothing ? It’s super comfortable !!

Thewyrdwain school marm charm that moment @dollfille



That moment when the evil witch who has been sealed away for 170 million years, speaks the truth ….

Is Rita Repulsa on a flying bike? She’s an alien witch who creates monsters that could level cities and she’s on a flying bike she has to petal to operate? 

Strawberrieninjarts birthday portrait for @dollfille


Birthday Portrait for @dollfille

Sooo honored!!!

Miyama h 天候 @dollfille



Nuxandcapablemadmax just a little of that human @dollfille


just a little of that human touch.

Rottinglace infested decay kiss my lips before @dollfille


infested decay kiss my lips before they’re rotten

This gets me so good @dollfille

this gets me so good

Bendy dolly ready to play pennhurstasylum @dollfille

BENDY DOLLY READY TO PLAY!! #pennhurstasylum #hauntlife #scareactorselfie

Nevergiveup okay okay zodiacs @dollfille


Zodiacs 💕

Aw tanoshiicon flash back thanks @dollfille

Aw ! #tanoshiicon flash back! Thanks @goojunkyphotography !

Tweet tweet pennhurstasylum hauntlife @dollfille

Tweet tweet ! #pennhurstasylum #hauntlife

Shooting today with the lovely ladies of @dollfille

Shooting today with the lovely ladies of @glamtastikcouture

Gothicandamazing modeldesigner kseniya @dollfille


model/designer - Kseniya Arhangelova
photographer - Mika Ceron

Welcome to Gothic and Amazing |

Kjerstifaret no amount of wine can fill this @dollfille


No Amount Of Wine Can Fill This Void But I’m Going To Try Anyway

Corpsie cadaver literally had the greatest @dollfille


Literally had the greatest night ever. Fantastic start to the spooking season! I finally got to meet the absolute cutest lil spooky baby, Toshi! 😍😍😍😍

I love when Cuties come to visit me !!!

Great opening night at pennhurstasylum come @dollfille

Great opening night at #pennhurstasylum !! Come out next weekend and get spooked 💞👻💀😘

So tired finally getting to bed after preview @dollfille

So tired!!! Finally getting to bed after preview night at #pennhurstasylum x_x I’m… so…tired… gonna be sore tomorrow but I can’t wait for this season!!! #hauntlife (at Pennhurst Asylum)

Thanks for finding this opioidobscura @dollfille

Thanks for finding this @opioidobscura !

Backstage at nyfw doing makeup for @dollfille

Backstage at #NYFW doing makeup for @nuevoloutioncosmetics ! I’m wearing their lipstick “DIVA” and @sugarpill on my eyes as well as @inglot_usa gel liner in #76 (white) on my lashes and liner. #mua #motd #fashionweek #NYC (at Studio 450)

Our lead makeup artist is so cool rodderick @dollfille

Our lead makeup artist is so cool! Rodderick Gregg is his name ♡ #NYFW #fashionweek #mua (at Pier 59 Studios)

Im doing makeup at fashion week nyc today @dollfille

I’m doing makeup at fashion week NYC today

#ootd #makeup

Goinghoste im not a woman im not a man i @dollfille


“I’m not a woman, I’m not a man, I am something you will never understand.”

Missfushi just hit 800 followers on twitter @dollfille


Just hit 800 followers on Twitter! Come find me! @MissFushiGaming

Hair update i did the color myself in my @dollfille

Hair update! I did the #color myself (in my bathroom Lol)using #colorjamz #specialeffects and #ion , and my amazing friend @missharkins gave me a fantastic #cut and #powerdose treatment here at @charlottethomassalon 💕💇 I feel so pretty! (at Charlotte Thomas Salon)

Making new friends tonight check out @dollfille

Making new friends tonight! Check out @lydiasattic she’s making some INCREDIBLE jewelry pieces I can’t wait to trade her for…spooky season is upon us!!!

Thestrangerskiss the red keep years sansa by @dollfille


The Red Keep Years: Sansa by Irakli Nadar

“ My skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel. ”

Property of our  art blog here at The Stranger’s Kiss, this is a commissioned portrait of Sansa Stark, representing the time in her life she spent as a hostage in the Red Keep, eventually emerging with a resiliency of spirit that marks her strength of character and continued evolution.

Khanasparuhofficial violet klaus and sunny @dollfille


Violet, Klaus, and Sunny pictured their loving parents, and wished more than ever that the fire had not occurred. Never, never had they felt so alone. 

Green glasses hell why not @dollfille


Hell, why not

I miss wakuwaku c @dollfille

I miss #wakuwaku :c

Ootd motd i feel extremely driven today im @dollfille

#ootd #motd
I feel extremely driven today. I’m sick of living life and taking things as they are, I want CHANGE. I’m itching for success and to make a difference in the world and I’m very frustrated that I’m not at the level that I want to be - but instead of getting depressed I’m taking some action. let’s fucking go

I miss brooklyn already i modeled for the brand @dollfille

I miss Brooklyn already!! I modeled for the brand called #nudenrude in the #wakuwakunyc fashion show for #kawaiiinternational on #nhk ! I think the episode airs on September 26 so please watch it! (at Waku Waku +NYC)

Ippudo with feleciahardie and battypage @dollfille

@ippudo with @felecia_hardie and @batty_page !!and others not pictures

6dokiofficial perfection on the dance floor last @dollfille

@6_dokiofficial perfection on the dance floor last night at @sebastiana_masuda s dj set! (at Verboten)

Bein kawaii w kurebayashii and the model from @dollfille

Bein #kawaii w/ @kurebayashii and the model from 6%dnkidoki ! (im sorry I forget your name!)

Livin the dream wakuwaku nhk the fashion show @dollfille

Livin the dream! #wakuwaku #nhk the fashion show is at 4pm ! (at Verboten)

がんばって @dollfille


Circus vibes heading to chinatown to explore @dollfille

#Circus vibes! Heading to Chinatown to explore! I’m so so so happy to dress cute today!! #ootd #kawaii

Bonniegrrl diy swiss army barbie multi tool is @dollfille


DIY Swiss Army Barbie multi-tool is ready for anything! 

Barbie always makes a fashion statement, but now that she has a hidden a knife, corkscrew, scissors, screwdriver and bottle opener she can solve any problem you throw at her. 

Find out more in my latest article on CNET​!

Todayand tomorrow 821 822 im offering @dollfille

Today.and tomorrow (8/21, 8/22) I’m offering HALF OFF he price of haircuts with a color service here at @charlottethomassalon ! Call 6109333100 to schedule ~ mention this post to get the deal! #stylist #color #hair #phoenixville (at Charlotte Thomas Salon)

No panty shots allowed on the internet @dollfille

No panty shots allowed on the internet.

When u need a hug but dont like being touched @dollfille

When u need a hug but don’t like being touched

Mrpocketsmmix shoot at animeexpo decora kawaii @dollfille

@mrpocketsmmix shoot at @animeexpo #decora #kawaii

After like years of dreaming about it i finally @dollfille

after like YEARS of dreaming about it I finally got to cut Brian’s hair I’m so happy!!! 😂😂😂😂 #fangirlmoment #blessed #menshair #razorcut @charlottethomassalon call 6109333100 to schedule with me!

Decora day from animeexpo shot by mrpocketsmmix @dollfille

#decora day from #animeexpo shot by @mrpocketsmmix

Shadyoaks apparently theres a precedence for @dollfille


Apparently, there’s a precedence for laurel and oak leaf crowns that go back to at least 1800. 

Pretty sure this just became a thing I need for when I get married someday 

Shot by the super fun mrpocketsmmix a k a @dollfille

Shot by the super fun @mrpocketsmmix ( a k a Cosplay With Me) at #animeexpo ~ I was a Vanity Goddess or something I dunno but I felt pretty.

I recorded a video for this look yesterday with @dollfille

I recorded a video for this look yesterday with @nixiebluff 😚 ill let you know when its posted.

I finally tried white eyelashes again today and i @dollfille

I finally tried white eyelashes again today and I absolutely love them… I used @inglotusa gel liner and my new @sugarpill sparkle baby palette 💕

Bob action undercut charlottethomassalon @dollfille

Bob action undercut! @charlottethomassalon
6109333100 to schedule with me! 15% off all new clients 😘 (at Charlotte Thomas Salon)

Some very quick face doodles for firstfriday in @dollfille

Some very quick face doodles for #firstfriday in #phoenixville . Stop by @charlottethomassalon to say hi or schedule with me! Sorry I’ve been so inactive lately, I miss you instagram. I’ve been busy doing real life stuff… some of it really incredibly amazing and some of it is just flat out lame so lets focus on the future as usual. (at Charlotte Thomas Salon)

Lol what a cute expression right i was so happy @dollfille

Lol what a cute expression, right? I was so happy with my outfit that day tho! #throwbackthursday to chillin with the j-team in Vegas!! I miss you guys!! 😛😄😚😚♡♡

Wolf hands im getting one of these for mah @dollfille


I’m getting one of these for mah bird-day maybe tomorrow!

I’m such a bird-dog for people who won’t even exist o ever will. 

Hire me @dollfille

Hire me.

If you dont already follow mahouprince you @dollfille

If you don’t already follow @mahouprince you should!! They also have a YouTube channel!

Super crappy photo of the ombre balyage i did @dollfille

Super crappy photo of the #ombre #balyage I did the other day at @charlottethomassalon ! I have openings today if anyone’s game! 6109333100 😄 (at Charlotte Thomas Salon)

Throwbackthursday with my lil baby maybe 8th @dollfille

#throwbackthursday with my lil baby ♥ Maybe 8th grade?

Most of the color washed out of my hair this @dollfille

Most of the color washed out of my hair this morning so I’m feeling like a ghost. Heading in to work at 3, call 6109333100 to schedule a hair appointment with me in Phoenixville! 💞 I’m moving and life is crazy so my clients are what’s keeping me going lately!! I love you guys!

Taken after haunting one night i think last year @dollfille

Taken after haunting one night I think last year or two years ago… I felt so cute I dunno why p had rabbit ears on. Why not. Halloween approaches. .. #hauntlife #pennhurstasylum

Creepyyeha tao baozi these totally didnt @dollfille



these totally didn’t upload in the order i wanted them to o.O
I had a lot of fun making these! They look kinda crappy so I’m sorry ._.
They were inspired by some of creepyyeha’s lovely designs. You should check out her blog, she’s super cute and creative ^-^

aw i love!!!!! thank you ^_^

Chibiamby that moment when your creepyyeha @dollfille


That moment when your #creepyyeha look feels like its on point ♡ #vonfollies

Barachan anyone at otakon this weekend im @dollfille


anyone at otakon this weekend?? i’m not there in person, BUT this wallscroll is up for grabs in the art show B)

Please check out amberkohakuchan she really @dollfille

Please check out @amber_kohaku_chan … she really inspires me and is just the sweetest thing in the world. I’ve watched her grow and gain the following she deserves.,, I was like ten feet away from her at AX and didn’t approach because I was so intimidated by her radiance and beauty.. I wish I had… I love you Amber!!