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Toshi the Doll girl // 21 // pa/nyc occasionally this is a collection of things that tickle my mind or share in what makes me blush. ♥ japan, injuries, fashions, dolls, blood, beautiful people, childish and girly things, plastic, sweets, the horrible, art; すてきなもの。 - Dollfille (@dollfille)
Wolf hands im getting one of these for mah @dollfille


I’m getting one of these for mah bird-day maybe tomorrow!

I’m such a bird-dog for people who won’t even exist o ever will. 

Hire me @dollfille

Hire me.

If you dont already follow mahouprince you @dollfille

If you don’t already follow @mahouprince you should!! They also have a YouTube channel!

Super crappy photo of the ombre balyage i did @dollfille

Super crappy photo of the #ombre #balyage I did the other day at @charlottethomassalon ! I have openings today if anyone’s game! 6109333100 😄 (at Charlotte Thomas Salon)

Throwbackthursday with my lil baby maybe 8th @dollfille

#throwbackthursday with my lil baby ♥ Maybe 8th grade?

Most of the color washed out of my hair this @dollfille

Most of the color washed out of my hair this morning so I’m feeling like a ghost. Heading in to work at 3, call 6109333100 to schedule a hair appointment with me in Phoenixville! 💞 I’m moving and life is crazy so my clients are what’s keeping me going lately!! I love you guys!

Taken after haunting one night i think last year @dollfille

Taken after haunting one night I think last year or two years ago… I felt so cute I dunno why p had rabbit ears on. Why not. Halloween approaches. .. #hauntlife #pennhurstasylum

Creepyyeha tao baozi these totally didnt @dollfille



these totally didn’t upload in the order i wanted them to o.O
I had a lot of fun making these! They look kinda crappy so I’m sorry ._.
They were inspired by some of creepyyeha’s lovely designs. You should check out her blog, she’s super cute and creative ^-^

aw i love!!!!! thank you ^_^

Chibiamby that moment when your creepyyeha @dollfille


That moment when your #creepyyeha look feels like its on point ♡ #vonfollies

Barachan anyone at otakon this weekend im @dollfille


anyone at otakon this weekend?? i’m not there in person, BUT this wallscroll is up for grabs in the art show B)

Please check out amberkohakuchan she really @dollfille

Please check out @amber_kohaku_chan … she really inspires me and is just the sweetest thing in the world. I’ve watched her grow and gain the following she deserves.,, I was like ten feet away from her at AX and didn’t approach because I was so intimidated by her radiance and beauty.. I wish I had… I love you Amber!!

Creepyyeha creepyyeha @dollfille



Kingalisha baby @dollfille


Baby ✨


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