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Transvestite Training @dominiqueq

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The musings and erotica of an amateur dominatrix who just loves forcibly turing boys into gurls. As they are lured deeper and deeper into my perverted web their resistance diminishes until what once they never imagined they would do becomes second nature. There is nothing quite like the power rush when your gurl, after months of training, reaches the point of actually begging for the strap-on for her sexual release. NB: WARNING - This blog contains materials not suitable to minors. If you are under the age of 18 please leave this site. - I do not claim copyright for any of the photos I use. Some have been taken by me, many are images I find on the internet that I like or reblog. If you claim copyright for any here just let me know and I'll remove it at once - Transvestite Training (@dominiqueq)
Gurls look and learn get rid of your hair and @dominiqueq

Gurls…. look and learn, get rid of your hair and keep rid! We really don’t like it and we don’t want to see it…….. and please make sure you moisturise moisturise moisturise.

We’ve been getting rid of ours far longer than you so NEVER NEVER complain about it, rule of thumb for you, everything, and I do mean everything, from the tip of your ears down.

Gurls look and learn @dominiqueq

Gurls, look and learn

Job done @dominiqueq

Job done……

Ladies alena shows just what can be achieved with @dominiqueq

Ladies, Alena shows just what can be achieved with perseverance.

With results like these and the opportunities they produce….. well it’s just too yummy not to cage their bits, control their orgasms and then feminize them……. no more household chores is just an added bonus!!!!

How cute @dominiqueq

How cute…….

An unforgivable and shocking lack of chastity but @dominiqueq

An unforgivable and shocking lack of chastity but so nice to see a well used and trained gurl assume her natural position.

Ladies never discourage your gurl if she asks for @dominiqueq

Ladies, never discourage your gurl if she asks for extra practice sessions, I know it can be inconvenient when we have other plans but correctly caged and plugged she can be left on her own for short periods. Obviously always have her dressed appropriately and don’t be mean with the encouragement it will pay dividends in the medium term. 

We call it forced feminisation for a reason @dominiqueq

We call it forced feminisation for a reason……. this isn’t a game, we do it because you don’t like it…….. but in time gurls do adjust.

Ladies outside absolutely uncaged @dominiqueq


outside - absolutely!

Uncaged - unforgivable!

No no no………..

As i believe the world should develop it would @dominiqueq

As I believe the world should develop……. it would be a much saner place!

Ladies really what is not to like about this the @dominiqueq

Ladies, really what is not to like about this, the control here is absolute….. I simply love it!

Ladies i really cant recommend that you allow @dominiqueq

Ladies, I really can’t recommend that you allow your gurl to play with herself when fellating. I believe she needs to concentrate entirely on the task in mouth, having her in chastity is my very strong recommendation. 

Ladies once youve started her depilation regime @dominiqueq

Ladies, once you’ve started her depilation regime there must be no letting up….. transgressions must be rigorously punished.

Chastity and corsets a match made in heaven @dominiqueq

Chastity and corsets…… a match made in heaven.

Ladies, together with lockable heels these form two of the core foundations for psychological transformation. Chastity, stockings, corset and heels, once in these she’ll NEVER feel the same again., 

Captures perfectly my philosophy on how training @dominiqueq

Captures perfectly my philosophy on how training should progress….. if you really understand this picture and the obvious permanence of this gurls life you start to understand my raison d'être…..

So very natural looking and so right @dominiqueq

So very natural looking and so right!

So cuteand the bell is a lovely touchi wonder @dominiqueq

So cute……and the bell is a lovely touch……I wonder if she’s Scottish????

Thetitanbarbarossa lately i have been thinking @dominiqueq


Lately I have been thinking about what it would be like to have my husband bred by a lady-boy.  I mean obviously seeing him submit to a Bull, a man, makes perfect sense, but to see him have to submit to someone like this, to seem him bend over and surrender his hole, and to see the look on his face when someone this feminine actually penetrates him and then eventually ejaculates… the emotional torment of knowing that this seed is inside him… frankly makes me HOT!

My context is slightly different but perfectly put, I’ve had a current gurl serviced by a previous gurl in this way, forget the added bonus of what it did to her…. it’s what it did for me…..HOT…. I nearly melted.

Oh my pure unadulterated female porn @dominiqueq

Oh my……!!!!!

Pure unadulterated female porn……….. what this does for me……. mmmmm

Lol so totally true except when shes trained @dominiqueq

lol….. so totally true!

Except when she’s trained to give them herself………..mmmmmmm