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IT'S MUCH BETTER THAN CHURCH! In here all chunky blokes are gods. GET ON YOUR KNEES & WORSHIP! From the average to the chunky right through to the super masculine. You don't have to have a monster cock to be masculine! A place for my collection of photos trawled & reblogged from various archives & from around the internet keeping them all in the one place for recreational & research purposes only. Mostly photos of big built burly beefy blokes & also everyday blokes in the buff showing us their nice fun-sized willies. Expect to see some tits & minge as well, but you can always look beyond that & concentrate on looking at the fat blokes instead. 18 or 21+ depending where you live, full frontal male nudity, sexually explicit content, not safe for work, blah, blah, usual legal shit, blah. Let me know if you want a photo removed & I will, bearing in mind you've only got yourself to blame for letting it get taken in the 1st place, then posted, circulated & ending up being put on here. Likes: men in their 30's to 50's, bellies, stocky, chubby, chunky, foreskins, fun-size cocks, smooth, hairy, muscles, straight, uniforms, security guards, pub & club doormen, construction workers, powerlifters, AA & RAC recovery men, rugby players, Sunday league football players, candid lockerroom, beach & public nudity photos .... Dislikes: barely legal, twinks, skinny, huge cocks, anal, bdsm, scat, watersports, pain, torture .... If it's hardcore, young skinny models, pretty boys or monster cocks you're into, then you've come to completely the wrong place. Either use the archive or copy this link to view all the photos on here: All tags I use are listed on here: for blogs without the archive function or just put /archive after the address! Profile photo taken from: Background image: That's the reading done with, you're only here for the photos anyway so get your pizzle out & wank! - Oxley's Wank Bank (@doncastergit)
Sirssoutherncomfort went for a quick walk on my @doncastergit


Went for a quick walk on my treadmill today…wow, I’m really pale…

Bearassnaked in the pool not a great angle for @doncastergit


In the pool. Not a great angle for pics but I don’t care cuz I am in the pool.

Nice record collection @doncastergit

Nice record collection!

Fhabhotdamncobs w f warning no @doncastergit


W♂♂F     (WARNING!   No “Pretty Boys” here.)

Lingeriebears your no1 kinky fetish source @doncastergit


Your No1 #kinky #fetish source for men in #gear #crossdress #nylon #pantyhose #sheers and #suits

Sirssoutherncomfort after many requests for my @doncastergit


After many requests for my #100 Follower challenge, several requesting photos of my Rump and / or Legs, I decided to do some multitasking.  I decided to mow the lawn nude.  But now it seems like I have reached over 500 followers… What should I do to celebrate this milestone???

Sirssoutherncomfort whewmy calculus quiz @doncastergit


Whew…my calculus quiz almost made me late on my submission

Allforforeskin fuckdog79 36 yo london @doncastergit


fuckdog79  | 36 y/o | London, England
“Happy with my hood!”

Submissions are accepted on the sidebar where it says [Share Your Foreskin] or at [allforforeskin at gmail dot com]. And please include your name or blogname | Age | Location. Dick size or anything else you want to share about yourself is cool too!

Osonico and heres another one of that one of a @doncastergit


And here’s another one of that one of a hell session with Ivan & Gabo… ♥

Justbulls tattoo bull seb dymond would @doncastergit


Tattoo Bull

Seb Dymond. Would love to see him with a totally flaccid todger. Here’s a naked photo of him with a stiffy!

Jyisfree sperm photo taken the 2013 03 31 i @doncastergit


Sperm - Photo taken the 2013-03-31 - I was 47 years old - self portrait - jyisfree

Hello sweetie via @doncastergit

Hello sweetie!


Medcub93 muscle cub shower realness roar @doncastergit


Muscle cub shower realness…. roar!

Bigguythings marriedjock8 hes just asking @doncastergit



He’s just asking to be fucked.

Just Big Guys: 08/10

Ontbearchaser themantalope since so many @doncastergit



Since so many people keep stealing this pic of I thought I would repost it as a throw back Thursday.

…..and I will reblog it

Would love it more if he stuck his willy through @doncastergit

Would love it more if he stuck his willy through the hole in that weight!

Showyourtinydick its cold this morning my @doncastergit


It’s cold this morning!

My kik is notgotabig1 and Reblog everywhere please!

Erikforeskin thanks a lot love that snouty @doncastergit


Thanks a lot!
Love that snouty cock!

Showyourtinydick i want it to shrink it @doncastergit


I want it to shrink, it doesn’t deserve to erect, I want it to stay flaccid. Kik- maniczq

Robrobbyrob50 hang on son i can make my dick @doncastergit


…”Hang on Son, I can make my dick hard, …cool huh boy, you like watching it grow?”…