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Don't Feed The Bears @donotfeedbears

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Gay Bear, Bara, and Furry Blog! - Artist - - Don't Feed The Bears (@donotfeedbears)
Yamasmut woke up in the morning and @donotfeedbears


Woke up in the morning and immediately had a vision of an off-season body builder posing for his boyfriend…!

Yamasmut two huge dudes just happened to bump @donotfeedbears


Two huge dudes just happened to bump into each other like this…. and this is what happened! :3c

Donotfeedbears i promote spookeedoo this is @donotfeedbears


I promote Spookeedoo!

This is actually one of my favorite pieces he’s ever done, if not my all time favorite.

Chillykuma kuma chilly doodles enjoy @donotfeedbears


Chilly doodles, Enjoy~!

Reallysadboners ah yes my wrestling fetish @donotfeedbears


Ah yes, my wrestling fetish (art by daire301)

Gornsf oh no wip wip wip ill finish this one @donotfeedbears


oh no

wip wip wip, i’ll finish this one later i think

Yamasmut cleaned up a sketch i did for donryu @donotfeedbears


Cleaned up a sketch I did for Donryu at MFF! Really liked how it turned out, way better than the original .__.


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