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Pics and stories about jocks, dads, suits, white collar sex, roleplay, celebrity athletes. Scenarios depicted are fiction and role-play. NSFW, for adults only. - Drake's Fuck Fiction (@drakestories)
Graybeards theres something about him that @drakestories


There’s something about him that just feels out of sorts. Sitting naked on my couch, drinking my wine and inspecting my apartment, he shifts uncomfortably.

How a man hung like him can lack for confidence, I’ll never know. But when we start getting down to business, the self-certain man I’ve known for years reemerges. 

“Over here, Mr. Sollsner,” he says and pats his meaty thigh. He says it just like he did a decade ago whenever my eyes would drift or my mind would wander. Back then, he’d interrupt class and deliver that familiar line in front of everyone just to get my attention. 

I approach hesitantly, gazing at his thickening cock for a moment before carefully straddling his lap. I place my hands on his beefy chest for balance, lowering my squatted ass into his growing crotch. He doesn’t move a muscle, but to take a sip from the glass.

By the time I’m situated in his lap, I feel the head at the end of his rigid shaft rubbing against me and leaving a trail of sticky precum. 

Looking him in the eyes, I’m taken aback by how little he’s changed in the last decade. His belly’s grown a little, but he’s barely aged a day. He looks just like the man I’d spent hours, days, maybe even weeks fantasizing about. I still remember praying and hoping against hope for just a glance of the cock straining against the fabric of his bulging pants. 

He slips a hand under me, guiding his cock right up against my hole. The head pushes, straining the seal of my tight ass. Every single time, this felt like 15-year-old me’s dream come true. 

Daddysbottom i had planned on staying around @drakestories


I had planned on staying around and working through the summer after my college Freshman year. But when my boss gave all of us extra days off for the 4th of July holidays, I decided to make the 1 ½ hour drive back home unannounced, sort of a surprise to my folks.

My mom certainly was pleasantly surprised when I walked in the kitchen door. She was rather pleased to see me and knowing that I get to spend several days with them over the weekend. My younger brother was at a Summer Camp already and wouldn’t be coming back for a few more weeks. So it would be just the three of us for the 4th of July holidays, me, mom, and dad.

Mom said that Dad was still at the shop and that I should go and surprise him. Dad and Uncle Jay, Mom’s older brother, opened a car repair shop many years ago. Growing up, I hung around the shop often after school, and got to know almost everyone that worked there. So after being gone for a year, it would be nice to go back there and see the place.

I hopped into my car and drove to the shop. It was already late in the afternoon, and the shop was already closed. But I knew that the back door would still be opened, and dad and the rest of his crew usually were working to close the shop for the day.

When I walked in, the place was quiet and empty. I walked to Dad’s office, and no one was around. I continued to walk around the various places where I thought there might be people, but the place was completely deserted. I almost yelled out loud to see if anyone was there when I heard sounds and voices coming from the building’s basement. I knew that that was where they keep they store all the spare parts and stuff, but I had only been down there once, a very long time ago. Dad told me not to go down there because of all the stuff that could fall onto a young kid like me way back then.

But now, hearing things from down there, I decided to check it out and surprise everyone. But as I reached the bottom of the stairs, it was I who got the biggest surprise of my life!

While my view was partially blocked by the shelving, I managed to see in between piles of boxes something I never thought I would see. There was my dad, completely naked, and bent over in between two muscular, black men. I knew those men, and they were dad’s mechanics.  And at that moment, one of them was fucking dad’s ass from behind! Holy shit! Dad’s arms were straddled onto the spread thighs of the other man in front of him, hanging on for dear life at the vicious pounding he was receiving.

I stood where I was in total shock, unable to process at what I was witnessing. The idea of my own dad engaging in gay sex was not something that had even remotely entered my mind. But there it was, being played out right in front of my eyes. After the initial shock, I was acutely aware that I was getting hard in my jeans, which also surprised me.

But just when I thought that was the end of the surprise, another one popped up. I suddenly heard a voice from someone hidden from view.

“Fuck, let me have some of that!” the voice said.

Suddenly, I saw Uncle Jay came into view. He too was completely naked. He walked next to where my dad was and bent over just like him, offering his butt. The guy that was fucking dad pulled out, and I got to see the humongous 10-inch ebony dick that had fucked my dad’s ass. My eyes flew wide open in amazement at how dad could have survive being pounded by that huge dick. But I didn’t have long to admire the ass-splitter because soon disappeared into Uncle Jay’s bubble, round butt all the way to the hilt. I jumped a little at the loud cry coming out of my uncle as he screamed in pain at the invasion. The black man only gave him a few seconds to adjust to the monster intrusion before he resumed the brutal pounding of Uncle Jay’s butt.

In the meantime, the guy that was sitting in front of my dad got up and went around dad and took the place of his buddy. Soon, I saw both my dad and my uncle, bent over with their ass hiked up, and both being fucked mercilessly by two huge, muscular black men. I could not ever remember being hornier than I was at that moment. The sound of flesh pounding against flesh, the moans and groans, and the dirty talks as the men urged each other on were getting to me.

Unbelievably, the pace of the fucking were picking up. Both dad and Uncle Jay were being used like cheap whore as they surrendered their holes to the men. From the sound coming from the two men, I could tell that they were close to shooting their loads.

“C’mon, fucker! Fuck me harder! Breed my ass! Breed it, you son of a bitch!” I heard my dad cried out loud as he turned his head to his left. He looked at his brother-in-law next to him being equally drilled deep and hard. I immediately unzipped my jeans and started to stroke my dick. I knew that I wanted to cum at the same time that my dad and uncle were being seeded by these two muscular black men.

Credit: HDK’s “Chocolate and Cream”

Drakestories craig and i were roommates not @drakestories


Craig and I were roommates, not lovers, but there was definitely a sexual tension between us. Like we were always trying to one-up each other by scoring with more guys - and hotter guys - than the other. Lately Craig had been on a roll, with a veritable revolving door of a different man each night. I noticed that my roommate scored with guys of all types but that he seemed to have a thing for older guys. 

Funny thing was, it was rubbing off on me too. I started seeking out older men, and the only challenge was getting them to agree to come back to my place rather than theirs. Like Craig, I wanted to show off my conquests. 

This all came to a head the weekend my Dad came to visit. I had to go into work Saturday morning for a half day. And when I came back I immediately sensed something was different. I quietly closed the apartment door, careful not to make a sound. Rounding the hallway, I saw that Craig and my father were nude. Craig noticed me and turned to stare right into my disbelieving eyes, but Dad was oblivious, caught up in a trance playing with and looking at Craig’s crotch. 

I watched with a gulp as Dad proceeded to go down on my friend and roommate, right there in front of me. And Craig kept looking at me, as if to challenge me to stop it. I didn’t it. I was too horned up by the entire spectacle. 

So, for the next four and a half minutes I watched Dad bring my bud steadily to climax and swallow his morning seed. He pulled off and was licking his lips when Craig broke the news to him. “Pete, your son’s home.”

Dad looked up at me, a little shellshocked but a little resigned, too. “Sorry, Bill, I couldn’t resist.”


Hugyerbud but dad im all sweaty and so are you @drakestories


but, dad…I’m all sweaty…and so are you…

It’s all right, son…c’mere and give her daddy a hug…

I wasn’t opposed to bottoming. In fact, I’d been thinking about it more and more lately. My boy Justin’s growing up to be a fine hunk with a nice hard tool that matches his dad’s in shape and size. There have been times when I’ve been traveling for business and I’ll strip down in my hotel room and start a nice, slow JO session thinking about my son rimming me, fingering me, then at last taking his turn on top, learning what I experienced week in and week out inside his tight teen jock hole.

So, no, I was getting more and more into the idea. And the more he pestered me, asking if he’d ever be able to fuck me, the more I considered just caving in. But Justin had to earn it, and I finally told him as much one night.

Naked in my arms, his cock surged against my abs. “Earn it?” he sighed. “How Dad?”

I thought a second. “You want my ass, you gotta play by my rules, got it?”

He leaned up, excited as puppy now. I had a feeling he’d agree to anything, any condition I lay down. “You got it, Dad, just name it.” His prick looked like it could shoot any second now, and to tease him I gripped it in my hand and started stroking.

“Basketball. One-on-one, you and me, 21 points, 2 out of 3.” It was starting to sink in to him, and his excitement turned into a look of frustrated determination.

“You mean?” he started.

“Yep. Beat your old man if you want a turn on top.” See, basketball was my game. I’d played in high school and college. Star forward. Even if I was twice that age now, I was still in shape and pretty good at the game. And while Justin was quite the jock in his own right, baseball was his game, where he spent his effort working on power hitting rather than speed or agility.

“OK,” he said gamely. “You’re on Dad.”


I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about offering my hole any time soon, and I didn’t. Justin and I played each Sunday and each Sunday I beat him. Squarely. But the kid was determined, I got to give him that. Put his all into the game, practiced hoops every day after school, even joined the basketball team.

One day, after a fairly close game, I could detect a new swagger in my boy. “Pretty close that time. You better watch out, Dad,” he taunted. “Before long I’ll be claiming my prize.”

I shoved the ball into his arms and pulled down my shorts. Already my cock was hardening in the cool spring breeze. “Maybe. In the meantime, why don’t you come suck Daddy off?”

He grumbled a curse word, but dribbled the ball to the side and crouched down on the carport in front of me.


Two weeks ago was too close for comfort. I lost the first game and won the second in a squeaker, 21-19. I was lagging in the third, till Justin started teasing me. “Damn, Dad, looks like you want my dick pounding you tonight.” That did it. I rallied and smoked his tired, exhausted ass that last game.

I felt on fire, and the sex was even hotter that night.


Today was another match up. “Ready Sport?” I called as I came downstairs changed into my sweatshirt and shorts. Justin was playing a video game but paused it. A look in his eye that said he was going to try again, try to beat his ex-basketball player of a father.

I did pretty well the first game, handily beating my son. It was the second when things started to turn around. Justin ran circles around my defenses and seemingly every shot was perfect, landing right in the hoop. He whooped me, 21-11.

“Best 2 out of 3,” he reminded me. No boast this time, no cockiness, just pure focus. Game focus. I’d seen it on the courts when I played in college.

Worst part was, my son had been running me around the court, slowly but surely wearing me down. He may not have had the natural agility, but he’d been conditioning himself. And he was 24 years younger than me. He had 15 points to my 4 when I found myself panting.

I threw for a two-pointer but was no longer steady, out of breath. The ball missed by a mile.

I looked over and saw his expression. That’s when he knew. Knew he had licked me. He smiled, his white teeth gleaming, as he picked up the ball and started dribbling. Not losing the focus, he charged past me. I did my best to anticipate his move, but he sailed by and laid up the shot. Perfect. 16 to 4. Fuck.

My turn, and Justin was there at my every step. Not fouling, but playing very physical defense. Not afraid. I tried to get out of his block but as I stooped down to step I lost control of the ball which went rolling across the carport.

Now Justin took his time. Maybe to give me a breather, but I don’t think that was it. I think he wanted to relish this. Relish this milestone. He dribbled and fixed his gaze on me. It was like he fucking me with his eyes, appraising his 40-something father’s sweaty body. I looked down and could see that my son had a full-on boner in his shorts, poking up as walked side to side. I don’t know how he played with an erection, but it didn’t hurt his game. Another charge, another shot, and soon the score was 17-4.

I couldn’t lose without a fight. I refocused, got my old mojo back and shot from the 2-point circle. Not my best shot, but the ball hit the rim and circled in.

“Nice one, Dad,” Justin said, not taunting me anymore but almost as an equal, you know? Still, not to be outdone, he stood back from behind the far line and sailed his own two-pointer in.

I got one more shot in that game, but it was a lost cause. The last few points, Justin’s boner throbbed even harder and by now mine was too. I could hear him chant almost in a low whisper as I played the most physical defense I could muster. “I can’t fuckin’ believe this is gonna happen,” he’d say. “I’m gonna fuck my dad.”

I thought he’d have a big conceited smile on his face as he got that last point. Instead, he walked up to me with a fierce determination and a look of stone-cold lust on his face. “Inside,” he growled. “Now.”

We both made our way quickly to my bedroom, where we tore off our sweaty clothes.

I stood there erect but my cock was not quite as angry or horned up as my son’s. “Justin,” I started maybe we shower up….”

He pounced on me knocking me back to the best as his mouth met me in the hottest kiss we’d shared. This was definitely a new side of Justin I’d never seen before. The deprivation had turned him into a bona fide top, all right. As we made out on the bed, our sweaty bodies rubbing against one another, my son thrust his erection against my midsection, making no bones about what he wanted.

“Gotta fuck you Dad,” he moaned. “Can’t fucking wait any more.”

With that he hooked his hands under my thighs and pulled them up. I was going to tell him to get some lube, but already his was positioning his dick at my sphincter and pressing inward. I guess there was enough sweat to lube a gangbang, cause Justin’s hard prick popped inside and filled me.

Instinctively, my legs wrapped around him, letting him know I was good to go. He smiled and said “fuck yes,” and pulled back his hips and pushed forward again. “I’m fucking you dad,” he said, as much to himself as to me.

I knew he wouldn’t last long and he didn’t. About a minute of eager thrusts and my boy was getting his orgasm buried deep inside me. My own rocket went off, spraying my chest with a fresh coating of dad seed. Justin watched transfixed then leaned down to kiss me again.

“Worth the wait?” I asked, stroking his neck as we caught our breaths.

“Like you wouldn’t believe. That was awesome, Dad.”

Steve johnson @drakestories

Steve Johnson

Daily reblog drakestories that chest could @drakestories


That chest could make me do anything, and Mike knew it. Whenever we’d get in an argument, he’d hook his thumbs in his T-shirt and pull it up over his head. His bare chest gave me a headrush to look at: powerful, bulky, and covered with an even layer of fine hair, with just some flecks of silver to really set me off.

“C'mon bud, why dont’t you suck on Daddy’s tits for a little while?” Part of me wanted to punch him he was so cocky and assured. But the other part of me won out, the part that leaned forward and started licking his massive pectoral muscle, slowly, lovingly, making my way to the pencil-nub pap begging for attention.

Fifteen minutes later my legs inevitably would be on his shoulders as his heavy dong violated my hole faster and faster. Till we were both shooting our load.

Sure enough, neither of us ever remembered what we were arguing about in the first place.

Paternal instinct my wife is so concerned about @drakestories


My wife is so concerned about our son. She think that he’s a drug and sex addict that’s always looking for either a party to crash or a pussy to fuck. Call it worried-mother syndrome because that’s hardly the truth. If she took the time to get to know him, he’s not a big fan of parties or pussies! That’s right, my son came out to me because he trusts me…and because he wants my cock. Maybe he is slightly addicted to sex…but when he sucked my cock for the first time, I felt things my crazy wife never could make me feel. If he was addicted, then so be it! Better with a man he knows and loves with complete strangers, right?

My wife makes sure our son has no privacy at home, so the only place we can do it is in the car. We say we’re running errands, but we’re really fucking the shit out of each other in my Prius. And luckily for us, my wife doesn’t suspect a thing.

Hugyerbud the party was winding down and nearly @drakestories


The party was winding down and nearly all the team had gone home, but Jake was in no condition to drive. Coach hoisted the big jock out of the pool lounge chair he’d fallen asleep in, and started toward the house with him. They only got a few steps before the poor kid hunched over and hurled all over himself.

“Shiiiit!” coach cursed…sitting the kid down in a nearby lawn chair and tugging his shirt off…wiping the kid’s face and shorts, before getting him a drink of water.

“Sorry, coach,” the jock grinned goofily…”guess I shouldn’ta had those last few beers…ha, ha…

He could hardly hold his head up and coach had half a mind to just throw him in the pool to sober him up and clean him off. His shorts were still a mess, so coach unsnapped them and hoisted the kid up a little under one sweaty armpit, then wrestled them down over the jock’s muscular thighs. He wasn’t surprised to discover the stud had nothing on under them, but felt his own dick fluff up a bit at the sight of the thick, flaccid dick, and heavy nutsack.

“C’mon, champ, let’s get you cleaned up,” coach suggested…stumbling the naked stud toward the pool bath. He propped the kid against the shower door and reached in to start the water warming.

“You think you can stand up, in there, sport?”

“Shurrrrr thing, coach,” the big lunk slurred, before sliding down the tile wall into a heap on the shower floor.

“Fuuuuck,” coach swore. “Looks like we’re gonna have to do this the hard way. He stripped down and entered the shower, hunched down behind Jake and pulled him up by the armpits, leaning the jock’s body against his own and washing him off as best he could. The horny jock threw wood as soon as coach started lathering him up…sporting a thick seven inch cock that curved up nicely toward his belly.

“No sense being subtle now,” thought coach, as he gripped the thick rod and stroked it slowly. Jake’s head fell back against coach’s shoulder as a soft moan escaped his lips. Coach slid his hand down over those big jock balls and washed them thoroughly, enjoying the weight of them in his hand….then reached under them and massaged a couple fingers over the lad’s taint and into his ass trench. The jock’s head fell forward now, and coach struggled to hold him up as his ass pressed back against coach’s own hard prick.

“C’mon, Jake, try to hold yourself up,” coach encouraged…placing the kid’s hands up on the shower wall. That helped the semi-concsious jock support his own weight well enough for coach to scrub down his back and kneel behind him to wash off his thick thighs and legs. With his face positioned right behind that meaty jock ass, coach couldn’t help but explore just a little. He slid his hand up into those cheeks and scrubbed the kid’s ass, teasing his hole a little as he did…scraping one finger thru his pucker to make sure it was good and clean, then spreading those cheeks open so the shower water would rinse it clean.

“Fuck, I hope he doesn’t remember this in the morning,” coach thought as he pressed his face into the jock’s ass and licked all around his pucker. Jake leaned full into the wall now…his face pressed against the tile as his ass jutted out and pressed back against his coach’s invading tongue.

“unnnnhhh….unnnhhhh…oooohhhhh,” he moaned, as coach tongue fucked his cherry jock ass. That’s when coach noticed the long string of precum dangling from the tip of Jake’s cock. He quickly manuevered under the kid and reached up to turn off the water. Coach’s tonge snaked out to gather in the kid’s pre and then latched onto the thick head of his cock…sucking on that fat knob and swirling his tongue around it. Jake’s cock got noticeably stiffer in coach’s mouth as he reached one hand up under those bull nuts again and started fingering that jock pussy again. Coach felt the kid’s nuts pull up against his wrist as his load spilled out in thick spurts, flooding coach’s mouth with his creamy load. Coach continued to suck and swallow til he’d drained the kid, then caught Jake as he started to slide down into his arms.

He wrestled the kid out of the shower and managed to dry him off a little before depositing his massive frame onto the sofa, where the kid started snoring almost immediately. Coach stood there watching him sleep for awhile, rubbing his chin contemplatively.

“Hmmm…wouldn’t be right to fuck him now, I guess,” coach mused…stroking his own leaky, hard cock. “But when he wakes up tomorrow, the kid’s in for a real workout.”

Daily reblog drakestories as i got ready for @drakestories


As I got ready for work I walked down the hall to see if my son had made it home. There he was sprawled out on his bed. Darren must have come in in the middle of the night. It was spring break at West Point, and the cadet had made the 10 hour drive home straight after Friday classes. He had collapsed right onto the mattess, without bothering to remove his clothes.

I knew he was eager to get home. Because me and my boy were feeling the same way. The same excitement and happiness and pride in his being a top cadet. The same frustration at being away from each other. He was definitely a daddy’s boy.

I massaged my prick in my trousers. I’d let Darren sleep, I told myself, but maybe a quick jerk off while I watched his splayed body. I unzipped and slowly stroked myself. Watching. His legs had definitely gained muscle while he’d been away, and fuck, that ass….

My cock twitched as I approached the bed. I had to see. Gently, I tugged at the gym shorts. The elastic gave way easier than I thought an the blue fabric slid down over the bubble butt, down over the thick hamstrings.

“Hey Dad,” he moaned as he stirred awake. “Sorry I got in kinda late last night.”

“That’s OK, Cadet,” I said. “Great to see you.” My hands were now massaging his buns, which were hiking up, almost twerking in my hands.

“You got time to fuck me before you go to work?”

Paternal instinct its funny how genetics words @drakestories


It’s funny how genetics words. My father was dick pig, begging for my cock by the time there was hair on my balls. I was the dominating type as I found out through my power bottom father. Topping was second nature to me.

So I was relieved when my son was also a cock slut, the topping gene remaining dormant in him! I thought I would have to submit, just like my father did when I started topping him, but my son loved taking it up the ass, just like his grandfather. I would fuck my dad and my son back to back, filling them up with my never ending supply of cream. After my father’s death, it seemed my son inherited more lust for being fucked, because my dick was no longer enough.

That’s where my grandson came in. The bisexual man wants nothing to do with sticking things up his butt, but when it comes to sticking his cock into other’s butts, he’s all in. The topping gene resurfaces at last! Just like I fucked my dad, my grandson fucks his…with my help of course. My son can take both of our cocks with ease! If only there were more guys in our family!

I just hope I’ll be alive to see what kind of bottom my great-grandson becomes!

Daddysbottom i saw him leaving the resort @drakestories


I saw him leaving the resort lounge chair where he and his wife were sitting and walked right past me towards the pool-side bar. While I had been admiring this older, married daddy from afar, I got a closer look at him when he walked barely 10 feet past where I was sunbathing. This daddy was sexier up close: broad shoulder, thick, hairy arms, nice round butt that filled his red shorts quite nicely, and a handsome, distinguished face topped by his read baseball hat. Shit, this man was hitting every single turn-on button that I had!

He got two drinks at the bar and started to walk back. For some odd reason, I decided to take a risk and did something completely crazy. When he got closest to me, I let out a wolf whistle at the stud.

I was more than ready for a negative reaction. Instead, when he heard it, he let out a huge laugh and stopped in his tracks.

“Never had that done to me before, and certainly not from another guy!” he cried out in laughter. I laughed alongside him, more in relief that he didn’t take offense at my silly action.

When I recovered enough, I replied to him. “Well, you are the best-looking man that I’m seeing around here right now.”

He snickered upon hearing that and started to look around. “Not much consolation in that, since you and I are the only men around the pool at this time of the day!” We both laughed again.

Having come this far, I decided to be bold and go for it. “I’d be more than happy to prove to you how good-looking and attractive I find you.” I said to him.

His laughter subsided, but I could still see the smile on his face. He turned his face to look at his wife, still lounging in her chair reading her iPad. He looked back at me, and I could tell that something was swirling in his head.

It was several seconds before he said something. “I can’t promise you anything, but what if we meet here again later this afternoon, maybe around 3?” he asked. This time, I could see his eyes roaming all over my built body, and stopping at the hint of a bulge in my swimming trunks.

It was my turn to smile at him. “You got a date!” I replied.

We both laughed again. “I’d better get back before the ice in these drinks melt. I’ll see ya later!” he said.

I waved at him and saw him walking back to his wife. In the still silence of the late morning, I could barely hear him talk to his wife.

“Who was that?” his wife asked.

“No idea. He wanted to know what drinks I got. So I told him and we chatted a bit. He’s looking for someone to play pool with this afternoon. So I thought I might take him up on it while you go off on your shopping trip.” I heard him say.

“That’s great!” his wife replied. “At least you’ll have something to do and won’t get bored.”

I saw him looking back at where I was sitting. “Oh, I won’t get bored.” he said.

I could feel my dick getting hard in my shorts.

Daily reblog drakestories why dont you @drakestories


“Why don’t you take them off?” Dad said.

We were spending my winter break in the Caribbean and were now on a deserted beach.

“What?” I wasn’t sure if I was hearing him right.

“Take off your board shorts Mike.” His voice was now quiet but firm, and even the tone made me chub up a little. “I want to see your body.”

“Cmon Dad… out here?”

“You weren’t so shy last night.”

I blushed a little, even with my slight sunburn. Two months away from my father had made me super-horny and our first night on the island, I’d been the aggressor, peeling off my clothes and getting on all fours on our hotel bed. I’d begged Dad to mount me, and damnit the man had expertly fucked four loads out of me before he allowed himself his release, deep inside me.

As my father stared at me intently now, I got the sense he wanted to make up for the three orgasms he was behind in the count. Casually, he slipped down his swim trunks. His cock hung heavy and full and was starting to fill out and firm up. Dad’s a big guy and I never grew tired of watching my old man get a woody. Nice, thick uncut tool that grew long and fat and always seemed weighed down by the size.

It had a way of persuading me. I reached down and started unlacing my trunks.

“That’s it, sport.” By now, he slowly stroked his rod and I could see the pearly sap glisten at the tip in the bright sun. “Show daddy what you got.”

“Yessir,” I muttered and pulled down the swimsuit and let Dad see my own erection. Almost a copy of his: just as long but thinner, cut, and not as hairy around the balls.

“Nice,” he purred. After a second of us staring at each other Dad made another command. “On your stomach, son. Face down on the towel.”

My heart was beating fast now, and I looked around the beach once more to make sure the coast was clear. No one for miles. Hurriedly, I flipped over, feeling the sun on my bare buns and well-lotioned back.

Not for long. Dad crawled on top, his mass and heat and hard muscle pressed against mine. I could feel his heavy breathing on my neck and his slick cock in my crack. “Hold still, Matt,” he muttered and soon my pucker was getting breached by his dadcock.

That fuck was silent and intense. It didn’t take long for my hole to get used to that prick or for Dad to work up into a steady, hard thrust. Before I knew it, I heard him choke back some grunts and then cry out a loud “Motherfuck!” as he ejaculated deep inside me. I was primed pretty good and the idea he was getting off sent me over the edge, spattering splooge onto the beach towel.

We uncoupled and took a dip in the sea to cool off and wash the remants of sex off our bodies. We didn’t bother to put our suits on for the rest of the week.

Coach collins had caused quite a scandal in my @drakestories

Coach Collins had caused quite a scandal in my hometown. He’d coached our high school baseball team to state championship two years in a row and above that was just a great guy - funny, no-nonsense man who was always the most popular teacher in school. Maybe it was the way he made American history seem fun, or maybe it was his youthful bachelor looks that had all the girls in class hanging on his every word. Me, too, though I didn’t have the guts to admit to myself at the time.

Just before my junior year, though, a janitor caught Coach C in the locker room fucking a player one afternoon. And even though Mike Phillips was 18, it was against the all the rules in the book. Collins was fired immediately and within 48 hours was leaving town. I asked my older brother Drew if he knew anything about it, cause he was on the baseball team and he seemed let down and upset the whole thing. “Doofus had to get caught,” he said. “No way we’re going to State next year.”

Color me surprised when I saw Coach C five years later. My buds and I had decided to go to Miami for Spring Break, kind of a gay-bro Daytona idea. Dave, the oldest of us, had just turned 21, and Kev and I both had believable fake IDs.

Kev was the straight-laced conservative one in the bunch, so we did a double-take when on the second day he said, “Guys, why don’t we check out Haulover beach today? I hear it’s clothing optional.”

We laughed a bit and hemmed and hawed then decided why the hell not?

It took about an hour before I had the guts to pull down my swimsuit.

“Looks like Ray’s been hiding the goods from us,” Dave kidded me. There wasn’t a lot of sexual tension between us, but we were three gay college dudes, so yeah it felt a little awkward. Any unease I felt was put to rest by all the attention I got. Old guys, young guys, thick guys, thin, all of it was welcome. This felt a world away from State College.

Getting a little bolder, I told my buds I was gonna walk around, scope out the talent.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” Kev winked at me before returning his gaze to a bubble-butted twink who was dozing face down on the next towel over.

“Ha,” I said and began walking.

That’s when I ran into him. Scott Collins. All 6’4” of him, strolling down the beach, his heavy junk swaying proudly with each step. It had been five years and I wouldn’t say Coach C looked older but he’d put on a lot of beef. The big guy had to weigh 230# at least. He looked like a smooth-chested version of Patrick Warburton almost.

“Coach C!” I said aloud, almost a reflex, before I even realized what I was doing. He turned my way as we walked toward one another. I couldn’t tell what his eyes were doing beneath the sunglasses, but I had the sense he was trying to place me.

“You from Stroudsburg?” His familiar baritone voice I’d listened to in third period all year, the friendliness still there but tempered with suspicion.

“Yessir,” I replied, automatically reverting back to my sophomore self. “Ray Carpenter.”

He thought for a second. “Drew Carpenter’s brother?”

“Yessir,” I said again. At this point I realized I was buck naked in front of my former history teacher, who was equally nude. I must have blushed, particularly as he made a point of eyeing me up and down.

“Well, well, the Carpenter boys grow up fine. You live in Miami?” I could swear he was chubbing up a little.

I parted my legs a little, maybe unconsciously, showing off my genitals a bit, and letting the breeze blow against my nuts, which were starting to feel that familiar warmth. “Nah, sir. I’m at Penn State. Me and my buddies are just down here for Spring Break.” I figured I might as well acknowledge we were both at a gay beach. “Not a lot of guys to meet in State College.”

That brought out the laugh I remember from Coach C. “Yeah, I bet. Listen Ray,” he said, clasping his big beefy mitt on my shoulder and giving me a thrill, “I’m actually here with someone today.”

“Yessir,” I said meekly. Had I been making the move on Coach? Flirting with him? Maybe so, maybe I just wanted to and he’d picked up on it.

“But, if you’re around this week, maybe we could get together…”

“I’d like that Coach.” Maybe I shouldn’t have called him Coach, but it was automatic. After all, I wasn’t on the first name basis with the man.

“Cool,” he said, his face lighting up a little. “There’s a sports bar in town. The Dugout. Why don’t we meet there around 8 tomorrow and take it from there.”

“Yessir,” I beamed.

“Damn, those Carpenter boys are something,” I heard him mutter as he walked off and I returned to my friends.

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I have to give Coach credit. Anything he made us do at practice, he’d be right there with us. Running laps, lifting weights, practicing on the mat. I was the star wrestler on the team and for the last month, I’d stay after practice for an additional hour. It was expected I was going to State this year, and since Coach Furman had been a championship wrestler in his college days, I wanted to learn everything I could.

I looked up to the man, but I also liked to kid him. It was like I could say things I never would to my father. One day, I kidded him for being a fatso, the man was not overweight but he was beefy and muscular, not lithe like me.

He stopped what he was doing and cocked his eyebrow in a way that let me know he was half pissed off, half enjoying my teasing. “You gotta be kidding me, Connelly,” he growled. “I’m just as in shape as you guys, maybe more.”

“C'mon, Coach,” I egged him on. “You couldn’t even get into Stafford’s singlet.” Jase Stafford was the biggest of the heavyweights we had.

“You little pissant, just because you’re our star doesn’t mean you can talk that way to your Coach. Take off that goddamn singlet.”

I was starting to worry if I’d gone too far. Coach had a stern, intent look on his face. Was he really gone kick me from the team, right then and there? I somehow knew not to disobey, I unhooked the straps from my shoulders and pulled my uniform down. Kicked it off, and the lycra landed a foot away from Coach Fulsom’s feet.

He gave a slight smiled and peeled off his clothes. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I took in the man’s magnificent build. His power chest, his thick pelt of hair trimmed at a half-inch all over, his thick thighs. And as he dropped his jock strap, I saw a magnificent set of cock and balls, soft but full.

Then Coach picked up my singlet and stepped one leg into it, then the other. It didn’t fit on him, but it looked fucking sexy stretched across his bod. I couldn’t help it, I popped a boner right then and there. Coach noticed, off course, and grinned. Pulling up the singlet leg, he let his genitals pop out. “Here Sport, why don’t you work on this while you figure out why you shouldn’t call your Coach names?”

“Yessir,” I muttered and got down on my knees in front of him.

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My father-in-law surprised me one afternoon, coming home to find me swimming in his pool. He calmly motioned me to get out and then pointed down at his swollen bulge in his suit. “You know what to do son” was all he said until, twenty minutes later he grunted and shot his huge load down my throat. “Fuck.” was all he said and then went inside.  

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It was a long day, with early classes in the morning, finishing up on my project most of the day and a mid-afternoon class. As soon as my last class of the day ended, I rushed home as quickly as I could back to my apartment that I shared with my boyfriend Jeff.

When I walked through the front door, I saw him naked, lying on his front on the couch. His massive, built, hairy body was splayed in front of me. I couldn’t miss his hairy butt, especially the blue butt plug that was lodged securely up his hole. It looked like he was out light a light.

I walked up to him, and almost missed the note on the coffee table.


Dumped two loads up his ass before I left for class. I plugged his ass so that you can enjoy that delicious butt already lubed with my cum.

Have fun, and don’t wear him out too much, because I may need a good fuck hole when I get back.


I was hard already by the end of that note. I started to remove my clothes. The clanking of my belt buckle must have woken him up. He turned his head, and when he saw me and what I was doing, he smiled.

“You’re home earlier than I expected. And it looks like you are raring to go again.” he said as his eyes zoomed in at the 8-incher that just sprang free out of the tight confines of my jeans.

“Is your ass still full of Jeff’s cum?” I asked as I got naked and moved in closer to his exposed butt.

He nodded. “He shot twice. That kid can cum non-stop!” he replied.

I rubbed my hands all over his hairy bubble cheeks. “That’s because he thinks you’re hot. And it turns him on like crazy to know that I’m fucking you, and that the slick wetness that he feels when he’s pounding your hole was from your own son’s cum.” I explained. “It’s really hot that you let me share you with my boyfriend, dad.”

He chuckled. “I’m the luck bastard here, Ted.” dad said. “I’m getting fucked by the two hottest young studs around, and one of them is my handsome, virile son!”

I reached for the butt plug, ready to pull it out. “Well this handsome, virile son of yours need to fuck your tight ass once again.” I said.

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It started innocently I swear. A coach wanting to spend more time with his players. The Y pool was closed for repairs, so I invited my two best players, Tim and Craig, to come to my place and use my pool. What was once an occasional thing became a regular routine, even after the Y opened back up. Tim or Craig or both guys would come over after school to get their laps in. Sometimes I was there, sometimes they just used the keys I gave ‘em.

Call me dumb, but I don’t think I realized my ulterior motive until one afternoon I came home to find them both swimming laps. I plopped in a sun chair and watched them with pride that they were keeping their bodies so conditioned in the off-season. Then I started examining those bodies. Trying to get a glimpse of the taut, muscular flesh as they sped from one end of the pool to the next.

When Tim hoisted his cute blonde face out of the water, he immediately noticed that his coach was throwing wood. He had a look of shock on his face, but then smiled and winked at me. “Good to see ya Coach. I was thinking of rinsing off before heading home. Mind if I use the walk-in shower?”

“Go ahead, big guy.” I sighed and tried to get my thoughts in check. Finally I stood up from the chair. My dick so hard I thought my zipper was going to burst. “You know I may join ya.”

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I lost my cherry to a cop. A state trooper to be exact. He shouldn’t have been sniffing up my tree, but I knew what I was doing and I wanted it. We’d parked out in the back of a deserted parking lot in the rainstorm and me and Mike made out till he coaxed me to give it up for him. And I did in spades. Got fucked in the back of a highway patrol cruiser. I felt worn and invigorated after it was all done. Alive.

I wasn’t sure I would ever hear back from Trooper Johnson again. It was a couple days later, though, when I got a text message, right in the middle of pre-calc: “I’m horny Junior. Wanna fuck?”

Instant boner.

I texted back: “Yes. After school. Where should I meet u?”

We met out on a country road, in the driveway of a deserted farm. Mike opened the front door of his car and had me crawl in face down. He shucked my pants and ate me out. He hadn’t done that last time, and I was amazed how incredible it felt. Big wide laps of his wet tongue had my hole fluttering and hungry. He sensed this and pushed in with his oral muscle, opening up my ring and giving me a tease of what was to come. “You like that, buddy?” he grinned as he ate my hole.

“Yessir,” I muttered, unable to say much else. I was whimpering and writhing on the cool leather seat and was just about to blow my gasket when he stood up.

“Over,” he urged. It must have taken me a second to register what he was asking, so he repeated his order. “Flip over on your back.”

I did as Trooper Johnson pulled off my pants over my boots. I helped him by stripping off my shirt. He was fully dressed in his uniform, except for the rockhard seven-incher poking straight out from the open crotch of the tan trousers. That penis was like the rest of him, thick and sturdy. He reached into his uniform and hauled out his ball sac.

“Ready, stud?” he asked, stepping up to the car seat.


“I’ve been thinking about this all day,” he said as he nudged his cock right at my spit-covered hole which felt cool and bare in the afternoon breeze.

“Me too,” I admitted, lifting my legs apart higher to let him in. “Oof!” I grunted as he breached me. I was ready and I wasn’t, you know? But I took some deep breaths and the man held steady.

“Gonna do it without a rubber this time, Junior,” he gritted through his teeth, clearly relishing the tight sensation on his cock. I didn’t object. It felt too damn good. Besides, I trusted this man. Inward he thrust, all the way to the balls.

That afternoon, I got my first assload, and the appreciative deep-tongue kiss Trooper Johnson gave me as we got dressed again was all the reassurance I needed.

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I’m 22 years old, just moved to the city after college. Just came out last year, and while I’ve come to terms with liking dudes, something hasn’t been right. I should be dating someone by now. Hell, I should be fucking every hot guy in town. I got the goods: 6'5" 210#, blond/blue, ex-lax jock, not Ivy educated but smart enough to carry a conversation.

And all I can think about is my neighbor, Jeff Pierson. 45 years old, yoga fit with a gym-toned bod. We met at a neighborhood block party and hit it off. But Jeff’s not looking to date anyone right now, and I don’t know that I could go out with someone my Dad’s age. But it’s sure hot to fuck him. Every other afternoon, I come over after work. Jeff is showered, cleaned out, and wearing nothing from the waist down. He leans over the back of the couch and spreads his legs like a frog. Maybe it’s one of his yoga moves, I don’t know, but it spreads the perfect, fur-dusted manhole for me.

I kick off my shorts, grab the bottle of lube to slick up my cock, and I get in place behind him.

“Easy there, sport,” he encourages me as my dick head breached the ever-tight hole. Jeff’s the perfect combination of experienced, eager bottom and drum tight a-hole. After I pass the ring, the resistance is less and I find myself quickly buried to my pubes. He’s white hot inside and magnificent.

“How ya want it, Jeff? Fast or slow?” I ask, breathing heavily.

“Your dick’s in me, big guy. However you want it.” He leans forward even more, opening up his ass for my use. “Just don’t pull out this time.”


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