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Pics and stories about jocks, dads, suits, white collar sex, roleplay, celebrity athletes. Scenarios depicted are fiction and role-play. NSFW, for adults only. - Drake's Fuck Fiction (@drakestories)
Thing im grateful for professional athletes @drakestories

Thing I’m Grateful For: professional athletes getting a head start on their ex-jock build.

Drakestories tim and i become best buddies on the @drakestories


Tim and I become best buddies on the site. I was working my summer after freshman year for my uncle’s construction company and had to endure all the ribbing and being called “College Boy” by all the guys. Tim Carson took me under his wing and stood up for me when the other guys were coming at me too hard.

Maybe cause he took his fair share of ribbing himself. “Titty Man,” the crew called him. He had massive pecs capped with insanely large nipples. Big fat, two-inch areoles that would look big even on a porn star slut. For some reason those paps just attracted me to the dude even more. They were so obscene, so sexual, and as we worked shirtless in the June sun, the site of his exposed chest kept me on edge for hours straight. I’d have to go to the men’s room and relieve myself several times each shift.

We were pulling in overtime one night, just the two of us doing some shingling, when we decided it was break time. Without fanfare or even a sense of what he was doing was out of the ordinary, Tim unzips his jeans and pulls out a nice, thick boner. I don’t know how long he’d been hard, but his erection was definitely leaking. “Wanna stroke one off, buddy?” he asked and proceeded to jack his prick.

“Yah,” I croaked and fumbled with my own zipper. I was boning up fast, just seeing Tim on display like that. He seemed to sense my desire and pulled open his nylon vest to show off his giant pecs and tits. As he stroked his bone, those pecs bounced in rhythm, driving me mad. It wasn’t gonna take me long.

“Yeah, shoot it, College Boy,” he growled as his hot semen splattered my own torso in thick, hot gobs.


It was 10 o clock on a friday night when craigs @drakestories

It was 10 o’ clock on a Friday night when Craig’s phone buzzed with an incoming message.

Bob G: Hey man what’s up?

Craig: Nothing much. Out with friends. U?

This is how it always was. He and Bob had dated last year, then broke up, and then got back together again. Now it was just booty call texts, always at Bob’s initiative. Craig’s friend Mike told him he should have more self-respect and just tell Bob to fuck off. “Dude, you need to meet a guy who’s actually into you.”

“He is into me, in a way,” Craig would counter. After all, the sex was really hot between them, always was. But Mike had a point. It was time to fish or cut bait.

Craig’s phone buzzed. A photo of Bob, leaning back, legs spread, his shirt unbuttoned open, his large honking prick erect and sheathed.

Craig hoped no one saw the pic but looking around his friends seemed to be engrossed in conversation. He pounded a quick reply.

Craig: Be over in 20.

Bob G: Make it 15.

“Hey guys,” Craig said to his friends. “I’ve had a long day and I’m beat. I think I’m gonna call it an early night.”

Dominicdunique i did so well in my test results @drakestories


I did so well in my test results that Dad gave me an extra reward.

He even let me finish inside him.

Graybeards the elevator doors opened and all @drakestories


The elevator doors opened and all six feet of him flooded into view. Standing there in an impeccably-tailored suit, the dashing older man barely seemed to notice me even as I stared right at him.

He lazily turned his eyes toward me and asked, “Going down?”

I instinctively glanced downward, sending a subtle twitch of a grin to the corner of his mouth. The door began to close but I managed to stumble in, coming to stand beside him and do my best not to stare.

We watched the floor numbers tick down in awkward silence, but he was totally at ease. 

I don’t know what came over me, but my hand reached out before I even knew what I was doing. My fingers wrapped around his belt buckle, tugging the belt tight around his trim waist. 

Terror overtook me as I looked up from the man’s crotch, expecting to see him enraged, but he looked unfazed. A man like him has a natural draw to others; this wasn’t his first time and it wouldn’t be his last. 

He simply glanced up at the floor number and chuckled, “Better hurry, only fifteen floors left.”

I slid my hand down his pants, desperately grasping at his growing fat cock. A satisfied grin crossed his face and an obscene bulge formed in his crotch. I ran my fingers down his massive shaft until I could grasp his bulbous, leaking head.

“Five floors left,” he stated.

Just before I pulled my hand from his pants, his cock spewed a juicy globule of precum onto my fingers. 

“Lick it off,” he ordered as the elevator chimed its arrival on the ground floor. I did as he said, my eyes rolling back in my head as I sucked down his precum. 

As he walked out of the elevator, his prominent bulge bouncing with every step, he pushed a business card into my wet hand and whispered, “Consider that an appetizer.”

Daily reblog drakestories craig is my @drakestories


Craig is my live-in lover and even at four years on, we fuck like rabbits. Best thing though is the dude, an ex-football jock with boy-next-door looks and twinkling green eyes, lives to give me head. Sometimes he comes on to me, sometimes I whip it out and practically demand servicing. Dude never fails to get me off in short order.

Just when I thought we’d explored everything, Craig gets a smirky grin when we’re out swimming in the pool one afternoon. He peels down his trunks and orders me to take off mine. I’m boning off already as I pull off my swimsuit. “What do you have in mind, stud?” I ask in anticipation. 

“I’ve been practicing something,” he says cryptically, then dunks beneath, where he proceeds to give me head underwater. 

This vacation was about him not me i kept @drakestories

This vacation was about him, not me, I kept telling myself. Matt had graduated near the top of his class and had gotten into Sloan, and I knew he was not only going to follow in his daddy’s footsteps but surpass them. I was proud as hell and overdue for a vacation, to boot. So I cashed in miles and flew us to Costa Rica a week after his graduation from Cornell. Just me and my boy, a guy’s week away.

We were close, and yeah, we’d taken the opportunity to fool around before, over the last couple of years pushing closer to that line where fathers and sons shouldn’t go and then crossing right fucking over it, one intense orgasm at a time whenever the occasion would present itself. When Matt came out as gay, let’s just say it wasn’t a surprise, but it did make the unspoken sexual activity between us the big elephant in the room. No longer could we write it off as a no-emotions release or just horsing around carried a little too far.

Particularly now. Now in the isolation of our resort hotel room in Costa Rica. My strapping 22 year old son coming on to his father. And me discovering just how much I like to be serviced. Ellen won’t go down on me much, so having the chance for some head is amazing and, well, addictive. Particularly head as good as Matt gives. I don’t know if he’s practiced or is a natural but whether we go for a quickie or a nice long edging session, my boy makes me come buckets. Or at least it always feels that way, cause he swallows it all like a champ.

And, yeah, so here we are, day 4 of this glorious vacation week. Lots of lying out by the beach, a couple of sightseeing expeditions, drinks out on the town at night, but mostly it’s us coming back to this hotel room and my son blowing me. Multiple times a day. Fuck, I know it’s selfish of me, but all he has to do is ask if I want another blowjob or even give me that inquisitive look and I start throwing hard. And Matt gets this big excited grin like he’s about to get another treat. Fuck.

This afternoon I thought was another one of those times. Us eating lunch, Matt’s fuzz-covered knee bumping against mind under the table, me boning up, Matt reading the look of hunger in my eyes and smirking. We pay our check and leave. We’ve barely shut the door and my son is crouching down, unzipping, and pulling out my cock. Going down on me. I grip his shoulders and ride out the best head a man could ever experience, till I’m ejaculating hard and heavy. First nut of the day.

Matt showers up, and then it’s my turn. When I come out Matt’s face down on the bed, showing off his dark tan and the creamy white buns. Damn, he looks awesome, awesome in a way I don’t think I’ve registered before. Muscular but tight build, male perfection of a young man in his prime. Next to the bed is a bottle of lube.

We’ve never crossed this line. Not before now. But I’ve just come a half hour ago and once again I am rock hard erect. Cause he’s asking me without actually saying anything. Asking me to fuck him. Fucking him without my asking permission. I pick up the lube bottle and squirt a huge dollop on my prick, hoping it would be enough. Then I crawl on top of my son, kissing and nibbling the back of his neck and up to his ear. That makes him moan and hike his butt back against my crotch. When I nudge and push in, it feels like I’m entering heaven. Tight, hot, snug heaven.

That’s when it clicks for me. When I hear him, my son, Matt, muttering so quiet I almost can’t hear him. “Love you, Dad.”

It’s on the tip of my tongue, too. Those word. “Love you too son.” Only I don’t say them. At least not out loud. Instead I shove my hard daddy cock into the guy and grip tight for the fuck we’re both about to enjoy.

Daily reblog drakestories i was home from @drakestories


I was home from college for the summer, and Dad had decided to take off a week from work. I asked what he planned to do and he replied nothing in particular. “I just want to relax. Enjoy some down time by the pool.”

I thought something was up that first day when Dad clearly boned up in his speedos even though he knew I was there. “Sorry Tim,” he half-apologized and wrapped a towel around his mid-section. “It’s been a while.”

By day 3 of his vacation, he was getting bolder, and as I watched from the kitchen window, the towel that covered his midsection gradually lowered until the full, heavy paternal cock plopped out into full view.

“Fuck!” I muttered under my breath, transfixed by the sight of my dad’s dick rising to a half-hard then a full fuck hard. 

I was confused, I was breathing fast, but I knew something was gonna happen that day. And I wanted it to happen.

Realcandidmen man spread things im grateful @drakestories


Man Spread

Things I’m Grateful For: Man Spread.

Daddysbottom we were simply chatting away @drakestories


We were simply chatting away, catching up on our lives since the last time as we munched on our breakfast. It was during one of the silent moment that I had a good look at what we were doing that the absurdity of it all sank in. I had to hold back from laughing out loud. There we were, two adult males, completely naked, having breakfast in bed! We were chatting away as if we were having a meal at a fine restaurant, as if there was nothing utterly unusual about this whole scene.

But it was even more than that. Ever since he flew in last night, we have had non-stop sex from the moment he stepped into my apartment. I clawed at his mature, hairy body, and ran my hands through his grey hair as he plowed deeply into my eager hole. He continued to be the best lover I ever had, the only one who could make me cum hands free.

We went at it till the wee hours of the morning before we caught a few hours of sleep. We went at it again this morning, but this time, I got to conquer his seldom-fucked ass, leaving my morning load deep into his guts. It was after that that we both felt as if we hadn’t eaten in days.

I went to the kitchen and prepared breakfast for us. Made him some coffee and got him the pastries that I knew he liked. And that was where we were, getting nourishment and catching up on news. I knew that we needed to eat something, because there was more hard fucking to follow. My dad may be in his late 50s, but man, can he fuck like a stallion and have a stamina of one.

I just knew that my ass was going to be sore, and full, by the time he flies back in 3 days time.

Daily reblog drakestories we sat silently by @drakestories


We sat silently by the pool, neither of us eager to swim or sunbathe, despite the warm day. We’d had sex an hour ago and were sitting around just feeling content. 

I didn’t know Jeff well - really he was just a guy I met online a couple weeks ago. But the sex clicked between us, and I agreed to come with him to his Palm Springs house for the week. I work in finance so it’s not easy for me to take time off on short notice, but I pulled an overdue favor with my boss given the hell I went through on the Carson-Pacific account. I don’t know what possessed me to be so impulsive, but I’d been all work, no play lately and needed to let off some steam. Jeff seemed to come along at the right moment.

The man was looking at me a little intently now, and finally spoke up. “I wanna fuck you again, buddy. That was so hot.”

“I’m sure you will, man,” I replied. Jeff wasn’t the kind of guy you’d peg as an alpha-top but I had to admit he knew his stuff. He loosened me up, mounted me, and fucked the come out of me like a master. Until now, the sex had been just blowjobs, but now that we’d fucked I felt somehow closer to the guy. “We have a whole week ahead of us.”

“No, I mean right now.” He moved his hand aside and I saw the stiff cock pushing up the crotch of his swim trunks.

Paternal instinct i walked into the @drakestories


I walked into the interrogation room, seeing three other men in uniform just like myself. One was kneeling on the floor in front of the other two, who stood side by side. I moved into the room more, to get a better view. The two standing men had their cocks out, and the kneeling boy was rapidly sucking them off. It was a sight to behold.

I still wasn’t noticed, so I spoke: “I see you two met my son.”

The two men looked at me; my son kept sucking their cocks. “Oh yeah,” one of the officers said, “for a new recruit, he’s a blowjob expert!”

“Taught him everything I know,” I stated proudly, my eyes still fixated on my son going back and forth on the one cop’s member.

“C’mon, Rogers,” the other cop said, “whip out your cock and join us. Would love to see a little father/son action go on!”

I chuckled, unzipping my pants and reaching in for my penis, stiff with the thought that my son would give me the same treatment as these men. My cock stuck out farther than either man’s, and it leaked with precum. My son finally gave a look at me; first staring at my cock, then he looked me in the eyes.

“Suck it, boy.”

Fooling around with dad was definitely the most @drakestories

Fooling around with Dad was definitely the most amazing thing that had happened in my life. For two glorious months we snuck around and found ways to suck or fuck. Part of it was my Dad, the man who raised me and who I’d looked up to my whole life. Sometimes he could be gruff, especially when he had to work late and wanted nothing more than to watch TV on his own in the den with a scotch or two. But he was always there for me, even traveling to my away games on Friday night, helping me with my precalc homework, or just relating to me almost as an equal, now that I was passing the threshold into manhood.

I was definitely a Daddy’s boy, which made the sexual connection, when it happened one camping trip, feel like the bursting of a dam of pent up emotion.

Mind you, it helped that I liked dick, knew I’d liked dick since I could first toss a load off. And Dad has the perfect dick. An eight inch, uncut, fat veiny shaft that gets ramrod rigid when he throws wood. I had a hard time learning how to suck

Only now Dad had cut me off. Called off the shenanigans we’d been up to and the sexual escalation between us. “It’s not right,” he told me one night, when it was just us men out of the back porch. “Look I’m not blaming you or trying to make you feel bad, Mike, but we can’t do it. I’m not going to do it.”

I tried to plead but I knew when Dad had made up his mind, he’d made it up. So I was resigned, if a little sad. I mean, he’s still my Dad and we have a great father-son relationship. Maybe the sex was messing it all up, and life can get back to normal now.

That’s why I can’t figure out what’s going tonight. Quiet Saturday night, and most of my friends are out of town for spring break. We’re just all hanging out. Dad’s looking at me weird, like he’s got something on his mind, like maybe I did something wrong. I feel a little uncomfortable. Maybe he’s more angry and guilty about our sex adventures than he let on before. Fuck, maybe he does blame me.

I want to go up to my room but Dad is giving me a stern look whenever Mom’s not looking. So I stay put, on the sofa, watching this boring nature documentary on Discover. Mom is making small talk, Dad’s chiming in enough to make it seem like a normal night but something different I can tell.

Finally, Mom gets up and says she’s tired.

“I’ll be up soon honey,” Dad says, giving her a good night peck from his chair.

No sooner as she’s walked up the stairs and down to their bedroom, Dad leans back and peels up the hem of his sweatshorts. He’s erect, that beautiful hooded cock standing straight up, fully engorged and craving attention.

He’s got a smirk on his face now. “Your mother’s mad at me and I’ve been in the dog house all week. Why don’t you help you old man out, Mike?”

I’m turned on but nervous as hell. I nod upstairs.

“She’s not coming down. Besides, you can make it quick, like that time at the lake house. Besides, it’s not gonna take me long tonight.”

I agree and get into our typical fellatio position, him legs spread, me between them, right hand holding the base of his cock, left hand rubbing and teasing his balls. He’s right, it doesn’t take him long and within a minute I’m choking on his ejaculate a little.

“Nice, son,” he mutters, and rubs my head playfully.

Nice to have the old Dad back.

Jeff was always self conscious about his body an @drakestories

Jeff was always self-conscious about his body. An ex-linebacker, he stood 6’5” and carried the bulk of an ex-jock. Over the last few years, at least as long as we’d been dating, he’d taken to crash diets, extra cardio, low-carb meals, whatever he could. And he’s lost a lot of weight, about 30 pounds from his ballplaying days. But he still sported a beefy build and carried some padding around his middle.

“That bulk makes you look hot,” I’d tell him any time I felt him get a little shy about going to the beach or the pool.

“Damn, Steve,” he’d counter, “easy for you to say, you’re trim and in-shape.” Despite my ten years on Jeff, I had a bona-fide runner’s build from competitive races and regular jogs and bike rides on the weekend. Plus, genetics were working in my favor.

Still, I couldn’t care less and told Jeff so, pretty much at every opportunity. The big ex-jock pushed all my buttons.

Especially that giant, fat cock of his. I wouldn’t say that’s the only reason I dated Jeff, but I had to admit the big guy could make me feel pretty awesome whenever he’d lift my legs, enter me, and pound me to a toe-curling orgasm.

I think he was starting to get it into his head how hot he was. We’re on vacation and I notice he’s ditched the board shorts for a skimpy speedo, which makes his bulky body even that much more imposing.

By the second day he’s strutting up and down the beach in that speedo like he’s showing off his stuff.

Day three he’s asking if we can go to the nude section further down. OK by me. Along the way he strips off his speedo and walks, his ball and tackle swaying with each step, getting heavier and fuller.

“You gonna take yours off too?” He asks. I’m worried now I’m gonna pop wood if I do, but this is a gay section and we’ve seen naughtier stuff go on in the dune. I peel out of my trunks and step back into my flip flops.

The more I stare at him walking ahead of me, his heavy, muscular ass contracting with each step, the harder I become. Jeff looks over his shoulder and notices.

“Damn, guy, I really turn you on, don’t I?” Three years, you wouldn’t think he’d have to ask, but he seemed like he was letting the idea sink in. Become a realization.

A little proud of himself now, he stopped and spread his legs, looking down at his cock, which was a nice stiff semi now. He watched - we watched - as it stood up into a huge boner.

He looked back up at me and smiled. Gave a little nod.

I didn’t need any further instruction. I hunkered down in the sand and started licking and sucking at that fat hog while his fingers ran through my hair in encouragement.

“Fuck yeah,” he hissed.

A4f101 late for class where do you think @drakestories


Late For Class

“Where do you think you’re going?” I asked, popping my head around the shower curtain.

Beau looked up from the sink, toothbrush in hand, a froth of toothpaste foaming his lips as he looked at me quizzically. That big, chunky, hairy muscle ass of his bulged spectacularly, the way his back was arched, all unintentionally inviting. He was looking pretty damn spectacular all over, all thick and plush-muscled, big rounded muscles bulging across his back, shoulders and upper arms, those twin mounds of hard, round glutes with just the right amount of jiggle to them when he walked, leading down to his powerful, chunky thighs. He’d kept his football power alright, even though he just played varsity flag games now. He was more focused on hitting the textbooks, rather than the playbooks now that he was getting into his sophomore year. Still, he’d never looked better.

“I’m gonna be late for class,” he said after spitting the toothpaste out.

“The hell with that,” I growled, reaching out to snag his elbow and tugging him back towards me. He didn’t resist too much, especially when my head leaned into his, finding his lips parting, tongue ready to dance with mine again, just like we’d been doing the last ten minutes in the shower. All morning in my bed before that. And most of last night too.

“Dude, come on,” he sighed reluctantly when we came up for air, but not yet puling away from my big, wet hands, leaving wet imprints all over his thick flesh as I pawed at him. He just felt too damn good not to touch, y’know? Getting his beef on, becoming a powerful, thick young bull of an ex-jock, just like me.

“We got a little time,” I grinned, leaning in to lick up the thickness of his neck, up to that special spot behind his ear, getting rewarded with a light shiver all over from him. “I’ll drop you off, kid.”

“You gonna pick me up again afterwards too?” he chuckled, rolling his eyes. “Just like high school all over again…”

“Not quite,” I growled. “Because I wasn’t bringing you home to tap this fine god damn ass of yours again, back then.”

This time he was the one hungrily kissing me, flexing those mighty buns of his in my hands, knowing exactly what I liked.

“Not that we didn’t both want you to, Dad,” he grunted against my lips, before playing his talented young tongue back between mine, seeking my tongue again. And finding it, and then some.

“Damn right, buddy,” I grunted back. “Wish I had. But that was then, and this is now…”

“And if we’re gonna do it, you need to get your big ass out of the shower,” he said. “I ain’t got time to get wet and dry off all over again.”

I yanked the shower curtain back, shut off the water, stepped out and wrapped him up in my big arms again, kissing him with feverish intensity as I backed him up against the vanity, feeling our cocks throb up hard between us. We’d been doing this about a year now, and it still felt a little like a honeymoon in a way. The way our cocks matched, thick and hard and uncut, beefy and not too tall, just like the rest of us, still blew my mind. Especially getting to explore them with each other, making them shoot our cum for each other every way we could think of, and learning a few new ones along the way besides. He was making me feel like I was 20 all over again, not 45.

I might have been the one initiating this, all tooled up after washing his epic ex-jock body clean of the remnants of our morning fuckfest, rinsing my cum from the depths of his furry trench and hole, but Beau took over now, mindful of the time we had. We both loved the slow, long, deep, exploratory times, but sometimes you needed to just get down to business, scratch the itch for a little while longer, sate the needs to get you through the day, until you could get back to the slow, deep, long stuff.

He squatted down before me, big thighs bulging so fucking sexily as he did, taking my big, hard Dad cock in his fist and wrapping his talented lips and tongue around it. I reached up to grab the shower curtain rail for support, my other hand on the back of his short, damp hair, surrendering almost immediately to his natural skill.The cocksucking skill he’d been honing on his buds, his teammates, even that hot young assistant football coach since he was 16.

Even with just a couple minutes’ work, lashing my big head with his agile tongue, cupping my big Dad balls with his free hand, he had me leaking, roiling, ready to rock and roll. But this was more of a lube job than a blow job. He came up off of my dick with an audible pop, grinning and licking his lips, slipping up my wet body to kiss me, let me taste myself. Then he cupped his palm under our working mouths, and we both spat into it, before he slapped it on the throbbing wetness of my cock. So fucking sexy.

“Come on, big guy,” he growled, turning around to grab hold of the vanity, arching his back, thrusting that epic, beefy jock tail of his back at me as he put one knee up on the countertop, revealing the dark-furred depths of his trench, and the salty pinkness of his pucker deep within. “Get on up in your boy, Dad.”

I had to work quick, but I couldn’t deny myself the pleasure, so I dropped to my knees on the bathmat, clapped both big hands on his cheeks - growling at the light jiggle of that incredible flesh as I did - and just burrowed my stubbly face deep inside of him. Immediately he let out that deep, low moan of lust I loved hearing so much, loved driving out of him. He leaned over more, spread himself even more open, presenting that pink, pulsing, hairy hole of his for my tongue. And I obliged him, with deep, focused, spit-dripping licks and laps, thrusts, teasing him open to paint him with the same spit that was dripping off my cock. I could’ve done this the rest of our time, licked and tonguefucked him until he shot his cum all over the sink and mirror, but I wanted inside of him. Wanted to give him something to think about, squirming around in his chair through his classes, palming the big bulge of his cock, barely hidden inside of his shirts under his desk.

So I stepped up reluctantly, hocked another wad of spit into my palm, slicked my throbbing, precum-dripping shaft up with it, then pressed up to his most private place. The one he said he reserved for me now. He didn’t have to do that for me - I wanted him to fuck around with his hot young buds, and then tell me about it, or better yet, include me in it - but for now, I was glad he did, as I felt him open up and take me inside of him. He was tight, yeah, tight as a drum, almost as tight as the first time I got up inside him like this last summer, but we’d had a lot of practice since then, and I knew he could take the long, deep slide of me in one thrust. So I did just that.

“Ah fuck Dad, you big-dicked motherfucker!” he growled, eyes locking on mine in the mirror. They were hot with lust, hot for me, so I gave him more of what he wanted. One hand on his hip, the other reaching around him to work his big, tasty cock over, as I began to give him the fuck he needed, the fuck we had time for. We could take it slow and deep later. I could take him slow and deep later, if he wanted to.

For now though, we worked hard and fast, working together, Beau fucking himself on me almost as much as I was fucking up into him. The little room echoed with the slap of flesh on flesh, our deep, husky, lusty grunts, a low stream of dirty talk and moans, the wet slick sounds of his cock juicing in my hand as we both approached our peak.

“Cum in me, Dad,” he moaned, eyes hard and needy on mine in the mirror. “Give me something to try and hold inside me all day today.”

“Oh fuck yeah,” I growled, picturing him holding his big, juicy ass clenched tight to keep my Dad cum inside of him as long as he could. And then his ring began to squeeze rhythmically around me, in time with the throb of his big beefy young cock in my hand, and I knew we were there.

“Ahhh fuck yeah Dad!” he hollered, and his cock throbbed and pulsed and started to shoot, hot white pearly jets splattering onto the mirror, the faucet, the sink beneath him. With a growl, I slammed my hip up hard into him, planting my cock deep inside the clenching hot tightness of his guts, and I joined him, grunting and moaning and shivering as I spurted my own thick seed up into his welcoming depths.

We didn’t have much time for the niceties, so I just grabbed the wet washcloth from the shower, swiped it over his heaving, sweating young muscles, then my own, giving my cock a quick wipe to get the excess slickness off. At least we could kiss, hard and hungry and growling, as we did.

In my bedroom, I watched him dress quickly, yanking his underwear up his chunky thighs, wishing I could pull them back down and go another round with him - but no. I’d told him his studies were important. Besides, we’d have a good few hours now to recharge and rebuild. This evening was gonna be another great one, I just knew. In the meantime, though, I pulled on my own clothes, found my keys, and just enjoyed the sight of him while I still could. If we hustled, he could still make his 10 o’clock class in time. And if he was a few minutes late, well… hell, it was worth it, wasn’t it?

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Hugyerbud i watched quietly from the cab of the @drakestories


I watched quietly from the cab of the truck as dad “talked” his way out of a speeding ticket…

Things im grateful for cool dads @drakestories

Things I’m Grateful For: Cool Dads.


I rolled my eyes as usual. Mr. Patton was the official neighborhood Cool Dad™. He was that guy who couldn’t let his youth go, even as his mimicry of our slang and style became increasingly undignified. Much to Collin’s chagrin, his father would never leave us alone. 

But while I took my part in mocking Mr. Patton with my buddies, I’d struggle to suppress an eager grin whenever he was around. Ridiculous as he was, I couldn’t deny that he was one Grade A DILF. 

As a kid, it had been just harmless lust, but as a young man it became much more. Every time Mr. Patton came around, I’d catch that look in his eyes when he glanced at me. He joked and chatted like usual, but not to me. 

I made an excuse. Faked a call from my mom or pretended to remember something I needed to do—I can’t quite recall. 

Fifteen minutes later, Mr. Patton had me on my knees servicing his fat daddy dick. The thoroughly unassuming suburban man had perhaps the meatiest slab of man flesh I’d ever seen, even in porn.

The blowjob was a formality, something to get his juices flowing, but I could never get my throat open wide enough to swallow more than a third of the man in my mouth. His true prize was my ass—a tight hole he could frankly fuck as hard as he wanted.

I’d struggle, cry, and beg, but he knew I’d never say no.

He would do things to me that even asking his wife about would have ended in divorce. Even more surprising than this man’s cock, was his creativity. He fucked me in ways and positions I didn’t even think were possible.

He simply bent me over his work table that day, planting his feet wide around mine and rubbing his swollen manhood over my ass. I moaned pleasurably, but I knew this was going to hurt. It always did.

When Mr. Patton was ready to start, he accelerated quickly. Five inches of his throbbing dick were inside me before I could even gasp for air. I cried out as he pushed in another two inches, but he covered my mouth with a hand and continued his onslaught. 

He wasn’t fast so much as he was just relentless. I could fight him and I could beg him, but nothing changed his pace. Every inch of him was soon followed by another until I felt like my entire body was impaled by this perfect man.

Once he had me opened up, he was only just getting started. He fucked me as hard as he could until he was about to cum, pulled back and slowed down, and then slammed in hard again. Rinse and repeat. 

Few men could control themselves quite like Mr. Patton, and he could make a fuck last for hours. And he would.

He went until I was broken, a sobbing, moaning mass of flesh that simply took his cock without resistance. It was among both the best and worst moments of my life. That feeling of not being able to take another second, but never wanting it to end.

I breathed a sigh of relief when he finally quickened his thrusts to a frenzy. He thickened inside me. Mr. Patton began to pump yet another batch of his baby batter into me, thrusting all the way until the end, when he collapsed on top of me. 

Panting heavily as his cock continued to leak, he groaned, “Damn, boy, you keep me young.” I still didn’t know about that, but he certainly did fuck like it.

A4f101 inspection atten shun i barked in my @drakestories



“Atten-shun!” I barked, in my best commanding voice. He shot me a look, half-amused, half I-oughta-kick-your-ass, but he snapped to attention alright, big chest out, shoulders back, thick thighs together. Once a soldier, always a soldier…

I walked around him slowly, surveying the powerful nakedness of his chunky fireplug form. He’d always been a beefy dude, the kind of guy who could easily slip from natural thick power to fatness in his middle-age years if he wasn’t careful. If he didn’t keep himself active, lifting and running and sweating and maintaining the plush natural power of his short, but densely-packed body.

“Arms up, soldier,” I said firmly. He complied, lifting those thick guns of his, hands up behind his clean-shaven head, thick biceps bulging more now, a little hint of his sweaty, manly aroma from his exposed pits. Even now, that cock of his - thick, short, but powerful like the rest of him, with a big set of clean-shaven balls beneath - was beginning to stand to attention too. He might roll his eyes at this between us, but he liked it. Like it a lot. Cocks don’t lie.

“Permission to speak freely, sir?” he said, adding a little bit of attitude to that last part. I just nodded at him as I continued my walkaround inspection. Fully dressed to his nakedness. Feeling my own swell and rise in my suit pants.

“I’ve said it before, I know, but seriously… I still don’t get what a guy like you is doing with -”

“That’s enough, soldier,” I snapped, squaring up to him. I was a couple inches taller, and while I wasn’t built as densely as him, I had plenty of muscle of my own to be proud of. Yeah, sure, I could go to the bar or get on one of the apps and have a dude like me over here within the hour. Been there, done that. But that wasn’t what I wanted. What I lusted over the most. What I wanted was this guy.

We stared at each other, his arms still up obediently. Something deep, silent, but electric in the air between us. And when I leaned in to kiss him, firm but soft at the same time, his lips were already responding. A soft grunt shaded into a whimper from him, as my tongue probed past his lips, meeting the slick, warm, lively animal of his own tongue, but he still stood solid, even as one of my hands dropped to his powerful hip, and the muscular swell of his ass behind it, while the other reached down to slowly fist the powerful thickness of his cock. He was already starting to bubble precum from the fat, blunt tip of it as I manhandled the incredible girth and heft of him. The thought made my mouth water a little, and I fed that spit to him as my own cock throbbed inside my pants.

As much as he loved everything else between us, and much as he loved playing the soldier boy for me, what he loved most of all was the power between us. Giving it over to me, power and control, flipping the customary roles. Letting me take over, submitting to it, after decades of being in a position of power himself. As a soldier, as a coach, as a team captain. As a parent. He was almost twice my age, but for him, there was a sense of freedom in letting me take over like this, he’d told me so, and it just made the intense sexual bond between us even hotter, if that was possible.

“I’m gonna tell you something, soldier,” I half-growled as we broke off the kiss. “You’re the hottest piece of man flesh I’ve ever known, stud. All thick, chunked up with muscles - these big fucking thighs, that mighty fucking ass, your big deep fucking barrel chest - and I love that you’ve kept it so tight, in shape. for me. For us.“

He let out a little moan as my hand cupped and squeezed each part of his body as I referenced it, maintaining my slow, easy stroke on his big prick with the other. And then i leaned in and ran my tongue up the length of one of his sweaty, exposed pits, then the other. That brought a shiver to his whole body, a deeper moan, one that continued hungrily as I slipped my sweat-tangy tongue to his mouth for him to suck his own taste from. As always, he did it eagerly.

“So there’s that, soldier,” I went on, eyes locked on his as I continued to manhandle him, like I knew he loved. “And the sex is the hottest I’ve ever experienced, stud. Nobody’s ever taken my cock, in his mouth or his ass, like you do. Nobody’s ever pulled so many fuckin’ loads out of me in one session as you do. I bet you were real fuckin’ popular at boot camp, huh stud?”

At that, he growled, and broke protocol by leaning up to kiss me - yeah, he was active duty at a different time, back when fucking with your fellow soldiers was a dangerous thing to do, but he’d had his adventures, and the idea still made him so fucking hot - but I pulled my head back a little. Part of this was maintaining control. He wanted that, craved that more than the intense hot wet kisses we loved to share.

“But more than that… most of all….” I went on, dropping my voice to a low, husky growl-whisper. “I’m with you because you’re my fucking Dad, and I love this bond between us. Being your son. Being your man. Having your fine ass living with me. Taking care of you. Paying you back for all those years you supported me. Put a roof over my head.”

“Son,” he began with a rueful smile, “I’ve told ya, you don’t need to -”

“Quiet, grunt,” I barked, and he shut right up. Looked at me with wide eyes that had a lusty fire deep within them. His cock throbbed even harder in my hand, and I could feel the slickness of his juices slowly coating my palm and fingers. Fuck, this was going to be good.

“I love how we live now, Dad… soldier,” I said. “You love it too. I’ve loved you since the first time you let me suck this big fucking cock of yours when I was 17. Since you first tapped my ass. And since you first let me tap yours in return.”

Dad grinned lustily and growled at the memory, all that hot, secret fun we had back in the day. Before he got divorced and his short stay with me here in Philly turned into a longer-term arrangement. This perfect thing we had.

“We’ve got something special here, Dad. You worked your ass off your whole life to provide for me. To take care of me. Made me the man I am. A man like you. And now it’s my turn. Gonna take care of you now, big guy. Gonna show you the man I am. The man you made me.”

I finally took my hand off his cock, planted both hands on the big, thick plates of his pecs, and gave him a solid push onto the bed. Took some effort - he was built thick and low to the ground, after all. But I had plenty of good, solid muscle of my own, and the bonus of being in control here. Just the way he liked me to be.

“So now, I’m gonna show you, yet again, how much I love what we have. Why I want you with me, the way you are. How fucking hot you are to me, soldier… Dad.”

He looked up at me with that gleam in his eyes, that potent mixture of lust, love, gratitude, as he sat on the end of the bed. Our bed. I reached down for my belt buckle, but he shook his head.

“No… let me… Sir,” he said, voice husky, needful, and I let his thick fingers undo my belt, my button, my zipper, slipping my suit pants down my long, muscled legs, folding them neatly as I stepped out of them.

He ran his big paws up my thick quads - thick like his, just longer - and followed his hands with his lips, kissing them worshipfully as I flexed them up for him, my hand rubbing the faintly stubbled back of his head. Nuzzled his way up to the bigness of my hard cock, crammed into the designer trunks he liked best on me, his big paws slipping round to cup my ass as he mouthed my bulge, lips and tongue, tasting the musk of my long day in the office, feeling the physical manifestation of my love and lust for him. I let his big paws work up my shirtfront, unknotting my tie, unbuttoning my shirt, releasing me, peeling everything off until I stood before him, naked but for my spit-soaked trunks.

“Permission to show you how grateful I am for you, Sir… Son?” He asked, looking up at me as he ran his mitt over my big young bulge. “Permission to show you how much I fucking love you, kid?”

“Permission granted, soldier,” I growled, but with a smile this time, as he freed my cock from my trunks and slid its musky young thickness into his mouth, swallowing and spit-shining it, soaking it with his dad spit for the long, deep journey it was about to take up inside of him, up into the hot, clutching depths of his chunky-muscled ex-soldier ass. The final step of my inspection of him, and the part that he loved the best of it all. The part we both loved the most.

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Drakestoriesdad had a business grip in miami @drakestories


Dad had a business grip in Miami right around the time of my birthday, so I decided to skip my Friday calculus class and drive all the way from Gainesville to meet him. We’d fooled around a lot the summer before I went off to college but weekends like this were special. They meant we could let our guard down a little and have pretty much nonstop sex without worrying about being caught. It was a Saturday morning and we were have coffee and room service breakfast. Dad had removed his robe and was showing off his boner. I still had my morning wood going from waking up. “Happy Birthday, Sport,” he said. “Anything you want for your present?” I looked at him intently. “I think you know what I’d like,” I answered softly. I’d fucked Dad once and it was a life-altering experience being inside the man who made me. I often cajoled my father for a repeat ride but he was never keen to repeat it. Till now. He breathed a quick sigh and rolled over on his stomach. “I figured that’s what you’d want. C'mon Sport, climb on.” I was beside myself in horniness and excitement but I decided to take my time. Exploring my father’s body, massaging his muscle, eating out his hairy hole, then at last mounting him and penetrating his dadpucker with my eager, bare cock. “Thanks Dad, this is awesome,” I grunted as I pushed my dick and out of that exquisite paternal ass. “Anything for my boy. This weekend is all about you, son.” I lost it right then and there, shooting a million of my little brothers inside Dad.


Sliding into Dad