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Pics and stories about jocks, dads, suits, white collar sex, roleplay, celebrity athletes. Scenarios depicted are fiction and role-play. NSFW, for adults only. - Drake's Fuck Fiction (@drakestories)
Perfectdaddies i like where this is going we @drakestories


i like where this is going

We met at Chamber of Commerce event, Alan’s about ten years older than I am but otherwise we’re a lot alike. Bankers, pillars of the community, good lucking but starting to let our bodies go with parenthood and married life. Our conversation was the kind of small talk small-town businessmen make at those events, but it was the conversation between our eyes, heavy with eye contact, that had me wondering. Wondered if he looked for extracurricular blowjobs like I did.

It wasn’t until I pulled into one of the local cruise spots one day at lunchtime, a parking lot at the State Park, that we saw each other and knew for sure. Alan got out of his car and approached mine. I rolled down the window and greeted him.

“Slow day here, Jim,” he said. Eyes twinkling in mutual acknowledgement of our secret. Alan was dressed in a pinstripe suit, though he’d left his suit coat in the car, and the banker’s uniform of a starched white shirt and a conservative tie.

“Yeah?” I said.

“Fraid so. And man, I could use some good head, too.”

“Well,” I offered. “If you want, I can help ya out, man.”

“Shit, yeah? That’s be amazing, bud.”

We walked a little ways into the woods and I watched, horny, as Alan unzipped and pulled out his fuck stick ready to be serviced. Usually it was the other way around, with a dude servicing me, but something about the situation made me happy to crouch down and go down on this guy.

It was a great pairing me a fit 30 year old gay @drakestories

It was a great pairing. Me, a fit 30 year old gay guy with a major suit fetish, just getting out a long-term relationship and in need of a good, no-strings lay. Him, a 40 year old (give or take) businessman spending a couple of nights on work in the city and staying in a Midtown hotel.

He was the one who responded to my app profile. “You’re HOT!!” he messaged me. “Never done a suit scene, but if it means I get my rocks off, then I’m game.” I guaranteed that he would, so I planned to come over to his hotel after his work dinner.

I showered, douched, the whole works when I got his text. I was at his hotel room in 25 minutes.

In person he was ever better than in those fuzzy online pictures. He showed me in, and nervously I sat on one of the double beds. I thought he was gonna sit opposite me, but he stood in front of me and grabbed his crotch. Deftly, he worked the erection poking in his suit trouser.

“I’m not in a rush, man. Why don’t we start with some head, first?” he asked, pulling down the zipper seductively.

“Yes, sir,” I said.

Footballjockstraps how about a two fer mcmanus @drakestories


How about a two-fer? McManus and Colquitt.

Graybeards hey honey josh bellowed above @drakestories


“Hey, honey,” Josh bellowed above me, the sound of his voice distorted by the water. I grasped his ankles to hold myself in place; he’d hurriedly pushed me underwater when he heard his wife arriving home early. I was trembling with nerves, but at least Josh was a sight to behold from this vantage point. “Yeah, sweetie, I’ll be right in. I was just jumping in the pool for a few.”

I couldn’t quite make out her response, but it wasn’t short. This was getting uncomfortable, even after months of developing my breath control with Josh’s cock down my throat so far he blocked my airway.

“Yeah, the 27th works for me if it’s convenient for them,” he said casually, somehow maintaining the pretense of normalcy even as his rigid cock was twitching just below the surface. “Okay, that sounds good. See you in a few.”

Josh looked down at me and grinned, glancing back up to make sure his wife had gone back inside before he pulled me up above the surface. I barely had a moment to catch my breath before his dick was pushing against my lips. He said, “Sorry about that, buddy, but fuck that was a rush.” As I coughed and sputtered, he became more insistent, shoving himself inside my mouth as he groaned. “Fuuuck, I’m gonna cum.”

He barely made it past my lips before the beginning of a seemingly-endless gusher of cum erupted down my throat. It was all I could do to swallow enough to even keep up as he filled my mouth with warm gooey cum. As I struggled, he suddenly pushed my head down under the water again with his cock still between my lips flooding cum into me. 

I heard his wife’s voice again. He answered her unknown question, “Yeah, I’m starving. Go ahead and make dinner, babe.” The last drops of cum were draining down my throat as he directed his attention back to me and let me rise above the water again to breathe. Running his hands through my hair, Josh said, “Good job, kid.” 

He grabbed my chin and pulled my eyes up to face him. “Now, get to work cleaning this up, pool boy.” Josh looked down at his still-hard cock and said, “Wait for me in the shed after you’re done; lube that hole up and be ready to get fucked once I’m done with dinner.”

My voice was still weak from gagging and sputtering on cum, but I managed and smile and said, “Yes, sir.”

“Good boy.”

2014 lions garrett reynolds sure has one amazing @drakestories

2014 Lions. Garrett Reynolds sure has one amazing rack of muscle tits on him.

Daddysbottom his wife had barely walked out of @drakestories


His wife had barely walked out of the door when he crashed his body against mine. Our lips sought each other as our tongues explored each other’s mouth. There was hunger and desire boiling over, each wanting the pleasures that hadn’t been satiated for such a long time.

Our  hands were busy removing each other’s clothes, wanting to feel naked flesh against naked flesh. His hands roamed all over my hairy torso, while I can’t get enough of his tight body. He pulled down my underwear, and pushed me onto my back on the rug. I only had my socks on at that point, while he still had his white underwear on as he sat on the sofa. His eyes zoomed into my hard 8-inch daddy cock that was already leaking like a faucet.

He grabbed my right foot and started to remove my socks. He looked at me and smile. “I don’t want a single stitch on your body when I make love to you.” he said.

My dick jerked uncontrollably upon hearing that. He proceeded to remove my other socks, and as he wished, I was completely naked, lying on the floor in front of him. He stood up, and remove the last piece of clothing on him, his underwear. He laid his firm, naked body on top of mine, his face just above mine, his love for me was very apparent.

“I’ve missed you very much, dad.” he said, almost choking his words.

I held him tighter in my arms. “I’ve missed you to, son.” I replied.

Our lips crushed against each other once more as our bodies ground against one another.

Executiveerotica junior executive @drakestories


Junior Executive

I knew things would run past schedule and over @drakestories

I knew things would run past schedule and over budget when I decided to build out the basement with a full bath and a finished rec room, but I was surprised and frankly impatient when it was two months and barely a piece of dry wall had been put up.

So, yeah, maybe I was a bit of an asshole when I chewed out my contractor over the phone, but to his credit he admitted they’d really dropped the ball on this job and that he personally would oversee it until it was done.

So that’s why the contractor was around my home at all hours. I guess my tirade had earned me the nickname of Hot Shot whenever he saw me, but he said it with a twinkle in his eye and a sense of humor, and I think after our initial butting of heads we were warming to one another.

Sure, part of it was the guy was real easy to look at. John Murray was almost a TV version of a contractor - late 30s, sturdy build, handsome but with a rough cast to his suntanned skin and calloused hands, more than a hint of a Northeast Philly accent. He seemed to take real pride in the work they were doing and he spent a lot of time showing me their work, talking with me about options.

I had a flex work schedule, thankfully, because I was increasingly getting requests to pop by and check on the progress or to answer questions. At first I thought Murray was just trying to satisfy an unhappy customer, but there was something more. Eye contact that would linger, and the guy was become more touchy-feely, even for a friendly outgoing dude like him.

I couldn’t help it. One time I threw a bone when we were in close contact. It was like the opening John was waiting for. “Looks like you need some relief soon, Hot Shot,” he said.

“Yeah,” I croaked. “It’s been a while.”

“Let me help ya…” And before I knew it he was kneeling in front of me and massaging my crotch. “Fuck yeah,” he moaned as he pulled my zipper down.

Within seconds my cock was out and slipping into his hot, wet mouth. Holy Christ, John Murray knew how to suck dick. Really well.

Like I said, it had been a while, and it didn’t take much effort on his part to hoover a thick, heavy load from my balls. I don’t even think I realized how much I needed it until I came.

He backed off, caressing my spit and cum slick shaft with his calloused fingers. “Damn, Hot Shot, you sure shoot a big load.” Then he popped the head back into his mouth to catch the after dribbles while I massaged his medium-short hair affectionately.

Since then, Murray’s been the only one on the job and yes, the schedule is running even longer. At this point I don’t even care what the final bill is.

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I’d love to know the source video for this. Can anyone help me out?

It’s a scene from “Real Men Have Hair”

info and preview here:

Thanks, Coach!

And to daddysbottom, too!

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I’d love to know the source video for this. Can anyone help me out?

Yeah mr h and i have a bit of history i dont @drakestories

Yeah, Mr. H and I have a bit of history. I don’t want to get the guy in trouble, but my next door neighbor was the first man I fooled around with, back before I graduated. Nothing major, but I was watching a West Coast World Series game at his house one night - he has a big screen TV in his man cave basement den. And I was thanking him for inviting me over.

“Anytime you want, Matt,” he said, patting my knee. “I mean it. My house is your house.”

And it’s hard to explain but sometimes when you’re in the moment you just now. I was looking at Mr H and he was looking at me. Furtive, darting glances at first, then us working up the courage to really look at one another, you know? Then we kissed. This dude was like 39 and married and my fucking neighbor but that didn’t stop me, at that moment he was the hottest guy in the world.

I thought it was a passing thing, and maybe it was. I went went off to college, and grew a lot in a year - emotionally, physically, and sexually. No serious dating but I was finding guys to have sex with and learn what I wanted, what turned me on.

I’d had it in the back of my mind that I’d thank Mr H for helping me find myself at some point this summer. Only when I saw him I had another reaction. Surprise. Lust.

“Hiya Matt,” he said from his riding mower. He powered down as I walked into his yard.

“Hey Mr. H,” I said. I couldn’t believe how fucking stacked this middle-aged guy was with muscle. I don’t know if he was dipping into steroids but man he was massive. “Wow, you been shaping up.”

“Yeah, kiddo. You inspired me. Decided I needed to lose the blub and put back on some of my muscle. You like?” He asked as he started to flex for me.

“You look great Mr. H. Incredible, really.”

He smiled. “Say, if you don’t have plans later, well, Carolyn’s out of town and I was just gonna watch the Cubs game tonight. If you’re interested in coming over…”

I tipped back my ball cap to let him see the mischievous twinkle in my eyes. “Sure thing, Mr. H. I’d like that.”

Mywantedfantasies this mornings fantasy @drakestories


This morning’s fantasy stud: Brett Schmidt, pro laxer and financial adviser.

Can we fuck?

No, I didn’t model the younger Daddy Issues character Josh after this guy.(Josh is blonder for starters) But I could have. Dude’s like a walking Bill Drake character.

Speaking of, the latest chapter of Daddy Issues is out now:

I’ve gotten some great feedback so far. I appreciate all the readers.

Baseballbeisbol lance lynn oh michael @drakestories


Lance Lynn & Oh Michael…

There’s stiff competition, but hands down Matheny has my favorite ex-jock/coachdaddy bod.

Daddysbottom as his personal assistant it is @drakestories


As his personal assistant, it is part of Sam’s job to serve his boss however it is needed. And it is customary for Sam to provide relief to his boss from all the pressures that his boss is under during the delicate negotiations for the merger of the two companies. This negotiations will run late into the night, and Sam will be with his boss for as long as he is needed.

I have a thing for older men but theyre usually @drakestories

I have a thing for older men but they’re usually regular-joe, ordinary-guy types. Suburban guy-next-door. That’s why I was surprised by my fascination that the new guy at the gym held on me. Tall, strapping, silver-haired muscle daddy. Maybe it was his friendly, handsome-bordering-on-cute face. Maybe it was the way he showed an interest in me, chatting with me between sets, offering me training advice. I was 25 and in good shape but I wanted to put on some muscle before summer, so gladly accepted any tips.

After he spotted me for a set, I leaned up and kneaded out the soreness, a good kind of soreness in my muscle. I made a joke about not being able to afford his hourly rate as a trainer. He gripped my shoulders and gave a quick massage. “That’s all right, big guy, maybe we can work out something else instead.”

And right then and there, I popped a bone in my workout shorts. Muscle Daddy saw and laughed. “I thought you’d be hung,” he whispered, “but Christ. You’re a goddamn mule down there, son.”

Muscle Daddy and I never learned each others’ names but we got along real well from then on out.

Daddysbottom after college i moved back to my @drakestories


After college, I moved back to my hometown, but got an apartment in the city about 45 minutes from where my parents lived. I was busy with my new career and didn’t have much time for a social life, much less, finding someone to hook up with.

Still, I took an afternoon off in the middle of the week and decided to check out this part of the forest preserve that I knew was rather cruisey. Back then before I left for college, I hooked up with a few men out there looking for a quick one. So I wanted to see if it was like it used to be.

I parked a distance away and decided to walk to the area. It had many small, meandering paths, and I knew of a couple parking areas that were also prime areas for pick ups. It was mid afternoon, and the place was rather deserted.

Still, as I approached one of the parking lot, I saw a vehicle parked there with a shirtless, older man sitting at the wheel. He saw me from a distance, and kept his eyes on me. The path that I was on went directly in front of his vehicle, so as I kept getting closer, I could feel his glare on me.

I was close enough to see him, and to my surprise, I knew who he was! Damn, there goes my luck! He was probably staring at me because he knew me.

Thinking that I’d better act as if I was simply taking an afternoon stroll, I thought I should say hi to him. So I waved and walked next to his vehicle.

“Hey there, stud. Looking for some action?” the man said to me before I could say anything.

I almost jumped back with surprise at what he just said to me. Dumbfounded, the only words that came out of my mouth was “Er… yeah, sure! You?”

I couldn’t believe I said that. But my mind almost went blank. He was sitting there only in his shorts. His exposed torso revealing the wide, broad chest covered with a thick layer of hair. Fuck, if he was someone else, I could easily go for this daddy.

“Great. You are one handsome, young stud. Think you’ll go for someone like me?” he asked. He began rubbing his hand on the bulge in his shorts.

“Shit!” I said to myself. “He doesn’t remember me!” I regain my composure and my mind was racing as my libido and my conscience fought each other. My eyes was transfixed at his crotch as he continued to fondle with his tool through his shorts.

My silence and my stare as his package might have given him the signal that I was interested. Before I could say anything, he lifted his butt off the car seat and in one swift move, slipped his shorts down to his knees. His thick, uncut cock stood at attention.

I may had been surprised by the unexpected turn of events, but it didn’t stop my mouth from watering as I watched that daddy cock. And yeah, I knew it was a daddy cock belonging to a married man who had sired 3 kids.

“If you like what you see, why don’t you get in on the other side?” he asked as he looked at my face. Yup, he still had no clue who I was.

With my own dick fully hard and straining against my tight jeans, my libido won over. I went around to the passenger side and got in next to him. Without waiting, I bent down and swallowed the daddy cock all the way down my throat, eliciting a loud moan from this man. It was about 4 years ago when I last saw him, at his son’s graduation party before we all left for college. As I eagerly sucked his fat cock, I tried to push out the picture of me sucking on my best friend’s dad’s dick.

Graybeards i fumbled my way through the dark @drakestories


I fumbled my way through the dark vacation house and did my best not to wake the my sleeping friends. Light poured through the cracked bathroom door and my eyes struggled as I pushed it open. I caught a fuzzy glimpse of Brad flexing in front of the mirror before he spun to face me, his soft cock swinging against his thigh with a thwack. 

We both froze in place and stared at each other across the bathroom—him stripped down to nothing with a pair of boxers on the floor at his feet and me in just a pair of revealing bright blue briefs. I’d never told my boyfriend, but I’d always found Brad handsome. And I thought then that I’d never tell my boyfriend about this encounter with his best friend, but Brad was a fucking DILF.

His cock grew an inch, thickening as it went, in just a few seconds. Brad looked downward at his growing cock and shrugged as he said, “Well, this is awkward.” i didn’t stop staring until his cock was poking a full eight inches out from his crotch. He interrupted my reverie, “Jeff’s asleep?”

“Yeah,” I answered, glancing back into the dark hallway expectantly before i looked back at Brad and asked about his own boyfriend, “And Collin?”

One of the older man’s thick hands dropped to his cock, stroking the long shaft as he answered, “Yeah. Passed out as soon as I fucked the cum out of him.” He proudly ran his fingers along the thick manhood and groaned a little as he explained, “I didn’t even get a chance to blow my load, so I couldn’t sleep.”

I laughed half-heartedly and said, “That sucks.”

“I hear you do too,” he remarks sharply. “Jeff brags about it all the time.” Blood rushed to my face, turning my cheeks red with embarrassment, but I also felt a slight surge of pride.

“Collin doesn’t?”

“More like can’t,” Brad said with a scoff. “Boy can barely open his mouth wide enough for a finger, let alone my cock.” We stayed there for a moment, quiet except for the soft sound of the older man stroking himself. “Close the door, son,” Brad suggested, or perhaps commanded, abruptly.

Shutting and locking the door behind me, when I turned back Brad was standing just a few inches from my face. “Now, on your knees and show daddy what you can do.”

Not five minutes later, I was stalking back to bed with a bellyful of cum and a promise to try my ass next time. Lying down beside my boyfriend, Jeff instinctively wrapped his arms around me and buried me against his hairy chest. I fell asleep to sweet dreams, fantasizing about Jeff and Brad teaming up to give me the best fuck of my life. It was going to be a long, incredible week on the beach.

Pagespermer dads feast no one will believe @drakestories


Dad’s Feast

No one will believe me, but I don’t need to prove anything. Still, it’s important for me to say that I’m straight. 

Writing that sounds lame - as if there is something wrong with being gay. Maybe it’s my age. Maybe it’s my upbringing. Maybe I’m clinging to a limited view of masculinity, unwilling to embrace the new millennium. 


I’m straight. Always have been. Thought I always would be. Until Tim. 

And, I’m not talking Tim when he was a baby or a young boy or even a young man. I never even caught a hint of what was going on with him, though his mom seemed to have a clue. 

Look, I don’t CARE that he’s gay. I’m not that much of a Neanderthal. It made things a little weird, at first, because he was still a jock. Well, kind of a jock. I mean, he never did traditional sports - but he was decent enough at soccer. 

Alright - between you and me, he seemed to go out for the gay sports - like gymnastics, and track and crew. Crew is what he’s into now - but if you ask me, what he’s really into is the other guys in the boat. That’s his business, not mine.

Here’s how it happened. And - I didn’t mean it to happen. But, one night we were out with his college buddies and the topic of sex came up. They aren’t all gay - it’s about a fifty fifty split - but soon enough the topic came around to this: “What’s your favorite thing to do?”

And, all of ‘em - gay and straight - said ‘fucking ass.” There was a broad discussion about the difference between fucking ass and fucking pussy, and the relative value of anal sex versus oral sex. Mostly, I kept silent. I was kind of like the out-of-place wingman - the guy they let tag along because I was in town for business, and they didn’t want to exclude Tim’s pops. But, eventually, the raucous bar crowd got silent, and I felt their eyes fall on me. Then, the Crew Captain spoke up.

“What about you, Mr. Barstow? What do you like to do?”

There was a long pause while I waited for my kid to save me - but he didn’t. In fact, after the uncomfortable silence, he piped up.

“Yeah, Dad - what are you into?”

I snapped up my head when he said that. It was his tone that caught me - and then the look in his eyes. I’d never seen that look before - or if I had, maybe I ignored it. But, his eyes bored into mine and his voiced echoed in me with  liquored lust. 

All eyes were on me. 

“Um … fucking. I guess. Yeah. Fucking.”

“But what?” the Captain egged me on, pushing to answer the question of the night.

“Yeah, dad,” Tim said, winking at me. “What do you like to fuck more: pussy or ass?”

I thought it was an inappropriate question, given that we were talking about his mother here, and some of the guys seemed to agree. But, it was his eyes that spoke volumes. The kid wanted to know.

Hell - he needed to know.

And, so the words spilled out, before I could censor myself, but as I said what I said, I never took my eyes off my gay son.

“Pussy, I guess. I never fucked an ass before. Your mom won’t let me.”

And the guys howled. But, Tim just kept staring at me, no longer hiding his curiosity … his need … his willingness to give me what I’d never had.

“Wait - you never fucked an ass before you got married?” asked the now inappropriate Captain.

“Dude - wrong,” said one of the guys, and the others chimed in, trying to protect my prudishness and privacy. But, I’m a big guy. I can stand up for myself. And, I did.

“You know, fellas,” I said, standing (and re-arranging my cock that had unexpectedly sprung hard, when I saw my son’s implicit desire). “In my day, we held out for the lady of our dreams, because we wanted them to respect our bodies in the same way we respected theirs.”

That quieted the crowd. The Captain was chagrined and I worried I’d thrown cold water on a hot night. I’d been in college, too. So, I tossed out some relief.

“Besides,” I said, now proudly clutching my hard cock, which probably dwarfed most of the dudes at the table. “I get my fair share. I wouldn’t have married Tim’s mom if I didn’t think she’d put out.”

As their whoops drowned out the bar-band, I turned and headed out the bar, on my to my upstairs room. But, Tim’s eyes shone with lust, never once blinking, never once straying from my crotch, never once hiding his now very clear intentions.

I went straight to the shower, and as I lathered my cock, I thought about pulling it off. In fact, I knew I should do that - if I wanted to halt the progress of what I understood was likely to happen next. But, the turgid firmness - the near constant drip of pre-cum - the throb of my heavy balls - the fantasy of finally getting something I had always wanted - all of those things held me back, and when I turned off the shower and toweled myself off, I listened closely for what I was certain to come.

And, it did.

The door opening, and then latching shut. The silence. Then, the whisper. 

“Dad … ?”

“In the bathroom,” I grumbled, not hiding my need. This was followed by soft rustling sounds. I waited, cock jumping, water dripping from my hairy chest. I looked in the mirror, proud of the work I’d put in at the gym, and the example I’d set to my gay son. Never once in my entire life had I fantasized about another dude, but now all I could think about was getting one final cherry. Not my son’s - I was sure he’d been fucked. Probably that Captain prick, if my intuition was correct, and maybe others.

Naw - this was my cherry. I was gonna fuck some ass - finally feel a tight ring grip my thick, veined cock. It was the whimper that drew me out of my reverie.

I wasn’t thinking rationally. I was only following my cock. Out into the hallway off the bathroom, then seeing the smooth ass almost glowing in the light that drifted in from the dim street lamp outside. 

We both held steady - probably running hundreds of scripts through our heads - all of them coming up short for the occasion. I heard his heavy breathing, saw his back expanding as his lungs filled with urgent air. My breathe was nearly as intense, but I was old enough to know I was gonna savor this moment - make it last as long as possible.

I approached slowly, and the words left Tim - whatever scripts he’d considered were replaced by the pure sounds of whimpering need.

It was fucking beautiful. It was fucking shaved. And, it was fucking mine. 

I clutched one of his smooth glutes, noting that he was shaved everywhere. I wonder if that meant something - if it signaled a kind of gay boy that was … what? A bottom? Is that what it was called?


Pussy boy? Hadn’t I read that in some porn story somewhere? My cock stuck straight out, dripping pre onto the small of his back. He moaned now, lustily, loudly, letting any familial barrier fall away, as he was overcome by desire to be violated by his father - to give his old man the one thing he’d never had.

It was the thought of “father” that helped me find my voice. Some semblance of decency held a thin leash on the beast of desire that was roaring in my chest.

“Won’t it hurt?” I asked, gripping his ass, hard, as if to illustrate my point.

“Eat it, Daddy,” he replied without pause. “Eat my ass. Get it ready.” 

It was, simultaneously, instruction, explanation and plea. 

And, the liquor of the night - the questions about favorite sex acts - the pause I’d had at the table about whether I would stipulate eating or fucking pussy - the lust in my son’s eyes at that moment and the pure pulse of pussy-need now, that seemed to echo his mother’s own - unleashed the beast from the fragile leash - and I dove in.

On my knees, heavy hands gripping the perfect ass, splitting it apart, my two-day beard rasping against the smooth skin, and my mouth covering the slut-slot of my only son. His body bucked and twitched in the awkward position, draped over the hotel sofa. My tongue pushed in, deep, feeling like the probing cock of a rapist, intent on depth and deviance. I slapped the ass as I ate it, growling into the perfectly smooth flesh, and his moans were unintelligible, loudly braying his fuck-need.

“Fuck - oh, yes, Daddy,” he groaned, widening his legs lewdly, gripping my hands, egging me deeper. I bit and nipped and lapped and sucked, the wetness of my slick mucous helping to create a perfect suction. 

Normally I’m a tender lover, but not here - not now. I wanted to punish him for making me want this so badly, and I wanted him to walk the quad tomorrow raw and red, pained by the invasion that would occur soon - and the rash he would experience after I feasted on his young, freshman ass. 

I circled his pucker and I sucked out, hard, feeling his lips enter my mouth, and driving my tongue deep, tasting his sweet, young walls. He struggled against my suck and I slapped him down, filling my mouth with his boy-cunt, reveling in the fact that he tasted like his mother, but felt entirely different.

“Oooooowwwwwwww,” I heard him moan, continuing his struggle against the sharp pain of my mouth invasion, and the overbearing demands of his whoreish desire. I let go of his hole with a pop, scooping him up, flipping him over, and tossing him on the bed.

I jumped on top of him, face wet, covering his smaller smooth frame with my larger, hairy dad bod. My face pushed into his: “I forgot to tell your friends, kid,” I said, throat rasping. “I love eating pussy, too.” 

And, then I lifted up, showing my hard cock and sweaty body, allowing him to take in what he’d unleashed with his eyes.

Before he was aware, his legs were up over his head, my face was back into my prize, and his voice was howling again - this time in full surrender.

“Yes, daddy. Yes,” he cried, covering his mouth with one hand, and using the other arm to pin him to the bed, while I ate my son’s hole with a vengeance.

It doesn’t happen often with me, but sometimes, when I’m with his mom, I lose myself. Time stops or speeds up - but mostly it becomes meaningless - and my passion engulfs me. How long I lapped and played and toyed with his hole I don’t know. It may have been hours - but I didn’t care. His smooth hole opened for me. He pushed out - tightened up - showed me his skills. The more I ate, the looser it got, the deeper I went, tasting my son’s insides and feeling him push out hard, in order to get me in deeper. My fingers probed him, pulling him apart, and he begged for more, adding his fingers to mine, ripping himself open to give me the access I craved. 

Then I was over him, drool dripping from my mouth, fingers deep in his boy-cunt, eyes boring into him like his had bored into mine. 

“You like that, kid? Like the way I take care of that hole? Like the way your daddy takes care of you?”

It was like I’d been doing this - doing him - for years, and his eyes showed his surprise. Fear was in there, too, because I’d found some kind of secret - one that perhaps he had harbored for years. But, in truth - he was simply his mother’s son. I knew what she liked and how she liked to be handled. I knew what she tasted like and how she loved to be eaten. And, I tasted her in his flesh - in his being - so getting what I wanted was easy.

“You want my cock, baby? Want your daddy’s big cock in that sweet ass?”

“Daddy - daddy -” he huffed, clutching me. “Please.”

“Please, what, kid? What do you want?”

“Please fuck me - “

“Why, buddy? Why should I fuck you when I got your mom, huh?”

His eyes got big. The deviance seemed more than he could handle but this was my show now - my stage.

“Why, Tim? Why should I fuck you when i can fuck your mother? Answer me.”

The tension drained from his muscles … his mouth - and body - opening to my question and my need.

“Because, daddy - because … “ he said, reaching down, gripping his cheeks, splaying his legs like his mom had done for me so many times before. “Because … my ass. You can fuck my ass - like mom doesn’t let you.”

And, then, I got to give to the kid. He pushed up his open mouth, lapped up the drool and ass-juice from my lips, and kissed me with a hunger I hadn’t felt since I’d been in college. The kid was on fire, and knew he had one thing his mommy didn’t have - and he wanted me to have it. Needed me to.

I hurt him when I drove in. I know that now. No matter how many hours I’d spent worshiping at his youthful pucker, my big cock and his small entry fought against each other until I lost my cherry in his clutching, gripping, tender ass. I knew enough to cover his mouth, and the screams probably didn’t echo that far down the hall. But, his nails dug into my back and he sure as hell drew blood. 

Not that I cared - all my life I’d imagined this - beat off to this - held back from this - been a good husband at the expense of this. I was finally getting the one thing I’d never gotten and I wasn’t gonna let my son get in the way of my pleasure.

I’m not sure if it was the taboo that made it so fucking incredible - more likely, it was his tight, muscled, near teen ass that held me like his mother never had. I was - in that first thrust - hooked for life, and that’s what stopped his screams. As I pounded into his depth, balls pressing against his shaved ass, my eyes flashed open and his grew wide. 

“Fuck, yessssssssss,” i growled, like a sentient ape. “Fuck, yesssssss.”

And, as I pulled out and pushed back in, staring down at him, I communicated what he needed to know - right then.

I was coming back here. 

I was gonna do this again. And, again. And, again. As I rode my son, cock hard as steel, balls churning, cum-that-made-him getting ready to spray his hungry guts with sperm, he took in his new reality. I made him understand, with each, hard, muscled thrust, that his desire at the table had, in fact, sealed his fate when it came to his father. 

I was pretty sure that our relationship would deepen, would maintain itself, at some primary level - as father and son. But, beyond that, another realm had opened and I held the key. He would let me in whenever I asked, and I would never - ever - stop asking.

“I’m coming,” I said, pushing deeper. My hand was off his mouth now, both arms locked under his legs, driving into my new hole.

He nodded. And, then, as if accepting his fate, his hole seemed to bloom open, losing it’s last thread of resistance. I fell in deep - deeper than I ever got with his mom - slamming into him, grinning and groaning in overwhelming release.

As my cock sprayed a massive load of dad seed, he pleaded for everything I had to give.

“Fuck me, fuck me - daddy - please daaaaddy,” he groaned, as I howled in fuck-lust, seeding my son like I was trying to create more offspring … 

… . 

And, good thing. 

His mom had become a little less game in the past year, as menopause took control. But, with the work at the gym and the success in business, I’d starting feeling primal - full of myself, and ready to breed even more than I’d been in my twenties - even more than when I’d spawned Tim and his sister.

I fuck him a lot now - as much as I can. I always eat his hole first - long and hard. I love the way his body responds to my ministrations - to the invasion of his farther’s tongue in his hungry hole. He hasn’t told me this explicitly, but I’m pretty sure he saves it for me. Even if he doesn’t, his response to me says otherwise. I can play his body like an instrument and my tongue, my fingers, my cock, own his ass and drive him insane with son-lust. 

But, yeah, I think he saves it for me because now, when I see him, his need pours off of him in nearly inappropriate ways.

We did a college tour with his sister recently. I think she’s catching on - that’s my gut, anyway. I caught her looking at him - and then felt her eyes appraise me with a womanhood she hasn’t demonstrated before. And, now that she’s installed in her first year, my mind can’t help but wandering in that direction. 

Because, her mom is in full shut-down mode now. 

Maybe it’s time for me to swing by her sorority on my next business trip. I’m pretty sure it’s still cherry - that’s how her mom and I raised her. so, maybe there’s another cherry in my future.

Don’t get me wrong - I love ass. It’s everything I thought it would be. But, when it comes right down to it, I think I’m still a pussy-man at heart.

As long as I keep it in the family, it’s not cheating, right?

Bad Dad is back and in fine form.

The man i most want to see in a wet t shirt @drakestories

The man I most want to see in a wet T-shirt contest.

It was dads 50th birthday and i wanted to do @drakestories

It was Dad’s 50th birthday and I wanted to do something special for him. The idea had started when we ventured into threesomes, never letting on with our partners that we were actual father and son rather than “dad” and “son.” Then, we had one foursome, with two guys my age, a couple who were exploring their mutual attraction to older guys. We each fucked Dad good and hard that night, twice each, and the next morning, when it was just us, I checked in to make sure he was OK with how it all had played out.

“Like you wouldn’t believe, Dan.” He looked into my eyes, to gauge my reaction. “I hope you don’t mind that your father’s a big hungry bottom.”

“You kidding, Dad? I fucking love it.” That made him smile and relax a little. I sensed something more was on his mind. “You ever think about, you know, taking on more guys? More than 2 or 3?”

Dad nodded, and I could feel that his cock was starting to firm up again as we snuggled together in bed. “Just a fantasy, son. Nothing more.”

“Like how many?” My prick was rising up to meet his steelhard erection.

He blushed. “I dunno. A lot I guess. A real gangbang.”

So that’s how we got here, a field next to a farmhouse we’d rented on Airbnb for the weekend. I’d set down blankets and a camping mattress, and a big canister of lubricant. I’d spent months on the guest list, all guys my age or younger, big guys, thin guys, jocks and ordinary dudes. All tops or at least wanting their chance to have a piece of the hottest DILF in the area.

“Ready dad?” I asked, squatting down to get closer to ground level. He didn’t look nervous or hesitant, just excited. So I didn’t wait for his answer.

“All right, the first guy,” I ordered and a beefy football player lubed up and crawled on top of my father for the first fuck of the afternoon.

Marriedjock8 mowing the lawn shirtless actually @drakestories


Mowing the lawn shirtless actually paid off when one of the muscled gays at the gym told me he lived a block over from me and had seen me outside. Later that week, I put on my jockstrap and shorts and told my wife I was going for a run just to go by his house. It was stupid. I shouldn’t have played with someone so close to my home, but I was so fucking horny and wanted to see what would happen.

I knocked, the door opened, and he just smiled and took a step back–inviting me in without saying anything. I stood there speechless, my cock already revealing the reason for my visit. He simply lifted my shirt and his shirt and pressed our torsos together, pulling me in softly. I felt his big cock swelling against mine…and in what seemed like one motion, he was taking my shorts off with his hands and then pushing them down to the floor with his foot. My bare ass exposed in his well-lit entry way. My cock practically busting through my jockstrap, so much that I could feel the tug of the straps around the hairs by my hole.

He pulled me in with one hand behind my head and kissed me hard, probing my mouth with his fat tongue while his other hand slipped under the band of my jockstrap and followed the crack down. I jumped when he got there. Not expecting it to feel so good and pulled away from him because of the vulnerability. He wiped his mouth and smiled at me again. Then he pushed me towards the living room, forcing me clean out of my shorts as I stumbled.

He said, “you liked me touching that, didn’t you?”
I replied, not making eye-contact, “yeah.” And shot him a sideways smile.

And before I knew it, I was bent over on the couch. One block over from my wife and kids.

Br0b8 we were goofing with each other all day @drakestories


We were goofing with each other all day, like we do. Except there’s something about being on a trip that makes you feel free, you know? When you get away from everything familiar.

So when we got to the motel room and he stripped down to his underwear I did it too. Then he got naked and I was cracking up and pretty soon he convinced me to do it too. It was hilarious, we were just hanging out buck naked. But it was also kind of a thrill - not even in a sexual way, just in a “fuck it, we can do whatever we want” way.

Then we were lying there talking to each other. We’d been sipping from the flask all night. He said I had a nice butt. I told him he did, too. He said he was getting kinda horny. I said the same. “Do you have a hard on right now?” he asked. “Yeah,” I said. “Me too,” he said, and humped it against the bed.

We just laid there, humping our hard-ons against the bedspread, looking over at each other every once in a while and laughing. “Let me see yours,” he said finally. “Only if you show me yours too,” I said. So we flipped over at the same time. His was really big hard. Mine was just average. But it wasn’t like either of us were thinking about that. We were just horny, and hard, and I swear we both started stroking them at about the same time. Gradually it went from goofing around to really getting into it, and it wasn’t long before we shot our loads. He was really loud about it, moaning and moving his body around. We looked in each other’s eyes when we came. I shot the hugest load - it went up over my shoulder. He came a lot too.

What was crazy was how natural it felt, how easily it happened. And when the morning light crept through the curtains I looked over and saw him looking back. He threw back the covers to show he was hard again, and then we went for round two.

by Natty Soltesz

New book of my gay erotic fiction available now: College Dive Bar, 1 AM

Zach was cute 20 year old college student @drakestories

Zach was cute - 20 year old college student, clean-cut Catholic boy with mixed Irish-Italian looks, dark hair, green eyes, cute dimples and winning smile that ensured he could get a girl to go out with him if he ever needed to keep up the reputation with his fraternity brothers.

But Zach craved men. He’d discovered last year that he loved getting fucked. And over the last three months, the college kid had gotten into a real groove with that online hookup app. He was averaging four times a week, a different top most of the time.

At first he was too nervous to go for guys much older or bigger than him. Felt safer with college studs his age or recent grads. But he’d been looking at porn a lot, like any college kid, but the Tumblrs and the vids he was increasingly drawn to had big burly guys. Not bears, maybe, but just muscled, chunky regular guys. Older dad types.

So when he got a message from one on that app one night, he took a chance. Drew, though maybe that wasn’t his real name. The big bruiser fucked the meanest orgasm out of Zach’s balls and he knew he was hooked.

Last week, he’d hooked up with Coach T, a football coach from the university across town. Big guy. 6’3, 240 pounds. Late 40s, maybe early 50s. Somehow the man sweet talked Zach into going raw, and they fucked three times that night.

Since then, Zach’s not even checked that app. Four, five nights a week he spends at Coach’s.

Eric fisher has the perfect jock gut on his huge @drakestories

Eric Fisher has the perfect jock gut on his huge bod (6'7", 315#).

Mightymeatycock coach and i both packed on an @drakestories


Coach and I both packed on an extra 50 since I graduated. It looked fucking great on him.

Hearing him call me “sport” and “champ” just made me bold and horny. While we were walking and “catching up,” I told him how I lusted after him, how I used to steal his damp, musky jocks to sniff, how I shot a hundred loads thinking about the taste and smell of his cock. 

I told him I remembered exactly how his cock looked in the showers. It was big, even when it was totally flaccid.

“Well, let’s make a new memory for you, huh, champ?” he said, pulling his A&F sweats down. His thick meaty cock was already at half mast, and getting harder by the second. 

Realcandidmen everydayhotness think coffee @drakestories



Think Coffee - NYC - 9/24/15

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Who can think about coffee when HE is passing by?

Graybeards dad the burly stranger covered @drakestories



The burly stranger, covered in thick, dark fur, stopped in his tracks and glared at me. My heart was racing, but I stayed still on the reclined poolside chair. He looked across my slim, smooth body appraisingly, his stern expression melting into a knowing grin. “Yeah, son?”

The bulge in his dripping board shorts twitched and grew a bit, and my mouth was watering. “Can we go back up to the room?” I asked as he stepped forward to tower over me, casting a long shadow with the sun behind him.

He propped his hands on his hips and looked down into my pleading eyes with renewed stoicism. My heart was anxiously thumping against my chest as I waited for the reply, but the long, hard shaft snaking down his thigh gave me hope. “Of course, kiddo. We need to take a shower before dinner,” He answered.

I jumped up from my chair, grabbing my book as I rose, but I still found myself looking up at the man, who stood a solid three inches taller. He casually put his furry, thick arm around my shoulder and started leading me back toward the hotel. Beside each other, anyone would assume we were father and son—at least as long as they didn’t notice the fat dick swinging between his legs.

Dilferotica the alpha dilf has no shortage of @drakestories


The Alpha DILF has no shortage of requests to service his corporate cock.

Officer michaels wasnt on vice patrol but after @drakestories

Officer Michaels wasn’t on vice patrol, but after hearing his buddies in Vice talk about all the head they were getting down at the university student center restroom, he started thinking. Thinking about the relationship with his girlfriend that was disintegrating. Thinking about the porn vids he’d been watching, dude-on-dude ones, where the guys seemed really into the sex, not just going through the motions for the camera. Kyle Michaels was having thoughts himself, letting his pumped up, jacked up body run free one of these days.

He opened the stall door and was not surprised to see two guys having oral sex. He was surprised to see that the studly athlete-looking college kid was the one on his knees, sucking off a suburban dad type… polo shirt, Dockers, running sneakers, big metal watch, the whole works.

Daddy mumbled an “oh shit,” and the kid looked kind of scared but he was the first to catch on. Officer Michaels wasn’t making a move or saying anything. He was just standing there, watching.

Athlete Dude smiles and leans his head back down. Licking the now softened prick of the Daddy. It wasn’t until Michaels unzipped his uniform trousers that Daddy relaxes and feels that cock of his firm back up, right into this college stud’s cocksucking mouth.

Watching the big muscled cop pull out his own hardon, Daddy wonders if the man’s gonna make him suck that cop meat. Instead he gets the surprise of his life as Michaels squats down in the stall and nudges the Athlete out of the way. He wants his turn.

A4f101 this is the second part of a story i @drakestories


This is the second part of a story I started yesterday, based on an idea from reader/fan You’ll want to check out Part One here first - . Let me know what you think, bros ;)

Pool of Love, Part Two: The Cure

It had been a long-ass day, a long-ass journey to get here. To Ko Samui, and the romantic beachfront resort my big brother Garrett had booked, planning to propose to his now-former girlfriend here. But I was here with him instead, a sudden offbeat idea that had turned into something crazy, unbelievable, two formerly 100% straight brothers, balls-deep in love with each other after one very weird, but incredible afternoon. So yeah, we were tired, from three partying days up in Bangkok, the long journey down here, that hike yesterday up to the Pool of Love… and fuck, the amazing intense, totally life-changing hours me and my big brother had sent making love in the water there. An afternoon of complete firsts for us both, that we’d embraced and explored willingly, happily, lovingly.

We had the big sliding doors to the terrace and the beach beyond wide open, and me and Garrett were sprawled across the bed, entwined, grinning between slow, sensual, deep kisses. Just making out lazily, lovingly, slowly, rubbing each other’s firm bods, tasting one another’s spit, feeling the vibe between us super strong. We’d showered together after we got to our room, long and slow and ending in another epic orgasm from me, spilling my hot teen cum down my brother’s throat as he stared up at me with total love in those hazel eyes of his. And now it was dusk and we were just grooving together, towels still wrapped around our waists.

I ran my hands through the thick, dark fur across my big bro’s Army-hardened pecs, tracing down through his treasure trail, over his strong abs, and into the spread of it as it fanned across his lower belly. Touching the towel knotted low across his trim hips, a great big bulge just below that which I playfully teased along with my finger, then slowly back up again. So masculine. So sexy. So new and different, and I couldn’t believe I’d never gotten into this before. Had spent so much time trying to get with girls, when all along, the best possible thing in the world was right in front of me. For his part, Garrett explored my leaner, late-teen body, all firm and smooth and trim, a baseball player’s firm athleticism. Sensual and slow, discovering a man for the first time too. We grinned at each other and came in for another long, slow kiss.

We were enjoying dinner by the beach a little while later, the table lit just with a candle between us, and it was romantic as fuck. Garrett looked like he was glowing, and we rarely looked away for each other. He even took my hand, big rough thumb rubbing tenderly across the backs of my fingers and knuckles. Part of my brain probably should have been screaming about how fucked-up and wrong and gay and actually illegal all this was, but it was quiet. All I felt was complete love for my brother. And it felt so fuckin’ right. So did our slow walk along the beach, hand in hand, the moon high and bright above. Yeah, it was a total cliche, all of it, I get it, believe me. But it was happening, and it was like the best thing in the history of the world, ever.

Almost back to our room, we heard the soft clearing of a throat, and turned to find our guide from this afternoon. He looked apologetic, but slightly amused to see us, the big American brothers he’d warned away from the Pool of Love, and who obviously had totally ignored his advice. And now look at us.

“There is… a cure,” he said. “For Pool of Love. Will make you like you were. If you wish, of course.”

He blushed, but knowingly, like he’d seen this before. Well, probably not quite like this, two actual brothers, but hey, it was a crazy situation, you never know. Garrett and me looked at each other, squeezing our hands at the same time. No fuckin’ way. Yeah, I knew, like, rationally that we couldn’t really be doing this, but fuck… we were ten thousand miles away from the world we knew, down here in this tropical paradise for almost two whole weeks. What was the harm in just… going with it, for a little while, at least?

We made love for two solid hours when we got back, deep and sweet, muscle to muscle, cock to cock, brother to brother. Sweet heat, steadily building, flowing between us. It was even better than at the Pool this afternoon, because we knew how mind-blowing that was, how amazing we could make each other feel, and we were determined to raise the bar. And fuck, did we. Came twice more each, and then we were spent, utterly done, dropping like stones into each other’s arms and falling into a fast, deep sleep.

Two more days like that, exploring the area, making love, swimming in the sea, more long, slow, sweet-hot brother sex, and on and on. We were both high on it, on each other, on this fucking crazy powerful brother love thing. And then Wednesday, lazing on loungers down on the beach, the warm surf flowing over our toes, hands entangled in the space between us, Garrett cleared his throat, reached into the towel bag, and produced a little glass bottle. Clear liquid inside, could have been anything. But I knew, and for the first time in days, I felt nervous. Scared, I’ll be straight-up with you.

“So… this is the cure, Matty,” he said, and I could hear the same tension I was feeling in his voice. We both stared at it, the little bottle, and wondered. If we could take it. If we should. What would happen if only one of us did. 

The lovemaking that night was different. Still incredible, of course, my bro is a total fucking stud with a rockin’ bod, and I enjoyed every square inch of it. But the vibe was different, our stares kind of searching even as our muscles moved together, like we were looking for the answers in each other’s eyes. Not even the hot, thick release of our orgasms could ease that different feeling. Like maybe this really did have to end. Like it was inevitable.

I think the word I want here is poignant. Yeah, that feels about right. That was the vibe, from then on. For the next four days, until our last night at the resort, before we left Ko Samui, bound for Pattaya, then Bangkok again, and finally back home. To Indiana, where I guess we’d try to find our way back to who we’d been before we came here. And hope that it would be enough for us, that we’d ever be able to find true love, real love, this love with someone else. See, we both took the cure Friday, and while it took a couple days to work its way through our systems, like the guide had said it would, we tried to keep the magic going. The kissing was just as hot and deep and intimate, the thrust of our bodies just as hard and sweaty and connected, our orgasms still powerful, intense, plentiful. The love was still there. But it was like I could literally feel it fading, like it was ebbing out of me, out of us both. The physical, romantic, love-love stuff, leaving behind the love of brothers. And just that - only brothers. By the time we boarded the plane for Pattaya, we were just Garrett and Matt, brothers again. While Garrett dozed as we flew across the Gulf of Thailand, I cried hard, silent tears, watching as our paradise fell away below us.

Monday night, in a beach bar-restaurant thing where we ate some fucking delicious fish and sank way too many chilled bottles of Singha, the conversation finally faltered, and we were left looking at each other. It hadn’t been easy, but we’d recovered most of the friendly, brotherly vibe between us. Being on a big foreign adventure sure helped with that. But then I felt Garrett’s hairy knee accidentally brush mine, and we just looked harder at each other. Locked eyes for several long, hot seconds, then chugged the rest of our beers, tossed some baht on the table, and practically ran back to our hotel.

The A/C couldn’t keep up with us, the intense heat and humidity as our bare brother bodies slapped hard against each other, sweating and growling and cursing and kissing, hard and hungry and wet. Garret literally fucked the cum right out of me, then leaned in and lapped it up, my sweat and seed salty and thick on his tongue as we kissed urgently. It was one of the hottest, raunchiest sessions I’ve ever had, all hard and masculine and fucking fun. Not the deeper, slower lovemaking of Ko Samui. Different, but we obviously needed it, bad. We sprawled out on the sweat- and spit- and cum-soaked sheets, looked at each other, chests heaving and glowing with our fuck sweat, and just burst out laughing. Laughed, and hugged, and finally admitted that we’d both been thinking about this ever since we’d decided we had to stop it.

I thought that maybe that would do it, scratch that leftover itch we both had, but then when we got back to Bangkok, it happened again. This time, we’d gone to another of those hooker bars, both determined to fuck pussy until we turned back straight. But it just wasn’t there, the girls were lazy and not very good, nowhere near as good as we were together, and when Garrett dragged his into the room I was trying to do mine in, flung her down on the bed beside my girl and tried fucking side-by-side with me, all I could do was watch the sexy swell of his muscular ass, the way the fur on it gleamed as the big glutes dimpled real deep, the shine of sweat on his pumped upper arms. And found him ogling me too, watching my abs flex as I tried to fuck, tried to keep hard inside the girl. Eventually, we both pushed up and out of them, paid them a pretty hefty tip by Thai standards, and got the fuck out of there. Back to the hotel, where I pulled him to me by his belt loops as soon as the door was closed, grinning as our mouths found each other and we tumbled into the bathroom to shower the stink of cheap perfume and pussy off of us. So we could get down to some real fucking, planting my hard 18-year-old cock up that beautiful, muscular ass of his, seeding him with ten hard shots of my cum.

“This is fucking nuts,” he moaned when we woke up next morning, all sweaty, naked, entangled, raging with morning hardons. “We were supposed to stop this, Matty!”

“I know, bro, I know,” I uttered back, rubbing my face up and down. It was our last day, we had a night flight to New York, and after some more awesome food and some souvenir shopping, we had some time to kill. Which led to us naked in the hotel bed again, this time Garrett straddling my thighs, his big hand wrapped around both our cocks, fucking up against me, before he fell forward to kiss me again and grind his sexy bod against mine, rubbing and humping and swapping spit and moaning until we shot off at the same time, sticky with sweat and spit and even more of our brother cum.

My brain was fucking churning the whole flight home, all those hours to think about it, unable to focus on the crappy movies on the little video screen in front of me. We were seated next to each other, and the tension was practically  visible in the air between us. Not hostile, nothing like that, just tormented. Confused. We barely said a word to each other, not through the connection at JFK, not on the plane to Indianapolis, and not on the shortish drive back to our parents’ house. When we got there, it was night again, our body clocks all fucked up, bone-tired from hauling our asses halfway around the world. The suburb was quiet. Crickets chirped. We finally looked at each other, and it was like every crazy, intense event of the past two weeks replayed for us both, right there in the front seat of his truck. A few silent minutes later, he reached in back, pulling out his backpack. From that, a Ziploc bag, and inside that, two small glass bottles. Full of clear liquid. I looked at him, confused, weary. I didn’t think I could take another bottle of fuckin’ Thai mystery water that would only fuck everything up again. 

“It’s from the Pool, little bro,” he said quietly, watching my face. His was neutral, infuriatingly unreadable. I swallowed hard. Then he took the big step, unscrewed the cap on one bottle, and downed it in one hard gulp, like a shot. Eyes on me the whole time. Waiting for me to do the same. Maybe scared that I wouldn’t, and he’d be left with this tortured, unrequited love for me, for his baby brother.

Fuck that shit. I grabbed the other bottle from his hand and knocked it back. He grinned real big, before I practically jumped across the console and liplocked him. When we paused to catch our breath, he fired up the truck, backing out of the driveway.

“Fuck Mom and Dad,” he grinned at me as he dropped the selector into Drive. “You’re coming home, little brother. With me. To our place.”

So, long story short… well fuck, way too late for that now, I guess… that’s how my big brother and I wound up back in love. And now it’s been five years, and we’re tighter than ever. Deep in love still, proving it every day, our lovemaking still just as sweet and intimate and deep as it was in Ko Samui, and just as hard, wet, intense and fun as it was the rest of that trip. The total package. We saved up our cash, I finished school, and we moved back to Thailand, and we’re happy as fuck now. Still in love, still brothers, husbands now too, if not necessarily legally. And every once in a while we take a trip back to Ko Samui, go swim in the Pool of Love, and then we get to fall back in love all over again.

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A4f101 so this is something a little different @drakestories


So, this is something a little different - a brothers story written off an idea from the very talented dude behind . Thanks for the hot idea, and I look forward to a continuing dialogue with you, bro ;)

Part One: The Pool of Love

Thailand was blowing my mind. It was the furthest I’d ever been from home, possibly the furthest place from Indiana I could imagine, literally and figuratively. Garrett knew it pretty well from his Army days, and he was psyched to take Mandy there, but then the little bitch broke up with him in a big way a week before they were scheduled to leave. Five years together, and he’d been planning to propose to her on some tropical beach, until she announced she was in love with another guy, had been since his final deployment, and was leaving him. Even took the dog.

I could relate. Me and my girl Amber had been together since high school, the rocking, fun little babe with the amazing ass who’d taken my cherry and my heart at 16. We’d kept it going through my first year at JMU, but it wasn’t the same, and I had my suspicions about her. Which had turned out to be true, as I found out when I got home for the summer after my freshman year, and found her cozied up to some football meathead from her school up in Indy.

So my big bro was wrecked by his breakup, and left holding two nonrefundable plane tickets to the other side of the planet, along with the hotels and everything else. He’d swung by the house, we’d wound up trading tales of unfaithful bitches who’d done us wrong, and somehow he’d hit on the idea of the two of us taking the fucking trip. It was all paid for, we just had to do a change fee to transfer Mandy’s ticket to me, and just like that, I was heading on my first ever international visit. Well, except for Canada, but that doesn’t count, everybody knows that. Anyway, Garrett started calling it the Bailey Brothers “Fuck Them Hoes” World Tour, which was fuckin’ hilarious, and away we went.

Bangkok was fucking crazy, a total whirlwind of noise and pollution and people. Amazing food, though, lots of bars and plenty of cheap alcohol, and even better, I was totally legal to drink here. Garrett and me got good and fucked up three nights straight, and on the third night, he took me to a particular bar, where these skanky-looking Asian strippers did these crazy and kinda gross tricks with their pussies and various objects. Dude, once you’ve seen the Pussy Bird Trick, you will never be able to unsee it. Trust me on that, bro. After the show, he got this wicked grin, approached these real pretty little girls - women, I mean, I’m sure they were legal - who were hanging around the bar, obviously hookers, and within 15 minutes, we were upstairs with them, in adjoining rooms, sinking our cocks into their tight little pussies. It was the chillest, awesomest thing a big bro could do for his little brother, and the bond between us felt tighter than ever after that.

We caught a plane south to Ko Samui the next day. I was hungover as fuck, but Garrett looked totally squared away, which I guess is the good part about being like eight years older, since he’d had a lot more nights like last night than I did. Anyway, we checked into the fucking sweet hotel there, big oceanfront room, and all I wanted to do was lay out on the beach and sleep it off, but my brother had other ideas. Said there was no better cure for a hangover like mine than to sweat it out, tossed me my backpack and a big bottle of water, and told me to get my ass in gear. We were going for a hike. Look, I loved my big brother, especially after last night’s crazy adventure, but I also hated his fucking guts right then. But I didn’t want to be a little bitch, and definitely didn’t want to kill the chill vibe between us, so I sacked up and joined him.

We had a guide, this cool, funny little local dude who escorted us through the tropical jungle. The fresh air, the smell of the tropical plants, and yes, the exercise definitely helped me feel better. We were sweating buckets, our T-shirts soaked - fuck, I had sweat running down my thighs from my sweat-soaked underwear, and I had my best Under Armour Heat Gear on. So when we got to this fork in the path, this amazing-looking little natural pool off to the left, we were stoked. I was already dropping my pack, ready to strip down and go dive in, even Garrett was practically licking his lips at the thought, but our guide just shook his head, wagging his finger.

“You must not swim! Pool of Love! Very powerful!”

Pool of Love? That sounded fruity as fuck, and my bro and I traded skeptical looks. But god damn, it looked amazing, fruity-ass name or not. The guide saw our doubtful looks, sighed like he already knew the two big, sweaty American dudes wouldn’t believe him, and told us anyway. The basic gist of it is, the locals believed this Pool of Love had some kind of magical spell or some shit on it. Whoever swam in it would fall in love with the first creature they saw, like everlasting, total love. Clearly, our guide saw that we didn’t believe one word of this little ethnic fairy tale, and just shook his head. Told us he couldn’t be responsible for what might happen, and didn’t want to be anywhere near us in case it did. Said he had a wife he loved very much, and no interest in being pursued by two love-crazed young American men. We just laughed, clapped him on the back, and ignored every single warning he gave us. We at least waited until he’d headed back down the trail, then grinned at each other and started flinging our clothes off.

Fuck, that water sure felt magical, to our tired, sweaty bodies at least. Somehow cool, refreshing, but kinda warm, too. Lined with fragrant tropical plants, birds singing in the trees, peaceful as hell. We swam in our underwear, letting the sweet clean water wash over us, feeling totally alive and renewed and awesome. There was nowhere we needed to be, so we kinda floated, chilled, talked about life and stuff. And not a word about the girls who’d dumped us back home. We forgot all about time and home and everything that had sucked about our lives, and let the deep, peaceful vibe just wash over us. It got quiet. I looked over at my big brother, and was surprised to see him looking back at me. Kinda wide-eyed, like he was seeing me for the first time. I felt my mouth go dry, and my heart started beating faster as our eyes locked. Deep, identical hazel eyes, his all big and shiny, almost made you want to swim in them. Wait, what? The fuck was I…

We drew closer to each other, both at the same time, and I dunno who reached for who first, but we both kinda moaned out “Bro…” at the same time, and just like that, me and my big brother were kissing. Really kissing, like we used to kiss our girlfriends. Better, actually, because Amber never kissed me as good as this, and from the way he was moaning and pulling me deeper into him, I’d guess Mandy never rocked Garrett’s world quite like I apparently was. I welcomed his thick, wet tongue into my mouth, sucked on it, tasted his spit as I lashed my own against his. Our hands cupped the back of each others heads as we took it deeper, lips smacking loud, spit flowing thick and warm back and forth, melding into one warm fluid in our moaning mouths, sharing it all, lost in this endless fucking brother kiss. I felt Garrett’s big rough hand rub down the firm, athletic muscles of my chest, down over my abs, discovering the epic cockbulge in my UAs. Harder than I’d ever been, and I humped his hand as I searched under that sweet water for his, his huge, throbbing big brother soldier cock, standing enormously at attention inside his boxer briefs. We palmed each others bulges, kissed harder, totally fell into each other.

Let me put this on record - we were both, up to this point, 100% straight all-American young men. I’d never had the slightest interest in dudes, never jacked off with my buds as a kid, never had any super-weird gay sex dreams. I loved girls, loved their softness, their sweet-smelling hair, their big round tits, their soft curves, the feel of a tight, wet pussy sliding on my big teen dick. Garrett had been fucking chicks since he was 15, they were naturally drawn to his quirky good looks, his tight-muscled wrestler’s bod, and later his strong soldier build, the way he filled out his uniform. See, I’d never thought about any of that shit, not until now, and now it was all I could think of.

My big brother rocked my fucking world in that pool, both of us eagerly stripping out of our underwear and embracing naked, kissing deep the whole time, rubbing our ragingly hard cocks together as we moaned and humped and kissed and fell head over heels for each other. Neither of us had sucked cock before, as far as I know anyway, but we serviced each others brother dicks like we were gay porn stars, loving the taste, the feel, the throb of our cocks as we shot huge, epic loads down each others throats. Then more kissing, sharing our come with each other eagerly as our cocks shot right back to the same epic thickness, and before I knew it, I was grinning, moaning my big bro’s name, lifting my ass up out of the water and turning it to him, begging him to slide inside me. And he did, somehow fitting what felt like nine thick inches of cock up my tight, cherry teenage ass with almost no effort whatsoever - no effort and no pain, just fullness, completeness, and a slow burn of pleasure rippling through me like the little waves around us as he fucked me.

Garrett’s cum was still leaking down my thighs as we kissed and he wrapped those muscular legs of his around my waist, moaning around my tongue as I took my turn to slide up into him, slick and easy like we were born to this. His big cock spurted pre all over my abs and pecs as we hungrily kissed, and I fucked my first ass, my first man, fucked my handsome big brother, the man I had apparently now fallen completely in love with. I fucked his cum out of him in huge, hot jets, the biggest load of my young life overflowing around my cock as I thrust it up inside his tight, hairy hole, and we never stopped kissing as we sank back down into those waters to cool off again.

Eventually we realized it was getting kinda late, so we climbed out of the pool. The water streaming off Garrett’s firm, muscular soldier bod was mesmerizing, almost as much as the look and the big white grin he shot me as I stared at my brother. Our underwear was still damp, so we used our shirts to wipe our thighs and asses and cocks - which were already starting to get hard again, if they’d even gone down, I was too wrapped up in my big brother’s sensational lips and tongue dancing lazily with mine to notice much else - slipped into our shorts freeball, and headed back down the path to the resort. When his fingers found mine, taking my hand warmly in his, I felt just full of this huge, tingling sensation, even harder than I’d fallen for Amber. We walked all the way back to the resort like that, and when we saw our guide outside, bullshitting with one of the doormen, he just laughed and laughed and laughed.

“You see? I told you so! Pool of Love!”

Stay tuned for Pool Of Love, Part Two: The Cure

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A classic.

Another nfl pic from a few years back one of the @drakestories

Another NFL pic from a few years back, one of the best of Carson Palmer.

Daddysbottom when i walked out of the bathroom @drakestories


When I walked out of the bathroom, he had the bed almost already made up. He was bent over trying to rearrange the pillows the way housekeeping would have done it.

I looked at him as I was putting on my clothes. His back still had a sheen of sweat from the vigorous sex we had just a few minutes ago. My eyes zoomed in on his butt that has sucked the cum out of my balls. I was surprised that it wasn’t leaking any of my juices. I was glad that I didn’t leave any marks on his body that might give him away, or maybe I should have.

He was still busy with the pillows when I was fully dressed. I knew I should be out of there before his wife came back from her shopping trip.

“Well, I guess I should be going. Thanks. I had fun.” I said, awkwardly.

He turned his head and nodded. “I had fun to. Thanks.” he replied and turned back his head to finish what he was doing, which was to remove any trace of what had happened on that bed.

I knew I wasn’t welcomed anymore, and proceeded to walk out of the hotel room. As I heard the door slammed shut behind me, I realized that I didn’t even know his name.

Latest jock crush kevin hogan stanford @drakestories

Latest jock crush: Kevin Hogan, Stanford

A4f101 looks like dads got that itch again @drakestories


Looks like Dad’s got that itch again…

John and I have to just laugh when anyone asks how we met. I was actually working as a personal trainer after college and hustling on the side to get enough money for a house down payment. I’d developed a niche and earned the name of Dadfucker because I have a thing for older guys and can get it up without fail, without viagra. Thin, fat, ordinary looking, whatever I was into it, and let my john feel like he was the hottest guy in the world. I was strictly top, at least for anal, and that was A-OK for my clientele. Soon the tips were starting to match the money I was making from my rate.

John Goldsmith was the last dude I expected to call on my services but you get all types, I suppose. 42, suit-and-tie banker, going through a messy divorce, he was a DILF extraordinary.

“How much for an all night session?” he asked me at our first session, as he rifled through a few clean $100 bills. “If you’re free, I mean.”

“Yeah, I’m free,” I said and told him my rate.

He counted out the bills and laid them down. “I’ve had a hell of a week and need you to pound it out of me. I don’t want to think of anything but your cock for the next eight hours.”

“Yes, sir,” I replied eagerly.

We went at it pretty late into the night and into the early hours. Dude was insatiable and that just egged me on, even if I was shooting blanks by the end. We must have gone through a pack of condoms, and used rubbers piles on the endtable as the night wore on.

We slept in until noon and though we both felt a little sheepish he insisted on making me breakfast.

“This is only my third time, hiring someone,” John said as we drank our coffee.

“I hope I lived up to your expectation,” I said, leaning back and showing off my built chest and six-pack abs I’d worked hard for.

John got a smile and a happy glow on his face. “Oh, fuck yeah. Best sex of my life and worth every penny. I’m kind of in a new phase of my life where I’m discovering new things, figuring out myself.”

“Seems like you’re pretty in tune with what you want. Don’t take this the wrong way but you’re one hell of a power bottom.”

He laughed at the term and had me explain what it meant. “I guess I am. But I normally am ashamed to be that way. That’s why I hire guys.” He looked at me a little longingly and said, “God I wish I could afford to hire you for next Friday.”

I ran my finger along the rim of the coffee cup, contemplating something that was against all protocol. “I dunno. Maybe next time, you know, can be on the house.”

Macstevens alecs nasty grandpa part 4 4 alec @drakestories


Alec’s Nasty Grandpa Part 4


Alec woke the next morning to his Granddad shaking his shoulder.

“Wake up boy!” Alec look groggily at his Granddad. They had not done their usual jerk session after dinner, the afternoon poolside jerk had evidently been enough. Now his Granddad was standing, naked, by his bed. the old man’s dick, jutting up from his hips, rock hard.

“Fuck, come on boy, give me a hand, jerk this fucker.”

“Granddad, it’s six in the morning…”

“So? Woke up this way kiddo, I really need it bad, so get to strokin.”

“Granddad,” Alec said sleepily” Can’t you just… do it yourself?”

“No! Doc said you had to help or my testosterone jolt I get afterwards would not be as large. Come on boy, quit arguing and get to jerkin!”

Alec rubbed his eyes and awkwardly grabbed his Grandpa’s dick. His Grandad winced.

“Fuck boy, what are you doin’?”

“I don’t wanna get your cum all over me Grandpa.”

the old man brushed the kids hand away. “Ok, alright. Here, scoot over and let me lie down next to you.”

“What? Why?!”

“Shit kid, if I lie down then when I blast my nut it will get all over me, not you, now make room!”

Alec scooted over to make room and his Granddad got into the bed.

“Ahhh, that’s more like it. Ok kiddo, get to work!”


Alec sat up and grabbed his Grandpa’s still hard dick and began to work the soft/hard/hot shaft with his hands.

“Fuck son, nothin like a piss hard on in the mornin’ huh? Look at you go boy, looks like yer hard too?”


Alec felt his face flushed red, his own hard dick stuck out from his boxers.

“And boy, what the hell, why you in boxers. Real men sleep nude anyways! Fuck underwear, after this we’ll go through your drawers and take it all out anyway. You should commando, show the ladies what yer packin.”

Alec started to protest, but the hard look in his Granddad’s eyes made him stop. Instead he doubled down on the old man’s dick. Soon enough his Granddad began gasping and squirming.

“Fuck kid, gonna blow big. Doin these workouts with you just makes me load up faster n bigger each time. Ugh Oh Gawwwwd!” PLumes of white hot man seed flew from his granddad’s dick, most of it falling of his hand, still wrapped around his Granddad’s dick. So much for less mess. Alec rocked back and fished out his own hard dick. He figured he could get in a quick jerk before breakfast. To his surprise he felt his Granddad’s hand on his.

“Wait up son, stop for a second. I been talking to the Doc. He says you need to go the opposite of me with the jerkin off. He says if you really wanna blast through your workouts you shouldn’t jerk it out before the gym.”

Alec’s mouth tried to work, he was speechless.

“You been talking to the Doctor about me?”

“Well yes, of course son, been tellin’ him about how you help me. He even wants to meet you sometime next week.”

Alec wasn’t sure how to take this news. He was angry at his Granddad for telling someone else about what they were doing.

“Dammit Grandpa, I thought this was a secret!”

“Don’t use that tone of voice with me boy! Now calm down. He’s a doctor, he’s sworn to confidentiality and all that stuff. He ain’t gonna say nothing.”

“But,but, do I have to wait to get off still? I mean, I really want too and it won’t matter…”

“Well son, the choice is yours, but if I were you I would give it a shot. Wait n see if your workout is more intense.If not you can jerk out a load this afternoon…”

Alec bit his lower lip and thought as deeply as he could.

“Ok” he said after  a moment and he reluctantly got up to get ready for the day.

“That’s my boy!” His Granddad gave him a big smile and smacked him playfully on the ass.


That morning’s workout was very intense, but Alec wasn’t sure if it was because he was chockful of unloaded cum or because his Granddad was relentless about pushing him. It was an intense two hours of very heavy lifting until they were done.

Afterwards Alec sat down in the locker room on a bench, drenched in sweat. His Grandpa stood in front of him. Alec could not help but notice the outline of a very hard cock in his Grandpa’s tight shorts. His Grandpa stood there, hands on hips.

“How you feel kid?”

“Worn the fuck out.”

His Grandpa laughed. “Yeah? How’s the old dick kid?”

Alec’ bolted up and looked around.

“Jeeze Grandpa, shhhh, what if-”

“Relax son, just jokin.” With this his granddad reached down and felt for the kids’ dick in his loose basketbal style shorts.

“Hmmm kid, feel like yer balls are heavy. And fuck your dick is pulsing even now, getting hard huh? You can jerk it out when we get home, don’t wanna get caught here, right?”

“Right!” Alec said, incredulous that his Granddad would even think otherwise.


That afternoon, after lunch, Alec got up from the table and headed into his bedroom.

“Where you goin’ son?” His Grandpa asked.

“Uh, well, I thought I might, um, you know.” Alec stammered.

“Shit boy, get on yer suit and come out to the pool, we can work on our tan and if you need to unload just jerk one out.”

Alec felt himself go red. “I guess I’d rather uh, do it inside… sir.”

His Granddad laughed. “Shy one aintcha? Who the fuck you think is gonna be lookin anyway? Just let it loose.”


So Alec found himself five minutes later reclining in one of the large chairs by the pool, his shiny new square cut suit hugging his body tight as he fished out his already hard dick. Alec was self conscious, but relaxed as he saw his Granddad jump in the pool and proceed to do some laps.

Aelc slowly stroked his long hard dick, letting the pure horniness of what he was doing wash over him. He soon forgot that he was sitting beside a pool with his own Grandfather doing laps. He forgot he was outside, his suit down under his balls and his hand racing up and down his aching cock. A few minutes later Alec grunted and spilled his load all over himself and his suit. Gob after gob of white teenage sperm shot out. Alec gasped, he had never come so hard or so much. His Grandpa got out of the water, smiling.

“See, not so bad eh? Feel better kiddo?”

“Uh yeah, sure.” Alec tried not to look directly at his grandfather as he used his towel to clean up the load of cum from his body. But out of the corner of his eye he could see that his Granddad’s suit had a massive bulge in it.


Hugyerbud i think those are my briefs dadmight @drakestories


I think those are my briefs, dad…might be tight fit on you…

Loaferotica at 28 brad had everything going for @drakestories


At 28, Brad had everything going for him -  a six-figure salary, a luxury condo in the city, and an E-class Mercedes but what he saw on the way to his gate made him wish he was a shoe shine guy.

Another pic of ed the corporate daddy in jeffs @drakestories

Another pic of Ed the Corporate Daddy in Jeff’s Bachelor Vacation.

Thecaltexan this is shawn not his real name @drakestories


This is Shawn (not his real name) 40, 5'10" 180 blond/blue and hairy. What a throat. And what an ass. Shawn is the kind of beta who knows exactly how to serve. Leave the office at noon, arrive at 12:20; we meet, he’s on his knees by 12:27, as I am loosening my tie and unbuttoning my shirt. My balls are bouncing on his chin as I am roughly throat fucking him, holding onto a huge wall length mirror by 12:35. By 12:45 I am entering him. It takes him awhile to adjust. Laying on his back, palm in the center of my chest controlling my entry, looking at me with intensely his deep blue eyes. We fuck. First missionary, then he positions the mirror so he can watch himself ride me while I’m on my back. We switch and its doggy style facing the mirror. I love a beta who’s also a narcissist. By this point he’s opened up and I am pounding him hard. I push him down. He’s on his stomach and I’m on top of him my thick thighs pressed on the outside of his squeezing his legs together As I am 8 inches deep. My hands pressing his shoulder blades into the mattress as my body is arched back while I pound him deep. His moans muffled by the sheets. I look down and watch my big brown cock pump into his pale creamy white hairy ass and I cum. It’s 1:05. I have no doubt his apartment neighbors heard us. I hit the shower and am out of his place by 1:13, back in the office. It’s 1:30 in time to confidently run a client meeting with my “I just got laid” calmness..

September 15, 2015
Sorry bud just gotta text my wife @drakestories

“Sorry, bud, just gotta text my wife.”

Parkersjocks happy birthday to taylor mehlhaff @drakestories


Happy Birthday to Taylor Mehlhaff

Football | Kicker | Born: August 25, 1985

More Taylor Mehlhaff pics on Parker’s Jocks

Hobartgloryhunter hot peters isnt the @drakestories



Peters isn’t the hottest guy in the office but he’s got the biggest dick, a nice thick seven and a half-er and a pair of huge nuts to match. Even the tailored suitpants do little to hide he bulge. When he found out the arrangement Rob Curtis and I had, he started angling in. “You ever think about spreading the goodwill, Drake?” he asked one evening, as a work reception turned into a few drinks at a downtown Irish pub. Peters was slurring his words and my head wasn’t much clearer. “I haven’t had decent head in forever.” “Why?” I asked. “Just because I blow Curtis?” The thing between Rob and me started because he’d just broken up with his girlfriend and I was in a real bitch of a dry patch when it came to men. I hadn’t intended for it to become a regular situation, and I sure as hell was hesitant to expand out my extracurricular activities at the office. Even if the beer goggles were making me warm to Greg Peters’ shorter semi-stocky frame and laid-back masculine demeanor. Peters smiled and clasped his hand between my shoulder blades, like he was putting on a seductive move. It was working, damnit. “Why am I different, buddy?” “You’re married, for starters.” “Don’t worry, I won’t tell her.” So, yeah, we found ourselves in a bathroom stall, and I had my first taste of Peters’ semen. Not my proudest moment, but the intensity of the situation got me off, too, as I jerked my pud for a neat simultaneous O. As we hiked our trousers back up and washed at the sink, I could see in Peters’ face and he in mine that we’d find a way to so this from now on. Even after Curtis got a new girlfriend. Even after I started dating again.

Daddysbottom the corporate married daddy in @drakestories


The corporate, married daddy in Drakestories “Jeff’s Bachelor Vacation” and “Jeff’s Bachelor Vacation Pt. 2″.

Nice vintage pic with a fresh faced eli and one of @drakestories

Nice vintage pic with a fresh-faced Eli and one of my all time faves, Sage Rosenfels. Always loved how Rosenfels always had that 20-something-going-on-DILF thing going on.

Realcandidmen carrying some beef things im @drakestories


Carrying some beef

Things I’m grateful for: Casual Fridays.

Myaddicktion they had been fucking for 6 months @drakestories


They had been fucking for 6 months, so it certainly wasn’t the first time I’d seen the bliss on my husbands face from my buddy Scott’s cock. Tonight was different though, I’m not sure how it started really. I mean we had been drinking a little, an innocent enough kiss was exchanged and the next thing I knew I was rock hard jacking off watching Scott jackhammer my husband in my favorite chair. The moans and ecstasy on my husbands face face had me leaking pre-cum like a sink I was so turned on. But when I heard him gasp “I fucking love you so much” I shot the biggest load of cum I think I’ve ever have. But right after I was kind of brought back to reality, Scott just fucked my husband and he said I love you to him, and when I looked around and remembered um yeah there are 6 other people here for this party… thats when I really got hard!  Luckily for me Scott’s boyfriend was the first to come over, pat me on the shoulder and say “need a hand or mouth cuck”.

Joes1026 dad left the bathroom door open again @drakestories


Dad left the bathroom door open again.  Every night, now.  Every night when he’s taking a shower.  And now he’s always using the bathroom right across from my room instead of the one in their room.  

He almost caught me last night, standing at the door and watching him strip down, soaping up his dick making it hard.  But I guess he didn’t.  

Why is he just standing there tonight, after he’s toweled off, flexing his ass?  FUCK, dad’s butt is hot!!  Look at those cheeks, man, I wonder what it tastes like?  

SHIT!  I leaned on the door too hard and it’s open all the way and he’s still flexing his ass…..gotta go in there…..

Realcandidmen dilferotica @drakestories




When the wives are away…the beefy Dads will play!

Left or right…I can’t decide which one of these dad bods I’d do first. Thoughts?

Imagine being the spread on this dad sandwich…

Daddysbottom in the 4 months that we had gotten @drakestories


In the 4 months that we had gotten together, I had always been the passive one, always on the receiving end of his passion. That was fine with me because it turned me on like nothing else to know that I and my body can do that to him, and can bring him off big time.

But this time, when I meet with him in his hotel room during one of his regular trips into town, I decide to be more aggressive. I hover over his head, my crotch barely a few inches from his face. Without warning, I aimed my dick towards his mouth and push it all the way in. He chokes, but I keep going till I my pubes mashes against his mouth. He gags and convulses, but he does not push me off.

I pull back a bit to give him some time to breath, but only for a few seconds before I go back in. Pretty soon, I establish a steady rhythm and I find myself fucking his wet mouth. I can hear him humming his approval, so I fuck his face even harder, my pelvic bone smashing against his nose. He gags now and then, especially when I alter my angle of entry into his throat.

I turn my head and look back at his reclining, hairy body. His thick cock is standing straight up and leaking precum like a faucet. Looks like we both discover that he likes to have his throat fucked. Seeing that, I lean forward and increase my face-fucking pace. He hangs on like a trooper, and even tighten his lips around my pistoning shaft.

I know then that this is the time to go for it. After one really hard shove and I bury my entire 7-inch dick down his mature throat, I keep it there. He gags and struggles a bit.

I look down as his face, admiring the sight of his mouth smashed against my pubic hair. “Alright, old man. It seems that you like being fucked in your mouth. How about we find out if you like being fucked in that hairy ass of yours?” I say.

Even as he struggles to suppress his gagging, his eyes dart to look into mine. I can his tears running down his face has he chokes on my huge cock. But his eyes tell the whole story, and I can see his lust bubbling to the surface. Sure enough, when I look back again behind me, his dick was jerking uncontrollably at the thought of his ass being invaded, probably for the very first time ever.

I turn to look at him again as I slowly withdraw my dick from his throat. “From the way your dick reacts, you like that idea. And so does my cock.” I say as my dick slams hard against my belly as soon it it clears his mouth.

Happily, both dad and I find out that he likes to be fucked, and fucked real hard. We now flip flop whenever we see each other, taking turns sampling the one another’s tight ass. And I was right. I took dad’s cherry ass that night.

A4f101 busted i guess we thought we had more @drakestories



I guess we thought we had more time than we actually did. I could have taken all the time in the world kissing Billy, loving the slow, deep play of our tongues, the feel of our lips crashing into each other. He was new to it, and already really good at it, and it was one of my favorite things in the world.

“Aw, Craigy,” he moaned, his big blue eyes all hazy and needy, and I fell a little bit more in love with him right then.

I smiled at him, pecked his soft lips, pulled one hand from his jeans, reaching between us to graze my knuckles over the big hard bulge of his cock in them. He moaned and ground it against my hand, and we kissed slowly again, Billy sucking my tongue back into his mouth as I popped the buttons on his jeans slowly, a little grunt-whimper coming from him at each one. Then both my hands were back inside his pants, stroking and squeezing over the cute little tighty-whiteys he still wore, that looked amazing on his hard-muscled teen bod. Almost like he was made to wear them.

Billy’s jeans slid halfway down the strong curve of his ass as he thrust himself up against me and kissed me harder. I was already down to my underwear, my boxer briefs tented hard with my bigger, older cock, starting to leak a wet patch into the fabric stretched over the tip.

We thought we had all the time in the world for this, so when the floorboards creaked behind the sofa and Dad cleared his throat, we both froze up in fear, then slowly looked over the back of the sofa at him. He was standing in the archway that led into the dining room, a bottle of beer dangling from his fingers, watching us with that unreadable face of his. Dad was a quiet man - not unfriendly or uncaring, just not a big talker. Hard to read sometimes. Especially right now, watching his two teenage sons making out on the couch right in front of him.

My heart was in my throat, and I could only imagine how terrified Billy was, as I felt his formerly roaring hardon rapidly wilt, like mine was doing. How could we explain this? I mean… it was exactly what it looked like. How long had he been there? And how the hell had he got inside without us hearing him until now? Then I remembered him oiling the squeaky hinges on the back door yesterday, after Mom had bitched about it for a solid week, and now here he was. Home early from the neighbors’ annual end-of-summer party.

He walked around the sofa, all big and heavy-footed in his boots, taking a swig on his beer, his eyes not really leaving us as we stared at him, shocked and frozen in place. Then he plonked himself into the old, well-worn leather armchair he loved, right across from us, and sighed.

“Your Mom sent me home to check on you boys,” he said, with that slow drawl that said he’d had a few. “Guess it’s a good thing it was me, instead of her, right?”

We could barely nod. He could have a real temper when he got pushed - not that he ever lashed out at us that much, but I’d learned how to curse from hearing him take out his frustrations on the old piece of shit Ford truck that had sat busted in the garage for as long as I could remember. That “god damn motherfuckin’ whoremaster piece of shit,” as he usually called it, angrily tossing his wrench into the beat-up bed of it with a huge clang.

He was a big guy, with a slow-burn of a temper, alright. Big ol’ country boy, with a thick, powerful frame from years and years of work. Women still turned their heads to watch him walk by. He had a sly sense of humor and a rarely-seen smile that completely changed his handsome, rugged face. We loved him deeply, but we were scared of him now too, especially of that penetrating, unreadable gaze of his on us.

“I ain’t mad. I suspected it,” he said now in that deep, quiet voice of his.

Billy had pulled up off of me, still halfway out of his jeans as he rested on his heels on the other end of the couch. I’d grabbed a cushion to cover my groin. We looked at each other, scared and confused by what he said. He knew? Shit… we hadn’t been doing this long. We thought we were being careful.

“Y’all think you’re the first brothers to ever mess around?” he said, taking another pull on his beer. He swallowed, then a small smile curved the corners of his mouth. “Shit… I got three brothers. All a year apart. Grew up on a farm. I know how it is… you get bored… you get horny… you get to lookin’ at each other that way… things happen.”

This might have been the most words we’d ever heard Dad string together at once.

“I told you, boys - I ain’t mad,” he said. “Go on… do what y’all do.”

Billy reached out hesitantly, touched my bare knee, and despite the super weird vibe, I felt that tingle in my crotch. I really was crushin’ pretty hard on my hot little brother, and I knew he felt that way about me too. I was pretty much his first in just about everything, and he really loved everything we were doing. Almost as much as me. He looked over at Dad, and the big guy just nodded slowly, approvingly, and sipped his beer. So I pushed the cushion off my lap, reached up for Billy’s toned arms, and pulled him up closer to me again.

We looked each other in the eyes, nervously, Billy biting his lip, and he was so fuckin’ cute right then. So I sucked in a deep breath, curled up, and kissed those soft lips of his. He got that flush in his cheeks, that slow, dreamy smile of his when I pulled back, and then he leaned in and kissed me. Just pecks on the lips, the way we’d started when we’d first started doing this a few months ago, back at the start of summer. Trading them back and forth, lingering a little longer. And then, with one sideways glance at Dad, he leaned in and kissed me harder, slipping me that sweet, curious pink tongue of his. I opened up to take it, feeling his cock start to grow, mine right along with it, and heard a low, deep noise, almost a grunt, from Dad in his armchair.

The kid had magical lips, an enchanting tongue, and the more he leaned into me and fed me, the easier it was to nearly forget our big Dad watching us. When my hands slipped back into his gaping-open jeans to cup my little bro’s excellent jock kid ass, he moaned into my mouth again, and Dad half-growled right along with him. I cut eyes at him, and saw him slowly unbuttoning his shirt, his beer dangling from his other hand, as he watched us.

Dad looked amazing, he always had, especially now, lit by the lamp behind his chair, highlighting the thick fur on his beefy pecs, rolling down the strong swell of his stomach, all that hard farmboy muscle overlaid with the beefy padding of a man on the verge of 40. Not a gym bunny - just a hard-working man with a natural muscled body, slowly opening his shirt to display it, reaching in to rub one big hand over his pec as he sipped on his beer, and watched his sons start to go deep on each other again.

Billy wriggled out of his jeans, down to those cute tighty-whiteys, all strained with his big teen cock, and he slid up the length of my body as I wrapped my arms and my own strong thighs around him and pulled him in tight. the room was quiet, except for the soft smack of our lips, our soft grunts, Dad’s quiet noises of manly approval. And then the clink of his belt unbuckling, the pop of a button, the zip of his jeans opening. I chanced another look his way, and there he was, his big, hard cock tenting his boxer shorts up from the open V of his jeans. he saw me looking, gave me that quiet, direct but weirdly intense smile of his, and palmed his own bulge.

Maybe the only person I’d jerked off thing about more than Billy was Dad. Actually, definitely Dad. And yeah, it was weird to be making out with my hot kid bro with our Dad watching us. Weird… but hot as fuck. I guess every guy wants to show their Dad that they can do things like a man does, and I wanted to show Dad I was good at this especially. So I sank my hands inside Billy’s little undies, squeezed the shifting, grinding muscles of his ass, and licked my way down his throat, along that sensitive trail on the side of his neck that I’d recently discovered, as I worked his briefs down his fine young ass.

“Your brother a good kisser, Billy?” I heard Dad ask.

“Y-yeah, Dad, he is,” Billy half-moaned. I could feel him blushing all over, his skin all hot under my lips and tongue and hands, but I continued to work down to his big pink nip, taking it in my mouth and sucking on it, making him moan deeper, his voice catching as he did. Sounding like the man he was fast becoming.

I heard the thump of Dad’s boots hitting the floor, then the sound of his jeans joining them. I looked sideways as I worked Billy’s stiff nip over, saw Dad standing up, big and boned in his boxers, his checked shirt hanging open, displaying his hairy, masculine power as he stepped closer to us. I felt the nerves set in again, especially when I felt Dad’s big, rough, strong hand cup the back of my head.

“He treat you good, little buddy?” Dad asked Billy. “He ever push you? Make you do anything you didn’t want to?”

“No sir,” Billy panted. “I wanted it. Wanted him. I asked him first. He didn’t want to… but I kept askin’…”

“That true, Craig?” he said to me, and I came up off Billy’s tit to nod. He nodded back, that little smile of his spreading as he sank slowly to his knees beside us.

Dad set his beer down on the floor and ran one big hand down Billy’s back, and the kid quivered and moaned and ground against me, his cock throbbing to beat the band. Just like mine was. I looked up, saw them lock eyes, and then Dad leaned in and kissed Billy’s lips. The kid moaned, and when I saw Dad’s big, shining tongue slip up against Billy’s lips, then between them, I swear my little bro nearly came in his undies, all over me.

“Ah jeez, that’s hot,” I moaned, and then Dad broke off their kiss and looked down at me, peering deep into my eyes, like he was taking my measure. Then he leaned down to me, his breath warm and beery, and already my lips were parting as they connected with his, as he slowly fed me that thick, warm, wet tongue of his, his thick fingers sinking into the hair on the back of my head as he laid a serious man-kiss on me. Now it was my turn to feel like I was going to cum, all these fantasies being realized at once.

“Always wished my Dad woulda come played with me and my brothers,” Dad said, before wrapping his thick arm round Billy’s neck to slip him another quick, deep kiss. “You guys ever think about that? About me?”

“Ah, yeah Dad,” Billy panted before I could say anything, so I just nodded. “Craigy talks about you all the time. Thought it was just me. We both been thinkin’ about you, Daddy.”

“Big-time, Dad,” I added, and hesitantly reached out to touch his big, hairy chest. He grunted when I did, looking down to watch my fingers sink into the thick, warm fur.”

“Come on, boys,” he said, standing up slowly, that great big cock of his right in front of us, straining the button-fly of his boxer shorts. “You really want this, let’s get after it. Somewhere more private, though.”

We followed his big, muscular ass as he walked down the hall to the bedrooms. Billy and me stared at each other in disbelief, our cocks pointing the way, following Dad like a couple of divining rods. He stopped at the door to my bedroom, smiled at us, and motioned us in with his head. We shuffled in obediently, and I clicked on the bedside lamp as Dad shut the door behind us. he stood there, big and looming over us, eyes raking up and down our near-naked bodies, the big tents in our underwear, our nervous faces. Then that slow, warm smile of his spread across his face as he shrugged his shirt off and spread his big arms. He looked amazing.

“C’mon, men,” he said. “Always wondered about y’all. Let’s find out, huh?”

When we stepped within arm’s reach, all nervous, he grasped our shoulders and pulled us into his big, furry torso with a grunt, and all of a sudden I realized what me and Billy had been missing, we’d been so wrapped up in each other all summer long. Dad took turns kissing each of us, back and forth, repeatedly, as we moaned and pressed up to him and felt him up. It was Billy who was bold enough to reach for that epic bulge of his, to take hold of him through the cotton of his shorts, to make him moan lustily into my mouth, before turning to attack Billy’s. I trailed my hand down his back, through the furry patch just above his ass, and then down to feel the thick, steely power of his glutes, grunting in awe and lust as he flexed them for me.

Dad’s big, agile fingers were tanking on our underwear, and me and my brother wriggled our hips and helped him get us naked, before attacking his boxers with overeager hands.

“Hey now, easy fellas,” he chuckled. “Don’t want to explain shredded boxers to your Mom.”

A few seconds later, he was stepping out of them, and there he was, in all his big, thick, powerful glory. Big thighs like tree trunks. Big, round, muscle-packed ass. Solid, slightly rounded belly. Meaty pecs. All of it covered in a thick coating of rich brown hair.

And then, there was his cock. Big and thick and hard, like the rest of his body. Uncut, too. Had to be seven inches, or damn close to it, and me and Billy fell to our knees side by side, staring at it in awe.

“Jeez, Dad, you’re huge,” Billy said, all wide-eyed, and Dad just chuckled, tousling his hair.

Billy and me had done some sucking, of course, but as handsome as I thought my piece was, I wasn’t near as big as Dad. Unlike Billy, though, I had a little more experience. He almost looked relieved when I took hold of Dad’s big, pulsing shaft, leaned in, and licked the fat, shiny head of it. Dad growled, I grunted, Billy moaned, and then I took a firmer grip on the shaft and began to lick and suck on the cock that had created us in earnest.

It took everything I had just to fit the head and the first few inches in my mouth, and my jaw was stretching from my inexperience. I did my best not to scrape him with my teeth, letting my spit drool down his shaft as I lapped and suckled on as much of him as I could get, and jacked the rest with my hand like I’d seen guys do in porn. The whole time, Billy watched avidly, darting in to nuzzle at Dad’s bull balls as Dad rubbed both our heads and encouraged us on. I could see my little bro staring eagerly at me, and the big cock I was doing my best on, so after a few minutes more, I came up off of it with a gasp, my eyes watering, jaw aching, and pointed it his way.

“Try him, little bro,” I said. “He tastes so fuckin’ good, dude.”

“Hey, watch the language,” Dad said, giving the back of my head a playful cuff. “And Billy - watch the teeth, little buddy.”

Billy nodded, looking up at him worshipfully, then even more so at his cock, before opening wide and imitating me.

“You’re doing awesome, little bro,” I said, rubbing his back, and once he started to get the hang of it, I stood up, feeling Dad’s big arm wrap round me and pull me into another deep kiss. Once he tasted himself on my tongue, he growled and plunged even deeper, kissing me harder than Billy ever had, a real mans kiss, and I was soon leaking against his hip, my cock raging hard and trapped between us as his hand reached behind me to squeeze my ass.

“Y’all fucking yet, son?” he asked, and I shook my head.

“Soon, I hope,” I said, with a blush, and he chuckled.

“You cherry, buddy?” he said, giving my ass another squeeze.

“N-not exactly,” I muttered. “Carter Dean and me have fooled around some. But nothing like… like what you got, Dad. Nothing so big, jeez…”

He leaned down and slipped me his big, eager tongue again. Below us, Billy was alternating between happy grunts, sloppy suck sounds, and choking noises. he was always super-enthusiastic about everything,but sometimes he bit off more than he could chew, so to speak. Dad reached down, squeezed the back of his head, and guided him off of his cock, before pulling him back up into his embrace beside me.

“Seems like y’all got some more learnin’ to do, boys,” he said with that rare, sly grin of his, and from Charlie’s surprised grunt, I knew Dad’s thick finger was slipping down the cleft of his ass to find his tight, sweet little pucker, just like he was doing to mine with his other hand.

“I don’t want your Mom to catch us, like I caught you two,” he said. “So tomorrow, us three are gonna ride out to the back 40. Take our time, and I’ll show you some things. Things my brothers taught me. That alright by you, men?”

We nodded eagerly, making him smile even wider, squeezing our asses for emphasis.

“Damn, you two remind me of your uncles,” he said wistfully, shaking his head. “Sit down. We got time for a little more, I reckon.”

He guided us down to sit on the side of my bed, and then squeezed in between us, his big, thick, hairy thighs pressing against out leaner, more athletic ones. he ran his hands all over them, up and down, kissing us again in turn, and then me and Billy grunted in unison as he took a son cock in each big, strong hand and began to stroke us. He didn’t need to say anything, just kept kissing us, nuzzling our ears, jacking our achingly hard teen cocks with his big, spit-slicked, hard-working mans hands, as we hooked our thighs over his and opened ourselves up to him. I saw billy’s eyes, all lust-hazed again, staring from Dad to me, and so I leaned in and laid one on him, kissing him hard and deep and wet like Dad had done to me. I’d thought I was pretty good at it, but Dad was even better. I couldn’t wait to see what else I could learn from the big guy, so I could practice it on my little bro.

Just the thought of us sprawled out in the bed of Dad’s Ram, naked and doing everything, just like in my fantasies… the thought of slipping my cock up inside Billy’s tight, sexy young ass… had my nuts boiling, ready to blast.

“I’m gonna cum, Dad,” I moaned, and he jacked harder, corkscrewing my cock with a handful of spit and the expertise of a man who’d been handling himself - himself and others -  for three decades.

“Oh shit, I’m really gonna cummmmm!” I wailed, and then I was blasting, pumping my hips up into Dad’s fast-jacking fist, spurting shot after shot of my teen cum all over Dad’s fist, my stomach, the thick, corded muscles of his hairy forearm.

“Yeah buddy, shoot that shit,” he grunted. “You ready to cum for me, Billy boy?”

“Aw Daddy,” was all Billy could squeak out, and then he was firing off, not quite so much as me, but a damned impressive load all the same, spraying his heaving, flexing young abs and Dad’s other forearm.

The sight of Dad licking our cum off his hands with a hungry grunt was enough to get my cock interested again, and when he offered us each the remnants of our loads from his fists, we leaned in and licked them clean, until his mitts shone with our spit. We both craned up too kiss him, tongues battling as we tried for a three-way kiss, and pretty much succeeded, But when our hands moved to his big, angry-looking cock, the head all gleaming with precum, he gently but firmly pushed them away,

“Not tonight, boys,” he said, seeing the hungry disappointment on our faces. “Tomorrow, now… that’s a different story. Can have all of your old man y’all can handle then. But I expect your Mom’ll be home soon, half-full of wine and ready to play.”

Billy wrinkled his nose at that, and we all laughed.

“But believe me… I’ll be thinking of y’all’s fine young asses when I shoot tonight, you can count on that. Give your Mom the lay of her life, thanks to you two.”

“Well, be ready for the lay of your life tomorrow, Dad,” I said, and Billy nodded, grinning in agreement, stroking his hand over Dad’s beefy, furred-up pec. “And save some cum for your boys, you hear?”

“Yes sir,” he chuckled, then kissed each of us in turn. I guess we could have gone on like that for a whole lot longer, and maybe we might’ve changed his mind, but then we heard tires rumbling over the old cattle grid at the end of the driveway, the sound of Mom’s Durango slowly making its way up the long gravel drive.

“Well, I better go make sure I’m clean enough,” Dad said with a good-natured sigh. “Y’all two try not to stay up all night… and try not to be spent before tomorrow comes, alright?”

“Yes sir,” we said in unison. We looked at each other as we watched his big, naked ass walk out my door, his boxers crumpled in his hand. Shit, I knew we could both go a couple more rounds, and still be good to go for tomorrow…

“And y’all come and pick up your fuckin’ shorts from the living room, before she gets in!” we heard Dad holler down the hall.

We scrambled to go pick up our discarded clothes from around the couch, just barely making it back to my room before we heard the door of her Durango shut outside. Getting busted once had turned out to be a lot of fun, but we didn’t want to risk being caught twice in one night.

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Macstevens alecs nasty grandpa alec was your @drakestories


Alec’s Nasty Grandpa

Alec was your classic all American looking 19 year old. He had just finished his second year o f college when his Mom called him to tell him he would be spending the summer with his Grandfather in Palm Springs. Alec knew better to ask, but clearly his Mom was having “troubles” again. His Dad had left them when he was 2. His Mom’s parents were all he had known but he was confused when did they move to Palm Springs? He Mom sighed and tol dhim, no, not them, but his Dad’s Dad. Alec had not seen the man since he had been about 4. But his Mom explained that her parents were just too old.

His Dad’s Dad was relatively young. He had been 16 when he had gotten his highschool sweat-heart pregnant. And the son they had had only been 17 when he had gotten Alec’s Mom pregnant. His Grandad was only 52 years old, so he could handle the kid.

Alec landed at Palm Springs with just a duffel bag. He was looking forward to a lazy summer. He talked to his grandfather and learned the guy lived alone, had a pool and worked mostly from home. His Mom had sent him a picture from a few years ago. It showed a heavy set man with long thinning hair and pale skin. His Grandad had spent his whole life in Chicago. But two years ago he’d moved out West after he had gotten divorced, trying to find a new life. Alec looked around the baggage claim for the large pasty man and was surprised when a tall, tan and very fit looking man with short white hair and a neat trim goatee gave him a big smile followed by a bear hug. The man stepped back and Alec could admire his muscular body trapped in a tight polo shirt and baggy brown cargo shorts.

“Alec my boy! Well, look at you!” His Grandad eyed him up and down. “You’ve changed since you were 4!” He said with a laugh. Alec beamed and stood there, subconsciously flexing a little to show off his jock bod to his Grandad. Alec was 6’2” and 260 pounds. His light brown hair was short but slightly moppy on top. His chiseled face held deep blue eyes and high cheeks. His body was equally chiseled from years of sports. He never was great at any particular one but could play all well enough. He bounced between soccer, lacrosse and rugby. He spent a lot of time pumping up his body, which responded by producing large puffy muscles seemingly everywhere. He had large flat pecs with little nuby boytitties underneath his just slightly too tight thin cotton t shirt. His large glutes and thick thighs were trapped in khaki shorts. He large dusty hairy feet were wiggling in a pair of sandals. The only thing not on display was his thick fat 8 inch cunt splitter, which he had used many a times to subvert pretty co-eds to his urgent sexual needs. He put those thoughts out of his mind, he did not want to chub up in front of his own grandad.

“You look great too Grandad!” Alec said.

“:Thanks boy, been on a new regimen, have to tell you about it later. Let’s get back home now, I got steaks in the fridge waiting for the grill!”

Alec felt at home right away at his grandad’s. The house was a ranch style, very open inside and to the outside as well. It was underneath large palms and live oak and the hot desert air seemed colder around the house. Out back was a large deep blue pool. The yard surrounded by a high privacy fence, the house seemed remote even though it was in a large neighborhood. Alec unpacked his stuff and came out to the back where his Grandad was already grilling. To his surprise his Grandad was wearing only a tight pair of speedos. Alec’s face must have registered surprise. His Grandad gave a chuckle.

“Oops, forgot Alec, it’s just us guys back here so I like to relax. I’d go naked, but I don’t want to scare ya!” HE laughed. “I got you some suits in the changing house” He pointed to a small building next to the pool with a shower and a changing room. Alec went in and found three pair of swimtrunks like his Grandads, two were bikini cut the third was square cut. The first one was white with blue stripes, Alec thought that it would be too sheer, it did not seem to have a liner. In fact, none of them did. The second pair were green, and if anything seemed lower cut than the first. The last one was the square cut suit, blue with green stripes. It seemed like it only offered marginally more coverage than the first two, but at least it wouldn’t be too small.   Alec picked it up as if it were radioactive and then shrugged. He didn’t want to offend his Grandad, and if no one saw…

A minute later Alec came out in the square cut suit, painfully aware that it seemed to bunch around his flaccid cock and balls and ride up the crack of his beefy buns, but his Grandad said nothing.

A swim, a meal and then another swim later Alec was tired. He said goodnight and went back to his room. He closed the door and caught his reflection in the closet door mirrors. He smiled and posed for a minute, getting a slight pump into his body and, as he went on, to his dick. He realized he was pretty worked up, having not gotten off since the night before. Within a minute his dick was rock hard, pushing the tiny suit to its limits. We was about the pull the suit down and give his cock a good jack when he heard a noise. He went to his door and opened it slightly. Down the hall he could see his Grandad’s room and the light of a TV flickering. As he stood in his doorway he could hear sounds, it sounded almost like… like… a woman getting fucked. Curious he made his way down the hall and stopped short of his grandad’s room. From the angle he could see the back of a TV and his Grandad sitting on the bed, his swimsuit off and a rock hard cock jutting up between his legs. His granddad’s eyes were glued to the screen as he moved his hand up and down his shaft. Voices from the TV were moaning, a woman begging for more.

Suddenly his Grandad looked up and saw Alec in the doorway. He did not stop but smiled.

“Hey boy, caught me jerkin off eh? It’s ok, come on in. It’s all good, it’s doctor’s orders!”

Alec came in, momentarily forgetting that he himself was only dressed in the too tight swimsuit, his own cock still hard, bursting the seams of the suit.  

“Huh?” He said, trying not to look at his grandad’s thick glistening dick.

“My new regimen. Sit down next to me boy, that’s it. See two years ago I was tired, worn out and out of shape. When I moved here I found a new doctor, Doctor Tommy, who told me about a new treatment for guys like me. See, I didn’t have enough testosterone in my body, and I had no sex drive. So rather than give me drugs, which have side effects, he got me onto a regular regimen of jerking off. At first I could only manage once a week, but now I do this daily.”

“Seems strange” Alec said, still not looking at his Grandad, but now focused on the screen. A big titted but plain woman was getting fucked hard by a large, very good looking muscular man.

“Not strange, it’s medicine boy. Besides, its natural, looks like you could used a jerk off too boy.” Alec looked up from the TV and saw his Grandad looking pointedly at Alec’s tented crotch. Alec blushed and stammered.

“It’s ok boy, like I said, we’re all guys here. Just whip it out and work that joint, I Know I am” and with that his Granded looked back at the TV and resumed his rapid stroking on his dick. Alec stared for a moment, transfixed as he watched his Granddad slwoly stroke his cock. The old man’s cock was fat and long and an angry red from the work out it was getting. A small spluge of precum glistened at the tip.

Alec hesitated, but his hard dick and lack of sex clouded his mind. With some difficulty he pulled his dick out of his speedos  and began to stroke the dripping fat bastard.His balls ached for relief. He was so used to getting off 2-3 times a day, his body was trembling as he gripped his cock and began to stroke.

It did not take long for him to feel the feeling he craved.

“Oh God, gonna bust!” He said

“Go for it boy! I’m close too!” His Grandad said, breathing heavily. Alec grunted a let go of a huge series of cum snots that flew from his dick onto the carpet. Seconds later he heard his grandad swear and then saw a series of cum spurts out of the corner or his eye.

A minute later Alec stood up, still breathing heavily, , his cock was back into the now slightly saggy speedos.

“Sorry I made a mess on the carpet Grandad.”

“Is ok, boy, you can get it cleaned up tomorrow. OFf to bed now. Thanks for helping me out there.”

Daddysbuttsniffer opposing stalls at the y this @drakestories


Opposing stalls at the Y. This was the suburbs, dammit. Guys don’t cruise or get cruised here. So as this no-doubt real Dad showered and lathered up, when your eyes met, his smile was probably just a friendly gesture.

“Say, didn’t you go to Westview with my boy Matty? You’re Jason, right?” he says over spray.

Your name’s not Jason. “Uh, yeah, that’s me, Jason! How is Matt?” you lie.

“Good, good. Gonna graduate next year from State! I’ll tell him you said hello! Gosh, Jase, you’ve sure filled out nice. Been working out a lot?” he says back, but his gaze seems to drift south and linger a bit long.

You realize you’ve not stopped soaping up your crotch since you’ve been chatting, and your young cock is stiff, and pointing directly at the object of your desire. “Oh, um, well, yeah, I’ve been hard at it!” you stammer, immediately aware how stupid that sounded. The man smiles, and there’s a brief awkward silence. He turns off his spray and steps across the aisle, carefully looking both ways. The other stalls are empty. He enters your stall and you are backed up against the cold tile on the back wall. His big Daddy cock is poking you in the gut, it’s girthy mass pushing down against the upward pressure of your own much smaller cock.

“Listen,” he says as he places his hand behind your neck, and you feel a slight downward pressure. “I know what you and Matty used to get up to in the hotel on those away games and after the keggers on the back ridge. He told me all about it!” Your eyes locked onto his, you want to tell him the truth. “In fact,” he continues “many times, after Matty had drained a nice Daddy load outta my nuts, he’d tell me how he learned all about blowjobs from his friend Jason. He said you were the best!”

His strong hand pushes you down firmly, and you go to your knees before him.

“You’re obviously missing Matty as badly as I am, Jason. Why don’t we both help each other out?” he says, a question that is much less of an offer than a demand. “Do a real good job for me, boy, and when Matty comes home for the holidays, we can surprise him with a real homecoming reunion!”

As your mouth opens, and you draw this Daddy’s heavy cock into your mouth, resolved to pleasure him better than even his son ever has, you reflect on the absurdity of this entire event. Your not Jason, you don’t know this Matt guy, and you’re about to service a strange Daddy in the showers of a suburban YMCA.

“Well!” you think as your throat engulfs this man’s huge cock, “Matty won’t be the only one in for a big holiday surprise!!!”

Daddysbottom the moment they arrived and checked @drakestories


The moment they arrived and checked in to the hotel room, they were tearing at each other’s clothes. Within seconds, they were completely naked and devouring each other’s bodies with their hunger and lust.

It didn’t take long for Mike to find himself face down on the bed, his ass hiked up high in the air, and that long, thick dick sawing in and out of his tight hole.

“Harder!” Mike cried out.

He got his wish as the next penetration was hard and brutal, showing the entire 9 inches into his butt and the collision of hips to ass cause his entire body to shake.

“Is this what you want boy? Is this what you’ve been waiting for all day?” Jim asked as he picked up his fucking force and pace.

Mike moaned out loud at the assault on his rear end. “Fuck yeah, dad! I’ve been thinking of this through the entire trip! Now fuck my ass hard and breed me deep!” he pleaded.

Hearing those words, Jim grabbed his son’s ass and began pummeling it brutally as he went for his nut.

This happened every time Mike accompanied his dad on his business trips.

Hugyerbud i was as nervous as any rookiewaiting @drakestories


I was as nervous as any rookie…waiting for my big bro to finish showering. I stretched out on the bed…his bed…in his new apartment…in just my tightie-whities, which barely concealed the semi that was tenting the already tight briefs. He’d caught me spying on him in the bathroom last week…always leaves the door ajar…grinned when he saw my nose pressed to door jamb…told me it was natural to be curious…even told me to come in and shower while he was shaving…naked of course, like always.

editorial note: I was just going to caption this, but my imagination got the better of me…had to explore where that curiousity led…

Dad had dropped me off just an hour ago. I heard them whispering…then laughing, as dad slipped him a wad of cash and reminded him to take good care of me. I saw dad wink at him before he hugged me goodbye, kissed my cheek, and said, “be good, sport…obey your brother, awright?”

The door had barely slammed behind him when my brother scooped me up in his arms…still sweaty from his workout…and planted a kiss on my lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck and wrapped my legs around his thick thighs while he carried me into his bedroom and tossed me playfully onto the bed.

“Gimme five minutes to rinse the stank off me, lil bro. You get stripped down to your underwear and wait for me, awright?” he beamed, grinning from ear to ear. “I ordered some pizza but I think we need to take the edge off before it gets here.”

He undressed in front of me, sort of making a show of it just to tease me…his muscles tensing and relaxing as he pulled his sweat-soaked shirt up over his head. He was solid muscle…broad shoulders, rippling arms and thick slabs of pecs on his broad chest…his half-dollar sized tits topped off by puffy pink nipples looked to be the only soft spot on his torso. He was naturally hairless, like me, with just a trace of hairy fuzz trailing from his bellybutton into his gym shorts, riding low on his hips. He peeled those off next and stood proudly before me in just his bulging jockstrap.

“Looks like we’re both a little excited, bro,” he grinned, cupping his junk and staring at my straining shorts. I’d been so intent on watching him that I’d barely realized how hard my cock was getting. “Keep your hands off it till I get back,” he warned. And with that he turned and slid his jockstrap down over his meaty asscheeks and kicked it off. He strutted into the bathroom, accentuating the muscles in his ass. I thought about surprising him and joining him in the shower, but I remembered what Dad had said about obeying my big bro, and my big bro said to wait on the bed…so I stripped down to my briefs…and waited.

He left the bathroom door open while he quickly showered, but the frosted glass obscured all but his silhouette until he climbed out of the tub and dried off hastily, then walked back into the room…his hard cock proudly leading the way as it jutted straight out from his hips. He walked around the bed to retrieve something from his dresser drawer…I couldn’t see what…then placed it on the nightstand and sat on the bed next to me.

“Look, bro…we can just jerk off like we’ve always done…but…if you want…we can do more. It’s your call.”

“I want to do everything with you, AJ…but…I never…I mean…you’re gonna have to show me, bro…cuz I’ve only kissed one girl…so I…I’m a…

“shhhhh, buddy,” he whispered softly, placing a finger to my lips…then replacing his finger with his soft, warm lips. I closed my eyes and put my hands on his shoulders as he leaned into my chest and kissed me…not like the soft pecks my prom date gave me, though. My mouth opened to his…felt his tongue flicking gently against mine…tasted his spit as his mouth covered mine, and his tongue probed deeper…felt so fucking nice!

I gasped when he pulled away…dragging his tongue down my neck and sucking on my nipple…geezus…could feel my cock pulse against him, spurting pre as he gnawed on my sensitive tit.

“ooooohhhh…geez, AJ…that feels so good,” I groaned.

“mmm…gonna make you feel real good tonight, bro,” he purred…tracing his lips down to my belly button and into my bush…sniffing it and lapping at my nuts with broad strokes of his tongue. My hips raised involuntarily as he rooted under my sac…licking and sucking my nuts and taint…right down into my fuzzy trench…grazing my sweaty pucker with his chin. I groaned even louder as he pushed my legs up and back…started licking my asshole and darting his tongue in and out of it.

“unnnhhhh…fuuuuck, AJ…what’r you doing? unnnnhhhh…shiiiiit that feels good!”

He paused and glanced up at me. “That’s called rimming, bro…girls like it too…but guys like us LOVE it!” he grinned. He licked his finger and teased it in and out of my hole as he began sucking my cock. I couldn’t control myself…just bucked my hips up into his mouth and spewed my young jock load…clamping my butthole on his finger as he gulped gush after gush of my creamy load and continued slurping and sucking me off.

“A little warning next time, bro,” he teased, letting my juicy dick flop against my thigh. His face was frosted with streaks of my cum and he looked so happy as he clambered on top of me. “You ever taste it, bro?” he grinned. I nodded sheepishly, not knowing if that was cool or not. “Me too…and yours if fuckin tasty, bro!” he beamed as he licked all around his mouth…then leaned down and kissed me…feeding me my own sticky load as my tongue explored his cream-filled mouth.

“Fuck, bro…you kiss real good when you’re going after that sweet cream!” Guess we know how to teach you to be a good kisser now,” he teased. I licked his chin where my cum had dribbled down and kissed him again, hungrily…then licked all the way around his lips and kissed some more…I couldn’t get enough of his sexy kisses.

“My turn now,” he announced as he scooted up and sat on my chest. “Fuck, I almost came when you shot in my mouth, bro…that was so hot! He started jerking his cock and rubbing the slick mushroom head over my lips for me to lick. I could feel him tensing up even before he warned me. “Oh geezus…you ready, bro…I’m gonna blow,” he grunted. He grabbed the base of his thick cock and gave the shaft a couple more strokes before I felt the first preliminary drops of juice spray out…followed by a volley of thick cum ropes that splatted against my cheek and neck before he finally shoved his cock into my waiting mouth and fed me his load. I choked almost immediately and he pulled back out…still spewing cum over my face.

“Sorry, bro…didn’t mean to gag you like that…it’s just…”

He didn’t get a chance to finish the thought before I clamped my lips around his cock and sucked the rest of his load out, making him moan with pleasure. He pulled his still hard dick out of my mouth and laid down on top of me…licking up puddles of his cum from my neck and letting them drip into my mouth…then savoring it with me in deep, sloppy kisses. He’d barely finished licking my face clean when we heard the buzz at the door, and heard a man’s voice holler, “pizza delivery!”

“You stay put, sport,” he grinned as he jumped up, wrapped his bath towel around him and went into the living room to pay the guy. I heard the door slam and he called out for me to “come and get it.” I tugged my briefs up over my boner and walked out of the bedroom feeling hungrier than ever. To my surprise; standing there in the living room holding a big pizza box and grinning, was my Dad.

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Graybeards realizing he has an audience mr @drakestories


Realizing he has an audience, Mr. O’Connor looks up at me and shrugs. “Sorry, it gets hard at the drop of a hat,” He slides his hand, slick with sunscreen, down his long shaft. “I don’t want that to get burned, after all.”

For a 46-year-old, my boyfriend’s father has a pretty impressive body—even saying nothing of his huge cock, a trait he shares with his son. I peel my gaze from the fit, mature man, embarrassed by my own hard-on, and say, “Heh. No worries, sir. It’s your house.”

He grins and takes a few steps toward me as he rubs the cream on his hips. “I guess a man’s cock is no unfamiliar sight for a guy like you.” I laugh along with him, but my mouth waters at the way his manhood bounces with every step.

Mr. O’Connor lies back on the reclined chair beside mine and lets out a sigh of relief. I try to act nonchalant when I notice him absently looking over at me, but tension builds in my slim shoulders. Mercifully, he breaks the silence and says, “I’m glad we’re getting a little time to get to know each other. My boy seems to like you a lot.”

I look the older man in the eyes and smile. “We’ve been getting on quite well,” I say. “Thank you for inviting me—it’s a brilliant holiday for spring break.”

Chuckling, the man says under his breath, “He never could resist an accent.” I simply pretend not to hear and he continues, “Yeah, I suppose y’all Englishmen don’t get much sun.”

The older man slides up to face me, sitting over the edge of his chair, and says, “You know, you should flip over soon so you don’t burn up in these California rays. Sun’s killer out here.”

“Right,” I reply, spinning in place to lie on my belly. Before I even settle in place, I hear the pop of the sunscreen bottle and turn to see Mr. O’Connor with it in hand.

He squirts a big glob of into in his palm and says, “You need more on your back, son.” 

“Oh, I can get…” I start to say as I rise, but with a strong hand on my shoulder, he pushes me back down to my belly. 

“Don’t worry about it, son. I’ve got you.” He leans down, pressing hard into my shoulder and starts rubbing the thick white cream into my smooth skin. His hands feel rough, surprisingly blue-collar for a doctor. As he runs his fingers down along the sides of my back, he sighs and says, “Not an ounce of fat on you, is there, son?”

I force a chuckle and joke, “Pretty much just skin and bones, sir.” He kneels down beside my chair and starts really working his hands over my back. 

Satisfied with his work, he rests a hand on the small of my back and says, “You have a beautiful body. I see why my boy likes it so much.” His rough fingers lightly caress my lower back  and my heart begins to race. “Does it drive you crazy when he puts his hand here?”

“Yeah,” I answer sharply.

“I bet it makes you wet.” Mr. O’Connor starts slowly sliding his hand down toward the waistband of my swimsuit.


“Women are the same way,” the older man explains. “I just tease her a bit and she aches for it.” As Mr. O’Connor runs his hand along my waist, fingers just beneath the band of my swim trunks, he grabs a hold of my head with his other one and turns me to face him. “All I have to do then is lean in,” he says and does, “slide my tongue past her lips, and go for it.” Just as he forces his tongue between my lips, he slides his hand down into my trunks and pushes against my hole with his thick fingers. 

Mr. O’Connor pulls his tongue from my mouth and asks, “You like that, son?” My answer is interrupted by a moan as he pops his thick digit past my hole. He grins and says, “I thought so. My son made such a big deal of his coming out, but you’re just like every woman I’ve ever had.” Sitting up on his knees beside me, he brings his huge cock right to my lips and says, “Get me nice and wet, son, I think it’s time to see how your pussy measures up.”

Hugyerbud we had a couple hours to kill after @drakestories


We had a couple hours to kill after our golf outing before we had to meet up with the gals for dinner. I poured us a couple shots of tequila…knew I’d need some liquid courage…and took the bottle and a couple of Corona’s from the fridge He’d already stripped down to his boxers when I handed him his drink.

“Cheers, buddy,” I smiled, clinking my glass to his. “Here’s to the start of a great vacation.”

He took a sip of his, then watched in amazement as I gulped mine down. I chased it with swig of my beer and gave him a little wink.

“Don’t be a pussy,” I chided him. “Drink up.”

He just grinned and shook his head, then downed the rest of his shot as I poured myself another, and tossed it back.

“You better slow down, bro, or you’ll be wasted before dinner,” he advised.

I poured him another and started undressing slowly as he nursed it and watched me nervously. It wasn’t like we’d never seen each other naked or anything…been working out toghether for years…but maybe it was the way I was grinning at him as I tossed my shirt on the floor and unbuckled my belt…never breaking eye contact with him as I slid my slacks down and stepped out of them.

“Looks like I’m the bad guy and you’re the good guy, buddy,” I suggested, pointing to my black briefs and snapping the waistband of his white boxer briefs playfully. He smiled and slammed back the rest of his drink…and I knew…he was thinking what I was thinking. I could see it in his eyes…the way they scanned my torso…and came to rest on my hand hooked into the elastic of my shorts. He looked up at me and smiled, then back down at my hand as it slid into my shorts and choked my thickening cock.

“Fuck, I’m horny, bud. You feeling it too?” I asked him…punctuating my question with a lick of my lips. He didn’t answer…just nodded and grinned sheepishly as he watched my hand working in my shorts. The liquor was having a real pleasant effect on me…felt warm and flushed…and a little bit loose, if you know what I mean. I pulled my hand out of my shorts and placed it square in the middle of his chest…and pushed him playfully back onto the bed…where I fell alongside him…my hand going right to his crotch…pawing him.

He had one hand wrapped around my back, pulling me in closer as I leaned down and covered his mouth with mine…and we kissed…not like I’d ever kissed a girl…ever. It was a hungry, passionate battle of a kiss…our tongues writhing in each others mouth…swapping tequilla laced spit, and swallowing it…licking his lips as his hand stroked my face and neck.

Our reverie was interrupted by the insistent buzz of his phone…his wife calling. I let him up reluctantly and stroked his back affectionately as he listened to her and responded with a series of “uh huhs” and an “ok, see you soon.”

“They’re on the way back,” he told me. “We’ve got about 30 minutes to shower and get ready for dinner.” he added glumly. I pulled him back down onto the bed and draped my body on top of his…grinding my cock against his.

“I can shower in five minutes, bud…so let’s not waste another minute.”

A4f101 one of us trish was almost absurdly @drakestories


One Of Us

Trish was almost absurdly grateful when I offered to host Cody for the summer. Not that he couldn’t take care of himself, he was making the transition into manhood just fine. But I knew, without her having to say it, that it was hard work feeding a big, healthy teenager like him on her small salary, and if she didn’t have to worry about him, she could work some overtime and get a little more money set aside for his upcoming college expenses. And more importantly, she could get a little time for herself. My little sister had worked her ass off ever since her no-good husband took off years back, and Cody had turned into a fine young man. I know having me and Miller around helped a lot with that, and I was glad to do it. That’s what family is for, after all.

I knew Miller and Cody were fooling around, had been for a good while now, and it didn’t bother me. Some people would be all judgmental and censorious  about something like that, but I was never wired that way. Me and Miller understood each other real well, and he was very much cut from the same cloth as me. I know Cody had always had kind of a little bro-ish crush on him, and that was OK too. It’s how boys were, sometimes. And part of helping them become men was to let them explore things like that, on their own terms. I was pretty certain Miller was never going to give me a heart attack by knocking some girl up accidentally, and it looked like Cody was going to spare my little sister the same kind of bad surprise. So, good for them. They weren’t hurting anyone, just exploring like young men sometimes do, and if it kept them out of trouble, well, who was I to intervene?

The house was quiet when I got home from work, and I figured the boys were out poolside. Probably skinny-dipping, knowing Miller and how persuasive he could be. I smiled to myself as I stripped out of my khakis and dress shirt, and slipped a pair of shorts over my bare ass.

I stepped out onto the deck and saw the boys down by the pool, beautifully naked, locked in an embrace. Miller sat propped on the pool fence, his strong thighs spread, Cody nestled between them, head tilted up to meet Miller’s as they explored each other’s mouths. Miller’s big hands played down Cody’s tanned back, over the firm twin mounds of his baseball player’s ass, cupping and squeezing them. I smiled, feeling my cock firm up in my shorts, watching the two young men get lost in each other.

They finally came up for air, both grinning, Miller gently cuffing the back of Cody’s pool-wet hair, as I padded quietly down the stairs towards them. Miller saw me and shot me that easy smile as I approached, giving me a slight, subtle nod. So, they’d been talking. Good.

“Hey, fellas,” I said, and chuckled at the way Cody literally jumped in surprise at the sound of my voice.

Cody’s face was the picture of guilt, a shocked blush glowing on his cheeks as he put a foot of space between himself and Miller, his hard young cock pointing up towards the sky, just like Miller’s was. His head swiveled back and forth, from Miller to me, then down to look at his erection, which he quickly tried to cover with his hands.

“It’s OK, bud,” I chuckled, clapping one hand on his shoulder, feeling the boy flinch. “I’d be surprised if you two weren’t skinny-dipping. Relax. It’s just us guys here. No big deal. Me and Miller do it all the time.”

Cody shot Miller a look, and I definitely knew they’d been talking. Without saying anything more, I turned and dove into the pool, coming up just in time to see Miller’s big, naked young body diving gracefully into the water near mine.

“C’mon, bud, I told you, it’s OK,” I said with a reassuring smile.

Cody still looked unconvinced and embarrassed as hell, still cupping his hands over his semihard cock, so I reached down underwater, slipped off my board shorts, and tossed them up on the deck, where they landed nearly at his feet. If it was possible for the kid to blush any deeper, he would have, but his eyes were drawn from the wet clump of my shorts to the bigness of my muscles, the way my chest hair clung wetly to my pecs and the still-muscled swell of my abdomen. I still had a good strong body, and if Miller had helped Cody bulk up and make the great gains he had, converting his lithe teenage body into a young man’s more solidly muscled one, well, Miller had learned all about that from working out with me.

Cody was frozen with indecision, trying not to stare at the heft of my cock floating just below the surface of the warm water. And then Miller crash-tackled me, driving us both underwater. When we resurfaced, laughing and sputtering, I locked my big arm round Miller’s neck in a headlock and we wrestled for a few minutes, Cody looking on with a kind of longing on his handsome young face. it was a little heartbreaking, honestly, seeing him yearning so visibly for the deep, playful father-son connection me and Miller had.

Finally, he seemed to decide, and he plunged into the warm water to join us. At first, he watched on with a hesitant smile as he floated in the water. When we finally settled down, Miller’s big arm around the thickness of my neck, the two of us smiling at him, Cody’s blush returned with a vengeance. I gave Miller a look and a subtle squeeze of my arm around his waist. We’d been talking, too. The ball was in his court. This was Miller’s game, now.

“Really, bro, it’s cool,” Miller said, then detached himself from me and swam over to the kid. “Just relax,” he said, and before Cody had a chance to say anything or pull back, Miller leaned in and kissed him, softly.

I could see Cody trying to pull back, and Miller circling his strong arms around the kid to hold him close, his lips pressing firmly to Cody’s, working gently until they began to loosen and respond. It was a rare pleasure watching my son work his magic, deploying his skilled lips and tongue on somebody. Slowly they worked their charms on Cody, easing the kid, making him forget almost everything else but the warmth, the softness, the gentle press of Miller’s tongue seeking entrance to his mouth. Even with the refraction of the water, I could see his big teenage cock had hardened back up again, just like Miller’s, and soon enough, the kid was melting back into Miller’s embrace, like he’d forgotten I was there.

Eventually they came up for air, both grinning like idiots, and as Miller cuffed the back of Cody’s head affectionately again, then slowly ruffled his hair in an unmistakably intimate way, I saw the kid cut eyes at me, his happy smile turning into another furious blush. Like he couldn’t believe they’d done that, right in front of me. I knew he’d feel that way. Me and Miller had both expected it.

“I told you, bro,” I heard Miller say to him, low and deep, lifting Cody’s chin to look him in the eyes. “Everything’s OK. Trust me. Trust us.”

With that, he swam the short distance over to me, his arms slipping round my neck as mine slipped round his waist, drawing him in close. I gave Cody a reassuring smile, a wink, then leaned in to meet Miller’s eager, searching lips with my own. I heard Cody gasp in disbelief, as he watched me pull my big, hunky son more fully against me, our hard cocks tangling underwater as our tongues met and danced, slowly and deeply. Now Cody knew where Miller got his kissing skills from.

Me and Miller had been close like this for some time, a good few years now, and it was just the way we liked it. He’d stayed local to go to school - not for this, but because he wanted to, and it just so happened to let us explore each other more deeply, more fully, building even more on what we’d been leading to ever since the divorce. Just him and me, figuring out a new way to be family and be men, together. Something we both enjoyed. And now I knew that Cody was searching for that too, searching for the family he’d always craved, and found it all wrapped up in the manly intimacy he’d wanted just as much, well, this was going to be a good summer for him. For all of us. it wasn’t a plot me and Miller had engineered, nothing like that - just a natural evolution of their bond as cousins, and our bond as men, as family.

I could have gotten lost in Miller’s talented lips and tongue, and I knew I was leaking a steady stream of precum into the saltwater of the pool, just like my boy was. It wouldn’t have been the first time, or even the fiftieth time we’d done this down here. But this was the first time we weren’t on our own together. There was something bigger, even more important at play here. Higher stakes. Something greater than our secret, shared pleasure. So reluctantly, I pried myself away from our intense, deep kiss, and smiled at Cody. Miller turned his head and did the same.

“Everything’s cool, buddy,” I said, as reassuringly as I knew how. He looked stunned, his mouth an O of shock as he stared at us.

“You’re safe with us, bro,” Miller chimed in. “However you want to be. We’re here for you… little brother.”

I saw the look ripple across Cody’s face at that, the yearning beneath the shock. Like Miller had touched him in that secret place. We’d talked about it, Miller and me, and we knew it was there, had been since they were little boys. I think Miller wanted it as much as Cody did. A little brother. Someone to share with. As much as Cody wanted that connection, of family, deep and true. We were already family, sure… but closer than cousins, or uncle and nephew. Real family, the kind he’d never had. And when Miller had asked me in bed one night if I’d thought about it, thought about Cody like that… as one of us, as real family… it had been a relief to say yes. And to admit that yeah, I’d imagined him being as close as me and Miller were. Truly one of us.

So we shifted a little closer to Cody, still staring at us, back and forth between us, his face and eyes so full of questions, but without the words to ask. Shifted closer, and stretched our hands out to him, reached to draw him into us. And slowly, unsure at first, he let us gather him into our embrace.

The kid trembled as we pulled him close, our arms slipping around him, my hand rubbing up and down his spine reassuringly as Miller leaned in and pressed his lips to the crook of Cody’s neck. He let out a soft whimper, the first real sound he’d made since he got into the pool, and then his arms slipped round our waists, as my lips came in to mimic Miller’s on the other side of his neck, making him tremble and gasp even more.

“We’re really glad you’re spending the summer with us, bro,” Miller said. “It’s gonna be a special time.”

“Special for all of us, if you want it to be… son,” I said, and Cody’s eyes were big and wet as he stared at me, letting out another soft, shocked moan. More than lust - it was pure desire, a deep desire to be with us. To be with his family.

I leaned in and kissed his lips, real soft, like Miller had a minute ago. Felt, more than heard, the whimper deep in his throat. And then felt his lips responding, parting slowly against mine, letting my tongue slip gently inside his mouth. he whimpered again as our tongues connected, tentative at first, then began that slow dance. Miller’s arms slipped round us both, gently urging us closer to each other, as he leaned in to kiss our shoulders encouragingly.

“Uncle Adam…” Cody said faintly when we parted, his eyes full of wonder and lust and shock.

“It’s OK, son,” I said, smiling. “If you want to… you can call me Dad, Cody.”

At that, he trembled again, whimpered, and then he practically lunged at my mouth, kissing me with a ferocious, needy intensity that was all the answer I needed. I kissed him back, my hand cupping the back of his head, feeling his arms slip round my neck and his athletic thighs clutch my sides as I fed him with the same passion I showed Miller, my son. My other son. I’d been the main man in Cody’s life for the better part of a decade, more a father to him than his deadbeat birth father ever was, and now it was time to show my nephew how deep a father’s love rally could go.

When our kiss broke, Miller was right there, smiling, and the two of them fell back into their kiss, a brothers’ kiss now, and all the more passionate and intense for it. it was incredibly sensual, but more than that, it was just beautiful. Real. Right.

“God, I love you guys, so much, you don’t even know,” Cody half-babbled, his hands touching us as if to make sure this was all real, that he wasn’t dreaming.

“We do know, son,” I said. “Trust us - we love you just us much. You’re a Grant man, after all.”

“Yeah,” Cody continued. “You’re one of us. Family. And now, we can really show you, little brother.”

I would have carried him if I could, and Cody would have let me, I think, but he wasn’t a little boy anymore - he was a young man, big and strong and muscled, and big and strong as I was, the days were long gone when I could carry him in my arms. So I took his hand, and Miller took the other, and we climbed up out of the pool, up the stairs, and into the house, water streaming off our naked bodies, stripped down to wet skin and hard cocks and totally free to be who we wanted to be now.

Miller pulled some towels from the laundry closet, and we both rubbed Cody down, him staring at us in lusty wonder the whole time, an amazed grin on his handsome young face as we swiped the water from his skin, then ours, and then led him to my bedroom. And there, in a tangle of lips and tongues and damp, salty skin, we welcomed Cody into our family unit properly.

I knew Miller had copped his cherry over the past winter, but it was like Cody was a virgin all over again, coming to us naked and clean and eager, a little edge of apprehension behind it as he felt the bigness of my cock, bare-headed and attentively slicked with lube by Miller almost ceremonially, pressing against the tightness of his tender young hole. Tight, like a virgin… and then slowly opening to me for the first time. So tight, so warm, his eyes like deep pools of love and gratitude, as he welcomed me inside of him, as a man, as a father, as his Dad now. Scratching that deep-seated, lonely itch that had been inside of him since his birth father had walked out of his life when he was a little boy. It took me back to the first time Miller and I had made love like this, as father and son, the feeling of his tight, hungry depths opening to the man who’d made him. I hadn’t made Cody, but I’d loved him like I did, and now I was going to love him the way I loved my other son. The way this father knew best, the way his boys wanted him to.

There was too much in the air, too much emotion and intensity for either of us to last long, and when Cody shivered and wailed and began to rain his thick young cum all over the tightly crunching muscles of his abs, I lost myself deep inside of him. Filled him up with paternal seed as he clutched at the big bulge of my triceps, our lips and tongues tangling together sweetly as we panted and moaned our love for each other. And then when I slipped out, he nodded to Miller and reached for him, and my big-dicked son stepped up, a loving grin on his face as his own lube-slicked cock nuzzled its way against Cody’s freshly-fucked hole, feeling his father’s cum easing his way as he slid inside of his newly-crowned little brother. Not their first time fucking, but their first time as brothers, and all the more powerful for it, as I lay on my side next to them, rubbing Cody’s cum into the muscles of his stomach, watching my boys go deep together.

“Don’t cum yet, little bro,” Miller panted against Cody’s lips, as I watched his beautifully muscled body tense up all over, the telltale sign of his impending orgasm. “Save it for inside me. Save it for your big bro, kid.”

“I love you, bro,” Cody moaned, and that did it for Miller. He twitched, shivered, stared deep into Cody’s eyes, and then looked at me, his face a mask of pleasure as he flooded Cody with his seed. I smiled, leaned in to kiss him, and then Cody. My cock was raring hard again, but I was content to watch my boys bond for now, as Miller slowly slipped out of Cody, then rose up over him, flush-faced and dewy with sweat, grinning at the kid as he straddled his waist.

I watched the creamy-skinned muscles of Miller’s perfect ass dimple and flex as he lowered myself, and reached over to guide Cody’s throbbing thickness up, positioning him at his big brother’s tight entrance, ready to fully become part of our family. My cock throbbed insistently, and I gave it a lazy, sticky stroke as I laid back and took in the sight of my boys coming together again. There’d be time for more pleasure later, all evening, all summer, and beyond, for all of us, together. Just like it had with me and Miller, everything would flow naturally from here. Because Cody was one of us now, and that was all that mattered.

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The high school Math teacher

Things im grateful for dads and sons who let us @drakestories

Things I’m Grateful For: dads and sons who let us into their private rituals, let us watch that special bond.

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I’d had my eye on assistant coach Bruce…Coach Bru the guys call him…sorta the good cop to head Coach Myers’ bad cop. The nastier Coach M got at practice, the quicker Coach Bru was with an ‘attaboy’ for you when you got it right. Most of the guys knew he’d gotten divorced over the summer from that nasty bitch wife of his, but if he was down about that, it never showed on the field, as he was always his pleasant, positive, pat-on-the-back kinda guy…especially for us receivers who were his main responsibility. Still, it might have explained why he was always the first one in the locker room every morning, and the last one to leave the film room every night.

It wasn’t easy being the rookie tight end on the team, but Coach Bru took me under his wing…made me feel like I belonged in the starting lineup and always lifted my spirits after a long, tough practice. To be honest, that wasn’t all he lifted. I knew I was attracted to guys somewhat…ok…a hella lot…but I was a straight arrow in high school. I even dated a popular cheerleader til she dumped me right before senior prom for my former best friend Brett…just because he was a QB and the big man on campus. But I’d seen him in the locker room and figured she was missing my thick eight inch baby maker after she’d gotten a taste of his admittedly handsome, but average size pecker. Don’t get me wrong…I’d be the first to throw wood watching him in our frequent shower circle jerks, and the guys gave me a hard time about it, but they nicknamed me “Jake the snake” and were more than a little envious of the loads I’d unleash. I even creamed Brett once after he stole my girl…payback of sorts. He laughed it off and got me back soon after, not realizing how many times I would jack off remembering how HOT I thought it was when he smacked my ass with his limp dick after he’d creamed me.

Anyway, it was a couple weeks into summer workouts when I noticed Coach Bru eyeing my package a few times during “crunchtime” when he’d hold my feet flat on the floor and give my abs a little pat when I was done.

“Attaboy, rookie,” he’d smile as he extended a hand to help me up off the mat before patting my ass and telling me to “hit the showers.” I’m pretty sure he was the only coach who knew my name was Jake, but mostly it was just “hey, rookie” or “way to go, 88.”

He’d hang out in the locker room til we were all showered and dressed too…talking game with each guy as we sauntered in and out of the showers and took our time drying off and getting dressed…telling us what studs we were turning into what a great season we were going to have. Seemed to me that I got special attention from him…maybe just my imagination running wild…but the shoulder rubs he gave me while I sat on the bench in just my jock, or the way he’d yank my towel off and remind me that “men don’t wear towel skirts” (hell, I did it just to get his attention, not because I was bashful or anything) all made me wonder…if maybe…

So I decided get to practice early, and sure enough, Coach Bru was there in the locker room in those damn hot butt-hugging shorts of his. He greeted me with a bear hug…told me he was impressed with my work ethic, and if there was anything he could do to help he out, “just ask, champ.” So I asked…if maybe I could go over films with him, you know…to get a better feel for our game plan, and our opponents. Well that seemed to impress the hell out of him and he enthusiastically agreed. We spent an hour after practice each day, reviewing films…sitting side by side in the dark media room…his leg brushing up against mine, and me trying my HARDEST to focus on what he was telling me and showing me…and not the warmth of his thigh next to mine…or the way his hairy calf would rub along mine when he got excited about a particular play…or how damned jumpy my cock was…looking to bust outta my precum soaked jock.

I don’t know how I made it to Friday. Coach M was riding us hard, and swore up and down we were the saddest sack-of-shit players he’d ever had the displeasure of coaching. He threw his clipboard halfway across the field when Coach Bru reminded him that we only had a half day of practice since it was a holiday weekend and most of the guys were heading home for the break. I thought he would bust a vessel in his head when he dismissed us to the locker room saying we were “a bunch of pansy ass babies going home to hug our mommies.”

Coach Bru told us not to worry about it though, and to rest up and enjoy the break since we were coming back to double sessions. I washed up and tossed the wet towel over my shoulder as I left the showers. Coach Bru was waiting there as usual and gave me an “attaboy” as he smacked my bare ass. “That’s how a player wears a towel,” he grinned. I sat naked on the towel as I fished around for some underwear and found just another clean jockstrap in my gym bag. I slipped it around my ankles and was just about to stand up when I felt his big paws on my shoulders…kneading them roughly. Shit…it felt so good; I barely stifled the moan that caught in my throat.

“You got plans for the weekend, champ?” he asked as he continued to massage me. I let my head roll down and across my chest as his hands worked up the side of my neck.

“Nah, coach. It’s an eight hour drive home, and I’d really rather rest up and work out the kinks before we get back at it next week. You wanna go over that last game film, sir? Or you have plans, yourself? I replied. His hands drifted down from my shoulders to my biceps, giving them a little squeeze as I raised my forearms to show them off for him.

“Getting big, champ. Gonna have a great rookie season…I just know it! Hell, I got nothing to get home to, so meet me in the media room after you’re dressed and we’ll finish up, awright?” He tousled my damp hair and went on his way. I sat there on the bench for a minute with my wet towel covering my semihard dick, before quickly tugging my jock and a pair of gym shorts on. I was just slipping on my tank top when another tight end, Clarence…a big, lean black dude walked up to me…still dripping wet from the shower…holding his towel low in front of his cock, so just a glimpse of his curly black bush was visible.

“How’s the extra time with Coach Bru going, rookie?” he asked me. “You gettin anywhere with that?” he smiled…rubbing the towel up and down slightly over his cock. It was difficult not to stare straight ahead at the impressive bulge behind that towel, but I made a point of looking up at his infectious grin and smiled back broadly.

“I’m learning a thing or two, bro…hope to give you a run for your money or at least line up alongside ya this year.” I warned him.

“Hah…yeah man…good luck with that. I mean it. And you do whatever Coach Bru tells ya. He’s a pro at breaking in rookies. You follow me? Made a man outta me,” he added…winking. I nodded in agreement, unsure exactly what he meant by it, but grateful he was still smiling after my boast. I was even more grateful for the view of his hot as fuck muscular ass when he turned and sauntered back to his locker…still holding the towel in front of him…his big black cock swaying between his equally muscular thighs as he walked away.

“Geezus H Chrrriiiist!” I muttered to myself. “Just when you think a guy can’t possibly get any hornier!” Most of the guys had bolted pretty quickly, anxious to get on the  road to wherever home was…leaving me, Clarence and a few other guys as the last to gather up our stuff. I wished the stragglers a good weekend and headed off to meet Coach Bru.

“You too, rookie…don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” Clarence shouted after me…still grinning as I walked out and gave him a lame thumbs up…thinking of what I’d like to do with him in my dreams. Coach Bru was already running through some film in the darkened media room, sitting in the back row like always, and patted the seat next to him when I entered. We ran thru the remaining film in about 40 minutes and I stretched out my six foot, five inch frame to give my sore muscles some relief. Coach noticed and asked if I was alright.

“Nothing a good soak in the hot tub wouldn’t take care of, coach,” I replied lazily. “Unfortunately, the one at my apartment complex is under repair, so the regular ol apartment tub will have to do.” I stood up and watched him as he typed a few more notes on his laptop and shuffled through his papers. Even in the old team hoodie, he looked handsome as hell…his scruffy, chiseled features lit up by the soft light of the screen. He snapped the screen closed and stuffed everything in his duffle bag, then stood up next to me His compact, muscular five foot ten inch frame brought him up to just shy of my chin…but he was an imposing figure nonetheless.

“Well that won’t do now, will it, Jake?” he suggested, coming back to our conversation. “I’ve got a helluva nice pool and hot tub back at the house…the ex didn’t want the upkeep, so it’s one of the few things I got in the divorce…for a price, of course. Why don’t us bachelors head back to my place to soak these tired bones and grab a bite to eat?” he offered. Before I could respond, he had his big paw on my shoulder and was ushering me out the door.

I tossed my bike in the back of his pickup and we headed to his place with me stealing glances at his hairy arms and legs while trying my best not to throw wood right there in the truck with him. After a quick stop at his favorite joint, we arrived home with a couple of Philly steak sandwiches.

“Nice place you got here, coach,” I offered, as he led me through the kitchen, out back to the lanai and fired up the hot tub. It was a sweet setup with a hot tub spilling over into the pool, surrounded by lush landscaping. I watched as coach tugged his hoodie up over his head, his t-shirt riding up his furry belly as he did. “Gotta be cool,” I reminded myself…feeling my dick surge in the tight confines of my jock. He walked behind the built in bar/grill area and pulled a couple cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer from a small fridge. “Wow!” I exclaimed in mock surprise, “breaking out the good stuff, eh coach?”

“Been drinking this shit since I was 16, sport…just like my ol man. You rather have a glass of milk?” he teased back.

“I’d rather have a glass of warm piss,” I shot back a little too quickly…regretting my temerity almost instantly, and hoping I hadn’t gone too far.

“That can be arranged, sport,” he replied with a grin, cracking open his beer and taking a healthy swig. “ahhhhh…taste more like cold piss, actually, Jake…cheers!” He clinked his can to mine and took another drink. I cracked mine open and held my nose in mock terror as I chugged half the can.

“I hear it tastes better if you drink it faster,” I joked, downing the rest and crunching the can on the countertop.

“Maybe after three or four, champ” he grinned, handing me another can. We broke out the sandwiches and I started wolfing mine down…hungrier than I’d realized before I started eating it. Maybe it’s my near constant state of horniness, but there’s something sexy to me about watching a guy eat a juicy steak sandwich…nothing ladylike about biting into it…juice running down his chin…wiping it off with a finger and licking it for good measure…food rolling around in his mouth while he carries on a conversation…chasing down each bite with a swallow of beer. I mean, fuck…I’m getting a boner just watching the guy eat for chrissake!

Coach wadded up his sandwich wrap, grabbed his beer and headed towards the hot tub, stripping his t-shirt off as he went and tossing it onto a nearby lounge chair…then bent over to test the water with his hand…stretching those gaddamn shorts of his to the limit before declaring it hot enough. Then he proceeded to peel the shorts right off, giving me an eye popping view of his jockstrapped ass. He turned to look back over his shoulder, giving me a knowing wink, before peeling the jock off too and putting one foot up on the ledge…flexing his strong thigh and glutes in the process…and climbing down into the hot tub.

“C’mon in, sport…the water’s fine,” he sighed, leaning back and watching my slack-jawed expression with amusement. There was no way I could hide my, umm…arousal…so I figured, “what the fuck,” and tugged off my tank top as I walked over toward him. I slowly slid down my baggy gym shorts, hoping my cock would settle down a bit. But like an excited pup, it just bounded in my jockstrap, anxious to be let out to play. Coach let out a low whistle as I slipped the strap down my thighs and my semi sprung up. I tossed my jock on the ground, on top of his, and that visual danced in my brain as I stepped up on the ledge and climbed in, standing directly in front of  Coach Bru…shivering as the warm, bubbly water lapped at my nuts.

“How did you know, coach?” I grinned sheepishly.

“Well, for starters, Jake…this,” he growled…wrapping his fingers around my rock hard cock and pulling me in close between his legs. “You aren’t exactly good at hiding it, champ.” He gave my dick another tug, pulled me down between his outstretched thighs, and wrapped his strong arms around my back in a tight bear hug. “And you’re not the first rookie, I’ve coached, so I’ve sorta gotten pretty good at reading the signs,” he added, pulling my head down alongside his, and tousling my hair in an affectionate, protective way that made me feel safe and comfortable in his arms.

He kissed my cheek, and placed a hand on each side of my face, turning me toward his…smiling as he looked me straight in the eye. “And don’t think for a goddamn second that this is going to make it any easier for you on the team, sport,” he warned me. “I’m very discreet…and you sure as hell better be too, Jake, if you want to survive in football at this level…or the next…capish?” I nodded silently. “Attaboy,” he winked as he pulled my face to his, and for the first time in my life, I kissed another guy…and it felt…right.

I was a rookie at this too…tentative, gentle, and tight lipped. But not him. His hand slipped around my neck and held me tight…his lips pressed hard against mine…mashing mine…his thick tongue prying its way into my mouth hungrily…probing and swirling around mine…drawing me out, til we were grunting and swapping spit like porn stars. His hands slid down my back and gripped my muscled jock ass…pulling me into him…grinding my hard dick against his. Fuck, I knew I was gonna cum any second…tried to warn him…but all I could do was moan and grunt into his mouth as my dick ground into his hip and spewed thick ropes of cum against his belly. He knew it instantly…pulled my ass tighter as I humped into him, grunting as he fed me his tongue and sucked my labored moans into his mouth.

“FUCK!” he exclaimed as we broke our kiss. “I guess you were really pent up there, eh buddy? Oh well, it’s not the first time this tub’s floated a load of jock cum,” he laughed. “And now that we took the edge off you, we can take our time with the rest of your training.” He pulled me in for another aggressive round of spit-swapping, tongue-dueling kissing, as he stroked my back with his strong hands. My cock sprung back to life (not that it had really died down much) when coach started pawing my ass…pulling my asscheeks open and letting the warm bubbly water lap at my sensitive pucker.

“mmmm…shit that feels good, coach,” I purred into his ear. He’d slid down under me a little…gnawing on my tit and rubbing his fingertip roughly up and down my hairy trench, paying special attention to my jock hole as he worked a fingertip in and out. “awwww…fuck yeah, coach,” I groaned appreciatively…pushing my horny ass back on his finger til he was knuckle deep in my hole. “FUCK ME,” I growled uncontrollably. “Please, coach…please fuck me!”

He stood up, pulling me up with him into another tight hug…one hand behind my neck, mashing my lips to his…the other hand kneading my asscheek and pulling me in, dick to dick with him.

“You ever been rimmed before, sport?” he gasped as we parted lips.

“No sir…never done anything with a dude before this.” I replied.

“Geezus…an honest to god damn fuckin rookie!” he beamed excitedly, spinning me around and pressing his big paw into my back. I bent over, bracing my hands on the ledge of the hot tub and jutting my ass back at him as he knelt behind me. “Gaa damn, what a meaty fuckin ass!” he sputtered, spreading my cheeks wide and admiring my cherry pink rosebud. He kissed each asscheek before sliding his scruffy cheeks into my buns and curling his tongue in circles around my sensitive pucker.

“OOOOOHHH….FUUUUUCK!” I yelped as his tongue lapped at my hole and his teeth nipped playfully at my ass. I groaned like a fuckin teenage gurl when he jabbed his tongue deeper into me…tongue fucking my pussy with quick short jabs before pulling back and spitting on it…working his fingertip in and out…then plunging it deep into my ass and holding it there as I writhed and pushed my big ol jock butt back against his thick finger and clamped down hard as he slowly pulled it out. I looked back over my shoulder at him licking two fingers now…then smiled and groaned with pleasure when he worked them both slowly in and out of my tight ass.

“Damn…you were built for fucking, you horny sonofabitch! You’re lucky I precum like a mutherfucker, sport,” he growled as he stood behind me and spit once again onto my quivering hole. I groaned as he pressed the slick mushroom head of his cock into me and held it there for a moment…before stretching me open as he slowly sank deeper into me. He leaned over my back and pulled my face to his, feeding me his tongue again, and sucking the breath from me as he bottomed out in my ass. I closed my eyes and nearly passed out when he started slowly fucking me…all the way out…and all the way back in again…jabbing that sweet spot as he picked up speed…fucking me harder and deeper til my nuts crawled up into my groin, and my ass clamped down on his thick dick…my cock spurting another thick load of cum into the swirling hot water…without ever being touched. And still, he kept fucking me…and I kept grinding back against him…wanting it more and more.

“Turn around, sport!” coach panted breathlessly. I turned and reached back behind me to grab hold of the hot tub ledge. Coach lifted my ass up to the surface of the water and I instinctively wrapped my legs around his ass…felt his dick finding its way back into my now gaping hole, and sinking into me…happy to be filled up again. He leaned down over me, and kissed me hungrily again as he slowly started fucking my hungry ass. My arms burned, struggling to hold me up as he pulled my ass up out of the water and began fucking me harder…and deeper. My still hard cock slapped my belly, oozing precum as he slammed his hips into me. When I couldn’t hold myself up any longer, I lunged forward and wrapped my arms around his neck. We sank into the tub, clutching and kissing and fucking…felt so good…surrounded by hot bubbling water as I bounced gently on his thick, hard cock…hitting that spot deep in my ass.

“awwww, fuck, coach…gonna…unnnhhh…cum…uh-uh-uh-gain,” I grunted. My dick was pressed between us, lubing our bellies with my third creamy load.

“Right behind ya, champ,” coach groaned with a final deep thrust deep into my guts…filling me with his splooge. I gripped my ass muscles tight, milking him for all he was worth, before he softened and slipped out…leaving us rocking softly in the water…kissing. He slid me off his thighs and we stood up, still making out like teenagers for a few minutes before he suggested we hop in the pool to cool off. It was bracingly cold so we only stayed in a minute or two before climbing out and drying off.

“I guess I don’t have to ask how your first time was, huh Jake?” he said as we headed back to the bar for another beer. “Three fuckin loads your first time in the game!” he snickered incredulously.

“Fuck yeah, coach,” I grinned. “And ready to go again when you are, man…can’t get enough of that big dick now that I’ve had a taste.”

“Geezus, champ! I’m gonna have to call in the reserves.” He grabbed his shorts and fished out his cellphone, grinning as he made the call. “Clarence? It’s coach. I got a rookie in training here that could use a little of your experience…you game? Attaboy…yeah, he’s a natural…and fuckin insatiable, so hurry!”

A4f101 alumni weekend the kid was a bit of a @drakestories


Alumni Weekend

The kid was a bit of a mess - but a hot mess, to be sure. He was having the time of his life, and looked it. Like a lot of the brothers, he’d lost his shirt awhile back, when the sun was still up. Then his turn to do a kegstand came around again, and he shucked his cargo shorts with a wicked grin and took it on, his body long and lean and defined, white briefs barely clinging to the fine-honed muscles of his ass. Arms uplifted in triumph, to the cheers of the small crowd gathered in the backyard of the SigEp house, a bumping tune came on the speakers and he immediately hopped up on the picnic table to start dancing, bringing the cheers and hoots up a notch.

“Colby tells me he’s the life of the party,” Izzo said, as we stood back, red Solo cups of beer in hand, and watched the ongoing debauchery as the night got deeper.

“You don’t know the half of it,” I chuckled.

It was good to be back here. Sure, we were older now, but there was something about being back at the old frat house, your buds around you, bullshitting and telling dirty jokes into the small hours of the night, letting the buzz and the vibe really seep into you. I couldn’t always make it for Alumni Weekend, but I always had a great time when I did. Even more so now, especially with my best bud from back in the day by my side. We were sinking beers like we weren’t in our early 40s, like we didn’t have big-boy jobs and mortgages and wives and families. Like we were still 19, and the warm, beer-soaked nights like these still stretched out ahead of us for years to come.

This was starting to feel a little like one of those nights. Something in the air. I’d felt this vibe before, on Alumni Weekends in years past, and god knows, I’d gotten my cock sucked and fucked some damn fine, tight, muscled fratboy tail at several of these events over the years, as if I’d never graduated and moved on with my life. As if I hadn’t been one of those tight, muscled young fratboys myself, back in the day. Sometimes, it was almost enough to make you wish you were still in the life, still young and mostly carefree, all about the next beer, the next joint, the next party, the next piece of ass. And then you woke up in some fucked-out 20-year-old dude’s musky bed, rubbing your head and wondering why it had ever seemed like a good idea to do Jager bombs again after all these years, remembering you had to call home and check in, had to find your car keys, had to somehow make yourself look presentable for the daytime functions, had to reconcile the fact that you’d dumped two loads up some hot young dude’s ass when you had a wife and kids and a semi-respectable life to go home to.

And then sometimes, the kid woke up with a cute, sleepy-eyed smile and leaned down to suck your cock back to hardness, and you forgot all about that shit and surfed the memory wave, back to those good ol’ days.

“Reminds me of you a little, Bill,” Izzo said with a knowing chuckle.

“Shut the fuck up, bud,” I laughed. “I didn’t table-dance all that much. And half the time, you were up there with me.”

These parties could get a little wild, it’s true. And after enough shots, enough beers, with the right tunes on the stereo, things could get a little… frisky. There’s something about that feeling, being young, built, single and free, being desired. Feeling friendly hands giving you a playful grope, getting you even more in the spirit of things. Dollar bills jokingly tossed at your feet, or into the waistband of your shorts. A few bold hands tucking those bills way deep down, and getting a good feel of your goods into the bargain. Knowing one of your bros, and maybe more, would probably get naked with you in your room upstairs.

One of the last great parties we threw before we graduated, me and Izzo got convinced - and there wasn’t much arm-twisting involved - to get up and dance a little, and somehow that wound up as us down to our underwear, bumping and grinding, before Izzo pulled my face in close to his, all sweaty and grinning and hazy-eyed, and laid some serious tongue on me. Hearing the cheers of our bros go up even louder just made us go with it even more, and we wound up just short of fucking each other right there on the table. It was a hell of a charge, and when he grabbed my hand and yanked me upstairs to his room to take it further, like we’d been doing on the semi-sly for two semesters by that point, somehow it turned into a five- or six-brother thing. Quite a night. I still jacked off thinking about it, and every so often, when me and Izzo would have one of our Sunday-evening catch-up calls, one or the other of us would start to mention it, and the call would end up with us jacking off and reliving it blow-by-blow, hiding away from our families as we relived some of the best times of our lives together.

Seems like some things never changed, because the current generation of SigEps were just as crazy as us, just as randy, and even the presence of a good dozen of us old alums hadn’t made them any more circumspect. If anything, tonight seemed a little wilder. Off in the darker corners of the yard, some of the alums and the younger brothers were deep in conversation. Hands casually groped asses, stroked pecs. Heads tilted in to connect. Newly formed pairs wandered casually into the house and upstairs, and I’d most definitely heard the grunting, growling sounds of male sex coming from behind closed doors on my last trip inside to use the bathroom.

Me and Izzo leaned back and watched the kid dance, swiveling his trim hips like a stripper, his skin glowing with sweat, starting to throw a solid rod in those half-bagged shorts of his. One of his brothers, a big, good-looking kid in his own right, stepped up beside him, handed him a funnel and upended a tallboy into it. We both chuckled as the kid swallowed it, Adam’s apple working overtime, before he dropped the funnel, raised his arms up in the air, and belched triumphantly. And then he grabbed hold of the beer-pouring brother and laid a pretty serious kiss on the dude.

“Fuck,” Izzo murmured, reaching down to grope the big bulge in his khaki shorts. “Definitely reminds me of you.”

“Well, maybe the apple doesn’t fall so far from the tree after all,” I chuckled, as the kid released his brother from the kiss, grinning, and then looked around in triumph. His eyes found mine, and he blushed briefly, then grinned some more. The kiss had left him throwing a serious bone in his beer-soaked briefs. I just nodded at him, lifted my Solo cup and gave him a wink.

No question about it - Brady was my son, alright.

The big kid stepped down off the table, tenting his own shorts, and came over our way, grinning but looking a little guilty.

“Colby, buddy, you act like you’re the first Izzo to ever party,” Izzo said, slipping his arm around the big kid’s neck. “Me and Bill here could tell you a few stories…”

“You already have,” Colby said with a joking eyeroll. “And I’m sure you’re gonna tell me even more…”

I watched Brady continue to dance on the table with something like paternal pride, and then one of the alums passed me a joint and I took a hit. Fuck yeah. I was definitely proud of my kid. Smart, funny, hell of a baseball player, and he’d had no issues integrating into college life. His grades were good, and he still knew how to party with the best of them. My fucking kid, alright. And going on the attention he was getting, and loving getting, he was just as popular with his brothers as I’d been back in the day.

I wondered how many other chapters fostered such tight bonds between alums and their sons. Maybe it was just us, maybe something in the water at this old, storied house, running through the ancient pipes, flowing down our throats, over our bodies as we bathed in it, drank it in, fucked in and beneath it. Just like our sons did.

I was standing there, half-lost in my weed-clouded reverie, when I noticed Brady being offered a shot from his admirers below. Another of the alums - Spencer, maybe? He leaned in to take it, then leaned down further, that tight, muscular young ass of his rising up out of his damp Boss briefs like a sweat-shining sculpture, listening intently to what the guy was saying into his ear. Then he grinned, slowly rose, looked directly at me and took the shot, tossing the glass over his shoulder to cheers from the guys as he resumed grinding his hips. Only now, it was like he was dancing for me, and when he lifted his hands up towards me and started motioning me in, I got that gut-tingle again.

“Go on, get your ass up there, Drake!” I heard somebody yell, to laughter and applause. I just laughed, shook my head.

“C’mon, Dad!” Brady called, and I heard the cheers go up a notch. Eyes on me now. Hands clapping my shoulders, my back, my ass. Pushing me forward. So fuck it. I dumped the last of my beer down my throat - just in time for some asshole to hand me another one - fixed my eyes on my boy’s, and made my way over.

“Fuck yeah, big guy,” he grinned, grabbing my forearm and helping pull me up with him. I could smell the beer on him, the weed smoke fogging the yard, and beneath all that, his young sweat, cutting through everything else as he locked his excited gaze and grin on me and started to dance.

Took me a minute to find my rhythm - I guess I’m turning into an old guy, because I have no idea what the fuck it is these kids are listening to nowadays - but eventually it found me, and me and my boy were dancing together. The kid had moves - I guess I’d always had pretty good rhythm, and he definitely got his from me and not his mother. The guys seemed to be enjoying it, especially when Brady started dancing closer in on me. I could see their grinning faces, their eager eyes, but mainly I was focused on my son, on his scent and the sheen of sweat and beer glowing on his tight-muscled young frame, the sway of his hips, the impressive half-bone pushing across his trim hip.

And then some wiseass - probably Izzo, that asshole - put Prince’s “Kiss” on the speakers, Brady’s eyes lit up, and I guess mine did too, because I’d done more than a few turns on this table to that particular song. Brady was doing a slow grind, and when he turned his shiny bare back around and pushed that fine young ass of his back at me, half exposed to the warm night air, I gave it a solid smack on instinct. The crowd cheered some more, and then he pushed his rump further back, up against my crotch, and I know he could feel the hardon steadily growing, pulsing there. Made it real easy to slide my hands round his sides, over the slightly beer-swollen expanse of his normally tight abdomen, and sink my fingers down through his treasure trail, into the sweaty tangle of his half-exposed bush.

“Fuck yeah,” he grunted, grinding his ass back into me harder, and I was just about to lean in even closer to him, slide my thick fingers along that hard tube of sophomore cock, when he turned suddenly, faced me, wrapped his arms round my neck and ground even closer against me.

There was definitely something in his eyes, but I bet they were just reflecting what was in mine, because it felt like the rest of the world fell away. We were locked in on each other, and nothing else existed beyond my kid’s eyes, the scent of beer and sweat rolling off him, the feel of his sweaty, smooth skin and the muscles beneath it moving beneath my hands. The graze of his big young cock tenting his shorts, brushing against mine. The feel of his muscular ass flexing as my hands slipped down over the top of it and squeezed.

Fuck yeah. Me and my boy had a connection alright, but we’d never been this connected this publicly. Alumni Weekend could have that effect on you, especially this part of it, informally known as Parents Night. I broke the gaze, eyes roving over the avid, grinning faces of my old brothers and the fresh crop of younger men filling their shoes. They were enjoying the show, no question. And then I found my old partner-in-crime, John Izzo, his dark-haired forearm slung round his son Colby’s neck, big hand lazily teasing the kid’s nip through his T-shirt. Colby had a faraway look in his eyes that made him the spitting image of his father - I remember seeing that same expression twenty-some years ago as Izzo sank his tight soccer-jock ass down the length of my cock up in our shared attic room many a time. Or when he returned the favor and sank his seven-inch cock up my ass, usually not long after. I wondered if his boy and mine were carrying on our traditions.

Izzo looked at me, that proud paternal smile of his matched with that definite look in his eyes, the one he often shot me from across a room when he wanted to go have some fun. A question and an invitation. One that even now, in my 40s, married and a father of three, I couldn’t resist. Only this time, well… it was different. Bigger.

I nodded, and he smiled, nodded back, then curled his forearm round Colby’s neck and guided his boy inside. The kid was throwing a serious rod in his cargo shorts, and he looked to be every inch his father’s son. I turned back to Brady, back into the horny tractor beam of his half-drunk, sexed-up gaze, and gave those hard mounds of muscle that by now were almost totally out of his shorts in back a good, deep squeeze. Felt him throb and grunt against me. I wanted to lay some serious tongue on him, right there in front of everybody, but I still had my wits about me. Everyone’s got a phone these days, and despite the strict no-pics rule once it got dark, you never knew when some asshole might take the wrong kind of shot at the wrong time. Besides, everybody knew where this was probably going. Most of them had been there themselves, with their own boys, if they weren’t already going there in one of the bedrooms upstairs right now.

The song wrapped up, another round of cheers went up, and I pulled my kid in for a proud hug, rubbing his ballcapped head in pride. Then I took his hand and stepped down off the table, ignoring the calls for another dance, and led him into the house.

Music and laughter and loud conversation pounded through the walls, from the basement on up, but it got progressively quieter as we climbed the stairs to the third floor and the two attic rooms. I knew exactly where the Izzos would be, and hearing the grunts and slapping bodies coming through the closed bedroom doors as we ascended, still holding my boy’s hand, just added to the mounting heat in me. We passed a couple of brothers, young and old, and they nodded and grinned in passing. We all knew what was up tonight. We were all down for it.

The door to me and Izzo’s old room was half-open, the third floor almost quiet in comparison to the floors below. Quiet enough to hear the smack of lips, of men grunting, murmuring. I pushed the door open, feeling Brady’s squeeze almost nervously in mine, and grinned at the sight. Colby Izzo was shirtless, the same thatch of dark hair on his big, defined chest I remembered well from his father. John was running his long, skilled fingers through it slowly as he murmured something inaudible to his boy, who looked almost hypnotized as he undid the button’s on John’s polo shirt. They looked deep in each other’s eyes and leaned in to kiss, long and slow and deep, flashes of pink tongue slipping into one another’s mouths, and I felt my cock go fully erect at the sight, even more so when Brady interlaced his fingers in mine and squeezed.

“About fuckin’ time, bro,” Izzo said warmly when they separated, smiling at me as he raised his arms for his son to strip his shirt off him.

Brady closed the door behind us and clicked the lock, and I stepped in close to my old brother and laid a deep, wet, eager kiss on him as his son bent down to latch his mouth onto his father’s nipple. I felt Brady step up close behind me and run his hands up my sides, tracing over the still-strong muscles, making my skin prickle under my shirt. I caught Colby’s eye as I pulled off his Dad’s lips, and the big kid grinned and eased up to kiss me. He was just as good as his Dad was. I guess it wasn’t just good looks, tight muscles and pure horndog instincts that ran in their family.

John was growling, mashing my head and his son’s together, pushing us deeper into our intense, wet kiss, when I felt Brady’s arms squeeze me, then his hands tugging at my shirt.

“Yo, back off, bro,” he said to Colby, with a good-natured chuckle. “You got your own Dad to play with. I got first dibs on mine.”

I turned around, my eager boy slipping into my arms, and my hands sank deep into his shorts in back, giving his muscular young ass a solid squeeze as his mouth and tongue met mine in the deep, hungry, passionate dad-son kiss we were so close to sharing on that table outside. But here, in private, with my best bud and his boy, we could share all we liked. It’s what I’d been waiting for all weekend.

Our old attic room filled with the sounds of dudes kissing, lips smacking, low, sexy grunts and whispers, murmurs, just like it had back in our day. And now a second generation of Drake and Izzo fraternity men were continuing that deep tradition, showing us how well they’d learned from us, how eager they were to keep the secret ways alive.

I came up off Brady’s mouth, leaning back to give him room to work my shirt off me, catching John’s eye.

“We gonna get naked with our boys, and show them how a SigEp man pleases his buddy?” he asked, low and husky.

“Damn right we are, brother,” I grunted.

“We gonna fuck our own boys, brother? Together? Just like we always said we would?” he said, and his eyes were on fire, remembering all the heated, taboo talk we’d grunted out with each other when we were their age, in this very room, all those years ago. A pact between brothers. Finally about to be realized.

“Fuckin’ A, brother,” I grinned, and we leaned in and met again in a grunting man kiss, as Colby undid his father’s shorts and dropped them to the floor with an eager, husky moan, while my boy pushed my shirt off my shoulders and set to work on my belt.

Soon John and I were proudly displaying our fatherly tents in our boxer briefs to our worshipful boys. John had yanked off his sweaty T-short and his shorts, and seeing him packed into trunks gave me a serious case of deja vu. He looked just like his Dad did at that age, right down to the fraternity tattoo on his tanned right shoulder, and watching him hungrily lick and suckle on his father’s bulge reminded me of more than a few Alumni Weekend evenings, when we’d invited alums up here to our room for some brotherly worship and bonding.

Brady looked less like me, but he was cute as hell as he smiled all eagerly up at me, reaching into my boxer briefs for the cock I’d created him with, looking boyishly cute like he had the first time he’d done this a few years ago. yeah, he’d been destined for this, in much the same way I’d eagerly learned to swallow my own father’s cock at the same age. The same way John and his boy had been destined to connect. It’s why me and Izzo had been destined to be such good, tight buds, even after all these years.

John and I moved almost in sync as we steered our boys to the twin beds. I don’t know how Colby and Brady worked it out that they were sharing this room, the way their own fathers had a generation ago, but I was glad they did, because it made it feel even more like coming home when we laid their now-naked young bodies down on the beds we ourselves used to sleep and play on. Felt like we’d never left, as their eager, athletic bodies curled around us and pulled us down into them, as our lips parted, tongues tangled, as their strong thighs wrapped round us and drew us even closer to the hot, tight, pulsing knots of muscle that led the way inside of them.

Me and Izzo entered our sons almost in unison, watching each other with big, brotherly smiles as we slid into them. This fuck, this night, this amazing thing we were doing was as much about us as it was about them. After all, we both already had this bond with our boys. Doing it together like this for the first time in person, side-by-side, made it more intense, deeper, strengthened our bond to each other and to this house, this brotherhood. It was like an offering to all the men who’d come before us, and all those who would come after. Preferably with each other. And hopefully with their own sons, like we were doing. The thought of John and his son following this special tradition gave my cock an extra thrill, made me drive my cock even deeper up into his ever-tight,  welcoming guts, made him moan and sweat and clutch at the big muscles of my upper arms as I bottomed out inside my eldest son.

Would I get to experience this with his younger brothers? Would Mikey and Will Drake be SigEp men like their father and big brother? Time would tell. I know John was wondering about Luke Izzo too, I could read it all over his face as he stared at his eldest son, thrust deeper into him, that still-spectacular ex-soccer-jock ass of his dimpling deep as he thrust. I couldn’t wait to get up inside that tail of his, and give him the same pleasure too, while our boys coupled like we had 25 years ago. But that was for later. We had the rest of the weekend stretching out ahead of us. For now, tonight, this was about a deeper bond. A tradition. A promise we’d made to each other as young men, as fraternity brothers, finally coming to fruition.

“Ah fuck Dad,” Brady moaned as I fucked up into him harder, faster, deeper. From the corner of my eye, I could see John’s fit body doing the same, and I knew he was staring as deeply, intently into his son’s eyes as I was mine.

Colby’s moans mixed with Brady’s, building into a low, deep undercurrent that merged with the noise of the party downstairs and outside, the faint noises of other couplings going on below us, the sounds of our hips slapping against the upturned asses of your sons, our own deep grunts and moans and murmurs. It felt like a wall of sound building up, mixing with the fog of sweat and musk between us, something huge and powerful that had been building up all these years, between me and my brother Izzo, between us and our eldest sons, between the men of our chapter and their fathers and their sons, back and forth in time until it became something even bigger, deeper, more powerful than we could comprehend.

John Izzo and I fucked our sons into the tradition, let it wash over us, the brotherhood and the bond, between men, between fathers and sons. We looked over at each other once more, and I could tell from the hard flex of John’s still-killer bod that he was right there on the verge.

“For the brotherhood, Bill,” he grunted.

“For the brotherhood, John,” I moaned back, and then we nodded at each other, looked down into the handsome, sweating, ecstatic faces of our sons, the next generation of SigEp brothers, and like some signal passed through us all simultaneously, we let the bond of brotherhood and family wash over us and surge down through our bodies, up along the throbbing lengths of our cocks, and explode in hot, thick jets, inside and over and between us all, one after the other, almost in unison.

The peak was intense, and somehow, the afterglow, all curled up with our sons in our old frat beds, was almost as deep and intense. Even though it was already very deep and powerful, I felt even more bonded to my boy in that moment, and from the low murmur of conversation and the sound of kissing from the bed across the way, I could tell the Izzo men were riding that same vibe.

“That was fuckin’ awesome, Dad,” Brady grinned. “I’ve been wanting to do this ever since I pledged. Ever since you told me about you and Mr Izzo.”

“Shit, buddy, me and your Dad have been wanting to do this since before you guys were born,” John chuckled, lazily stroking Colby’s sweaty torso as his boy nuzzled against his neck, playing with the fine strands of silver that had come in through the dark hair on his chest.

“Maybe you and your sons will carry on the tradition too,” I said.

“Fuck yeah,” Colby piped up, and then his and Brady’s eyes met. When they slowly peeled themselves off us and hopped up off the bed, meeting in the space between in a tight hug that inevitably shifted into a friendly, brotherly makeout, I felt my spent cock twinge again.

John just chuckled, hauled his ass out of his old bed and went to the minifridge to retrieve a couple more beers. He made for one hell of a sight, big spent dick swinging between his muscled thighs as he made his way to me, and even though we were both bigger than we’d been back in the day, we still found room to squeeze into the same bed like we used to. I pulled him up against my bigger body as we took in the sight of our handsome sons deepening their bond.

“What if they don’t, you know… settle down like we did, Bill?” he asked. I got what he was saying. I’d always made it clear to Brady that his sexuality was his own. He didn’t have to pursue marriage to a woman, a family, all the things I had, if he didn’t want to. I’d be as proud of him no matter where he went in life. And as he could see - as he had experienced - there was always this kind of fun to be had, no matter what.

“Hell, they’d make a fine couple, don’t you think, brother?” I chuckled, and the idea of that, of our boys partnering up, drawing our families together, gave us both a dick-twitch.

“Besides, we’ve both got other sons,” I said, running my free hand up the firm muscles of my best bud’s stomach. “There’s always the chance they’ll follow in the tradition too. Never can tell.”

“Damn right you can’t,” John grinned, turning his head up to kiss me slow and deep. “But I hope we get to find out.”

I drew my brother in tighter to me as we explored the kiss more deeply, as our eldest sons took to the other bed together to build up to their own second round. Two generations side by side, doing what brothers do best - that’s what Alumni Weekend is all about.

Hell yeah. I was already looking forward to next year.

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So my buddy a4f101 has done me the honor of casting me in one of his stories. And, wow, what a hell of a story. Buds don’t get any better than this in my book.

This summer ive developed a hearty fixation on @drakestories

This summer I’ve developed a hearty fixation on Matt Harvey and his new beefy look. I’ve never considered myself to have a gainer/encourager kink but watching Harvey practically chunk up before my eyes, getting his ex-jock dadbod on ten years early, is major boner-inducing.

Graybeards i could practically see my @drakestories


I could practically see my reflection in his glistening cock head. It wasn’t the first time Bill had pushed me to my knees in the office bathroom, and it wasn’t likely to be last.

As I lost myself in his cock, Bill watched the door. Leery as he was, we’d never been caught before. Our office was small, and there was only one other guy on the whole floor, so it wasn’t too risky.

Pushing all thoughts of interruption out of my head, I went to work. Bill stifled a moan as I wrapped my lips over his leaking head and ran them down his rigid shaft. I was gentle, only just grazing his sensitive slab of meat to intensify his anticipation. And it worked like a wonder. He leaked big globs of precum right onto my waiting tongue. The taste always made me hungry for more. 

Impatient, Bill brought his hands to the back of my head and held me in place. He pulled his cock back, letting the head pass between my lips and hang right over my outstretched tongue. Standing there, he let me struggle to get back his cock as he held it just beyond my reach. When he finally slid that head back between my lips, I realized he’d played my game too—heightening my own anticipation.

Bill swung his hips forward to force his manhood straight down my throat, holding it there until I gagged on him. The older man began to thrust, letting his meaty cock slide in and out of my mouth as I struggled to breathe. 

It wasn’t long before his precum was flowing from his head like water from a faucet. He was getting close; his cock always thickened a bit more just before the big bang. Bill couldn’t stifle his moaning this time. His hands clenched onto my head and he started pumping my mouth full of another of the thickest loads I’d ever had from a man. Even as his cum was running down my chin, he kept on fucking my hungry mouth.

The sound of the bathroom door closing sobered us suddenly. Looking up at Bill, his horrified expression said it all. I turned slightly, with Bill’s cock still spewing the last of his load in my mouth, and saw the third man on our floor: Charles O’Donnell, the president of our company.

Stammering, Bill managed to say, “Sir. This isn’t. Fuck. I’m sorry.”

Mr. O’Donnell’s expression was as inscrutable as ever as he said, “I should hope so.”

“Yes, sir. Sorry, sir, I don’t…” Bill said, his apology undercut by the fact that his cock was still buried between my lips. 

Mr. O’Donnell raised a hand to silence him. “You made a cocksucker out of little Matt and you didn’t even tell me? I’ve had blue balls for months, Bill.” His voice had softened and—finally finished swallowing Bill’s cum—I turned to see Mr. O’Donnell unzipping his fly and pulling out a magnificent floppy cock. “Sorry, buddy, you’re going to have to share.”

Baffled, I looked up at Bill to see him grinning down at me as he said, “Of course, sir, my boy will take care of you.”

Thing im grateful for professional athletes @drakestories

Thing I’m Grateful For: professional athletes getting a head start on their ex-jock build.

Drakestories tim and i become best buddies on the @drakestories


Tim and I become best buddies on the site. I was working my summer after freshman year for my uncle’s construction company and had to endure all the ribbing and being called “College Boy” by all the guys. Tim Carson took me under his wing and stood up for me when the other guys were coming at me too hard.

Maybe cause he took his fair share of ribbing himself. “Titty Man,” the crew called him. He had massive pecs capped with insanely large nipples. Big fat, two-inch areoles that would look big even on a porn star slut. For some reason those paps just attracted me to the dude even more. They were so obscene, so sexual, and as we worked shirtless in the June sun, the site of his exposed chest kept me on edge for hours straight. I’d have to go to the men’s room and relieve myself several times each shift.

We were pulling in overtime one night, just the two of us doing some shingling, when we decided it was break time. Without fanfare or even a sense of what he was doing was out of the ordinary, Tim unzips his jeans and pulls out a nice, thick boner. I don’t know how long he’d been hard, but his erection was definitely leaking. “Wanna stroke one off, buddy?” he asked and proceeded to jack his prick.

“Yah,” I croaked and fumbled with my own zipper. I was boning up fast, just seeing Tim on display like that. He seemed to sense my desire and pulled open his nylon vest to show off his giant pecs and tits. As he stroked his bone, those pecs bounced in rhythm, driving me mad. It wasn’t gonna take me long.

“Yeah, shoot it, College Boy,” he growled as his hot semen splattered my own torso in thick, hot gobs.


It was 10 o clock on a friday night when craigs @drakestories

It was 10 o’ clock on a Friday night when Craig’s phone buzzed with an incoming message.

Bob G: Hey man what’s up?

Craig: Nothing much. Out with friends. U?

This is how it always was. He and Bob had dated last year, then broke up, and then got back together again. Now it was just booty call texts, always at Bob’s initiative. Craig’s friend Mike told him he should have more self-respect and just tell Bob to fuck off. “Dude, you need to meet a guy who’s actually into you.”

“He is into me, in a way,” Craig would counter. After all, the sex was really hot between them, always was. But Mike had a point. It was time to fish or cut bait.

Craig’s phone buzzed. A photo of Bob, leaning back, legs spread, his shirt unbuttoned open, his large honking prick erect and sheathed.

Craig hoped no one saw the pic but looking around his friends seemed to be engrossed in conversation. He pounded a quick reply.

Craig: Be over in 20.

Bob G: Make it 15.

“Hey guys,” Craig said to his friends. “I’ve had a long day and I’m beat. I think I’m gonna call it an early night.”

Dominicdunique i did so well in my test results @drakestories


I did so well in my test results that Dad gave me an extra reward.

He even let me finish inside him.

Graybeards the elevator doors opened and all @drakestories


The elevator doors opened and all six feet of him flooded into view. Standing there in an impeccably-tailored suit, the dashing older man barely seemed to notice me even as I stared right at him.

He lazily turned his eyes toward me and asked, “Going down?”

I instinctively glanced downward, sending a subtle twitch of a grin to the corner of his mouth. The door began to close but I managed to stumble in, coming to stand beside him and do my best not to stare.

We watched the floor numbers tick down in awkward silence, but he was totally at ease. 

I don’t know what came over me, but my hand reached out before I even knew what I was doing. My fingers wrapped around his belt buckle, tugging the belt tight around his trim waist. 

Terror overtook me as I looked up from the man’s crotch, expecting to see him enraged, but he looked unfazed. A man like him has a natural draw to others; this wasn’t his first time and it wouldn’t be his last. 

He simply glanced up at the floor number and chuckled, “Better hurry, only fifteen floors left.”

I slid my hand down his pants, desperately grasping at his growing fat cock. A satisfied grin crossed his face and an obscene bulge formed in his crotch. I ran my fingers down his massive shaft until I could grasp his bulbous, leaking head.

“Five floors left,” he stated.

Just before I pulled my hand from his pants, his cock spewed a juicy globule of precum onto my fingers. 

“Lick it off,” he ordered as the elevator chimed its arrival on the ground floor. I did as he said, my eyes rolling back in my head as I sucked down his precum. 

As he walked out of the elevator, his prominent bulge bouncing with every step, he pushed a business card into my wet hand and whispered, “Consider that an appetizer.”

Daily reblog drakestories craig is my @drakestories


Craig is my live-in lover and even at four years on, we fuck like rabbits. Best thing though is the dude, an ex-football jock with boy-next-door looks and twinkling green eyes, lives to give me head. Sometimes he comes on to me, sometimes I whip it out and practically demand servicing. Dude never fails to get me off in short order.

Just when I thought we’d explored everything, Craig gets a smirky grin when we’re out swimming in the pool one afternoon. He peels down his trunks and orders me to take off mine. I’m boning off already as I pull off my swimsuit. “What do you have in mind, stud?” I ask in anticipation. 

“I’ve been practicing something,” he says cryptically, then dunks beneath, where he proceeds to give me head underwater. 

This vacation was about him not me i kept @drakestories

This vacation was about him, not me, I kept telling myself. Matt had graduated near the top of his class and had gotten into Sloan, and I knew he was not only going to follow in his daddy’s footsteps but surpass them. I was proud as hell and overdue for a vacation, to boot. So I cashed in miles and flew us to Costa Rica a week after his graduation from Cornell. Just me and my boy, a guy’s week away.

We were close, and yeah, we’d taken the opportunity to fool around before, over the last couple of years pushing closer to that line where fathers and sons shouldn’t go and then crossing right fucking over it, one intense orgasm at a time whenever the occasion would present itself. When Matt came out as gay, let’s just say it wasn’t a surprise, but it did make the unspoken sexual activity between us the big elephant in the room. No longer could we write it off as a no-emotions release or just horsing around carried a little too far.

Particularly now. Now in the isolation of our resort hotel room in Costa Rica. My strapping 22 year old son coming on to his father. And me discovering just how much I like to be serviced. Ellen won’t go down on me much, so having the chance for some head is amazing and, well, addictive. Particularly head as good as Matt gives. I don’t know if he’s practiced or is a natural but whether we go for a quickie or a nice long edging session, my boy makes me come buckets. Or at least it always feels that way, cause he swallows it all like a champ.

And, yeah, so here we are, day 4 of this glorious vacation week. Lots of lying out by the beach, a couple of sightseeing expeditions, drinks out on the town at night, but mostly it’s us coming back to this hotel room and my son blowing me. Multiple times a day. Fuck, I know it’s selfish of me, but all he has to do is ask if I want another blowjob or even give me that inquisitive look and I start throwing hard. And Matt gets this big excited grin like he’s about to get another treat. Fuck.

This afternoon I thought was another one of those times. Us eating lunch, Matt’s fuzz-covered knee bumping against mind under the table, me boning up, Matt reading the look of hunger in my eyes and smirking. We pay our check and leave. We’ve barely shut the door and my son is crouching down, unzipping, and pulling out my cock. Going down on me. I grip his shoulders and ride out the best head a man could ever experience, till I’m ejaculating hard and heavy. First nut of the day.

Matt showers up, and then it’s my turn. When I come out Matt’s face down on the bed, showing off his dark tan and the creamy white buns. Damn, he looks awesome, awesome in a way I don’t think I’ve registered before. Muscular but tight build, male perfection of a young man in his prime. Next to the bed is a bottle of lube.

We’ve never crossed this line. Not before now. But I’ve just come a half hour ago and once again I am rock hard erect. Cause he’s asking me without actually saying anything. Asking me to fuck him. Fucking him without my asking permission. I pick up the lube bottle and squirt a huge dollop on my prick, hoping it would be enough. Then I crawl on top of my son, kissing and nibbling the back of his neck and up to his ear. That makes him moan and hike his butt back against my crotch. When I nudge and push in, it feels like I’m entering heaven. Tight, hot, snug heaven.

That’s when it clicks for me. When I hear him, my son, Matt, muttering so quiet I almost can’t hear him. “Love you, Dad.”

It’s on the tip of my tongue, too. Those word. “Love you too son.” Only I don’t say them. At least not out loud. Instead I shove my hard daddy cock into the guy and grip tight for the fuck we’re both about to enjoy.

Daily reblog drakestories i was home from @drakestories


I was home from college for the summer, and Dad had decided to take off a week from work. I asked what he planned to do and he replied nothing in particular. “I just want to relax. Enjoy some down time by the pool.”

I thought something was up that first day when Dad clearly boned up in his speedos even though he knew I was there. “Sorry Tim,” he half-apologized and wrapped a towel around his mid-section. “It’s been a while.”

By day 3 of his vacation, he was getting bolder, and as I watched from the kitchen window, the towel that covered his midsection gradually lowered until the full, heavy paternal cock plopped out into full view.

“Fuck!” I muttered under my breath, transfixed by the sight of my dad’s dick rising to a half-hard then a full fuck hard. 

I was confused, I was breathing fast, but I knew something was gonna happen that day. And I wanted it to happen.

Realcandidmen man spread things im grateful @drakestories


Man Spread

Things I’m Grateful For: Man Spread.

Daddysbottom we were simply chatting away @drakestories


We were simply chatting away, catching up on our lives since the last time as we munched on our breakfast. It was during one of the silent moment that I had a good look at what we were doing that the absurdity of it all sank in. I had to hold back from laughing out loud. There we were, two adult males, completely naked, having breakfast in bed! We were chatting away as if we were having a meal at a fine restaurant, as if there was nothing utterly unusual about this whole scene.

But it was even more than that. Ever since he flew in last night, we have had non-stop sex from the moment he stepped into my apartment. I clawed at his mature, hairy body, and ran my hands through his grey hair as he plowed deeply into my eager hole. He continued to be the best lover I ever had, the only one who could make me cum hands free.

We went at it till the wee hours of the morning before we caught a few hours of sleep. We went at it again this morning, but this time, I got to conquer his seldom-fucked ass, leaving my morning load deep into his guts. It was after that that we both felt as if we hadn’t eaten in days.

I went to the kitchen and prepared breakfast for us. Made him some coffee and got him the pastries that I knew he liked. And that was where we were, getting nourishment and catching up on news. I knew that we needed to eat something, because there was more hard fucking to follow. My dad may be in his late 50s, but man, can he fuck like a stallion and have a stamina of one.

I just knew that my ass was going to be sore, and full, by the time he flies back in 3 days time.

Daily reblog drakestories we sat silently by @drakestories


We sat silently by the pool, neither of us eager to swim or sunbathe, despite the warm day. We’d had sex an hour ago and were sitting around just feeling content. 

I didn’t know Jeff well - really he was just a guy I met online a couple weeks ago. But the sex clicked between us, and I agreed to come with him to his Palm Springs house for the week. I work in finance so it’s not easy for me to take time off on short notice, but I pulled an overdue favor with my boss given the hell I went through on the Carson-Pacific account. I don’t know what possessed me to be so impulsive, but I’d been all work, no play lately and needed to let off some steam. Jeff seemed to come along at the right moment.

The man was looking at me a little intently now, and finally spoke up. “I wanna fuck you again, buddy. That was so hot.”

“I’m sure you will, man,” I replied. Jeff wasn’t the kind of guy you’d peg as an alpha-top but I had to admit he knew his stuff. He loosened me up, mounted me, and fucked the come out of me like a master. Until now, the sex had been just blowjobs, but now that we’d fucked I felt somehow closer to the guy. “We have a whole week ahead of us.”

“No, I mean right now.” He moved his hand aside and I saw the stiff cock pushing up the crotch of his swim trunks.

Paternal instinct i walked into the @drakestories


I walked into the interrogation room, seeing three other men in uniform just like myself. One was kneeling on the floor in front of the other two, who stood side by side. I moved into the room more, to get a better view. The two standing men had their cocks out, and the kneeling boy was rapidly sucking them off. It was a sight to behold.

I still wasn’t noticed, so I spoke: “I see you two met my son.”

The two men looked at me; my son kept sucking their cocks. “Oh yeah,” one of the officers said, “for a new recruit, he’s a blowjob expert!”

“Taught him everything I know,” I stated proudly, my eyes still fixated on my son going back and forth on the one cop’s member.

“C’mon, Rogers,” the other cop said, “whip out your cock and join us. Would love to see a little father/son action go on!”

I chuckled, unzipping my pants and reaching in for my penis, stiff with the thought that my son would give me the same treatment as these men. My cock stuck out farther than either man’s, and it leaked with precum. My son finally gave a look at me; first staring at my cock, then he looked me in the eyes.

“Suck it, boy.”

Fooling around with dad was definitely the most @drakestories

Fooling around with Dad was definitely the most amazing thing that had happened in my life. For two glorious months we snuck around and found ways to suck or fuck. Part of it was my Dad, the man who raised me and who I’d looked up to my whole life. Sometimes he could be gruff, especially when he had to work late and wanted nothing more than to watch TV on his own in the den with a scotch or two. But he was always there for me, even traveling to my away games on Friday night, helping me with my precalc homework, or just relating to me almost as an equal, now that I was passing the threshold into manhood.

I was definitely a Daddy’s boy, which made the sexual connection, when it happened one camping trip, feel like the bursting of a dam of pent up emotion.

Mind you, it helped that I liked dick, knew I’d liked dick since I could first toss a load off. And Dad has the perfect dick. An eight inch, uncut, fat veiny shaft that gets ramrod rigid when he throws wood. I had a hard time learning how to suck

Only now Dad had cut me off. Called off the shenanigans we’d been up to and the sexual escalation between us. “It’s not right,” he told me one night, when it was just us men out of the back porch. “Look I’m not blaming you or trying to make you feel bad, Mike, but we can’t do it. I’m not going to do it.”

I tried to plead but I knew when Dad had made up his mind, he’d made it up. So I was resigned, if a little sad. I mean, he’s still my Dad and we have a great father-son relationship. Maybe the sex was messing it all up, and life can get back to normal now.

That’s why I can’t figure out what’s going tonight. Quiet Saturday night, and most of my friends are out of town for spring break. We’re just all hanging out. Dad’s looking at me weird, like he’s got something on his mind, like maybe I did something wrong. I feel a little uncomfortable. Maybe he’s more angry and guilty about our sex adventures than he let on before. Fuck, maybe he does blame me.

I want to go up to my room but Dad is giving me a stern look whenever Mom’s not looking. So I stay put, on the sofa, watching this boring nature documentary on Discover. Mom is making small talk, Dad’s chiming in enough to make it seem like a normal night but something different I can tell.

Finally, Mom gets up and says she’s tired.

“I’ll be up soon honey,” Dad says, giving her a good night peck from his chair.

No sooner as she’s walked up the stairs and down to their bedroom, Dad leans back and peels up the hem of his sweatshorts. He’s erect, that beautiful hooded cock standing straight up, fully engorged and craving attention.

He’s got a smirk on his face now. “Your mother’s mad at me and I’ve been in the dog house all week. Why don’t you help you old man out, Mike?”

I’m turned on but nervous as hell. I nod upstairs.

“She’s not coming down. Besides, you can make it quick, like that time at the lake house. Besides, it’s not gonna take me long tonight.”

I agree and get into our typical fellatio position, him legs spread, me between them, right hand holding the base of his cock, left hand rubbing and teasing his balls. He’s right, it doesn’t take him long and within a minute I’m choking on his ejaculate a little.

“Nice, son,” he mutters, and rubs my head playfully.

Nice to have the old Dad back.

Jeff was always self conscious about his body an @drakestories

Jeff was always self-conscious about his body. An ex-linebacker, he stood 6’5” and carried the bulk of an ex-jock. Over the last few years, at least as long as we’d been dating, he’d taken to crash diets, extra cardio, low-carb meals, whatever he could. And he’s lost a lot of weight, about 30 pounds from his ballplaying days. But he still sported a beefy build and carried some padding around his middle.

“That bulk makes you look hot,” I’d tell him any time I felt him get a little shy about going to the beach or the pool.

“Damn, Steve,” he’d counter, “easy for you to say, you’re trim and in-shape.” Despite my ten years on Jeff, I had a bona-fide runner’s build from competitive races and regular jogs and bike rides on the weekend. Plus, genetics were working in my favor.

Still, I couldn’t care less and told Jeff so, pretty much at every opportunity. The big ex-jock pushed all my buttons.

Especially that giant, fat cock of his. I wouldn’t say that’s the only reason I dated Jeff, but I had to admit the big guy could make me feel pretty awesome whenever he’d lift my legs, enter me, and pound me to a toe-curling orgasm.

I think he was starting to get it into his head how hot he was. We’re on vacation and I notice he’s ditched the board shorts for a skimpy speedo, which makes his bulky body even that much more imposing.

By the second day he’s strutting up and down the beach in that speedo like he’s showing off his stuff.

Day three he’s asking if we can go to the nude section further down. OK by me. Along the way he strips off his speedo and walks, his ball and tackle swaying with each step, getting heavier and fuller.

“You gonna take yours off too?” He asks. I’m worried now I’m gonna pop wood if I do, but this is a gay section and we’ve seen naughtier stuff go on in the dune. I peel out of my trunks and step back into my flip flops.

The more I stare at him walking ahead of me, his heavy, muscular ass contracting with each step, the harder I become. Jeff looks over his shoulder and notices.

“Damn, guy, I really turn you on, don’t I?” Three years, you wouldn’t think he’d have to ask, but he seemed like he was letting the idea sink in. Become a realization.

A little proud of himself now, he stopped and spread his legs, looking down at his cock, which was a nice stiff semi now. He watched - we watched - as it stood up into a huge boner.

He looked back up at me and smiled. Gave a little nod.

I didn’t need any further instruction. I hunkered down in the sand and started licking and sucking at that fat hog while his fingers ran through my hair in encouragement.

“Fuck yeah,” he hissed.

A4f101 late for class where do you think @drakestories


Late For Class

“Where do you think you’re going?” I asked, popping my head around the shower curtain.

Beau looked up from the sink, toothbrush in hand, a froth of toothpaste foaming his lips as he looked at me quizzically. That big, chunky, hairy muscle ass of his bulged spectacularly, the way his back was arched, all unintentionally inviting. He was looking pretty damn spectacular all over, all thick and plush-muscled, big rounded muscles bulging across his back, shoulders and upper arms, those twin mounds of hard, round glutes with just the right amount of jiggle to them when he walked, leading down to his powerful, chunky thighs. He’d kept his football power alright, even though he just played varsity flag games now. He was more focused on hitting the textbooks, rather than the playbooks now that he was getting into his sophomore year. Still, he’d never looked better.

“I’m gonna be late for class,” he said after spitting the toothpaste out.

“The hell with that,” I growled, reaching out to snag his elbow and tugging him back towards me. He didn’t resist too much, especially when my head leaned into his, finding his lips parting, tongue ready to dance with mine again, just like we’d been doing the last ten minutes in the shower. All morning in my bed before that. And most of last night too.

“Dude, come on,” he sighed reluctantly when we came up for air, but not yet puling away from my big, wet hands, leaving wet imprints all over his thick flesh as I pawed at him. He just felt too damn good not to touch, y’know? Getting his beef on, becoming a powerful, thick young bull of an ex-jock, just like me.

“We got a little time,” I grinned, leaning in to lick up the thickness of his neck, up to that special spot behind his ear, getting rewarded with a light shiver all over from him. “I’ll drop you off, kid.”

“You gonna pick me up again afterwards too?” he chuckled, rolling his eyes. “Just like high school all over again…”

“Not quite,” I growled. “Because I wasn’t bringing you home to tap this fine god damn ass of yours again, back then.”

This time he was the one hungrily kissing me, flexing those mighty buns of his in my hands, knowing exactly what I liked.

“Not that we didn’t both want you to, Dad,” he grunted against my lips, before playing his talented young tongue back between mine, seeking my tongue again. And finding it, and then some.

“Damn right, buddy,” I grunted back. “Wish I had. But that was then, and this is now…”

“And if we’re gonna do it, you need to get your big ass out of the shower,” he said. “I ain’t got time to get wet and dry off all over again.”

I yanked the shower curtain back, shut off the water, stepped out and wrapped him up in my big arms again, kissing him with feverish intensity as I backed him up against the vanity, feeling our cocks throb up hard between us. We’d been doing this about a year now, and it still felt a little like a honeymoon in a way. The way our cocks matched, thick and hard and uncut, beefy and not too tall, just like the rest of us, still blew my mind. Especially getting to explore them with each other, making them shoot our cum for each other every way we could think of, and learning a few new ones along the way besides. He was making me feel like I was 20 all over again, not 45.

I might have been the one initiating this, all tooled up after washing his epic ex-jock body clean of the remnants of our morning fuckfest, rinsing my cum from the depths of his furry trench and hole, but Beau took over now, mindful of the time we had. We both loved the slow, long, deep, exploratory times, but sometimes you needed to just get down to business, scratch the itch for a little while longer, sate the needs to get you through the day, until you could get back to the slow, deep, long stuff.

He squatted down before me, big thighs bulging so fucking sexily as he did, taking my big, hard Dad cock in his fist and wrapping his talented lips and tongue around it. I reached up to grab the shower curtain rail for support, my other hand on the back of his short, damp hair, surrendering almost immediately to his natural skill.The cocksucking skill he’d been honing on his buds, his teammates, even that hot young assistant football coach since he was 16.

Even with just a couple minutes’ work, lashing my big head with his agile tongue, cupping my big Dad balls with his free hand, he had me leaking, roiling, ready to rock and roll. But this was more of a lube job than a blow job. He came up off of my dick with an audible pop, grinning and licking his lips, slipping up my wet body to kiss me, let me taste myself. Then he cupped his palm under our working mouths, and we both spat into it, before he slapped it on the throbbing wetness of my cock. So fucking sexy.

“Come on, big guy,” he growled, turning around to grab hold of the vanity, arching his back, thrusting that epic, beefy jock tail of his back at me as he put one knee up on the countertop, revealing the dark-furred depths of his trench, and the salty pinkness of his pucker deep within. “Get on up in your boy, Dad.”

I had to work quick, but I couldn’t deny myself the pleasure, so I dropped to my knees on the bathmat, clapped both big hands on his cheeks - growling at the light jiggle of that incredible flesh as I did - and just burrowed my stubbly face deep inside of him. Immediately he let out that deep, low moan of lust I loved hearing so much, loved driving out of him. He leaned over more, spread himself even more open, presenting that pink, pulsing, hairy hole of his for my tongue. And I obliged him, with deep, focused, spit-dripping licks and laps, thrusts, teasing him open to paint him with the same spit that was dripping off my cock. I could’ve done this the rest of our time, licked and tonguefucked him until he shot his cum all over the sink and mirror, but I wanted inside of him. Wanted to give him something to think about, squirming around in his chair through his classes, palming the big bulge of his cock, barely hidden inside of his shirts under his desk.

So I stepped up reluctantly, hocked another wad of spit into my palm, slicked my throbbing, precum-dripping shaft up with it, then pressed up to his most private place. The one he said he reserved for me now. He didn’t have to do that for me - I wanted him to fuck around with his hot young buds, and then tell me about it, or better yet, include me in it - but for now, I was glad he did, as I felt him open up and take me inside of him. He was tight, yeah, tight as a drum, almost as tight as the first time I got up inside him like this last summer, but we’d had a lot of practice since then, and I knew he could take the long, deep slide of me in one thrust. So I did just that.

“Ah fuck Dad, you big-dicked motherfucker!” he growled, eyes locking on mine in the mirror. They were hot with lust, hot for me, so I gave him more of what he wanted. One hand on his hip, the other reaching around him to work his big, tasty cock over, as I began to give him the fuck he needed, the fuck we had time for. We could take it slow and deep later. I could take him slow and deep later, if he wanted to.

For now though, we worked hard and fast, working together, Beau fucking himself on me almost as much as I was fucking up into him. The little room echoed with the slap of flesh on flesh, our deep, husky, lusty grunts, a low stream of dirty talk and moans, the wet slick sounds of his cock juicing in my hand as we both approached our peak.

“Cum in me, Dad,” he moaned, eyes hard and needy on mine in the mirror. “Give me something to try and hold inside me all day today.”

“Oh fuck yeah,” I growled, picturing him holding his big, juicy ass clenched tight to keep my Dad cum inside of him as long as he could. And then his ring began to squeeze rhythmically around me, in time with the throb of his big beefy young cock in my hand, and I knew we were there.

“Ahhh fuck yeah Dad!” he hollered, and his cock throbbed and pulsed and started to shoot, hot white pearly jets splattering onto the mirror, the faucet, the sink beneath him. With a growl, I slammed my hip up hard into him, planting my cock deep inside the clenching hot tightness of his guts, and I joined him, grunting and moaning and shivering as I spurted my own thick seed up into his welcoming depths.

We didn’t have much time for the niceties, so I just grabbed the wet washcloth from the shower, swiped it over his heaving, sweating young muscles, then my own, giving my cock a quick wipe to get the excess slickness off. At least we could kiss, hard and hungry and growling, as we did.

In my bedroom, I watched him dress quickly, yanking his underwear up his chunky thighs, wishing I could pull them back down and go another round with him - but no. I’d told him his studies were important. Besides, we’d have a good few hours now to recharge and rebuild. This evening was gonna be another great one, I just knew. In the meantime, though, I pulled on my own clothes, found my keys, and just enjoyed the sight of him while I still could. If we hustled, he could still make his 10 o’clock class in time. And if he was a few minutes late, well… hell, it was worth it, wasn’t it?

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Hugyerbud i watched quietly from the cab of the @drakestories


I watched quietly from the cab of the truck as dad “talked” his way out of a speeding ticket…

Things im grateful for cool dads @drakestories

Things I’m Grateful For: Cool Dads.


I rolled my eyes as usual. Mr. Patton was the official neighborhood Cool Dad™. He was that guy who couldn’t let his youth go, even as his mimicry of our slang and style became increasingly undignified. Much to Collin’s chagrin, his father would never leave us alone. 

But while I took my part in mocking Mr. Patton with my buddies, I’d struggle to suppress an eager grin whenever he was around. Ridiculous as he was, I couldn’t deny that he was one Grade A DILF. 

As a kid, it had been just harmless lust, but as a young man it became much more. Every time Mr. Patton came around, I’d catch that look in his eyes when he glanced at me. He joked and chatted like usual, but not to me. 

I made an excuse. Faked a call from my mom or pretended to remember something I needed to do—I can’t quite recall. 

Fifteen minutes later, Mr. Patton had me on my knees servicing his fat daddy dick. The thoroughly unassuming suburban man had perhaps the meatiest slab of man flesh I’d ever seen, even in porn.

The blowjob was a formality, something to get his juices flowing, but I could never get my throat open wide enough to swallow more than a third of the man in my mouth. His true prize was my ass—a tight hole he could frankly fuck as hard as he wanted.

I’d struggle, cry, and beg, but he knew I’d never say no.

He would do things to me that even asking his wife about would have ended in divorce. Even more surprising than this man’s cock, was his creativity. He fucked me in ways and positions I didn’t even think were possible.

He simply bent me over his work table that day, planting his feet wide around mine and rubbing his swollen manhood over my ass. I moaned pleasurably, but I knew this was going to hurt. It always did.

When Mr. Patton was ready to start, he accelerated quickly. Five inches of his throbbing dick were inside me before I could even gasp for air. I cried out as he pushed in another two inches, but he covered my mouth with a hand and continued his onslaught. 

He wasn’t fast so much as he was just relentless. I could fight him and I could beg him, but nothing changed his pace. Every inch of him was soon followed by another until I felt like my entire body was impaled by this perfect man.

Once he had me opened up, he was only just getting started. He fucked me as hard as he could until he was about to cum, pulled back and slowed down, and then slammed in hard again. Rinse and repeat. 

Few men could control themselves quite like Mr. Patton, and he could make a fuck last for hours. And he would.

He went until I was broken, a sobbing, moaning mass of flesh that simply took his cock without resistance. It was among both the best and worst moments of my life. That feeling of not being able to take another second, but never wanting it to end.

I breathed a sigh of relief when he finally quickened his thrusts to a frenzy. He thickened inside me. Mr. Patton began to pump yet another batch of his baby batter into me, thrusting all the way until the end, when he collapsed on top of me. 

Panting heavily as his cock continued to leak, he groaned, “Damn, boy, you keep me young.” I still didn’t know about that, but he certainly did fuck like it.

A4f101 inspection atten shun i barked in my @drakestories



“Atten-shun!” I barked, in my best commanding voice. He shot me a look, half-amused, half I-oughta-kick-your-ass, but he snapped to attention alright, big chest out, shoulders back, thick thighs together. Once a soldier, always a soldier…

I walked around him slowly, surveying the powerful nakedness of his chunky fireplug form. He’d always been a beefy dude, the kind of guy who could easily slip from natural thick power to fatness in his middle-age years if he wasn’t careful. If he didn’t keep himself active, lifting and running and sweating and maintaining the plush natural power of his short, but densely-packed body.

“Arms up, soldier,” I said firmly. He complied, lifting those thick guns of his, hands up behind his clean-shaven head, thick biceps bulging more now, a little hint of his sweaty, manly aroma from his exposed pits. Even now, that cock of his - thick, short, but powerful like the rest of him, with a big set of clean-shaven balls beneath - was beginning to stand to attention too. He might roll his eyes at this between us, but he liked it. Like it a lot. Cocks don’t lie.

“Permission to speak freely, sir?” he said, adding a little bit of attitude to that last part. I just nodded at him as I continued my walkaround inspection. Fully dressed to his nakedness. Feeling my own swell and rise in my suit pants.

“I’ve said it before, I know, but seriously… I still don’t get what a guy like you is doing with -”

“That’s enough, soldier,” I snapped, squaring up to him. I was a couple inches taller, and while I wasn’t built as densely as him, I had plenty of muscle of my own to be proud of. Yeah, sure, I could go to the bar or get on one of the apps and have a dude like me over here within the hour. Been there, done that. But that wasn’t what I wanted. What I lusted over the most. What I wanted was this guy.

We stared at each other, his arms still up obediently. Something deep, silent, but electric in the air between us. And when I leaned in to kiss him, firm but soft at the same time, his lips were already responding. A soft grunt shaded into a whimper from him, as my tongue probed past his lips, meeting the slick, warm, lively animal of his own tongue, but he still stood solid, even as one of my hands dropped to his powerful hip, and the muscular swell of his ass behind it, while the other reached down to slowly fist the powerful thickness of his cock. He was already starting to bubble precum from the fat, blunt tip of it as I manhandled the incredible girth and heft of him. The thought made my mouth water a little, and I fed that spit to him as my own cock throbbed inside my pants.

As much as he loved everything else between us, and much as he loved playing the soldier boy for me, what he loved most of all was the power between us. Giving it over to me, power and control, flipping the customary roles. Letting me take over, submitting to it, after decades of being in a position of power himself. As a soldier, as a coach, as a team captain. As a parent. He was almost twice my age, but for him, there was a sense of freedom in letting me take over like this, he’d told me so, and it just made the intense sexual bond between us even hotter, if that was possible.

“I’m gonna tell you something, soldier,” I half-growled as we broke off the kiss. “You’re the hottest piece of man flesh I’ve ever known, stud. All thick, chunked up with muscles - these big fucking thighs, that mighty fucking ass, your big deep fucking barrel chest - and I love that you’ve kept it so tight, in shape. for me. For us.“

He let out a little moan as my hand cupped and squeezed each part of his body as I referenced it, maintaining my slow, easy stroke on his big prick with the other. And then i leaned in and ran my tongue up the length of one of his sweaty, exposed pits, then the other. That brought a shiver to his whole body, a deeper moan, one that continued hungrily as I slipped my sweat-tangy tongue to his mouth for him to suck his own taste from. As always, he did it eagerly.

“So there’s that, soldier,” I went on, eyes locked on his as I continued to manhandle him, like I knew he loved. “And the sex is the hottest I’ve ever experienced, stud. Nobody’s ever taken my cock, in his mouth or his ass, like you do. Nobody’s ever pulled so many fuckin’ loads out of me in one session as you do. I bet you were real fuckin’ popular at boot camp, huh stud?”

At that, he growled, and broke protocol by leaning up to kiss me - yeah, he was active duty at a different time, back when fucking with your fellow soldiers was a dangerous thing to do, but he’d had his adventures, and the idea still made him so fucking hot - but I pulled my head back a little. Part of this was maintaining control. He wanted that, craved that more than the intense hot wet kisses we loved to share.

“But more than that… most of all….” I went on, dropping my voice to a low, husky growl-whisper. “I’m with you because you’re my fucking Dad, and I love this bond between us. Being your son. Being your man. Having your fine ass living with me. Taking care of you. Paying you back for all those years you supported me. Put a roof over my head.”

“Son,” he began with a rueful smile, “I’ve told ya, you don’t need to -”

“Quiet, grunt,” I barked, and he shut right up. Looked at me with wide eyes that had a lusty fire deep within them. His cock throbbed even harder in my hand, and I could feel the slickness of his juices slowly coating my palm and fingers. Fuck, this was going to be good.

“I love how we live now, Dad… soldier,” I said. “You love it too. I’ve loved you since the first time you let me suck this big fucking cock of yours when I was 17. Since you first tapped my ass. And since you first let me tap yours in return.”

Dad grinned lustily and growled at the memory, all that hot, secret fun we had back in the day. Before he got divorced and his short stay with me here in Philly turned into a longer-term arrangement. This perfect thing we had.

“We’ve got something special here, Dad. You worked your ass off your whole life to provide for me. To take care of me. Made me the man I am. A man like you. And now it’s my turn. Gonna take care of you now, big guy. Gonna show you the man I am. The man you made me.”

I finally took my hand off his cock, planted both hands on the big, thick plates of his pecs, and gave him a solid push onto the bed. Took some effort - he was built thick and low to the ground, after all. But I had plenty of good, solid muscle of my own, and the bonus of being in control here. Just the way he liked me to be.

“So now, I’m gonna show you, yet again, how much I love what we have. Why I want you with me, the way you are. How fucking hot you are to me, soldier… Dad.”

He looked up at me with that gleam in his eyes, that potent mixture of lust, love, gratitude, as he sat on the end of the bed. Our bed. I reached down for my belt buckle, but he shook his head.

“No… let me… Sir,” he said, voice husky, needful, and I let his thick fingers undo my belt, my button, my zipper, slipping my suit pants down my long, muscled legs, folding them neatly as I stepped out of them.

He ran his big paws up my thick quads - thick like his, just longer - and followed his hands with his lips, kissing them worshipfully as I flexed them up for him, my hand rubbing the faintly stubbled back of his head. Nuzzled his way up to the bigness of my hard cock, crammed into the designer trunks he liked best on me, his big paws slipping round to cup my ass as he mouthed my bulge, lips and tongue, tasting the musk of my long day in the office, feeling the physical manifestation of my love and lust for him. I let his big paws work up my shirtfront, unknotting my tie, unbuttoning my shirt, releasing me, peeling everything off until I stood before him, naked but for my spit-soaked trunks.

“Permission to show you how grateful I am for you, Sir… Son?” He asked, looking up at me as he ran his mitt over my big young bulge. “Permission to show you how much I fucking love you, kid?”

“Permission granted, soldier,” I growled, but with a smile this time, as he freed my cock from my trunks and slid its musky young thickness into his mouth, swallowing and spit-shining it, soaking it with his dad spit for the long, deep journey it was about to take up inside of him, up into the hot, clutching depths of his chunky-muscled ex-soldier ass. The final step of my inspection of him, and the part that he loved the best of it all. The part we both loved the most.

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Drakestoriesdad had a business grip in miami @drakestories


Dad had a business grip in Miami right around the time of my birthday, so I decided to skip my Friday calculus class and drive all the way from Gainesville to meet him. We’d fooled around a lot the summer before I went off to college but weekends like this were special. They meant we could let our guard down a little and have pretty much nonstop sex without worrying about being caught. It was a Saturday morning and we were have coffee and room service breakfast. Dad had removed his robe and was showing off his boner. I still had my morning wood going from waking up. “Happy Birthday, Sport,” he said. “Anything you want for your present?” I looked at him intently. “I think you know what I’d like,” I answered softly. I’d fucked Dad once and it was a life-altering experience being inside the man who made me. I often cajoled my father for a repeat ride but he was never keen to repeat it. Till now. He breathed a quick sigh and rolled over on his stomach. “I figured that’s what you’d want. C'mon Sport, climb on.” I was beside myself in horniness and excitement but I decided to take my time. Exploring my father’s body, massaging his muscle, eating out his hairy hole, then at last mounting him and penetrating his dadpucker with my eager, bare cock. “Thanks Dad, this is awesome,” I grunted as I pushed my dick and out of that exquisite paternal ass. “Anything for my boy. This weekend is all about you, son.” I lost it right then and there, shooting a million of my little brothers inside Dad.


Sliding into Dad


Dads a federal agent growing up it was cool to @drakestories

Dad’s a federal agent. Growing up, it was cool to have him come to parent’s day at school and talk about his work. And sometimes it sucked when a case had him working late, or traveling for days at a time. Other than that, it was normal. Just who Dad was.

It wasn’t until recently that I’ve gained a new, deep appreciation of what he does. Maybe it’s that I’m now 22 and recently graduated and having to decide on a job. I’ve chosen a white collar career, but it makes me wonder what drove Dad to go into law enforcement at my age. I’ve thought of following suit.

But mostly it’s the secret between us. Dad could lose his job for less than what we’ve done together. But we do it, it’s like he feeds off my desire and hunger for it and obliges. I’m a Daddy’s boy, after all, always have been. When he lifts my legs and starts rubbing his enraged cock up and down the cleft leading down to my hole, he looks at me with that look. Silent, but speaking volumes. That “you know this is just between us, Sport” look. I nod in return. Urging him to fuck me. Telling him I got his back. Always.

Lately the old man has toned up. Diet, obsessive running, Crossfit, the whole works. He’s sculpted that beefy, barrel-chested upper bod I always knew into a fine-cut work of art, leading down to a thin, perfectly flat waist. To be honest, I was just as happy with Dad’s old body, but I’m loving what the change has done for his confidence and stamina. The man fucks like a machine now.

One night we’d just had our second go around and I was lying back covered in my sperm and Dad was lying beside me, stroking my arm. “John, I gotta favor to ask of you.”

“What Dad?” He didn’t even have to ask.

He leaned up, and I got a fine view of his hairy chest and chiseled muscle. I couldn’t resist reaching out to run my fingers along his torso, which elicited a shiver from Dad and a knowing grin. I had a hard time keeping my hands off him, and he often teased me for it.

“I want you to take some photos,” he said, a little embarrassed. “I want proof I got in shape like this.”

“Immortalize this bod?” I said.

“Something like that,” he shrugged. “Something to remind me ten years from now I looked like this.”

This was a side of Dad I hadn’t seen before. Self-conscious and a little vulnerable. “Dad, in ten years you’re still gonna look awesome.”

Dad leaned down and gave me a quick but deep kiss. “Thanks for the vote of confidence, Sport, but biology is biology. I’m 45 already.”

So that’s how we ended up doing this photo shoot today. Me using Dad’s DSLR and Dad showing off in his racing speedo from the last triathlon he did. He looked incredible and the more pictures I took the harder I was getting.

Particularly when Dad stripped off the swimsuit and kicked it to the corner.

“Let’s do a few like this,” he said, straddling a chair. His body was a work of art and the light coming in from the window showed off every sinew, cut, and striation of his hard-earned muscle.

Just when I thought it couldn’t be better, he looked up with a smirk on his face. “These shots are just for you and me, right, John?”

“Of course.”

He smiled and I watched as his penis started rising up between his legs, growing into a full dad-erection before my eyes. I snapped away repeatedly, wanting to capture every moment. Pretty soon his hardon stood rigid out high between his spread legs.

“Set a timer?” he said. “I want a shot of you with your mouth on this bad boy.”

Graybeards theres something about him that @drakestories


There’s something about him that just feels out of sorts. Sitting naked on my couch, drinking my wine and inspecting my apartment, he shifts uncomfortably.

How a man hung like him can lack for confidence, I’ll never know. But when we start getting down to business, the self-certain man I’ve known for years reemerges. 

“Over here, Mr. Sollsner,” he says and pats his meaty thigh. He says it just like he did a decade ago whenever my eyes would drift or my mind would wander. Back then, he’d interrupt class and deliver that familiar line in front of everyone just to get my attention. 

I approach hesitantly, gazing at his thickening cock for a moment before carefully straddling his lap. I place my hands on his beefy chest for balance, lowering my squatted ass into his growing crotch. He doesn’t move a muscle, but to take a sip from the glass.

By the time I’m situated in his lap, I feel the head at the end of his rigid shaft rubbing against me and leaving a trail of sticky precum. 

Looking him in the eyes, I’m taken aback by how little he’s changed in the last decade. His belly’s grown a little, but he’s barely aged a day. He looks just like the man I’d spent hours, days, maybe even weeks fantasizing about. I still remember praying and hoping against hope for just a glance of the cock straining against the fabric of his bulging pants. 

He slips a hand under me, guiding his cock right up against my hole. The head pushes, straining the seal of my tight ass. Every single time, this felt like 15-year-old me’s dream come true. 

Daddysbottom i had planned on staying around @drakestories


I had planned on staying around and working through the summer after my college Freshman year. But when my boss gave all of us extra days off for the 4th of July holidays, I decided to make the 1 ½ hour drive back home unannounced, sort of a surprise to my folks.

My mom certainly was pleasantly surprised when I walked in the kitchen door. She was rather pleased to see me and knowing that I get to spend several days with them over the weekend. My younger brother was at a Summer Camp already and wouldn’t be coming back for a few more weeks. So it would be just the three of us for the 4th of July holidays, me, mom, and dad.

Mom said that Dad was still at the shop and that I should go and surprise him. Dad and Uncle Jay, Mom’s older brother, opened a car repair shop many years ago. Growing up, I hung around the shop often after school, and got to know almost everyone that worked there. So after being gone for a year, it would be nice to go back there and see the place.

I hopped into my car and drove to the shop. It was already late in the afternoon, and the shop was already closed. But I knew that the back door would still be opened, and dad and the rest of his crew usually were working to close the shop for the day.

When I walked in, the place was quiet and empty. I walked to Dad’s office, and no one was around. I continued to walk around the various places where I thought there might be people, but the place was completely deserted. I almost yelled out loud to see if anyone was there when I heard sounds and voices coming from the building’s basement. I knew that that was where they keep they store all the spare parts and stuff, but I had only been down there once, a very long time ago. Dad told me not to go down there because of all the stuff that could fall onto a young kid like me way back then.

But now, hearing things from down there, I decided to check it out and surprise everyone. But as I reached the bottom of the stairs, it was I who got the biggest surprise of my life!

While my view was partially blocked by the shelving, I managed to see in between piles of boxes something I never thought I would see. There was my dad, completely naked, and bent over in between two muscular, black men. I knew those men, and they were dad’s mechanics.  And at that moment, one of them was fucking dad’s ass from behind! Holy shit! Dad’s arms were straddled onto the spread thighs of the other man in front of him, hanging on for dear life at the vicious pounding he was receiving.

I stood where I was in total shock, unable to process at what I was witnessing. The idea of my own dad engaging in gay sex was not something that had even remotely entered my mind. But there it was, being played out right in front of my eyes. After the initial shock, I was acutely aware that I was getting hard in my jeans, which also surprised me.

But just when I thought that was the end of the surprise, another one popped up. I suddenly heard a voice from someone hidden from view.

“Fuck, let me have some of that!” the voice said.

Suddenly, I saw Uncle Jay came into view. He too was completely naked. He walked next to where my dad was and bent over just like him, offering his butt. The guy that was fucking dad pulled out, and I got to see the humongous 10-inch ebony dick that had fucked my dad’s ass. My eyes flew wide open in amazement at how dad could have survive being pounded by that huge dick. But I didn’t have long to admire the ass-splitter because soon disappeared into Uncle Jay’s bubble, round butt all the way to the hilt. I jumped a little at the loud cry coming out of my uncle as he screamed in pain at the invasion. The black man only gave him a few seconds to adjust to the monster intrusion before he resumed the brutal pounding of Uncle Jay’s butt.

In the meantime, the guy that was sitting in front of my dad got up and went around dad and took the place of his buddy. Soon, I saw both my dad and my uncle, bent over with their ass hiked up, and both being fucked mercilessly by two huge, muscular black men. I could not ever remember being hornier than I was at that moment. The sound of flesh pounding against flesh, the moans and groans, and the dirty talks as the men urged each other on were getting to me.

Unbelievably, the pace of the fucking were picking up. Both dad and Uncle Jay were being used like cheap whore as they surrendered their holes to the men. From the sound coming from the two men, I could tell that they were close to shooting their loads.

“C’mon, fucker! Fuck me harder! Breed my ass! Breed it, you son of a bitch!” I heard my dad cried out loud as he turned his head to his left. He looked at his brother-in-law next to him being equally drilled deep and hard. I immediately unzipped my jeans and started to stroke my dick. I knew that I wanted to cum at the same time that my dad and uncle were being seeded by these two muscular black men.

Credit: HDK’s “Chocolate and Cream”

Drakestories craig and i were roommates not @drakestories


Craig and I were roommates, not lovers, but there was definitely a sexual tension between us. Like we were always trying to one-up each other by scoring with more guys - and hotter guys - than the other. Lately Craig had been on a roll, with a veritable revolving door of a different man each night. I noticed that my roommate scored with guys of all types but that he seemed to have a thing for older guys. 

Funny thing was, it was rubbing off on me too. I started seeking out older men, and the only challenge was getting them to agree to come back to my place rather than theirs. Like Craig, I wanted to show off my conquests. 

This all came to a head the weekend my Dad came to visit. I had to go into work Saturday morning for a half day. And when I came back I immediately sensed something was different. I quietly closed the apartment door, careful not to make a sound. Rounding the hallway, I saw that Craig and my father were nude. Craig noticed me and turned to stare right into my disbelieving eyes, but Dad was oblivious, caught up in a trance playing with and looking at Craig’s crotch. 

I watched with a gulp as Dad proceeded to go down on my friend and roommate, right there in front of me. And Craig kept looking at me, as if to challenge me to stop it. I didn’t it. I was too horned up by the entire spectacle. 

So, for the next four and a half minutes I watched Dad bring my bud steadily to climax and swallow his morning seed. He pulled off and was licking his lips when Craig broke the news to him. “Pete, your son’s home.”

Dad looked up at me, a little shellshocked but a little resigned, too. “Sorry, Bill, I couldn’t resist.”


Hugyerbud but dadim all sweatyand so are @drakestories


but, dad…I’m all sweaty…and so are you…

It’s all right, son…c’mere and give her daddy a hug…

I wasn’t opposed to bottoming. In fact, I’d been thinking about it more and more lately. My boy Justin’s growing up to be a fine hunk with a nice hard tool that matches his dad’s in shape and size. There have been times when I’ve been traveling for business and I’ll strip down in my hotel room and start a nice, slow JO session thinking about my son rimming me, fingering me, then at last taking his turn on top, learning what I experienced week in and week out inside his tight teen jock hole.

So, no, I was getting more and more into the idea. And the more he pestered me, asking if he’d ever be able to fuck me, the more I considered just caving in. But Justin had to earn it, and I finally told him as much one night.

Naked in my arms, his cock surged against my abs. “Earn it?” he sighed. “How Dad?”

I thought a second. “You want my ass, you gotta play by my rules, got it?”

He leaned up, excited as puppy now. I had a feeling he’d agree to anything, any condition I lay down. “You got it, Dad, just name it.” His prick looked like it could shoot any second now, and to tease him I gripped it in my hand and started stroking.

“Basketball. One-on-one, you and me, 21 points, 2 out of 3.” It was starting to sink in to him, and his excitement turned into a look of frustrated determination.

“You mean?” he started.

“Yep. Beat your old man if you want a turn on top.” See, basketball was my game. I’d played in high school and college. Star forward. Even if I was twice that age now, I was still in shape and pretty good at the game. And while Justin was quite the jock in his own right, baseball was his game, where he spent his effort working on power hitting rather than speed or agility.

“OK,” he said gamely. “You’re on Dad.”


I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about offering my hole any time soon, and I didn’t. Justin and I played each Sunday and each Sunday I beat him. Squarely. But the kid was determined, I got to give him that. Put his all into the game, practiced hoops every day after school, even joined the basketball team.

One day, after a fairly close game, I could detect a new swagger in my boy. “Pretty close that time. You better watch out, Dad,” he taunted. “Before long I’ll be claiming my prize.”

I shoved the ball into his arms and pulled down my shorts. Already my cock was hardening in the cool spring breeze. “Maybe. In the meantime, why don’t you come suck Daddy off?”

He grumbled a curse word, but dribbled the ball to the side and crouched down on the carport in front of me.


Two weeks ago was too close for comfort. I lost the first game and won the second in a squeaker, 21-19. I was lagging in the third, till Justin started teasing me. “Damn, Dad, looks like you want my dick pounding you tonight.” That did it. I rallied and smoked his tired, exhausted ass that last game.

I felt on fire, and the sex was even hotter that night.


Today was another match up. “Ready Sport?” I called as I came downstairs changed into my sweatshirt and shorts. Justin was playing a video game but paused it. A look in his eye that said he was going to try again, try to beat his ex-basketball player of a father.

I did pretty well the first game, handily beating my son. It was the second when things started to turn around. Justin ran circles around my defenses and seemingly every shot was perfect, landing right in the hoop. He whooped me, 21-11.

“Best 2 out of 3,” he reminded me. No boast this time, no cockiness, just pure focus. Game focus. I’d seen it on the courts when I played in college.

Worst part was, my son had been running me around the court, slowly but surely wearing me down. He may not have had the natural agility, but he’d been conditioning himself. And he was 24 years younger than me. He had 15 points to my 4 when I found myself panting.

I threw for a two-pointer but was no longer steady, out of breath. The ball missed by a mile.

I looked over and saw his expression. That’s when he knew. Knew he had licked me. He smiled, his white teeth gleaming, as he picked up the ball and started dribbling. Not losing the focus, he charged past me. I did my best to anticipate his move, but he sailed by and laid up the shot. Perfect. 16 to 4. Fuck.

My turn, and Justin was there at my every step. Not fouling, but playing very physical defense. Not afraid. I tried to get out of his block but as I stooped down to step I lost control of the ball which went rolling across the carport.

Now Justin took his time. Maybe to give me a breather, but I don’t think that was it. I think he wanted to relish this. Relish this milestone. He dribbled and fixed his gaze on me. It was like he fucking me with his eyes, appraising his 40-something father’s sweaty body. I looked down and could see that my son had a full-on boner in his shorts, poking up as walked side to side. I don’t know how he played with an erection, but it didn’t hurt his game. Another charge, another shot, and soon the score was 17-4.

I couldn’t lose without a fight. I refocused, got my old mojo back and shot from the 2-point circle. Not my best shot, but the ball hit the rim and circled in.

“Nice one, Dad,” Justin said, not taunting me anymore but almost as an equal, you know? Still, not to be outdone, he stood back from behind the far line and sailed his own two-pointer in.

I got one more shot in that game, but it was a lost cause. The last few points, Justin’s boner throbbed even harder and by now mine was too. I could hear him chant almost in a low whisper as I played the most physical defense I could muster. “I can’t fuckin’ believe this is gonna happen,” he’d say. “I’m gonna fuck my dad.”

I thought he’d have a big conceited smile on his face as he got that last point. Instead, he walked up to me with a fierce determination and a look of stone-cold lust on his face. “Inside,” he growled. “Now.”

We both made our way quickly to my bedroom, where we tore off our sweaty clothes.

I stood there erect but my cock was not quite as angry or horned up as my son’s. “Justin,” I started maybe we shower up….”

He pounced on me knocking me back to the best as his mouth met me in the hottest kiss we’d shared. This was definitely a new side of Justin I’d never seen before. The deprivation had turned him into a bona fide top, all right. As we made out on the bed, our sweaty bodies rubbing against one another, my son thrust his erection against my midsection, making no bones about what he wanted.

“Gotta fuck you Dad,” he moaned. “Can’t fucking wait any more.”

With that he hooked his hands under my thighs and pulled them up. I was going to tell him to get some lube, but already his was positioning his dick at my sphincter and pressing inward. I guess there was enough sweat to lube a gangbang, cause Justin’s hard prick popped inside and filled me.

Instinctively, my legs wrapped around him, letting him know I was good to go. He smiled and said “fuck yes,” and pulled back his hips and pushed forward again. “I’m fucking you dad,” he said, as much to himself as to me.

I knew he wouldn’t last long and he didn’t. About a minute of eager thrusts and my boy was getting his orgasm buried deep inside me. My own rocket went off, spraying my chest with a fresh coating of dad seed. Justin watched transfixed then leaned down to kiss me again.

“Worth the wait?” I asked, stroking his neck as we caught our breaths.

“Like you wouldn’t believe. That was awesome, Dad.”

Steve johnson @drakestories

Steve Johnson

Daily reblog drakestories that chest could @drakestories


That chest could make me do anything, and Mike knew it. Whenever we’d get in an argument, he’d hook his thumbs in his T-shirt and pull it up over his head. His bare chest gave me a headrush to look at: powerful, bulky, and covered with an even layer of fine hair, with just some flecks of silver to really set me off.

“C'mon bud, why dont’t you suck on Daddy’s tits for a little while?” Part of me wanted to punch him he was so cocky and assured. But the other part of me won out, the part that leaned forward and started licking his massive pectoral muscle, slowly, lovingly, making my way to the pencil-nub pap begging for attention.

Fifteen minutes later my legs inevitably would be on his shoulders as his heavy dong violated my hole faster and faster. Till we were both shooting our load.

Sure enough, neither of us ever remembered what we were arguing about in the first place.

Paternal instinct my wife is so concerned about @drakestories


My wife is so concerned about our son. She think that he’s a drug and sex addict that’s always looking for either a party to crash or a pussy to fuck. Call it worried-mother syndrome because that’s hardly the truth. If she took the time to get to know him, he’s not a big fan of parties or pussies! That’s right, my son came out to me because he trusts me…and because he wants my cock. Maybe he is slightly addicted to sex…but when he sucked my cock for the first time, I felt things my crazy wife never could make me feel. If he was addicted, then so be it! Better with a man he knows and loves with complete strangers, right?

My wife makes sure our son has no privacy at home, so the only place we can do it is in the car. We say we’re running errands, but we’re really fucking the shit out of each other in my Prius. And luckily for us, my wife doesn’t suspect a thing.

Hugyerbud the party was winding down and nearly @drakestories


The party was winding down and nearly all the team had gone home, but Jake was in no condition to drive. Coach hoisted the big jock out of the pool lounge chair he’d fallen asleep in, and started toward the house with him. They only got a few steps before the poor kid hunched over and hurled all over himself.

“Shiiiit!” coach cursed…sitting the kid down in a nearby lawn chair and tugging his shirt off…wiping the kid’s face and shorts, before getting him a drink of water.

“Sorry, coach,” the jock grinned goofily…”guess I shouldn’ta had those last few beers…ha, ha…

He could hardly hold his head up and coach had half a mind to just throw him in the pool to sober him up and clean him off. His shorts were still a mess, so coach unsnapped them and hoisted the kid up a little under one sweaty armpit, then wrestled them down over the jock’s muscular thighs. He wasn’t surprised to discover the stud had nothing on under them, but felt his own dick fluff up a bit at the sight of the thick, flaccid dick, and heavy nutsack.

“C’mon, champ, let’s get you cleaned up,” coach suggested…stumbling the naked stud toward the pool bath. He propped the kid against the shower door and reached in to start the water warming.

“You think you can stand up, in there, sport?”

“Shurrrrr thing, coach,” the big lunk slurred, before sliding down the tile wall into a heap on the shower floor.

“Fuuuuck,” coach swore. “Looks like we’re gonna have to do this the hard way. He stripped down and entered the shower, hunched down behind Jake and pulled him up by the armpits, leaning the jock’s body against his own and washing him off as best he could. The horny jock threw wood as soon as coach started lathering him up…sporting a thick seven inch cock that curved up nicely toward his belly.

“No sense being subtle now,” thought coach, as he gripped the thick rod and stroked it slowly. Jake’s head fell back against coach’s shoulder as a soft moan escaped his lips. Coach slid his hand down over those big jock balls and washed them thoroughly, enjoying the weight of them in his hand….then reached under them and massaged a couple fingers over the lad’s taint and into his ass trench. The jock’s head fell forward now, and coach struggled to hold him up as his ass pressed back against coach’s own hard prick.

“C’mon, Jake, try to hold yourself up,” coach encouraged…placing the kid’s hands up on the shower wall. That helped the semi-concsious jock support his own weight well enough for coach to scrub down his back and kneel behind him to wash off his thick thighs and legs. With his face positioned right behind that meaty jock ass, coach couldn’t help but explore just a little. He slid his hand up into those cheeks and scrubbed the kid’s ass, teasing his hole a little as he did…scraping one finger thru his pucker to make sure it was good and clean, then spreading those cheeks open so the shower water would rinse it clean.

“Fuck, I hope he doesn’t remember this in the morning,” coach thought as he pressed his face into the jock’s ass and licked all around his pucker. Jake leaned full into the wall now…his face pressed against the tile as his ass jutted out and pressed back against his coach’s invading tongue.

“unnnnhhh….unnnhhhh…oooohhhhh,” he moaned, as coach tongue fucked his cherry jock ass. That’s when coach noticed the long string of precum dangling from the tip of Jake’s cock. He quickly manuevered under the kid and reached up to turn off the water. Coach’s tonge snaked out to gather in the kid’s pre and then latched onto the thick head of his cock…sucking on that fat knob and swirling his tongue around it. Jake’s cock got noticeably stiffer in coach’s mouth as he reached one hand up under those bull nuts again and started fingering that jock pussy again. Coach felt the kid’s nuts pull up against his wrist as his load spilled out in thick spurts, flooding coach’s mouth with his creamy load. Coach continued to suck and swallow til he’d drained the kid, then caught Jake as he started to slide down into his arms.

He wrestled the kid out of the shower and managed to dry him off a little before depositing his massive frame onto the sofa, where the kid started snoring almost immediately. Coach stood there watching him sleep for awhile, rubbing his chin contemplatively.

“Hmmm…wouldn’t be right to fuck him now, I guess,” coach mused…stroking his own leaky, hard cock. “But when he wakes up tomorrow, the kid’s in for a real workout.”

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As I got ready for work I walked down the hall to see if my son had made it home. There he was sprawled out on his bed. Darren must have come in in the middle of the night. It was spring break at West Point, and the cadet had made the 10 hour drive home straight after Friday classes. He had collapsed right onto the mattess, without bothering to remove his clothes.

I knew he was eager to get home. Because me and my boy were feeling the same way. The same excitement and happiness and pride in his being a top cadet. The same frustration at being away from each other. He was definitely a daddy’s boy.

I massaged my prick in my trousers. I’d let Darren sleep, I told myself, but maybe a quick jerk off while I watched his splayed body. I unzipped and slowly stroked myself. Watching. His legs had definitely gained muscle while he’d been away, and fuck, that ass….

My cock twitched as I approached the bed. I had to see. Gently, I tugged at the gym shorts. The elastic gave way easier than I thought an the blue fabric slid down over the bubble butt, down over the thick hamstrings.

“Hey Dad,” he moaned as he stirred awake. “Sorry I got in kinda late last night.”

“That’s OK, Cadet,” I said. “Great to see you.” My hands were now massaging his buns, which were hiking up, almost twerking in my hands.

“You got time to fuck me before you go to work?”

Paternal instinct its funny how genetics words @drakestories


It’s funny how genetics words. My father was dick pig, begging for my cock by the time there was hair on my balls. I was the dominating type as I found out through my power bottom father. Topping was second nature to me.

So I was relieved when my son was also a cock slut, the topping gene remaining dormant in him! I thought I would have to submit, just like my father did when I started topping him, but my son loved taking it up the ass, just like his grandfather. I would fuck my dad and my son back to back, filling them up with my never ending supply of cream. After my father’s death, it seemed my son inherited more lust for being fucked, because my dick was no longer enough.

That’s where my grandson came in. The bisexual man wants nothing to do with sticking things up his butt, but when it comes to sticking his cock into other’s butts, he’s all in. The topping gene resurfaces at last! Just like I fucked my dad, my grandson fucks his…with my help of course. My son can take both of our cocks with ease! If only there were more guys in our family!

I just hope I’ll be alive to see what kind of bottom my great-grandson becomes!

Daddysbottom i saw him leaving the resort @drakestories


I saw him leaving the resort lounge chair where he and his wife were sitting and walked right past me towards the pool-side bar. While I had been admiring this older, married daddy from afar, I got a closer look at him when he walked barely 10 feet past where I was sunbathing. This daddy was sexier up close: broad shoulder, thick, hairy arms, nice round butt that filled his red shorts quite nicely, and a handsome, distinguished face topped by his read baseball hat. Shit, this man was hitting every single turn-on button that I had!

He got two drinks at the bar and started to walk back. For some odd reason, I decided to take a risk and did something completely crazy. When he got closest to me, I let out a wolf whistle at the stud.

I was more than ready for a negative reaction. Instead, when he heard it, he let out a huge laugh and stopped in his tracks.

“Never had that done to me before, and certainly not from another guy!” he cried out in laughter. I laughed alongside him, more in relief that he didn’t take offense at my silly action.

When I recovered enough, I replied to him. “Well, you are the best-looking man that I’m seeing around here right now.”

He snickered upon hearing that and started to look around. “Not much consolation in that, since you and I are the only men around the pool at this time of the day!” We both laughed again.

Having come this far, I decided to be bold and go for it. “I’d be more than happy to prove to you how good-looking and attractive I find you.” I said to him.

His laughter subsided, but I could still see the smile on his face. He turned his face to look at his wife, still lounging in her chair reading her iPad. He looked back at me, and I could tell that something was swirling in his head.

It was several seconds before he said something. “I can’t promise you anything, but what if we meet here again later this afternoon, maybe around 3?” he asked. This time, I could see his eyes roaming all over my built body, and stopping at the hint of a bulge in my swimming trunks.

It was my turn to smile at him. “You got a date!” I replied.

We both laughed again. “I’d better get back before the ice in these drinks melt. I’ll see ya later!” he said.

I waved at him and saw him walking back to his wife. In the still silence of the late morning, I could barely hear him talk to his wife.

“Who was that?” his wife asked.

“No idea. He wanted to know what drinks I got. So I told him and we chatted a bit. He’s looking for someone to play pool with this afternoon. So I thought I might take him up on it while you go off on your shopping trip.” I heard him say.

“That’s great!” his wife replied. “At least you’ll have something to do and won’t get bored.”

I saw him looking back at where I was sitting. “Oh, I won’t get bored.” he said.

I could feel my dick getting hard in my shorts.

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“Why don’t you take them off?” Dad said.

We were spending my winter break in the Caribbean and were now on a deserted beach.

“What?” I wasn’t sure if I was hearing him right.

“Take off your board shorts Mike.” His voice was now quiet but firm, and even the tone made me chub up a little. “I want to see your body.”

“Cmon Dad… out here?”

“You weren’t so shy last night.”

I blushed a little, even with my slight sunburn. Two months away from my father had made me super-horny and our first night on the island, I’d been the aggressor, peeling off my clothes and getting on all fours on our hotel bed. I’d begged Dad to mount me, and damnit the man had expertly fucked four loads out of me before he allowed himself his release, deep inside me.

As my father stared at me intently now, I got the sense he wanted to make up for the three orgasms he was behind in the count. Casually, he slipped down his swim trunks. His cock hung heavy and full and was starting to fill out and firm up. Dad’s a big guy and I never grew tired of watching my old man get a woody. Nice, thick uncut tool that grew long and fat and always seemed weighed down by the size.

It had a way of persuading me. I reached down and started unlacing my trunks.

“That’s it, sport.” By now, he slowly stroked his rod and I could see the pearly sap glisten at the tip in the bright sun. “Show daddy what you got.”

“Yessir,” I muttered and pulled down the swimsuit and let Dad see my own erection. Almost a copy of his: just as long but thinner, cut, and not as hairy around the balls.

“Nice,” he purred. After a second of us staring at each other Dad made another command. “On your stomach, son. Face down on the towel.”

My heart was beating fast now, and I looked around the beach once more to make sure the coast was clear. No one for miles. Hurriedly, I flipped over, feeling the sun on my bare buns and well-lotioned back.

Not for long. Dad crawled on top, his mass and heat and hard muscle pressed against mine. I could feel his heavy breathing on my neck and his slick cock in my crack. “Hold still, Matt,” he muttered and soon my pucker was getting breached by his dadcock.

That fuck was silent and intense. It didn’t take long for my hole to get used to that prick or for Dad to work up into a steady, hard thrust. Before I knew it, I heard him choke back some grunts and then cry out a loud “Motherfuck!” as he ejaculated deep inside me. I was primed pretty good and the idea he was getting off sent me over the edge, spattering splooge onto the beach towel.

We uncoupled and took a dip in the sea to cool off and wash the remants of sex off our bodies. We didn’t bother to put our suits on for the rest of the week.

Coach collins had caused quite a scandal in my @drakestories

Coach Collins had caused quite a scandal in my hometown. He’d coached our high school baseball team to state championship two years in a row and above that was just a great guy - funny, no-nonsense man who was always the most popular teacher in school. Maybe it was the way he made American history seem fun, or maybe it was his youthful bachelor looks that had all the girls in class hanging on his every word. Me, too, though I didn’t have the guts to admit to myself at the time.

Just before my junior year, though, a janitor caught Coach C in the locker room fucking a player one afternoon. And even though Mike Phillips was 18, it was against the all the rules in the book. Collins was fired immediately and within 48 hours was leaving town. I asked my older brother Drew if he knew anything about it, cause he was on the baseball team and he seemed let down and upset the whole thing. “Doofus had to get caught,” he said. “No way we’re going to State next year.”

Color me surprised when I saw Coach C five years later. My buds and I had decided to go to Miami for Spring Break, kind of a gay-bro Daytona idea. Dave, the oldest of us, had just turned 21, and Kev and I both had believable fake IDs.

Kev was the straight-laced conservative one in the bunch, so we did a double-take when on the second day he said, “Guys, why don’t we check out Haulover beach today? I hear it’s clothing optional.”

We laughed a bit and hemmed and hawed then decided why the hell not?

It took about an hour before I had the guts to pull down my swimsuit.

“Looks like Ray’s been hiding the goods from us,” Dave kidded me. There wasn’t a lot of sexual tension between us, but we were three gay college dudes, so yeah it felt a little awkward. Any unease I felt was put to rest by all the attention I got. Old guys, young guys, thick guys, thin, all of it was welcome. This felt a world away from State College.

Getting a little bolder, I told my buds I was gonna walk around, scope out the talent.

“Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” Kev winked at me before returning his gaze to a bubble-butted twink who was dozing face down on the next towel over.

“Ha,” I said and began walking.

That’s when I ran into him. Scott Collins. All 6’4” of him, strolling down the beach, his heavy junk swaying proudly with each step. It had been five years and I wouldn’t say Coach C looked older but he’d put on a lot of beef. The big guy had to weigh 230# at least. He looked like a smooth-chested version of Patrick Warburton almost.

“Coach C!” I said aloud, almost a reflex, before I even realized what I was doing. He turned my way as we walked toward one another. I couldn’t tell what his eyes were doing beneath the sunglasses, but I had the sense he was trying to place me.

“You from Stroudsburg?” His familiar baritone voice I’d listened to in third period all year, the friendliness still there but tempered with suspicion.

“Yessir,” I replied, automatically reverting back to my sophomore self. “Ray Carpenter.”

He thought for a second. “Drew Carpenter’s brother?”

“Yessir,” I said again. At this point I realized I was buck naked in front of my former history teacher, who was equally nude. I must have blushed, particularly as he made a point of eyeing me up and down.

“Well, well, the Carpenter boys grow up fine. You live in Miami?” I could swear he was chubbing up a little.

I parted my legs a little, maybe unconsciously, showing off my genitals a bit, and letting the breeze blow against my nuts, which were starting to feel that familiar warmth. “Nah, sir. I’m at Penn State. Me and my buddies are just down here for Spring Break.” I figured I might as well acknowledge we were both at a gay beach. “Not a lot of guys to meet in State College.”

That brought out the laugh I remember from Coach C. “Yeah, I bet. Listen Ray,” he said, clasping his big beefy mitt on my shoulder and giving me a thrill, “I’m actually here with someone today.”

“Yessir,” I said meekly. Had I been making the move on Coach? Flirting with him? Maybe so, maybe I just wanted to and he’d picked up on it.

“But, if you’re around this week, maybe we could get together…”

“I’d like that Coach.” Maybe I shouldn’t have called him Coach, but it was automatic. After all, I wasn’t on the first name basis with the man.

“Cool,” he said, his face lighting up a little. “There’s a sports bar in town. The Dugout. Why don’t we meet there around 8 tomorrow and take it from there.”

“Yessir,” I beamed.

“Damn, those Carpenter boys are something,” I heard him mutter as he walked off and I returned to my friends.

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I have to give Coach credit. Anything he made us do at practice, he’d be right there with us. Running laps, lifting weights, practicing on the mat. I was the star wrestler on the team and for the last month, I’d stay after practice for an additional hour. It was expected I was going to State this year, and since Coach Furman had been a championship wrestler in his college days, I wanted to learn everything I could.

I looked up to the man, but I also liked to kid him. It was like I could say things I never would to my father. One day, I kidded him for being a fatso, the man was not overweight but he was beefy and muscular, not lithe like me.

He stopped what he was doing and cocked his eyebrow in a way that let me know he was half pissed off, half enjoying my teasing. “You gotta be kidding me, Connelly,” he growled. “I’m just as in shape as you guys, maybe more.”

“C'mon, Coach,” I egged him on. “You couldn’t even get into Stafford’s singlet.” Jase Stafford was the biggest of the heavyweights we had.

“You little pissant, just because you’re our star doesn’t mean you can talk that way to your Coach. Take off that goddamn singlet.”

I was starting to worry if I’d gone too far. Coach had a stern, intent look on his face. Was he really gone kick me from the team, right then and there? I somehow knew not to disobey, I unhooked the straps from my shoulders and pulled my uniform down. Kicked it off, and the lycra landed a foot away from Coach Fulsom’s feet.

He gave a slight smiled and peeled off his clothes. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I took in the man’s magnificent build. His power chest, his thick pelt of hair trimmed at a half-inch all over, his thick thighs. And as he dropped his jock strap, I saw a magnificent set of cock and balls, soft but full.

Then Coach picked up my singlet and stepped one leg into it, then the other. It didn’t fit on him, but it looked fucking sexy stretched across his bod. I couldn’t help it, I popped a boner right then and there. Coach noticed, off course, and grinned. Pulling up the singlet leg, he let his genitals pop out. “Here Sport, why don’t you work on this while you figure out why you shouldn’t call your Coach names?”

“Yessir,” I muttered and got down on my knees in front of him.