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...please let me cum? Me: Horny guy with a row of kinks. I like dick, but can't say that's the only thing I like. I'm rather submissive, I love being tied up and teased and I have a HUGE tickling fetish. This blog: Stuff that turns me on. Tease and denial, edging, orgasm control, milking, ruined orgasms and BDSM in general. - EdgeTeaseCum (@edge-tease-cum)
This is really nice thanks a lot for the @edge-tease-cum

This is really nice, thanks a lot for the submission!

Scallygear guy jizzes 5 times during edging @edge-tease-cum


Guy jizzes 5 times during edging session and he’s a mess after it all.

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Primal urges42 im creative with my ways to @edge-tease-cum


Im creative with my ways to tease you. Everything time I’m bringing up something new. Edging your pussy to it limits. Not even bad, you already passed 8 times, so far. But we are not finished…

Robinwilde malevalsmistress episode 356 @edge-tease-cum



Episode 356 Driving me crazy by edging me to the brink of orgasm - or if she is not in the mood, making me do it to myself while she watches- keeps me in a teased and denied level of frustration that only increases my desperation. This is the state she likes me to be maintained at….. and then locked in chastity in case I get any ideas above my station and attempt to relieve myself and ruin her efforts 

Mistressmusings fumblingtowardecstasy @edge-tease-cum



Beautifully tormented.

That’s the best kind ;)

Tdenialman teased pleased if you can take @edge-tease-cum



IF you can take this for more than 20 minutes without popping, I won’t ruin your orgasm.

It’s the torment of wanting so badly to enjoy the pleasure while knowing if you do it only brings suffering, all the while being even more turned on by the fact that you know its your suffering that turns Her on the most.

Lockedupinlove dispassionate at his @edge-tease-cum


Dispassionate at his frustration….

At her feet onlyshecums just a little @edge-tease-cum



Just a little precum… that’s all I’m looking for.

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Heavyblueballs puppets are so much fun @edge-tease-cum


“… Puppets are so much fun…”

Femdombitches thrilledbytease tightly @edge-tease-cum


thrilledbytease: Tightly restrained and edged for what seems…

Teased pleased is this frustrating for you @edge-tease-cum


Is this frustrating for you? Feeling my fingers slide up and down your head.

Onlyshecums every night without release are @edge-tease-cum


Every night without release. Are you man enough?

Thrilledbytease as im sure yall know im not @edge-tease-cum


As I’m sure y’all know I’m not a big fan of these encasement scenes. But THIS one, with her having SO MUCH FUN edging the fuck out of this lucky guy, well, I can’t HELP but imagine being him and enjoying all the desperation, frustration, and deliciously wonderful edging she might deliver!

Onlyshecums oh my god please no more teasing @edge-tease-cum


Oh my god. Please? No more teasing! Either let me cum or let me rest, I can’t take anymore!

Nope. I’m not done yet.

Mistresss35 cocklockedslavehubby @edge-tease-cum





A vibrating butt pug, hours of tease and denial… then turn up the juice and ‘presto’… a nice hands free ruined orgasm………

Oh my god, who will sign up?!

Ticklegasms my man loves this it makes him @edge-tease-cum


My man loves this. It makes him float over the edge into bliss instead of crashing over it. If I lightly run my fingernails over the soles of his feet at the same time, well, his bliss is complete and total. And it lasts and lasts.

Onlyshecums quite the ingenious device @edge-tease-cum


Quite the ingenious device, actually. Every time your erection gets full, it tugs off the power to the vibrator.

One of the best videos ever @edge-tease-cum

One of the best videos ever.

Celestialspectre mmf the way she keeps saying @edge-tease-cum


Mmf, the way she keeps saying “uh-oh” in this video is so cute.

Does anyone have the link to the video?

Pleasuretorture oh god please stop @edge-tease-cum


“Oh God… Please stop, PLEASE…PLEEEASE!!!” She doesn’t know who or what she is screaming out to, yet her voice seems to ring out of its own accord, as if trying to stop the sensations that her own body cannot halt. She has long since given up trying to pry the panties off, any attempt to even touch her underwear seemed to make it cling even firmer around those delicate points.

Before being teased passed the point of thought, she had wondered where the bra and panties had come from, having thoughtlessly taken them from her drawer and put them on; had they been something she had bought? Or perhaps someone had planted them there? Wherever they had come from, their sole intent seemed to be to drive her to the point of madness with desire.

The panties moulded themselves around her clitoris, continuously stroking and kneading against it in ways that would have scared her were it not so intensely pleasurable; the way it nestled around the little nub stimulated her beyond imagination. The Bra meanwhile continued to knead her breasts non-stop, cupping them like the hands of a lover. The difference in sensation to that of mortal hands was that her nipples felt like they were also being licked and sucked on by hundreds of mouths all at once.

She was past the point of caring what was behind it, all that mattered was that she wanted to cum, yet still the garments were not giving her that release. For the last 2 hours they had teased her to the point of orgasm and then relented just enough to stop her from cumming, repeating the process until she was screaming and crying with need.

Time loses its meaning as her limbs feel like they are no longer her own, thrashing in desperation for an orgasm that won’t come. The silky embrace to her swollen little jewel continues to suck and roll along it, at times moving in a way to make itself vibrate directly against it, always making her scream every time. The soft material continued to cradle the folds of her sex, feeling as if unimaginably soft fingertips were trailing up and down rhythmically, never ceasing. After another hour, she clawed continuously at the bra, trying to stop the constant, cruel licking at her almost painfully stiff nipples; it does no good.

Perhaps they will let her orgasm in this hour… or perhaps the next.

Image submitted by Littleredminx 

Caption/mini story PleasureTorture

Onlyshecums the quality of a ruined orgasm is @edge-tease-cum


The quality of a ruined orgasm is judged by it’s hang-time… the amount of delay that passes between abandonment and the beginning of the inevitable orgasm. This is excellent.

Mistressmg boytoy1991 this might drive you @edge-tease-cum



This might drive you mad

Fuck yes!! The torture of the tease will drive a man to the brink of desperation… his pleas and begging are music to my ears!  Mistress MG

Theblacksexaddict i bet she is making that @edge-tease-cum


I bet she is making that pussy tighten up with they way she is teasing that clit.  I would love to be up in that pussy right now.

Cockdrunk yeah fuck that handpussy slut @edge-tease-cum


Yeah, fuck that handpussy slut.

Teasebyhand thrilledbytease after edging him @edge-tease-cum



After edging him relentlessly to the brink of cumming, she calmly circled his cock lightly with just her thumb and forefinger as she humped and thrust furiously, begging her to cum. She just smiled and said “Oh, does that mean you’re willing to settle for ‘just a handjob’?”

I certainly wouldn’t call that ‘just a handjob’!

Pleasuretorture when your body is pushed beyond @edge-tease-cum


When your body is pushed beyond the limits your mind can comprehend.

Taken from Her Sweet Torture part 1, 2 and 3

Blktickleteaseanddeny imagining that happening @edge-tease-cum


Imagining that happening for 30 minutes, and it ends with no orgasm and her saying “that was a lot of fun, we’ll do it again tomorrow”.

Perpetualtease four stages of a ruined orgasm @edge-tease-cum


Four stages of a ruined orgasm. Wind up. Tease. Edge. And then just let the cum twitch out as she holds it still. 

Thrilledbytease well seeing her sitting there @edge-tease-cum


Well, seeing her sitting there fully clothed and so wickedly toying with the most sensitive areas of his VERY aroused cock, I must say it DOES make me wonder what will happen the rest of this night!!! OH MY how I wonder and speculate and fantasize and like that.

Powermatter its never a good idea to give your @edge-tease-cum


It’s never a good idea to give your slave too much freedom… ever, even when he has a rare 5 minute release after being in chastity for 6 months. Mistress Diana Knight had an ingenious idea to tie her slave’s hands above his head and control the attached rope like strings on a puppet. Every time this poor slave starts to enjoy himself he receives a reality check like no other. She yanks his hands high above his head putting a halt to the brief moments of pleasure, and also drilling it into his head who is in control of his manhood.
¿Will Mistress Knight let him cum or is she just toying with him?

Great idea!

Thrilledbytease personally i love the context @edge-tease-cum


Personally, I love the context. Looks like pantyhose opened for teasing, and the lack of movement while she teases that pussy suggests some kind of restraint. Imagine the delicious and devious pleasures to unfold here!

Onlyshecums how long could you take this before @edge-tease-cum


How long could you take this before begging for mercy.

Thrilledbytease the kind of eyeroll i love @edge-tease-cum


The kind of eyeroll I LOVE getting from women!

Xsoumise dafuq this would be so terribly @edge-tease-cum


dafuq, this would be so terribly teasing… I couldn’t stand that!!!

Derekisme oh fuck pain and pleasure slow and @edge-tease-cum


oh fuck … pain and pleasure, slow and intense

Someone needs it really bad @edge-tease-cum

Someone needs it really bad…

Perpetualtease edge after edge is culminated in @edge-tease-cum


Edge after edge is culminated in some ruinous cumming - letting me fall over the edge and allow my cum to pour out of my cock while she just grips my cock and doesn’t permit any of the deeply satisfying sensations of an orgasm. Pulling on my balls, also reduces the satisfaction further, before she can then continue again to repeat it once more.

The record so far is six ruined orgasms, before she let me finally have a full, albeit dry, one.  

Onefoolmotion subforjw the edge so for @edge-tease-cum



The Edge

“So for those following along at home, wait for your toy to thrust forward. He will never be less in control than at this time. And from the moment his ass is back on the table, he’s yours.

We have to take a commercial break now, but stayed tuned for tips on how far you can take him.”

Onlyshecums no orgasms in fact not even any @edge-tease-cum


No orgasms, in fact, not even any touching of the cock, but a little teasing before the cage goes back on.

Somekindofswitch well damn just look at how @edge-tease-cum


Well damn, just look at how she’s milking him? I love everything this woman does, and I will be forever jealous of the amount of femdom scenes this guy has been involved in over the years. How does one even apply for this sort of torment? I’ve seen the guy having the time of his life at the hands of this woman, restrained to this very desk more times than I can edge in a week.


Monarch beta wanttoneed @edge-tease-cum









Remarkably nasty.


I’ve reblogged this before I think, but it just occurred to me that what I would most like to do in this situation isn’t slap his feet but tickle them. Wouldn’t that be fun? :)

Fun or really really mean…..

I agree myinnerdomme  - - -   tickle = fun

Looks like fun to me.

Mmmmmmm…. it’s not just his feet that are vulnerable! and can we further use this image for educational purposes by pointing out the virtues of having his cock pointing down, making erections uncomfortable, orgasms difficult and uncomfortable, and his sensitive tip and spot on the underside of his cock so vulnerable that twitching or even all out squirming will do nothing to protect it from even the lightest touches of a brush, much less firm post-orgasmic hell of a vibrator?

electric toothbrush


Oh god, the captions become hotter every time this appears on my dash. Must reblog again for the comments.

Thrilledbytease what she makes you think is @edge-tease-cum


What she makes you think is endless, unbearable teasing can end in a MOST spectacular and satisfying cum. Check with you local provider for details. :)

Elroy51 wanttoneed thrilledbytease @edge-tease-cum





See the full video at Christina’s Clips4sale or follow her Tumblr!

gulp…yes please…

Okay, just IMAGINE how long she could keep that totally restrained cock throbbing this way!!!!! OMG!!!

“Oh don’t worry, I’ll stop soon… and often… every time you’re just about to cum, in fact.”

I think I’ve posted this already, but what I wouldn’t give to be in his place.

Adventuresof great variety excellent @edge-tease-cum


great variety, excellent technique, he looks ready to pop…and it looks like she is going to keep him there, surfing the edge, twitching, leaking precum…and then….

Wetsugar mmmmmmi can think of a few followers @edge-tease-cum


Mmmmmm…I can think of a few followers I’d love to do this to!

Neptunesattic the sound of daddy slapping oil @edge-tease-cum


the sound of Daddy slapping oil on his cock brought about an involuntary, long sustained moan from princess against her ball gag. her fingers gripped the sheet while her nipples, already impossibly tight, burned with anticipation of being fucked like a worthless and vulnerable little rag doll. princess had lost all sense of how long she’d been bound. her needy, writhing body had been whipped into frenzied lust by Daddy’s prolonged and artful use of the riding crop; the cold leather tip sliding and licking its way around her restrained body, nipples, cunt, thighs, face like the tongue of an unworldly beast, intermittently delivering a smart, crack against her flesh, leaving welts like badges across her flesh. princess whimpered when the leather tongue slapped against her puffy pussy and clit. instinctively she recoiled against the burn but begged Daddy to do it again. and again. and again.

Petmistress cuckoldingnl making use of the @edge-tease-cum



Making use of the opportunity.

I love the planning that goes into predicament bondage.

Watching you in it is pretty hot, too.  —Miss Heather

Make it public i love edging and take @edge-tease-cum

Make it public!   I love edging and take high-quality pics while I do it.  Check my blog.

Thanks a lot. Lovely shot!

Thrilledbytease soft sensual prolonged @edge-tease-cum


Soft, sensual, prolonged head-teasing is ALWAYS a fun way to spend a rainy Saturday, especially if her other hand is teasing his balls in the way I imagine!!! OH MY what moaning delights!

Lestatslave1 pleasemore than just the tip @edge-tease-cum


please…more than just the tip …

Sexbets who knew feathers were so @edge-tease-cum


Who knew feathers were so ..interesting..;)

I could watch this for hours. That light touch, right on the edge between cruel teasing and absolute bliss. Unf, feathers.

Curioussubby kneeling is obviously mandatory @edge-tease-cum


kneeling is obviously mandatory for all orgasms of any sort for any sub.


Cock milking

After bringing him to the moaning thrusting @edge-tease-cum

After bringing him to the moaning, thrusting, begging edge of orgasm over and over, only to leave him breathless and still throbbing, she slid up between his spread and restrained thighs, smiled that incredibly wicked little smile, and looked straight into his eyes as she began doing this. Over and over and over, slowly, relentlessly, with just enough pressure to continue building his frustration and erotic torment. As his pleading eyes met hers, she smiled broadly and said “Wait until you see what happens when you DO start to cum!!!!!” With a mixture of fear and intense desire, his hands clutched at the restraints and he arched his back as best he could, certain whatever she would do next could not possibly be more unbearable than this! He was wrong.

Gadawgontheinterwebs lexmealot @edge-tease-cum






Wonderful selection of techniques.

If you like our posts please follow our blog at

Daddy loves when Princess edges him on like this.  The longer the better

Love to be teased. 

Thrilledbytease ooooh this gets me squirmy @edge-tease-cum


Ooooh, THIS gets me squirmy!!!!

Thrilledbytease imagine yourself helplessly @edge-tease-cum


Imagine yourself helplessly restrained while the woman of your choice decides to torment you in this way. Imagine looking up at her smiling face, feeling her pussy wet against you….. How long could YOU take this before she turns you into a begging, moaning, writhing puddle? For me, it would be NOT VERY LONG INDEED!

After bringing him to the moaning thrusting @edge-tease-cum

After bringing him to the moaning, thrusting, begging edge of orgasm over and over, only to leave him breathless and still throbbing, she slid up between his spread and restrained thighs, smiled that incredibly wicked little smile, and looked straight into his eyes as she began doing this. Over and over and over, slowly, relentlessly, with just enough pressure to continue building his frustration and erotic torment. As his pleading eyes met hers, she smiled broadly and said “Wait until you see what happens when you DO start to cum!!!!!” With a mixture of fear and intense desire, his hands clutched at the restraints and he arched his back as best he could, certain whatever she would do next could not possibly be more unbearable than this! He was wrong.