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...please let me cum? Me: Horny guy with a row of kinks. I like dick, but can't say that's the only thing I like. I'm rather submissive, I love being tied up and teased and I have a HUGE tickling fetish. This blog: Stuff that turns me on. Tease and denial, edging, orgasm control, forced orgasms, milking, ruined orgasms, bdsm, bondage, humiliation. Yaoi. Furries. Tentacles. Hot dudes and cocks. Oral, anal, toys. This blog is 18+ / NSFW. None of the pics and vids here are mine. - EdgeTeaseCum (@edge-tease-cum)
Robinwilde malevalsmistress episode 356 @edge-tease-cum



Episode 356 Driving me crazy by edging me to the brink of orgasm - or if she is not in the mood, making me do it to myself while she watches- keeps me in a teased and denied level of frustration that only increases my desperation. This is the state she likes me to be maintained at….. and then locked in chastity in case I get any ideas above my station and attempt to relieve myself and ruin her efforts 

Mistressmusings fumblingtowardecstasy @edge-tease-cum



Beautifully tormented.

That’s the best kind ;)

Tdenialman teased pleased if you can take @edge-tease-cum



IF you can take this for more than 20 minutes without popping, I won’t ruin your orgasm.

It’s the torment of wanting so badly to enjoy the pleasure while knowing if you do it only brings suffering, all the while being even more turned on by the fact that you know its your suffering that turns Her on the most.

Lockedupinlove dispassionate at his @edge-tease-cum


Dispassionate at his frustration….

At her feet onlyshecums just a little @edge-tease-cum



Just a little precum… that’s all I’m looking for.

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Heavyblueballs puppets are so much fun @edge-tease-cum


“… Puppets are so much fun…”

Femdombitches thrilledbytease tightly @edge-tease-cum


thrilledbytease: Tightly restrained and edged for what seems…

Teased pleased is this frustrating for you @edge-tease-cum


Is this frustrating for you? Feeling my fingers slide up and down your head.

Onlyshecums every night without release are @edge-tease-cum


Every night without release. Are you man enough?

Thrilledbytease as im sure yall know im not @edge-tease-cum


As I’m sure y’all know I’m not a big fan of these encasement scenes. But THIS one, with her having SO MUCH FUN edging the fuck out of this lucky guy, well, I can’t HELP but imagine being him and enjoying all the desperation, frustration, and deliciously wonderful edging she might deliver!

Onlyshecums oh my god please no more teasing @edge-tease-cum


Oh my god. Please? No more teasing! Either let me cum or let me rest, I can’t take anymore!

Nope. I’m not done yet.

Mistresss35 cocklockedslavehubby @edge-tease-cum





A vibrating butt pug, hours of tease and denial… then turn up the juice and ‘presto’… a nice hands free ruined orgasm………

Oh my god, who will sign up?!

Ticklegasms my man loves this it makes him @edge-tease-cum


My man loves this. It makes him float over the edge into bliss instead of crashing over it. If I lightly run my fingernails over the soles of his feet at the same time, well, his bliss is complete and total. And it lasts and lasts.

Onlyshecums quite the ingenious device @edge-tease-cum


Quite the ingenious device, actually. Every time your erection gets full, it tugs off the power to the vibrator.


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