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Elastrator - This page is for 18+ and NSFW. Please leave now if this is not for you. This page is for fantasy and fun for some with elastrator play. If you are new to this, an elastrator is a device use to castrate animals but it is also used in castration play scenarios. Castration play is a fetish that is enjoyed by lots of men and women (more than you think). Like all fetishes you either get it or you don't, like it or you don't. Elastrator castration play is used across many groups including ballbusting, CBT and Femdom. The elastrator is the only castrating device that can be used for "play" and therefore gives willing adventurers a chance to push the limits and either dream of castrating someone or being castrated. We know there are many others that are into this fantasy so we created this page for all of us to share. These pics have been collected from the internet, If you need a pic removed that is yours please ask and we will do so.

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