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My Side of Paradise @eryxuk

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I am a single straight guy in my late 30's. Horny most of the time and this blog helps me find ways to control it. I like geek porn and girls who love sex and cum. A collection of images and posts that I find erotic and stimulating. Mostly sexual in nature. NSFW (as if you needed to be told). All pictures have been found on Tumblr and are assumed to be public domain. - My Side of Paradise (@eryxuk)
Thechurchofcock best double date ever @eryxuk


best double date ever!

Thechurchofcock coc makeover before and after @eryxuk


CoC Makeover before and after

cum makes you beautiful
cum makes you happy

Thechurchofcock no matter where you are you @eryxuk


no matter where you are… you crave the taste of cock

Thechurchofcock relationship goals sucking off @eryxuk


relationship goals: sucking off him… and all his friends

Thechurchofcock be present in the moment let @eryxuk


be present in the moment. let the bliss wash over you. feel its warmth drip over your flesh and into your soul

Thechurchofcock 1st date goals the date is @eryxuk


1st date goals:

The date is going really well! He just introduced me to some of his friends.

Brass tacks time dirty brunette beauty your @eryxuk



Your open invite.


Motorboatsandhoes id be mad if they didnt i @eryxuk


I’d be mad if they didn’t. I love seeing her married pussy filled with hot cum, and I love fucking her slutty cunt after her lovers have cum deep inside her. It feels incredible using their hot cum as lube, knowing that was my wife is a huge cum slut.

Mrbluehat makingheramommy go ahead do it @eryxuk



Go ahead, do it. Cum inside her. You know you want to. When you first slid your dick into her soaking wet cunt, you thought that you could pull out before you made any life-changing decisions, but now, with each deep thrust, your resolve is cracking under the oncoming feeling of a good cum. You just met her, and she made you promise to let her know when you were close so you can explode on her tummy or breasts or face, but now your desire to fulfill that promise is almost non-existent.

It would feel so good to empty your balls into her and see her look of surprise as she feels jets of your seed filling her up. So let go. Do what your body is increasingly insisting you do. Seed her, claim her as yours, make her carry your baby whether she wants to or not. You can feel how badly you need to let go. Do it. Knock her up and watch her body change forever.


Chloecumslut dont worry its dripping down @eryxuk


Don’t worry, it’s dripping down into a bowl, I’ll never waste a drop ;)

Cumonsteph cum beautifies you cum makes you @eryxuk


Cum beautifies you.
Cum makes you happy.
Want to be a Cumslut too?
Enroll at Cumslut College now!

Jerseypeggin omgyes please @eryxuk


OMG……yes please!! 😈😈😈

Thechurchofcock cum makes you beautiful cum @eryxuk


cum makes you beautiful
cum makes you happy

Facialfreakes let me rub those wet tits @eryxuk


Let me rub those wet tits..

Morerisk he doesnt even tell me anymore @eryxuk


He doesn’t even tell me anymore. Every time he agrees to pull out. In the beginning he would apologize as he was cumming, as he drove himself deep down into me.

Later there was no apology, just a statement, a kiss on the neck and a warmth inside me.

Now all I get is a moan as he collapses onto me. I’ve learned to expect the warmth spreading through me. The sweat as our body give in to each other.

Every time he tells me he will pull out, and every time I trust him.

Awakenedgentleman southernguy1064 always @eryxuk




Certainly been doing this today!

Thechurchofcock his cum makes you cum @eryxuk


his cum makes you cum

Thechurchofcock relationship goals @eryxuk


relationship goals

Thechurchofcock 1st date goals @eryxuk


1st date goals

Amlm1977 suddenly laundry doesnt look so bad @eryxuk


Suddenly laundry doesn’t look so bad

Soma todrol getting in good @eryxuk


Getting in good -

Sarahxwritesstuff i was supposed to be @eryxuk


I was supposed to be interviewing the winning team for a sports channel but I always get distracted once the camera is off.

Billyguitar77 thisisfun lets do it @eryxuk

billyguitar77: let’s do it  🎸

Impregnationfreak yeah you want to cum in @eryxuk


“Yeah?  You want to cum in me?  Ooooh baby I’d love that.  But you should know I stopped taking birth control a while ago.  The risk makes it soooo much hotter, don’t you think?  Oh did you just get harder?  Yeah, you like that idea don’t you.  You want to shoot your hot cum in me just knowing you could knock me up.  Do it baby…cum in me…let’s risk it…”

Incestpassion black sapiosexual she replied @eryxuk



She replied, “crystal clear Sir.”

Daddy owns you now, little one.

Bodiesnminds the best @eryxuk


The best!