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My Side of Paradise @eryxuk

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I am a single straight guy in my late 30's. Horny most of the time and this blog helps me find ways to control it. I like geek porn and girls who love sex and cum. A collection of images and posts that I find erotic and stimulating. Mostly sexual in nature. NSFW (as if you needed to be told). All pictures have been found on Tumblr and are assumed to be public domain. - My Side of Paradise (@eryxuk)
The town bicycle askun hey wait girls what @eryxuk



hey wait girls what about my cock, lick my cock .  .  .


Busty babez stunning @eryxuk



Girls who love the taste of cum girls who love @eryxuk


Girls who love the Taste of Cum
As all Girls should love too

Breederseeder teenbreeding the look in her @eryxuk



The look in her eyes when she feels your hot seed shooting against her cervix


Swedishcervixpoker id seen you in class and @eryxuk


I’d seen you in class and we’d exchanged a few friendly glances, but you were shy. After class I walked up to you like we’d known each other a long time and offered to work on the assignment together. We went to your room and all pretense was dropped. I bent you over your bed, pulled off you panties, pushed up your skirt and stuffed your tight, slick virgin cunt full of my cock. Your orgasm was better than any you’d had with your toys, and mine was intense as your pussy got even slicker and tighter as your body greedily welcomed my fertile cum. After I left you there, cum dripping down you thighs, you could already feel your body changing. 

Pimpmywife the master watches as she prepares @eryxuk


The master watches as she prepares her for him.

Minxteens sexy minx teens @eryxuk


Sexy Minx Teens!

Weddingdayerotica blue eyed lovers @eryxuk




Pure White (x-post /r/Presenting)



Impregnationfreak say it again im not on @eryxuk


“Say it again.”

“I’m not on birth control.”


“I’m ovulating.”

“Tell me where you want me to cum.”

“Inside.  Please.  Cum inside.”

“But you could get pregnant sooo easy right now.”

“Don’t care.  I need it.  Fuck…please cum in me!”

“You feel how deep I’m going right now?”

“Oh god yes…bumping my cervix…”

“And that’s where I’m going to cum.”

“Ffffuuucccckkkkkk!” And with that, her pussy started spasming violently on his relentlessly penetrating cock, soon to trigger his orgasm as well, right up inside her slippery, unprotected vagina.

Daddy loves cuckquean when daddys coming home @eryxuk


When daddy’s coming home from work I always make sure I put on some nice stockings and nothing else, so I’m perfect and ready for daddy to take out his works frustrations on my little pussy. I get so excited because I know my little princess bits are going to be played with so roughly.

Paternalstranger the look on her face when she @eryxuk


The look on her face when she realizes that not only have you taken the condom off, but that your cock is starting to throb…

Biloxim4fun cum licking tonguesnow does that @eryxuk


Cum licking tongues……now does that make your cock hard or what?

Cumstories if you know someone ready to do @eryxuk


If you know someone ready to do this, let me know ;) #interested

Bukkake80 slutty makeup cum bliss @eryxuk


Slutty makeup + cum = bliss

Scottishbukkake cute housewife gets bukkaked @eryxuk


Cute housewife gets bukkaked

Womb feeder it feels good because thats the @eryxuk


It feels good because that’s the way sex was meant to be. No barriers. No chemicals. No protection from the danger of millions of seed swimming towards a goal and knowing the danger of becoming pregnant. The danger makes the orgasm that much more powerful and highly addictive. Once a woman regularly is filled with seed she becomes addicted to the danger and a chemical in the mans semen. That chemical is there for a reason. The natural need to breed, and breed often. Don’t fight nature.

Daddy loves cuckquean watching my baby girl @eryxuk


Watching my baby girl getting dressed before we go out to dinner, putting on the pretty dresses that daddy buys her, wearing the jewellery gifts he’s given her, the heels he’s picked out for her, the temptation is too great. After she wiggles her little arse to model her outfit, daddy pins her down and has to have his little princess right there in then, daddy needs to pump his seed inside his pretty little angel before she goes out. Daddy showing off his pretty little girl while she walks around with daddy’s seed still dripping out of her.

Cumxcum seductive little cumslut @eryxuk


Seductive little cumslut!

Hotwifes home again your hotwife is home again @eryxuk


Your hotwife is home again and shares her slutty stories at

Only cum hotoral no need to turn the other @eryxuk



No need to turn the other cheek when you have two cocks painting their cum on them

Scottishbukkake she is very cute @eryxuk


She is very cute!

Justcuminside she locked her legs around him @eryxuk


She locked her legs around him tightly. “Do it,” she murmured, “please do it.” As the first jets of his cum splashed inside her unprotected cunt, she came, her body greedily accepting what her mind had tried to resist.

Impregnateher dont be shy cum and say hi @eryxuk


dont be shy CUM and say hi

Dirtydogstevie defo how to do it @eryxuk


Defo how to do it.

Fuckedinshades @eryxuk



Jje1 justcuminside i should have cared about @eryxuk



I should have cared about the risk. I should have told him to pull out. I should have said we needed to use a condom.

But instead, I begged him to cum inside me, and squealed when he finally did.


Impregnatedgirls oh godare you really going @eryxuk


Oh god….are you really going to cum in me?” “Fuck yeah baby.  Gonna blow my load right up in you.” “But I’m not of the pill…..ooooh did you just get harder?” “Oh fuck yes…that makes it even better…” “You’ll get me pregnant!” “Gonna cum so fucking hard in you…” “Oh god….oh god…you’ll…make me pregnant….” “Yeah?  Make you pregnant?” “Oh fuck….oh god….yes….yes…make me pregnant!  Do it!  Cum in me!” “Oh fuck yeah baby….here it cuuuuummmmssss!!!”

Secretlaurie earning her prize @eryxuk


Earning her prize…

Impregnationfreak do it cum in me i dont @eryxuk


“Do it!  Cum in me!  I don’t care if you get me pregnant!”

He didn’t need to be told twice.  He shoved in hard for the final thrust, holding his cock balls deep in her unprotected pussy as it spasmed hard, one thick stream after another of his hot sperm jetting forcefully into her.  She held him tightly as she felt every powerful spurt inside, filling her, overcome with ecstasy by the sheer thrill of risking it.

Girls who love the taste of cum girls who love @eryxuk


Girls who love the Taste of Cum especially in public
As all Girls should love too