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My Side of Paradise @eryxuk

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I am a single straight guy in my late 30's. Horny most of the time and this blog helps me find ways to control it. I like geek porn and girls who love sex and cum. A collection of images and posts that I find erotic and stimulating. Mostly sexual in nature. NSFW (as if you needed to be told). All pictures have been found on Tumblr and are assumed to be public domain. - My Side of Paradise (@eryxuk)
Calgarykink she had been making eyes at us all @eryxuk


She had been making eyes at us all night from the bar. I didn’t know, but when i got up to go to the men’s room, my wife had given her the key to our hotel room, telling her to make herself comfortable. When we got to our room, wifey told me to get in the shower and she would join me in a minute with a sly smile. Ten minutes later when she hadn’t come to the shower. Confused, I got out and and wrapped a towel around my waist. I entered the bedroom and there she was, naked and kissing the woman from the bar. We shared a mischievous smile and I let my towel drop to the floor.

Frostedfacesclub look into her beautiful eyes @eryxuk


Look into her beautiful eyes and cum in her wet sexy mouth

Waytoomuchcum mypussies i think she missed a @eryxuk



I think she missed a few drops!!!!

Not very well obviously

Baby make it hurt dear anon from before @eryxuk


Dear anon from before.

Paintingwithcum melissasdirtydiary whatching @eryxuk



Whatching the artis making his painting.

wow how horny is this !


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