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Father and Son Incest @fatherandsonsex

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Tumblr about father and son incest, mostly with non-real content (unfortunately). If you have any images or videos about real daddy and son incest (only involving legal aged men, please) and you would like to show it, leave me a message. Come, lets show to the world that the sinful father and son sex is the perfect mating. All images/videos are of 18+ age people. ATTENTION: ask me anything or submit any father and son incest stuff clicking on the menu below. (SC - Brazil) - Father and Son Incest (@fatherandsonsex)
I posted this because of two things on this guys @fatherandsonsex

I posted this because of two things on this guy’s bio are: SO TRUE.

First, yeah, our porn-related stuff here on tumblr are not made to be viewed by minors, but of course ALL of us men have started with porn way before our adult life. And I must say that for teenagers nowadays that’s obviously MUCH more easy then it was for us in the 90’s. You guys are so lucky to be discovering sex on the age of the plainly stablished internet!

Second, as it happens with this guy above, this father and son incest thing is also just a portion of my sex and porn list of interests. Of course, it is such a turn on that’s reason enough for me to open and maintain this tumblr, but that’s more sorta REALLY hot fantasy that turns me on than something I had or will eventually really do, because, as I’ve said it here many times before, no, I’ve never had anything with my father (and I had no interest in it when I could try something) nor I have it now or will have sometime in the future. My father does not turns me on, the IDEA of a father and son incest is what turns me on. As I said, a fantasy, a sex/porn interest as many others I have. Among the other things that turn me on are military guys or men in uniform or suits, and so many other things that I could list here, but, well, everybody has theirs. Most part of the time I am a guy with as many “usual”, “traditional” things that can turn somebody on as anybody else out there, like that hunk over there we all dream about.

Father 36 dred scott set 1 an impossibly @fatherandsonsex

Father #36, Dred Scott, set #1, an impossibly hunky and virile dad. This sexy beast is another badass on our gallery of criminal-like fathers, the ones who are not the easiest types, but who are certainly among the best fathers you could be lucky to be born from. Though he is always a passionate lover for his son, with lots of kissing and hugging, sex with this menacing-dad is never soft and tender. This father would make his own son his private whore, holding his boy’s hair so he can force him lick his father’s dick over his dirty jeans and smelly underwear after a long day of work. A dad like Dred would then order his bitchy-son to open his jeans and take his father’s penis on his hands, telling him to feel his dad’s pulsating cock, eager to feed his son one of the many daily doses of father cum he must drink, as any submissive son has as one of his duties to his alpha-male father. A sexy father like Dred would then, in a deep commanding voice, order his whore boy to lick it entirely while looking directly into his father’s eyes, since he must never forget that the man who gave him life is his only master. Then father Dred would pull his son’s hair and mercilessly bury his cock on his boy’s mouth, face-fucking him violently to make his son feel his father’s manhood deep on his throat. Witnessing his own son moan like a horny dog while feasting on the very cock who created him would make a father like Dred feel on top of the world, such a powerful and incredible state of overflowing masculinity that would pull a father to the edge of an unbearable pleasure. And as any fierce dad like him would do, Dred would strongly slap his son’s face while he orgasmed in an unstoppable frenesi, holding his son’s head so he could gush all his father-seed down his own son’s throat, never freeing his boy’s head even when his son starts to cough, choking with his father’s semen. But a son born by a father like Dred is not the most subtle kind of bottom-boy either, since early on his life he was taught by his abusive father that his only duty would be to worship his father’s body in every way possible to please him and satisfy his father’s alpha-male sexual needs. This savage bitchy-boy wouldn’t fail to please his man, insatiably gulping his dad’s sperm while strongly squeezing his father’s balls and fiercely masturbating the base of his dad’s penis to drain every drop of the man-milk his creator would have stored on his testicles. Taking advantage of his father’s state of anesthesia after such an intense orgasm, his lucky son would then worship his father’s penis like that’s the only thing that matters in his life. And it really is. A father’s cock is the meaning of life of a lucky son.

Father 35 mike grant former gay porn actor @fatherandsonsex

Father #35, Mike Grant, former gay porn actor, xtube member MsclKink. I can’t understand why there are so few photos of this fucking hot stud-father! Mike is the proto-father, the father whom all sons dream about having as their own dad, the father who can command all the other fathers to make love with their sons. His hiper-rough, ultra-masculine, loving-yet-dominant-daddy appearance would make his son kneel down immediately and start worshipping his father’s manhood with all his forces without his man even asking it. That’s a dad to die for, guys! A man whose pleasure would be the life-goal of his son. Fathers like Mike, such vulcans of hormones, stamina and virility must be worshipped non-stop by his sons, letting them take pleasure on submitting their bodies to the men that made them. A rugged, beautifully muscled and rough father like Mike doesn’t need to do anything besides sitting in a chair, completely relaxed while letting his own son frantically and passionately ride the cock that made him until his father explodes in a cum-frenzy inside his own son’s ass, breeding him with his hot father semen like his son deserves. Though he does not need to do anything, since his sexiness instantly seduces his sons effortlessly,  a father like Mike has the right to make his son his bitch whenever he wants, roughly abusing his son’s mouth and ass without mercy with his powerful and rock-rigid cock whenever he feels he needs to. And he ALWAYS must take pleasure in watching his son choke with his sperm, feeding his boy and overflowing his son’s mouth with the precious cum that made him.

Thanks a lot man this thing gets me so horny too @fatherandsonsex

Thanks a lot man! This thing gets me SO horny too!

Hot submission thats some rough sex @fatherandsonsex

Hot submission! That’s some rough sex!

Ah um brasileiro os internautas do brasil são um @fatherandsonsex

Ah, um brasileiro! Os internautas do Brasil são um tanto tímidos sobre o assunto, aparentemente! E não é porque eu publico em inglês que brasileiros não possam perguntar ou enviar coisas para o blog, heim! :D

Não, nunca tive nada com ninguém da família, *SNIF!*

Father 34 jack dragon set 3 dad jack dragon @fatherandsonsex

Father #34, Jack Dragon, set #3. Dad Jack Dragon is a father to die for, a rugged sexy beast who deserves all the attention from his sons, all the time. Fathers as spectacular as Dragon must have his penis constantly rubbed and masturbated by his sons, no matter the time and place. A father like Jack Dragon is a malicious incestuous devil who delights having other men witnessing his incestuous practices with his sons. Because of that, dads like Jack are always sporting a hard on, ready to have his cock worshipped by all his sons when they are surrounded by other men. Sons must always grab their father’s crotch tightly, free the penis from its underwear and masturbate their father frantically while the dad stares the men surrounding them with a look of overflowing pleasure. The boys must keep jerking off their father’s cock while confessing to the men around them how much they love their father and the infinite pleasure they have in satisfying his sexual needs. The boys must tell to the men who are witnessing them servicing their father that it is the duty of every son to pleasure their creator and that this is the meaning of the life of a son. When the father is ready to cum, they must all put their tongues on their dad’s dick and lick it, all of them at the same time, savoring the semen that made them while looking to the men who are watching this wonderful scene, showing to these men that a father’s orgasm, given by his sons,  is a powerful force that can’t be compared to any other thing existent.

Yes it is a fantastic image its from josman an @fatherandsonsex

Yes, it is a fantastic image! It’s from Josman, an artist specialized in cartoons about incest who had his drawings and cartoons published on the famous (and awesome) Handjobs Magazine some years ago. I love it, his is one of my favorite erotic artists. This one is from his hottest (and most famous) cartoon ever, My Wild and Raunchy Son”, whose story depicts a son who seduces his father. I strongly recommend it to any father-and-son incest aficionado. It’s quite easy to find on the internet and, of course, on tumblr!

You said i found some of his toys and one has a @fatherandsonsex

You said “i found some of his toys and one has a pussy and ive used it and every time i use it i like girls then i put it away and i like boys”. It’s not that you like girls…that’s a toy you are fucking, not a real woman. It just means that you probably are a versatile gay guy and will like fucking some man ass too, besides enjoying being fucked and sucking some good cock.

Father 34 jack dragon set 2 dads like jack @fatherandsonsex

Father #34, Jack Dragon, set #2. Dads like Jack Dragon have the right of demanding that his sons must be always ready and willing to satisfy their father’s incestuous hunger. From sunrise to sunset, the boys must be always worshipping their father’s body. After taking care of his penis with their lucky mouths, and being feed with his sperm (of course!), the sons must line up, next to each other, either on their fours or laid down on bed, waiting to have their assess successively possessed and breed by their father’s cock. It’s up to a father as handsome, macho and virile as Jack Dragon to decide if he will penetrate his sons as an alpha-lover-father or the rapist-father, and it’s the sons obligation to accept the treatment they receive from their father on that moment. Whatever is their father’s mood, either as a lover, a fierce sex-machine or a ruthless rapist, the sons always feel pleasure and satisfaction to serve their father’s sexual needs.

Father 34 jack dragon set 1 father jack is @fatherandsonsex

Father #34, Jack Dragon, set #1. Father Jack is the epitome of the alpha male dad: muscled, strong and rugged, a perfect son-raping machine. Fathers as handsome and virile as Jack must be eternally worshipped by his sons, preferably by all of his sons at the same time. The sons must suck their father’s penis like it is the only reason they were made for (and it really is, besides having their asses as the perfect deposit of their dad’s sperm, of course!). His sons must suck him with wild abandon, and they can take turns sucking his cock while the other brothers suck, lick and bite his beautiful nipples, his muscled chest and his sexy abs, as well as passionately tongue-kissing their father’s mouth. They must all work together like this, fiercely worshipping his cock, his torso and his mouth to the point of making him moan and scream in unbearable pleasure till he bless them with strong jets of his cum, the sperm that made them all. Then all of the sons must put their mouths on their father’s cock and suck and lick it, fighting among themselves to drink the sperm that made them. It’s important to stress that among the obligations of the father is having enough cum to feed all of his sons. If the father cums and do not ejaculates enough semen to feed his boys he must surrender his body to his sons, so he can be successively abused by his offspring until they are feed with enough father-sperm, no matter if he is exhausted or not.

Thats not exactly incest but wow hot story @fatherandsonsex

That’s not exactly incest, but, WOW! Hot story, dude! I envy you, you little devil! :D

Wow that was really hot if i had such an @fatherandsonsex

Wow! That was really hot! If I had such an experience with my father…

Father 33 robert cole aka marshall cline set @fatherandsonsex

Father #33, Robert Cole, aka Marshall Cline, set #4. After riding his father’s cock like a pro, the boy gets on his feet and has the most beautiful and compelling sight: his father’s cock, balls and thighs covered in cum. Without hesitating, he immediately kneels down and starts to lick his father’s delicious sperm, feeling his powerful thighs, sucking his sexy balls and devouring his still hard cock. Robert moans loudly while his son worships, licks clean his dad’s manhood and feasts on his dad’s tasty semen. While he watches his own son taking care of his pulsating hard cock and eating his seed, Robert feels sorry that other fathers and sons don’t allow themselves to experience such a wonderful father and son bonding. The boy then takes his fathers hand and invites him to take a shower with him. They both go to the bathroom and upon watching his father wash his sexy body, which is his to give pleasure and to pleasure himself, he realizes he is one of the luckiest sons in the world. And then he restarts his most important duty as a son: giving the father the sex he deserves. 

Father 33 robert cole aka marshall cline set @fatherandsonsex

Father #33, Robert Cole, aka Marshall Cline, set #3. While holding his boy’s ass firmly, Dad Robert flushes his semen inside his son’s anus, feeling a splendid wave of pleasure with every jet of his cum spurting from his rock-hard cock. When the boy feels his young dad’s cock breeding him with his father’s sperm he cums together, screaming loudly like a captured prey. In between roars of pleasure and jets of his hot cum, Robert, his father, looks to his boy and says he loves him. His son answer is to sit much more fiercely and faster on his father’s cock to intensify his dad’s orgasm. “DON’T STOP BREEDING ME, DAD! I NEED TO FEEL YOUR SPERM, FATHER! I ONLY EXIST TO HAVE MY BOY HOLE FILLED BY YOUR CUM AND TO GIVE YOU AS MUCH PLEASURE AS I CAN! CUM MORE, DADDY, PLEASE!!!”, cries the boy. Robert says “OH, SON!…..DAD…..”, but the orgasm has intensified so much by his son’s splendid ability to fuck his father’s cock that he can barely breath, and unsurprisingly his cumshots are multiplied inside his son’s ass. Jet after jet of sperm spurts inside his son, making the pleasure so unbearable that tears roll down Robert’s face. The boy’s ass devours most of the precious dad’s cum, but it’s so much that some of it flows like a river from his hole and covers his dad’s balls and legs. When the last jet gushes from his dick, dad Robert sighs in relief, and then he looks to his son lovingly. The boy sees in his father’s weary eyes that he made a good job, and feels proud of himself for his ability to make his father feel so much pleasure. They kiss, their tongues exploring their mouths, and embrace tightly.

Father 33 robert cole aka marshall cline set @fatherandsonsex

Father #33, Robert Cole, aka Marshall Cline, set #2. Dad Robert, a blue collar worker, arrives home eager to make love with his son. His son has been waiting impatiently all day, sending dirty, naughty messages to his father’s during the day to tease him, saying he wants to worship and to impale himself on his father’s big, turgid cock. As soon as Robert arrives home he finds his son waiting for him on the backyard, completely nude. When he realizes that daddy has finally arrived, he moans seductively and says he can’t wait to explore his impressively masculine body. Dad Cole takes his clothes off, a sensual spectacle for his boy. Robert sits on a backyard bench and tells his son “Come and make love to your father now!”. The boy jumps into him like an animal, and sits on his father’s massive cock, while caressing his broad shoulders, strong arms, and his hairy, muscled chest. Kissing intensely, they both moan and confess their passion for each other. Robert can barely control his love for his boy and the violent pleasure for penetrating his own son’s ass. The boy agonizes in pure ecstasy, intoxicated by his father’s steamy sweat, his sexy muscled body and the indescribable sensations given by the his father’s veiny, thick, rigid cock entirely filling and splitting his tight anus. The boy clenches his fingernails on his dad’s pecs and deliriously screams, announcing his orgasm. Robert, his father, is then taken by his own overwhelming pleasure, feeling the imminent ejaculation that will breed his boy like never before.

Father 33 robert cole aka marshall cline set @fatherandsonsex

Father #33, Robert Cole, aka Marshall Cline, set #1. Cole, a very young, precocious father whose son would not resist his handsome, virile, sexy body and his cute and malicious face. To caress such wonderful hairy pecs, to touch his splendid soft skin, to hold his strong and muscled arms and shoulders, to kiss his irresistible lips and to feel the power of his big, thick and stupidly hard uncut cock would make his baby boy experience an unimaginable state of pure, unbearable ecstasy.

I dont know if everything you tell me is really @fatherandsonsex

I don’t know if everything you tell me is really true, but if it is I know that I’m starting to envy you guys. XD

Father 32 eric stone set 3 eric and his son @fatherandsonsex

Father #32, Eric Stone, set #3. Eric and his son make love intensely, moaning tenderly and breathing heavily while they feel their father and son relationship reaching the deepest level of intimacy. Kissing passionately, caressing each other’s body tenderly and feeling the warmth of their skin, the fever of their incestuous sex keep them on a state of unstoppable pleasure. Eric pumps his cock in his son’s anus frentically, keeping from cumming until he feels he can’t hold on anymore his seed from blasting inside his son. The boy keeps his arms and legs lacing his father’s hairy, sweaty and burning body tightly while screaming unintelligible sounds when he feels his father’s rocky, veiny cock violently hitting his prostate. Unable to hold his orgasm any longer, Eric stares deeply into his son’s eyes and howls like a wild animal while gushing burning jets of his sperm inside his son’s ass. Feeling his father’s seed taking ownership of his body and soul to his father, the boy screams loudly, spurting copious amounts of cum while looking into his father’s eyes. After their intense mutual orgasm, the son tells his father “I’m yours forever daddy! I love you! Pleasuring your body will be my life’s goal from now on!”. Eric lovingly looks to his son, tells him he will be his man forever and kisses him lustfully, feeling their tongues exploring each other’s mouths and lips in anticipation of their uncountable moments of tender and passionate father and son sex.

Father 32 eric stone set 2 overpowered by his @fatherandsonsex

Father #32, Eric Stone, set #2. Overpowered by his father’s intensely seductive look, Eric’s son would enter a trance state which would transform him into a slave whose only purpose from then on would be to pleasure his father, his own creator. Then he lays on the bed, spreads his legs and says to his father “Come and take me, dad! Subdue me to your body! Use me to pleasure your cock and cum inside your son, father! Breed me my brother and son! My body aches for your manly sex!” Seeing that his son had completely surrendered to his virility, dad Eric would tell him: “Then prepare your body to be abused by your father, boy! I will dominate you until you scream in pure pleasure and beg me to feed your mouth the cum that made you and to pump inside your ass your father’s cum, son! Ready to pleasure me, your father, like I deserve, my baby boy?” “YES, DADDY! POSSESS ME NOW!"