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Beautiful fat people in their beautiful corsets. @fattiesincorsets

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- Beautiful fat people in their beautiful corsets. (@fattiesincorsets)
What 3 years does to you i first posed the right @fattiesincorsets

What 3 years does to you! I first posed the right pic in 2012 I think, at the age of 16. I recently got into a corset again and actually think I should put on more weight because of how lame the curves are ;)

My freshman year in college @fattiesincorsets

My freshman year in college.

Still really shy so no face but this corset makes @fattiesincorsets

Still really shy so no face but this corset makes me so darn confident! Thanks to all you beautiful gals and gents who post here and gave me the courage to get and wear my first corset with pride <3

Redthreadedcostumes redthreaded plus size ready @fattiesincorsets


Redthreaded plus size ready to ship Elizabethan, Victorian, 18th Century, Regency, and Edwardian corsets are available NOW for preorder up to 42” waists at a special introductory price of $280+ shipping, shipped by mid-January.

Thelingerieaddict kathtea brodieroset @fattiesincorsets





1940s New Look Underwear (x)

AHHHHH that looks so fucking painful.



If they are fitted correctly, they should feel comfortable and snug.

In fact, a lot of people find many benefits from a corset, be it physical, mental and even social.

Just for starters, here’s a link to brands that one should avoid and my own personal recommendations.

You’re welcome!

PS: Seriously, don’t judge a book by its cover. A very VERY misunderstood book.

I totally included this video in that blog post on vintage lingerie videos I just did! I need to learn to gif.

And I want that corset. So very badly.

Mistressshannon77 i love pvc @fattiesincorsets

Mistressshannon77 I love PVC

Mistressshannon77 i love pvc @fattiesincorsets

Mistressshannon77 I love PVC

Mistressshannon77 in sexy pvc @fattiesincorsets

Mistressshannon77 in sexy PVC

Londonandrews 2014 it has been a very rough @fattiesincorsets


2014… It has been a very rough few months… but I am FULL of adventure again and wanting to go EVERYWHERE that I possibly can this year… Obviously, I understand that modeling cannot last forever… But I have had more requests for jobs this year than ever before…! Hopefully this year I make it to Hawaii… Hopefully this year I make it to Europe. No more excuses.

Blades18 bag of brains cherry dlish @fattiesincorsets



cherry dlish


Bbwcorset beth ditto in a tight corset @fattiesincorsets



in a


Yourbeautyimmortalized model is gesche make up @fattiesincorsets


Model is Gesche
Make up and antlers by Elegy Ellem
Photo: Josefine Jönsson

Another happy client! :) be sure to book us at


Orchardcorset luscious in red valentines day @fattiesincorsets


Luscious in Red, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner..

Model: Gloria Isaiah

Photographer: Sean Carter 

MUA: Blue Michael Cosmetics

Sarahissmiley a little afternoon delight image @fattiesincorsets


A little afternoon delight.
Image by Chiara Aprea Photography
Mua/h by Chiara Aprea

Model:Sarah H Plus

Please do not edit or crop this image without models and photographers permission

Fullerfigurefullerbust some behind the scenes @fattiesincorsets


Some behind the scenes snaps from my shoot yesterday.

The corset in the first two images: href="" href=""

The bra: href=""

The dress: href=""

The other corset (and yes, it isn’t a perfect fit) : href=""

Waistedlives lucy corsetry where to buy plus @fattiesincorsets



Where to buy Plus Size/ Full-Figure Corsets:

More and more companies are now catering to full-figured clients, and even women with waists over 60” (over 150 cm) have options! In this article, all the following makers make corsets OVER a closed waist size of 40”, which most OTR companies generally don’t carry.

(Featured photo is Courtney modelling a Jupiter Moon 3 ensemble. Jupiter Moon 3 has made corsets for natural waists up to 60”.)

Absolutely stunning!

Sourcedumal lucy corsetry where to buy @fattiesincorsets



Where to buy corsets for Men:

Gentlemen wear corsets too, but sometimes it can be difficult to find makers who cater to cinching down the waist while maintaining a masculine physique.

In my last giveaway, over 50 men wrote to me explaining how corsets provided them with back support, helped to relieve pain and anxiety, and controlling a little potbelly to fit back into their suits - not to mention they look amazing.

The following corsetiers and businesses in this gallery are experienced in making masculine corsets.

(Featured Photo is from The House of Canney, which I may or may not have swooner over.)

Ooooh yes.

For all you gentlemen followers. :)

One of my own creations black leather underbust @fattiesincorsets

One of my own creations: Black Leather Underbust Corset. Model: Myzeray

Rust latigo waist cincher model lorelai @fattiesincorsets

Rust Latigo waist cincher. model: Lorelai

One of my own creations black leather halter @fattiesincorsets

One of my own creations: Black leather halter corset. Model: Ania

One of my own creations cobalt blue leather and @fattiesincorsets

One of my own creations: Cobalt Blue Leather and Brass. Model: Lorelai

Orchardcorset we love every body @fattiesincorsets


We love Every-BODY :)

This is the orchard corset cs426 in size 40 its @fattiesincorsets

This is the Orchard Corset CS426 in size 40. It’s closed at the back. 

First time wearing my corset in a long time @fattiesincorsets

first time wearing my corset in a long time :)

My best friend @fattiesincorsets

my best friend

Thelouringlady infekted monarch oh the @fattiesincorsets



Oh the difference waist definition can make in a dress.

Dress: xhilaration 
Elastic belt: came with a different dress
Corset: Boom Boom Baby! Boutique (over the teal dress)
Timeless Trends (over the black dress)

Those dresses look killer, even more with those two corsets at the bottom. :3

Blackfashion stop dont question frisk @fattiesincorsets


Stop, don’t question & frisk #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen tag on twitter. You won’t regret it.

#SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen thanks to @Karnythia

At 195 lbs im the heaviest ive ever been in my @fattiesincorsets

At 195 lbs I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life. But damn if this corset doesn’t make me feel pretty. (Sorry for the cut off head, bad hair day.)

Bbwcorset metallic @fattiesincorsets



Me wearing one of my favorite corsets taken about @fattiesincorsets

Me wearing one of my favorite corsets, taken about 2 years ago.

Whoops never mind the submission without the @fattiesincorsets

(Whoops, never mind the submission without the picture!)

This blog helped me make the decision to start wearing corsets, so it’s fitting that I post the first picture of my baby here!

US 18/20, corset by Fran of Contour Corsets (33'when closed, but I am so not there yet)

Bbwcorset goddess unknown @fattiesincorsets


Goddess: unknown

Thelouringlady bbwcorset yummy goddess @fattiesincorsets




Goddess: unknown

That’s Beth Ditto! :)

Planetofthickbeautifulwomen @fattiesincorsets


                 Nicole Simone(Thick White Curves)

I love seeing pictures of fellow wide-hipped women. 

I feel less lonely! <3

Cosplayingwhileblack x character queen @fattiesincorsets



Character: Queen Chrysalis

Series: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

I love corsets and being fat @fattiesincorsets

I love corsets! And being fat :) 

Bbwcorset goddess unknown @fattiesincorsets


Goddess: Unknown

Holy crapoli i cant believe im submitting this @fattiesincorsets

Holy crapoli I can’t believe I’m submitting this. I’ve struggled for so long with body confidence issues, and finally gained to courage to post something like this.

I’m an AU 18/20, not particularly proud, but accepting of it.

Eep. Best submit now before I have second thoughts!

Live free, love endlessly! xx

I always did want to go to a renaissance faire @fattiesincorsets

I always did want to go to a Renaissance Faire…

Greencarnations iridessence large and in @fattiesincorsets



Large and in charge.

#Reminder to self that I need to get me a corset.


If you want a corset that’ll do some serious shaping work and last you a long time without breaking the bank, go Timeless Trends. At $100-$120 for an underbust and $180 for an overbust, it’s absolutely the best you’ll pay for that quality. I’ve had mine for five years and it’s still in great shape. Not to mention they’re double-boned and thus like armor. Only downside is there’s not a lot of variety in your options, but I really cannot overstate the quality of Timeless Trends corsets. I’ve got a damn FairyGothMother corset I got on clearance that’s maybe half as excellent as my Timeless Trends.


Fetishkimmy a screengrab from one of the 180 @fattiesincorsets


a screengrab from one of the 180+ free videos on my website- if you wanna know where i get my fetishwear in plus sizes, check out my site- i have a list of vendors there, or you can feel free to contact me, i will point you in the right direction! 

as always, thanks to for helping me set up my account, check out his site if you wanna see other plus sized girls in corsets-
quick warning- some of the pics on his site are NSFW!  Just trying to keep people out of trouble!

The divine jewels modeling her custom corset shot @fattiesincorsets

The Divine Jewels modeling her custom corset… shot by Stina Rae Photography.

The feather clip is made from rhinestones and hotfix crystals on a felt back.  

The corset is a black shot red taffeta with a black lace front panel.  It’s boned wtih half inch spiral steel in all channels except center front and center back which is done with half inch flat steel.     

This was a personal challenge for me, as Jewels often told me that corsets were uncomfortable and scary. I think she looks amazing.
Theoryoflifestyle a full body shot of rosie @fattiesincorsets


A full body shot of Rosie Mercado. Shoutout to her being a bigger plus size model!

Heres this years halloween costume im a @fattiesincorsets

Here’s this year’s Halloween Costume - I’m a necromancer!

Very proud of that corset/skirt combo - I made the whole stinkin’ thing, and it wasn’t too easy to figure out. (It has tails, like a tuxedo jacket, in the back!)

Hey i hope i meet the criteria im a size 18 20 @fattiesincorsets

Hey, I hope I meet the criteria I’m a size 18-20 AU and I love my corset! If you could give me opinions I would love it !!!

Gorgeous jacquard plus size corset by dreamgirl @fattiesincorsets

Gorgeous Jacquard Plus Size corset by Dreamgirl. It comes with cute little matching panties too.

You can get it at Plus Size Lingerie Boutique.

Hi there name is patricia hope i meet the @fattiesincorsets

Hi, there. Name is Patricia. Hope I meet the requirement to be submitting. Size 18 pants and 36" corset. 

Fuckyeahaprilflores april looks amazing in a @fattiesincorsets


April looks amazing in a corset. Seen at the Pleasure Chest in LA.

Now who says a super hero has to have a certain @fattiesincorsets

Now who says a super hero has to have a certain body type?

(Note: This is costume is for sell on Etsy!)

My wife and i on our wedding day my wife made @fattiesincorsets

My wife and I on our wedding day…. my wife made both of our outfits, including her epic corset.  You can see more at her facebook at  She’s recently started to make corsets professionally as well, under the name of Offbeat Threads with the tag-line ‘Elegance for ALL bodies’.  

Her stuff is also at  Thanks for having such an great tumblr, have thoroughly enjoyed looking through it.

Fuckyeahqueerlesque shelby mine the @fattiesincorsets


Shelby Mine

“The Queerlesque Cutie”

Photo by: Lone Star Pin-Up

Bbwisbest i love this look @fattiesincorsets


i love this look

Elissa 20 vermont corset from corset story i @fattiesincorsets

Elissa, 20, Vermont (corset from Corset-Story)

I just stumbled upon this blog and felt that I might as well share myself with y'all!!! Everyone here is so frickin’ gorgeous!!! :) 

Thelouringlady bootyinspector k so i dont @fattiesincorsets



k so
I dont normally post more risque pictures to my main blog
and I defs dont normally make posts like the one I’m planning on here

she’s about my size???? taller obviously, and she’s wearing a corset and she’s jsut
and I dont feel like crap about my body when I look at her???
not to say that just anything can set me off into feeling like crap but she’s big and she’s literally perfect?? the shape the corset gives her is just, kinda flawless?? even though she could have easily opted for a longline of some kind, she went for a basic length (showing that she’s at LEAST like 5’7”, making me more than a little jealous but) 

normally involving things like fatshion, larger body acceptance, etc, they showcase either people with more desirable curves (very large hips and/or breasts), smaller fats or much much larger fats
and while I don’t wish anyone ill 
there is very very LITTLE representation of my body type, in those communities let ALONE those for body modifications, and that just kind of makes me feel very
almost weird I guess????

and then BAM out of the woodwork on one of my favourite corseting blog a few months?? ago, this lady with a fab corset and that nosering and the sheer CONFIDENCE she oozes and yes her hair too 
instance confidence booster
it’s really no wonder why typing “F” in my url bar anymore leads DIRECTLY to fattiesincorsets 

The comment above really made my day. I am so touched to be reading this.

And, ugh, I’m in total agreement about how size-positive spaces tend to have images of the more “acceptable” fat bodies. We’re all in this together and we should all be in this together and not have one body type held higher over the rest of the group. I think we face too much of that already outside of our size positive spaces.

Fuckyeahfatpinupgirls plus sized jessica @fattiesincorsets


Plus-sized Jessica Rabbit? Yes, I think so.

Theeverydaygoth gothtriggers @fattiesincorsets




your corset makes your ass look enormous

Hey, that’s actually not necessarily a bad thing. 


I’m supposed to be worried about that?

I’d be owning that!

Plussizefanatic simply a goddess i demand the @fattiesincorsets


Simply A Goddess

I demand the right to have pastries and candies all over my clothes, not just my corsets, all my clothes!

Im a fatty and this is my fav corset @fattiesincorsets

I’m a fatty and this is my fav corset :)

Maggiedubonet i am in love with my corset @fattiesincorsets


I am in LOVE with my corset! Nobody ever believes how small my waist is until I wear one. My boobs are just in the way!

Kerosenedeluxe im just a plump pin up gal @fattiesincorsets


I’m just a plump Pin Up gal…;)

Photographer: Shimona Henry

Corset by Lace Embrace Atelier

Hi im tierney i love the way my body looks in a @fattiesincorsets

Hi, I’m Tierney. I love the way my body looks in a corset, even though this one is just from Hot Topic.

Chubby bunnies ello ladies 3 much love from @fattiesincorsets


ello ladies!

<3 much love from denver :)

Thelouringlady priestessofnothing my @fattiesincorsets



My submission to fatties in corsets. I love that tumblr. 

Beautiful and the corset is lovely too. ;)

Whiskeylovelace playing dress up since i @fattiesincorsets


Playing dress-up since I haven’t worn this corset in ages.

Lilaluxx term 3 starts this week learn @fattiesincorsets


Term 3 starts this week!

Learn Classic Burlesque with international headliner and burlesque celebrity Lola The Vamp, Vintage Hair and Beauty with Haylee Comet and Neo Burlesque with Lila Luxx.

Private workshops and hens nights are also on offer.  Click on the picture for more info.  Hope to see you in class soon!

Loving the wings of the girl in yellow. Pretty, pretty, pretty poster all around!

EDIT: Viviane Mae was sweet enough to message me and tell me the woman in yellow is Miss Alyssa Kitt. Her facebook is here.

Velvetdamour velvet damour leaving the curves @fattiesincorsets


Velvet d’Amour leaving the Curves in Couture event in London.

Skirt by Hips n Curves

Custom corset by Maelle Bordier

Velvetdamour joanna lewandowska modeling for @fattiesincorsets


Joanna Lewandowska modeling for Velvet d’Amour