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Ladies if you would like to be FEETURED on this blog submit below. - FEEN 4 FEET (@feenforfeet)
Buy yung higher mood nike slides @feenforfeet


Higher ☁️ #mood #nike #slides #darkpale #healthgoth #toes #aesthetic #sadgirls #cadeque

Killer vi bes gaze intothe abyss @feenforfeet




Follow gaze-intothe-abyss for more pictures of my butt.

Killer vi bes @feenforfeet



Akirablackanese soles ass @feenforfeet


Soles & Ass

Ohmandy56 theyre pretty from all angles @feenforfeet


They’re pretty from all angles ❤️

Crystinathebootyqueen who wants to give me a @feenforfeet


Who wants to give me a foot massage?😊

Crystinathebootyqueen for my feet lovers @feenforfeet


For my feet lovers💋

Where the toes are dollywinks where the toes @feenforfeet



Where the TOES are.

Mooonkid love being free to post selfies on @feenforfeet


love being free to post selfies on tumblr

Ixnay on the oddk my butt just gave the carpet @feenforfeet


My butt just gave the carpet a low five 

Psy faerie hot girl in town foot fetish joi @feenforfeet


Hot Girl In Town Foot Fetish JOI | 10:00 | 1080p

I know you’ve seen me around, but you don’t stare at my tits like the other guys. I’ve noticed you like to stare at my feet in my sky high heels. Pervert. Its okay I like it (: Maybe you should come suck on my toes and stroke your dick and I’ll let you cum all over my pretty little feet (:

(simulated cum load landing on feet at the end!) No nudity

$7.99 on ManyVids (click for video preview!)

do not remove caption - do not take gifs without permission

Sundaysfeet my soles want a massage @feenforfeet


my soles want a massage👈

Thetoeshow more selfie perfection from my pet @feenforfeet


More selfie perfection from my pet #mine

Sundaysfeet dirty soles @feenforfeet


dirty soles! 👅

Sundaysfeet play with him @feenforfeet


play with him 👣

Rawrf00tage nice french pedi choncotan @feenforfeet


Nice French pedi

Busybeatalks wild sex hair courtesy of dex @feenforfeet


Wild sex hair courtesy of Dex. 

Mercurafeet i could tell how jealous my @feenforfeet


I could tell how jealous my boyfriend was getting. I made him sit down on the sidelines while I danced with other guys. He had to pretend that we weren’t even dating, that I was single and available and ready to be fucked. When one of them started kissing my neck he almost got up to stop him, almost, but I gave him a look that assured him how pissed I’d be if he screwed this up for me. So he sat back down, getting hard in his jeans, watching me get increasingly physical with another man.

I walked over to him, barefoot, and asked him for my shoes and my purse. He wanted to know why.

“He wants me to go home with him tonight,” I told him, waiting to see his response. 

“Are you serious?” He asked, starting to stand. I lifted my foot, it was dirty from dancing, and pressed it against his belly, pushing him back into his seat.

“Yes,” I told him, as I began to rub my bare sole through his jeans and against his cock. It had been hard since before I’d even walked over. “And I know you’re going to be okay with that, because you love me, right?“ 

He sat there, speechless, trying to make sure nobody was watching as I continued to stroke him with my sole, harder and faster until I could feel him starting to cum.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Candycoatedtoes jada stevens @feenforfeet


jada stevens

Candycoatedtoes pov wchantel jefferies @feenforfeet


POV w/Chantel Jefferies

Snowwhitefeet showing up to the hospital in @feenforfeet


Showing up to the hospital in style ;)

Also, if you missed the memo, I’ve hopped on the snapchat train under the name snowwhitefeet. Add me for random feet pics!

Nvbianprincess last night i tried out the new @feenforfeet


Last night I tried out the new tub and a couple of my bath bombs. Here’s a peep at what our Snapchatters got to see ✨🎀

F00tography guess whos back no seriously @feenforfeet


Guess who’s back?! No seriously guess whose feet these are.

F00tography f00tography hey guys so the @feenforfeet



Hey guys. So the other day my laptop died, and I won’t be able to start posting again until I get it replaced (getting it fixed would be pointless since it’s so old, makes more sense to buy a new one). Luckily I had all my photos backed up though! My friend is letting me use her computer to make this post right now but I can’t rely on her to hand over her laptop and let me upload pics of feet to it every time I want to post something.

I won’t be able to afford this on my own, so I’ve decided to create a gofundme page in hopes that some of you will be willing to donate a few dollars. I know you guys don’t owe me anything, but I’ve been providing free foot fetish content for about 3 years now and I really want to be able to continue doing that! So if you can spare a couple of bucks I’d be incredibly grateful! Once my laptop has been replaced I promise to post a buttload of unseen pics of Ariel, Sarah, Lauren and Maggee!

I guess I should add some incentive. Those who donate 10 dollars or more can just shoot me a message telling me how much they donated and their email address and I’ll send them an unseen video of Maggee and another one of Sarah. I have my friends laptop for the next day and a half so donate now if you want these videos!

F00tography hanging out with sarah today @feenforfeet


Hanging out with Sarah today! Doesn’t her new hair colour make her look a bit like Natasha Romanoff from The Avengers?

Missentropyy boredom @feenforfeet



Moorslorac thigherrrd @feenforfeet



Moorslorac foot job slides feet toes @feenforfeet


Foot job? 🌿💱💧 #slides #feet #toes #pedi #frenchnails #didemmyself #vaporwave #plantwave #grid #cadeque #cyber

Can you feel my heart 2121 waiting on @feenforfeet


Waiting on myspoon15toobig to get outta the shower 😏😍

Can you feel my heart 2121 sunset last night @feenforfeet


sunset last night was incredible 💙💚

Themissarcana feet and bootay i slept all day @feenforfeet


feet and bootay. i slept all day haha. so good morning!

Feetplease slippery amateur helping hand @feenforfeet


Slippery amateur helping hand.

Couplelovesfucking giving a footjob and @feenforfeet


Giving a footjob and enjoying a lovely evening… :*

Nvbianprincess some anons have been asking to @feenforfeet


Some anons have been asking to see my lil piggies, well here ya go. Nothing incredible but I keep them clean and soft 🌸💕

Feetzhellyeah more of her on the post source @feenforfeet


More of her on the post source!

Solefullycute freshly painted @feenforfeet


Freshly painted 💙💎

Solefullycute freshly painted @feenforfeet


Freshly painted 💙💎

Lilwitchmermaid maybe i do have a booty @feenforfeet


Maybe i do have a booty?

Fuckedupandbrilliant someone come keep me @feenforfeet


Someone come keep me company :3

Thaihaha for anon @feenforfeet


for anon

Xxxblowm3xxx xxxblowm3xxx please submit @feenforfeet


♛ xxxblowm3xxx: Please submit more….

Aclockworkjenna showing off the yellow @feenforfeet


Showing off the yellow!

Arabellas lips you asked for it now you get @feenforfeet


You asked for it, now you get it!

This is for my FABULOUS 3000+ followers :)

You know I’ve developed some kind of fetish for feet, heels and that kind of stuff… So with this new pair of high heels I’ve decided to tease you a little more!

Does anyone here want to shoot a load all over them?

do it here

I hate the beach for the fans of my tootsies @feenforfeet


For the fans of my tootsies 👍