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A place for sissy, chastity, femdom, pegging captions and the like. Stuff I love mostly with women and sissies :) - Femdom Sissy Captions (@femdomsissy)
Sissydonna genderrolereversal jean turns out @femdomsissy



Jean turns out to be a natural

Where Boys Will Be Girls

Feminization heres my wedding day gift to you @femdomsissy


Here’s my wedding day gift to you, my sissy hubbie.

Chasteandimpure sissy i know you went to a lot @femdomsissy


Sissy, I know you went to a lot of trouble coordinating this lingerie for my hot date tonight. But, Brad just called and told me not to wear panties.

To make it up to you I’ll let you borrow them for the evening. Brad got me quite excited on the phone, so I am sure you will appreciate them.

Jizzjunky cbelted42 via imagejpg @femdomsissy



(via image.jpg (1920×1080))

Her will. No choice. Perfect

Mysissyfem to send me a tribute or to purchase @femdomsissy


To send me a Tribute or to purchase amazing breast forms visit

Womanworshipper at random times she would @femdomsissy


At random times she would demand an instant inspection to make sure her instructions regarding the underwear he’s got on are being obeyed. 

Foryourusemistress i so want to be him @femdomsissy


i so want to be him!

Thetitanbarbarossa not all penises are cocks @femdomsissy


Not all penises are cocks.  Having a penis makes you a male but it does not make you a man, not in the world and certainly not in the bedroom.  Some of you, reading this right now, were endowed with a more feminine penis.  It’s not what you asked for, but it is what you have.  It was meant for panties, not pussy.  It signals to all who see it that nature did not intend for you to breed, but be bred.  Most of you will spend the rest of your lives denying the obvious, the truth, pretending to be something that you simply are not.  But this, this is who and what you really are.  You know it and so does every woman who has seen you with your pants off.    


Make sure your cuck dresses and presents properly.

Click here to get them started.

Mysissycaptions theres always a choice @femdomsissy


There’s always a choice…

Womanworshipper samantha knew that by making @femdomsissy


Samantha knew that by making her husband wear this tight corselette and matching stockings under his usual clothes, he would be constantly reminded of his submission to her, and would be forced to accept his rightful place in their marriage as her slave.

Womanworshipper as she increased her dominance @femdomsissy


As she increased her dominance over her fiance, Madeleine planned to introduce feminisation into all aspects of his life. By the time of their wedding, Tom would be completely controlled by her, and fully established in his new role as her sissy maid.

Womanworshipper once her husband had agreed to @femdomsissy


Once her husband had agreed to submit to her authority, it was easy for Pamela to begin the process of feminising him. Soon he would be completely subjugated to her will, and would be wearing a tight-lacing corset under his clothes to work every day.

Womanworshipper when natalie had met frank at @femdomsissy


When Natalie had met Frank at the club, she knew immediately he was the submissive type, and that once she got him into her bedroom, she’d be able to seduce into becoming her slave.

Womanworshipper melanie made her husband hand @femdomsissy


Melanie made her husband hand wash their lingerie every evening, so that he had a fresh set for work each day, and she also kept him on a strict regime of other domestic duties, such as cleaning.

Sissyboiheather xhowudoinx sissy brandy @femdomsissy





TELL ME!!!!!!!

Yes I will

I will obey

OMG! Yes please mistress!!!!

Thefemmeside submit to your wifes deepest @femdomsissy


Submit to your wife’s deepest desire for a sexy feminine pet. You’ll be glad you did!

Cryanisback derekisme second cumming so @femdomsissy



so, we’re now living at the beginning of the age of female ascendancy … and I guess that straight sex might be more like this (the amazon position) in the future.  I mean this expresses female authority, and male submission to, and acceptance of, that authority, so well.

This is how She liked to fuck when She could have penetrative sex. She wanted control even then - 20+ years ago and for nearly 15 years. She (and I) like it better now. Always caged, Her with the big dick and even more in control. We both smiled when we saw this gif set.

Lisaannspantyplace welcome to hump day hump away @femdomsissy


Welcome to hump day. Hump away my little animals.


Newsissyintraining youve all seen it on here @femdomsissy


You’ve all seen it on here and now that my clitty is minuscule and girly hehe 😘🌹

Allourdesires isobel from officefantasy2 @femdomsissy


Isobel from OfficeFantasy2

Mistresstrixie69 whenever this mistress is in @femdomsissy


Whenever this Mistress is in bed with her sissy I feel like a lesbian!