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breed me @fertilepussy

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twenty something. artist. southern california. thick/bbw. i want to be bred. there's nothing i love more than the feeling of a man cumming deep inside my pussy and being filled full with his cum. - breed me (@fertilepussy)
Neverpullsout breederseeder kiss her deeply @fertilepussy



Kiss her deeply after you impregnate her deeply…

I prefer “while” myself, but… yeah, “after” too.

Littlebreedergirl theinsufferable1991 @fertilepussy



“Daddy! It’s so warm and sticky inside me! I fell it hitting my tummy,” I gasp as daddy fills me.

“You like that, baby? Daddy special juice filling up your little womb feels good don’t it?” He chuckled, holding me on his cock as he emptied inside me.

“Won’t that get me pregnant, daddy?” I asked, feeling a little scared but also becoming more aroused at the thought of my little brother or sister inside me.

“Mmhmm. It’s okay though, sweetie, because daddy will always take care of you,” he assured, thrusting up a little as it became even more wet and wanting more if daddy’s sticky cum inside me.


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The pathetic whiteboi can only watch and stroke as his race is brought to extinction.. White sluts are reserving their womb for black babies.. It’s over. The white race will be fucked out of existence..

Billyguitar77 thisisfun lets do it @fertilepussy

billyguitar77: let’s do it  🎸

Reformedgoodgirl96 matureimpregnator she @fertilepussy



She had posted on a sugar baby site because she was tired of boys near her age and she was intrigued by the idea of dating an older, established man that could afford to take care of her.  Jeff was in his 50s,  confindent and hansome.  she had not been preparded for how mind blowing the sex would be; on their first date Jeff took her to the balet and then after at her place, he undressed her and went down on her.  He was so skilled she came over and over again,  suddenly  he stopped eating her, wiped her wetness from his mouth and with his soaked hand wet the tip of his cock.  He slid his cock into her bare in a single long motion with out her being able to protest.   She came over and over again as he fucked her hard, finally filling her up with his cum.   Tonight she was preparing a meal for him when he arrived at her place for the weekend,  he kissed her and bent her over the counter and deposited the first load of the weekend into her pussy.  She knew it was only a matter of time before she would miss her period but she was unable to change anything about the relationship without risking it ending.

Oh my God! This is my fantasy!

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I love that warm wet feeling when a man cums in me, more the better

Sperminthedeep ramming that baby maker home @fertilepussy


Ramming that baby maker home.

Sperminthedeep thats it baby churn that @fertilepussy


“That’s it baby. Churn that pussy up. Cum inside, please? Cum deep inside me and knock my pussy up!”

Cum for me little girl shes asks him to stop @fertilepussy


She’s asks him to stop, but he’s past caring as he fills her hot play hole with his precious juices!

Big11in she is now black owned @fertilepussy


She is now black owned

Sperminthedeep preggobellycummer1974 oh yes @fertilepussy



Oh yes baby xxx


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                  ”   BLACKNWHITELOOKSGOODGREAT  “



Ja2481 kittiekatt85 i want this so bad @fertilepussy



I want this so bad … Give me a huge Fucking load

It will happen…

Eatsleepbreedrepeat the moment she feels his @fertilepussy


The moment she feels his hot seed cover her insides and that she has just been bred

Blacknwhitelooksgood blacknwhitelooksgood @fertilepussy



                  ”   BLACKNWHITELOOKSGOODGREAT  “



Welcome to paradise 123 yasss fuck them when @fertilepussy


Yasss fuck them when they can’t move!

Impregnatedgirls he watched her soaking pussy @fertilepussy


he watched her soaking pussy swallow his cock, he felt his stomach flip with anticipation. She was the perfect breeding specimen and he knew she was at her most fertile time. “I’m going to cum” he informed her. “Ok” she answered him. It was all he needed. He sank his entire shaft deep inside her and pushed against her cervix. Looking into her eyes, he let go. His cock throbbed violently as his orgasm washed over him. “Ugggghhhhhh” he groaned. She moaned as he filled her, her pussy milking him and sucking his cum up into her womb. It was the perfect breeding.

Asyoulikeitdaddy i need horny wife always @fertilepussy



always better with fillings


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ALWAYS cum inside the pussy you are fucking. There should be NO EXCEPTION !

Lovesoftsex mmmmm love that feeling @fertilepussy


mmmmm Love that feeling !

Helpforhelplessgirls if he doesnt want to use @fertilepussy


If he doesn’t want to use a condom, you shouldn’t use a condom.  If he wants it inside you then that’s where it’s meant to be.  Let it happen.  It’s what you both need. 

Deepcreampie creamy deep creampie @fertilepussy


Creamy deep creampie

Rape and ruin me onveiligvrijen anonymous @fertilepussy



Anonymous (by email) - I’m what you could call a hardcore lesbian. Since puberty, I’ve been attracted to girls only.  Never slept with a man. Today I’m in a steady relationship with a lovely woman. Our clocks are ticking, we really want to have children together and that of course means finding a donor.

My girl and I had decided that I’d be the one to get pregnant first. We went on one of these websites where you can meet free, private sperm donors. Lo and behold we found a very nice, healthy, young guy with good looks.  We met him and made it clear that we were only going for AI, no sex and he was fine by that. So we waited until my next ovulation and then I met him in a hotel, where he would use the bathroom to donate his sperm into the cup and then give it to me, then wait downstairs on the lobby so I could use the syringe in private.

But things went totally different. As soon as we were in the room together, he grabbed me. His sarcastic voice next to my head, “You didn’t think I would just jack off in the bath room, did you?” Immediately, I knew I’d been too naive. I’m good looking and extremely fertile and had invited this strong guy to my room. Of course he was turned on by me, I had actually demanded from him to be horny enough to produce his cum for me, didn’t I?

He grabbed me by the throat and tore my clothes off. He was so much stronger than I, I didn’t stand a chance. As soon as he had gotten us both naked, he pushed me on the bed, forced my legs apart and pushed his cock all the way into my pussy. I’d never had a man inside me before, it felt shocking, although by some female reflex I actually got very wet from being fucked.

He then had fun with me. He really did! He took his time to enjoy himself and I could feel his cock getting harder and harder. I begged him, “Not like this, please no. I don’t like it.” But he laughed and whispered, “You wanted to get pregnant, didn’t you? Then shut up and let me do it.”

“No, no…” was all I could say. He ignored my objections, moaned with pleasure and suddenly I felt his cock pulsate inside me, his warm sperm flowing into me, knocking me up. He then got out of bed, dressed and simply walked out of the room. I curled up and cried. But strangely enough, since that time, I can’t stop thinking about him and his hard cock. I still am totally in love with my girl (and 7 months pregnant now…), but I might contact that guy again as soon as my pregnancy is over.

I totally relate to this. After getting raped and knocked up as a result I had to have it again and again.

Fillmetooverflow breed me creampie bare cock @fertilepussy


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Impregnationfreak no wait dont cum in me @fertilepussy


“No wait!  Don’t cum in me!”

“Fuck that, I’m gonna cum right up in you!”

“No!  I’m not on the pill!”

“Oh fuck yeah…gonna cum even harder now!”

“No please!”

“Gonna shoot so hard in you…gonna make you pregnant!”

“No I don’t want to get pregnant!  Please!  Pull out!”

Oh yeah baby….here it comes…gonna cum so much…get you pregnant…here it ccccooooommmmeeesssss!”

Wrongonesin robby and i had been fuck buddies @fertilepussy


Robby and I had been fuck-buddies, friends with benefits for almost a year- ever since a horny, lonely encounter a the grad campus bar. It was a fantastic relationship. No strings. Something that let each of us work off the frustrations of grad-student life and dissertation work. We never saw each other on campus, since our departments were on opposite ends of the sprawl, and we didn’t need to meet socially. We’d just hook up once, maybe twice a week for a solid fuck. Or night of fucking. Occasionally a weekend of fucking. And it got better as we learned we were both a little kinky. A little tie-up now and then really got the orgasm hot - no matter which one of us was bound.

So, after a particularly rough week of exams and a proposal defense. I was more than willing to be bound up for a rough fuck and forget everything. The tape over my mouth was new, but I rolled with it. It helped to force me to let all control go. Besides, Robby had already bound my wrists and legs spread, so it wasn’t like I could’ve stopped him.

I was dripping wet when he shoved his sheathed cock hard into me, and let out a muffled moan as he started fucking me just like I needed. It was good. Very good. 

But then he paused halfway in me and said, a little breathily.

“I’m tired of this condom shit. I want to feel that tight pussy of yours bare. What do you say, Cassi?”

He wasn’t waiting for any reply, though. He withdrew from me and I heard the condom snap off. Before I could even squirm, his hands were back keeping my thighs spread wide as he thrust his bare cock home in me. God that felt good. It made butterflies dance in my stomach to feel his skin against mine, deep inside. We’d known each other long enough that I knew he was clean, but it was still the extra precaution on top of the pill.

“Fuck that’s good,” he was panting, talking between thrusts. “Oh, I should’ve done this long ago, Cassi. But I had to learn you first.”


“Had to learn your cycle. Had to figure out what pills you used. Had to find a fertility pill that looked close enough and  replace them two weeks ago.”

I stiffened, not believing his words. He kept fucking. If anything harder, deeper.

He leaned in and whispered in my ear. 

“I’m going to knock you up, Cassi.”

I shook my head violently and tried to move off him. He held me tight. 

“I’m not even a student here. I’ve never been in the chem building. I just came in from town to fuck you. To get you ready for this.”

I was incredulous, wide eyed, desperate to get away, but utterly unable to do so.

“You’re ovulating now. I know it. I could taste it on your cunt. And I’ve got you all weekend. I’m going to fuck you over and over, as much as I can. Fill you with my cum again and again. Make sure you take. I’m going to fucking breed you. And then. You’ll. Never. See me. Again!”

The last words were accompanied each by a vicious, deep thrust of his cock. And at the last he hilted in me and came. Is cum pumped into me - into my fertile, helpless womb, pulse by pulse. I could feel my entire world drowning in his flood.

Closetunicorn the answer is yes now ask me what @fertilepussy


The answer is yes-now ask me what kind.

Daddydoitbetter only daddy knows do it better @fertilepussy


Only Daddy knows do it better… Visit my others blog: &

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Superiorblackmaster not much feels better than @fertilepussy


Not much feels better than cumming deep in a submissive white pussy and the slowly, powerfully pushing all of that cum into her little white womb.

Superiorblackmaster perfect where are my @fertilepussy


Perfect. Where are my whitegirl volunteers?

Superiorblackmaster watch whitegirl watch me @fertilepussy


Watch, whitegirl, watch me claim this little white pussy as mine. See how she wants to belong to me? See how she melts for me? Mmm. She knows she belongs to a Superior Black Cock, doesn’t she…

Superiorblackmaster submission @fertilepussy



Impregnationfreak careful its my unsafe @fertilepussy


“Careful, it’s my unsafe day…” was all she said.  And that was all it took to push him over the edge, as he shoved in balls deep and erupted inside her harder than he’d ever cum before.

Impregnationfreak hear hear @fertilepussy


Hear hear!

Meanttobreed i kept plunging into her pussy @fertilepussy


I kept plunging into her pussy from behind as she was daring me to cum in her pussy. Daring me to knock her up. She knew I had the willpower to stop before I impregnated her. Something felt different this time. I told her I needed to fill her. She said she wanted every last drop. I was watching my penis slide in and out of her drenched vagina. I began moving faster and to both of our surprise, let her soaked pussy bring me to orgasm. I knew just filling her womb with semen wasn’t enough so I just kept sliding back and forth, instinctively nudging my seed closer to her eggs.