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Open Minded but Firm Daddy @firmdaddy

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Male 42 yrs Europe Mature Audience Only: This blog is restricted to 18+ (Adults Only) Disclaimer: All images posted were found on the Internet, i make no claim at all to ownership to any image posted here. If any image is yours and you wish it removed please do contact me and i will take it down at once. users online - Open Minded but Firm Daddy (@firmdaddy)
Sometimes be gentle sometimes be rough always @firmdaddy

Sometimes be gentle…

Sometimes be rough…

ALWAYS be in control.

This is what baby girl needs, wants, and must have.

Yes baby girl desires daddys hand to be there @firmdaddy

Yes baby girl desires Daddy’s hand to be there.

To be tight, to hold everything that is her in His hand.

A reminder to who she belongs


Baby girl loves to suck daddys cock especially @firmdaddy

Baby girl loves to suck Daddy’s cock…

Especially when Daddy makes her…guides her


You know how to get daddy hard and ready dont you @firmdaddy

You know how to get Daddy hard and ready don’t you baby girl?

Good girl


Such beautiful mouth usage baby girl simply @firmdaddy

Such beautiful mouth usage.

Baby girl simply keeps opening as wide as possible with out losing eye contact so Daddy can enjoy watching!


Desire the woman who desires this is the most @firmdaddy


“The woman who desires this is the most beautiful woman in the world.”

Do not question without my permission again baby @firmdaddy

Do not question without My permission again baby girl


What a submissive understands is that at the end @firmdaddy

“What a submissive understands is that  at the end of a leash in a nice tight collar, she finds true freedom. Freedom to be what she needs to be. Free to show her special kind of beauty.”

Asirandhisbabygirl my lap is your safe place @firmdaddy


My lap is your safe place, your home.

The happiness and eagerness in her face this is @firmdaddy

The happiness and eagerness in her face…

This is what truly makes baby girl happy. Dominated and used by her Daddy


Misterem daddys @firmdaddy



Beautiful blue eyed girl mmmmmyes sir @firmdaddy


Mmmmm…..yes Sir, gladly💋

Kinkycasey some men mark you for forever @firmdaddy


Some men mark you for forever.

Thedarksideofnerd good girls get rewarded @firmdaddy


Good girls get rewarded

Daddy can be gentle also daddy @firmdaddy

Daddy can be gentle also…


Kittensightings i love how no matter what she @firmdaddy


I love how no matter what, she doesn’t want to loose his eye contact. Her eyes are on him.

Show me baby girl prove you want me and i just @firmdaddy

Show Me baby girl …

prove You want Me and I just might give it to you



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