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First Date Fuck. @firstdatefuck

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Cheap chav slags and sexy sluts. This is First Date Fuck on Tumblr. Women wanted to fuck and forget, for one night stands and first date sex. Nasty whore is not a negative term, it is in fact intended as a compliment. We love chav girls getting finger banged in bars and nightclubs, party girls getting drunk and dirty, and the cheating whore wives for who only one cock will never do. Celebrated here through pictures and captions we honour these and all the other nasty whores. - First Date Fuck. (@firstdatefuck)
I know what you did tag teamed strangers @firstdatefuck

I know what you did last night, you nasty whore. Tag teamed by strangers, somehow being treated like dirt, getting used and abused by two guys that couldn’t give a fuck if you died, makes you feel much better about yourself. 

Revenge is sweet @firstdatefuck

I know what you did last night. Despising your nasty cheating whore of a wife so severely, you’ve taken to deliberately barebacking prostitutes to try and catch STIs. Revenge is sweet, as is sucking your own creampie out of a rotten £20 hooker before heading home to share. 


This trashy whore has unprotected sex with her clients to earn a premium for her services.

I know nasty whore last night nightclub toilets @firstdatefuck

I know what this nasty whore did last night. Same again for this sexy chav slut, such a reputation about town, there aren’t many men that haven’t creampied her in the nightclub toilets. 

I know cheap chav whore last night @firstdatefuck

I know what this cheap chav whore did last night. Picked up at a party, creampied by a stranger and chucked out before sunrise. 

Nasty party whore perfect @firstdatefuck

Nasty party whore. No way she’s the sexiest slut there, never girlfriend material, surely riddled with STIs and absolutely perfect to fuck and forget on a Saturday night.

Sexy party slut trousers tight @firstdatefuck

Sexy party slut. Trousers are so tight she must squelch when she walks. 

Saturday nights perfect party sluts @firstdatefuck

Saturday night’s perfect for party sluts. What a nasty whore, spread on the fake tan and spunk stained sofa for another fucking.

Nasty flash friday whore picked up nightclub @firstdatefuck

Nasty Flash Friday whore picked up from the nightclub. The perfect type to fuck and forget. Anything later than lunchtime tomorrow counts as a long term relationship.

Pretty party whore flash friday @firstdatefuck

Pretty party whore for Flash Friday. Why does every night end this way? With her drunk, dishevelled, out on her back, waiting to be barebacked.   

Pretty little pussy @firstdatefuck

Pretty little pussy. No panties on this nasty Flash Friday whore. Bet she’s always having her dress pulled up at parties before being banged against the walls. 

Phoning daddy @firstdatefuck

Nasty party whore phoning daddy to say she will stop at a friend’s house for the night. Hope she hangs up because in five minutes daddy’s little girl will be shrieking with delight. Pantyhose torn off by a group of older guys, tight pussy finger fucked, the only thing that’ll eventually shut her up will be a big dick shoved down every hole. Dress torn, twat stretched, body bruised and belly full she’ll tell daddy the following day what a wonderful night she had…… He’ll already know. 

Sexy slut crown current princess @firstdatefuck

The sexy slut in the crown is the current princess. At a previous party she swallowed so much spunk she nearly had to have her stomach pumped. Tonight three new nasty whores will compete for the championship. All are worthy winners but my money’s with the blonde cum bucket on the right.