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Dedicated to all redheads/gingers whether natural, red by choice, or temporarily red. LINKS: .rollover a { display : block; width : 209px; height : 61px; background-image:url( ); } .rollover a:hover { display : block; width : 209px; height : 61px; background-image:url( ); } icon art: Lucky Star - for-redheads (@for-redheads)
Ennaih toby stephens or the power of freckles @for-redheads


Toby Stephens


The Power Of Freckles

Jake hold by kevin luchmun @for-redheads

Jake Hold by Kevin Luchmun

Lesbeehive les beehive first supermodel and @for-redheads


Les Beehive - First supermodel and Gibson Girl inspiration Evelyn Nesbit

“The most fashionable hair color of the [Edwardian] era was a reddish chestnut brown such as the hair color of Evelyn Nesbit.”

~ Historical Wig Styling by Allison Lowery

Buttacream18 dawn of manasseh fromzimbabwee @for-redheads






Indigenous woman, India

Bringing this back

The kind of Indian women they don’t show…

Thank you tumblr.

It’s amazing how beautiful the skin can be 🙌🏾🙌🏾😍

Molly ringwald photographed by sheila metzner @for-redheads

Molly Ringwald photographed by Sheila Metzner.

Redheads in photography feature shoot group @for-redheads

REDHEADS in Photography | Feature Shoot Group Show 

“Since the days of Medieval Europe, redheads in art have walked a murky line between the human realm and the divine. Where red hair was once perceived as an unerasable mark of black magic and vampirism, throughout history, it has also been a key trait of several deities, like Botticelli’s Venus and the angels of Titian. While children with red hair might be taunted on the schoolyard, we grow up to covet red locks and to be transfixed eternally by those who bear them.”

[1,7,18] Julie de Waroquier  •  [2,8,16] Masha Svyatogor  •  [3,4] Michelle Marshall  •  [5,19] Vivian Keulards  •  [6] Claire Oring  •  [9] Philippa Stannard  •  [10] Raphael Ouellet   •  [11,14] Thomas Knights  •  [12] Bryan Sheffield  •  [13] Andrei Runcanu   •  [15] Ben Capp  •  [17] Claire Alice Young  •  [20] Marteline Nystad