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Dedicated to all redheads/gingers whether natural, red by choice, or temporarily red. LINKS: .rollover a { display : block; width : 209px; height : 61px; background-image:url( ); } .rollover a:hover { display : block; width : 209px; height : 61px; background-image:url( ); } profile art: Lucky Star - for-redheads (@for-redheads)
Molly ringwald photographed by sheila metzner @for-redheads

Molly Ringwald photographed by Sheila Metzner.

Redheads in photography feature shoot group @for-redheads

REDHEADS in Photography | Feature Shoot Group Show 

“Since the days of Medieval Europe, redheads in art have walked a murky line between the human realm and the divine. Where red hair was once perceived as an unerasable mark of black magic and vampirism, throughout history, it has also been a key trait of several deities, like Botticelli’s Venus and the angels of Titian. While children with red hair might be taunted on the schoolyard, we grow up to covet red locks and to be transfixed eternally by those who bear them.”

[1,7,18] Julie de Waroquier  •  [2,8,16] Masha Svyatogor  •  [3,4] Michelle Marshall  •  [5,19] Vivian Keulards  •  [6] Claire Oring  •  [9] Philippa Stannard  •  [10] Raphael Ouellet   •  [11,14] Thomas Knights  •  [12] Bryan Sheffield  •  [13] Andrei Runcanu   •  [15] Ben Capp  •  [17] Claire Alice Young  •  [20] Marteline Nystad

Carmidoll ekaterina belinskaya @for-redheads


Ekaterina Belinskaya 

Sebastiankim eddie redmayne time magazine @for-redheads


Eddie Redmayne, TIME Magazine, November 2014

Sophie turner by horst diekgerdes for instyle @for-redheads
Sophie Turner by Horst Diekgerdes for InStyle US,March 2015
Marc goldfinger by lee faircloth cleverprime @for-redheads

Marc Goldfinger by Lee Faircloth (CleverPrime)

You say joan and you think of something very @for-redheads

“You say ‘Joan’ and you think of something very, very quickly  [..]  I realized it was this resilience and this confidence that she had. It’s like hanging around a friend who has those qualities: You admire them.”

“I felt like Joan did a lot of growing, and I hope that I learned from that. I’d like to think that I walked away learning to embrace things as they come and to learn from my mistakes and grow.“

~ Christina Hendricks

Photographed by Tony Duran for Los Angeles Confidential Magazine May/June 2015. 

Gifsboom orangutan babysits tiger cubs video @for-redheads


Orangutan Babysits Tiger Cubs. [video]

Donisdope martin malcolm @for-redheads


Martin & Malcolm.

Tumblr redheadpride submission from nbryantt @for-redheads


submission from nbryantt :

Here I am in all my redheaded glory! Follow me here.

Gorgeous red hair! Ginger Pride!

bigcutlad said:

Do you accept submissions dude?

Absolutely! Submissions are loved! [link]  

Simonprades philipp seymour hoffman animated @for-redheads


Philipp Seymour Hoffman animated illustration for The New Republic’s Ipad version.

Breathingvioletfog rita hayworth in gilda @for-redheads


Rita Hayworth in Gilda (1946)


Hope72 eddie redmayne about to go on stage red @for-redheads


Eddie Redmayne about to go on stage


Photographed on December 29 2009 at Donmar Warehouse by Simon Annand

Gameofthronesdaily iceland youre shooting @for-redheads


Iceland: “You’re shooting on this beautiful landscape but there is no-one else to be seen. It was wonderful and sensational in that way because there weren’t huge cranes and equipment. I now have a deep love for Iceland because it is associated with such wonderful memories.”

Rose Leslie for InStyle UK November 2014, Photographed by Thanassis Krikis. {credit}

Jamillah mcwhorter by exquisiteeye photography @for-redheads

Jamillah Mcwhorter by exquisiteeye photography

Neeandra lioness in her natural habitat @for-redheads


Lioness in her natural habitat 🐯


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