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Foreskin Restoration Inspiration @foreskinrestorationinspiration

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Inspiration and motivation for men restoring their foreskins. This is an adult site, if you are under 18 years of age, please leave now. - Foreskin Restoration Inspiration (@foreskinrestorationinspiration)
Kris studios located in chicago offered some of @foreskinrestorationinspiration

Kris Studios, located in Chicago, offered some of these photos of David Selhime back in the 60s.  Selhime was somewhat unusual for his time since he had a hood and chest hair in many of the images you can find. – KOT!  

Johan paulik with other intact models set bel @foreskinrestorationinspiration

Johan Paulik, with other intact models, set Bel Ami porn videos on fire back in the 80s and early 90s.  The popular “uncut” stars sparked many men to wonder what it would be like to have a foreskin. – KOT!  

Another intact man that wants you to tug to get a @foreskinrestorationinspiration

Another intact man that wants you to tug to get a full hood just like him. – KOT!

Your workout should include some tugging today @foreskinrestorationinspiration

Your workout should include some tugging today.  While your muscles need exercise, so does your foreskin. Just like your biceps, you can make your hood grow.  – KOT!

The best task for a lazy sunday afternoon is to @foreskinrestorationinspiration

The best task for a lazy Sunday afternoon is to grow some foreskin.  Turn your rest day into more skin. – KOT!  

All you need is your own two hands warm up your @foreskinrestorationinspiration

All you need is your own two hands. Warm up your digits and build some foreskin. – KOT!  

Now is the time tug your foreskin build that @foreskinrestorationinspiration

Now is the time. Tug your foreskin. Build that better cock. Grow the dick you deserve. – KOT!   

You can build a better cock just by tugging @foreskinrestorationinspiration

You can build a better cock just by tugging.  Restoring your foreskin will make your cock fit and fully functional. – KOT!

The1mechanic this is a 3yr comparison i guess @foreskinrestorationinspiration


this is a 3yr comparison. i guess you could say i was loosely cut, but i would masturbate dry and inadvertently tugged daily since i was 16yrs old. everything is warm and loose in the newer pic so you can see true results of my efforts.

An excellent job of restoring. Yes you can. – KOT!

Spring is about to be sprung and so should your @foreskinrestorationinspiration

Spring is about to be sprung…  and so should your cock. Restoring your foreskin will wake up the hidden power of your penis. – KOT!  

Tugging can be even better when its for two if @foreskinrestorationinspiration

Tugging can be even better when it’s for two. If you have a man in your life, tug for him too. You will both enjoy your new foreskin. – KOT!   

Journeythruforeskinrestoration showing some @foreskinrestorationinspiration

journeythruforeskinrestoration showing some impressive hood progress. – KOT! 

Restoring your foreskin is going big and going @foreskinrestorationinspiration

Restoring your foreskin is going big…  and going long.  Adding natural skin to your shaft will make you bigger, longer, stronger, more manly. Tug. – KOT!   

Vegetability restoration update 12 4 14 i havent @foreskinrestorationinspiration


Restoration update 12/4/14 I haven’t been updating much with the restoration stuff because I haven’t been tugging every day like I thought I would, but I’m still getting amazing results.

Pulling at the skin and stretching it has actually made my penis appear longer than it did before I started tugging, because my penis doesn’t have enough skin for my hard-ons.

The callus on my glans started eroding at the corona finally and I’m feeling a lot more sensitivity on my frenulum.

Sex since restoring has been a lot better. I think it’s because I keep my glans covered most of the day, and the calluses are disappearing. But when I get going, it feels like an orgasm the whole time. It’s amazing, almost too good to be real. Before I started restoring, sex got to be real fucking dull, and it wasn’t because of anything I or my wife was or wasn’t doing, I just had no foreskin to keep my dick from getting jacked up.

Hercules had to perform 12 labors including @foreskinrestorationinspiration

Hercules had to perform 12 labors, including slaying the Hydra, as punishment for killing his family.  He used strength and cunning, and the help of sympathetic gods to complete his tasks.  Restoring your foreskin may seem like a herculean struggle sometimes, but use your own strength and cunning and the help of other restorers to help you complete your task. – KOT! 

Fred jones landed in the consciousness of pop @foreskinrestorationinspiration

Fred Jones landed in the consciousness of pop culture on September 13, 1969 in the animated series Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!  While his all-American good looks might suggest that he was circed, we can see that he was intact, or has restored since coming out as a gay icon.  – KOT!  

Patrick fillion has created a cast of @foreskinrestorationinspiration

Patrick Fillion has created a cast of bigger-than-life characters, with even bigger endowments, for his gay audience.  Many of them sport hooded cocks. Cam apparently started intact and lost his foreskin along the way, but Fillion decided to “restore” Cam for one of his blog posts.  – KOT!   


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