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Naked Fantasy, Naked Reality @forevernakedgirl

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I'm a submissive exhibitionist lesbian. I started this blog to showcase, through captioned photos, my fantasies of being made to live without clothes. Last year my fantasies started to come true in my own life, and I've started posting about that as well. Photo posts are fiction, text posts are true. - Naked Fantasy, Naked Reality (@forevernakedgirl)
Anewenfartist forevernakedgirl here is living @forevernakedgirl


ForeverNakedGirl here is living up to her name. She has forgotten to put on clothes before leaving to do some shopping. Everyone is pretty shocked to see a woman at the grocery store naked.

Would you believe somebody drew a picture of lil ol’ me?

No caption needed already perfect @forevernakedgirl

No caption needed. Already perfect.

Ive decided to be trash thats her name from @forevernakedgirl

I’ve decided to be Trash (that’s her name) from Return of the Living Dead for Halloween. I just have to get gray legwarmers and black armwarmers, and some bright red temp hairspray.