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Naked Fantasy, Naked Reality @forevernakedgirl

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I'm a submissive exhibitionist lesbian. I started this blog to showcase, through captioned photos, my fantasies of being made to live without clothes. Last year my fantasies started to come true in my own life, and I've started posting about that as well. Photo posts are fiction, text posts are true. - Naked Fantasy, Naked Reality (@forevernakedgirl)
Anewenfartist forevernakedgirl here is living @forevernakedgirl


ForeverNakedGirl here is living up to her name. She has forgotten to put on clothes before leaving to do some shopping. Everyone is pretty shocked to see a woman at the grocery store naked.

Would you believe somebody drew a picture of lil ol’ me?

No caption needed already perfect @forevernakedgirl

No caption needed. Already perfect.

Ive decided to be trash thats her name from @forevernakedgirl

I’ve decided to be Trash (that’s her name) from Return of the Living Dead for Halloween. I just have to get gray legwarmers and black armwarmers, and some bright red temp hairspray.

As i said before im dedicating october to image @forevernakedgirl

As I said before, I’m dedicating October to image posts that involve fantasy elements. Some are creepy. Some are funny. Some are fairy tales and some are horror stories. They’ll all be tagged with “October Magic” so you can keep up.

Just seen photos of karen gillan at comic con @forevernakedgirl

Just seen photos of Karen Gillan at comic con. Happy not to be the only redhead with a recently shaved head.

Also wow she’s hot.

Shelslave how it should be when a slave goes @forevernakedgirl


How it should be when a slave goes out with Mistress for dinner

This image is so incredibly sexy that I can hardly stand it. I don’t even want to add text to it, because it’s already such a perfect depiction of my fantasy. The only way it could be more erotic is if all the tables in the background were full of clothed people.

I dont usually follow celebrity news but ive @forevernakedgirl

I don’t usually follow celebrity news, but I’ve had a crush on Anne Hathaway since The Princess Diaries. As you might imagine, it’s just so ridiculous to me that people make such a big deal about famous women being caught without underwear. Seriously, what’s the big deal? I guess I’m biased, since I’m always pantyless and almost always naked, but the thing is- basically everyone in my life (probably almost everyone in my town) knows that about me, and almost nobody judges me for it. I just feel sometimes like the celebrity news and gossip industry are in some different world, or some past time, compared to the world I live in.

I’m not that much younger than Anne Hathaway, and I have plenty of friends her age, and let me tell you: I may be the only woman I know who goes naked as much as I do, but there are plenty of other women in my circle who go without panties on the regular, especially under a dress that would have messed up lines if you didn’t. It’s just not that big a deal, and the fact that people act like it is is just another sad example of society trying to control women’s bodies and sexuality.

I think it’s great that Anne Hathaway goes to premieres with no underwear on. I’d love to think she’s not wearing any in this photo either. I’d love to think she never wears any. But now my imagination is running away from me…

Android1918 dontiwish no panty day in the @forevernakedgirl



“No Panty Day” in the House of Wishes.

Coming out of the closet to your friends  - just telling them you’re an exhibitionist or nudist is sexy and liberating in more ways than one. No more questions, no more hiding, and no more guilt feelings about pretending you’re like everyone else. Not all of us are cut out to be exhibitionists. I think it’s kind of special. It’s only part of who I am - another facet of me.

I completely agree. Being out about it is wonderful.

For halloween i went to a really big party thrown @forevernakedgirl

For Halloween I went to a really big party thrown by some friends. I wore big green fairy wings, lace up sandals, and a ton of body glitter. I also did my makeup in a much more dramatic style than my usual. I got a lot of comments at the party, but most of them were compliments. It was a very queer party, and there were a lot of scantily clad people, although nobody as naked as me. One girl was dressed as a mermaid, and she was inspired by me to take her top off after several drinks. I know it was my inspiration, because she told me at length how awesome she thought I was.

And yes, I made out with her. How could I not?

There were two other fairies there, but they were both wearing Tinkerbell-style dresses. Also, one was a gay guy. I posed for photos with them, but I was unsure about appearing face-front and naked in photos of people I don’t really know, so I got the other two fairies to each put a hand over one of my breasts, and I coyly raised one leg over my crotch.

Also, I didn’t put anything on to cover myself on the way to the party. I rode with a friend, and it was dark out so I figured if anybody caught a glimpse of me they’d convince themselves I was wearing some kind of bodysuit. What I didn’t count on, though, is that there wasn’t any parking at the party house, and we had to park on the street and walk four blocks or so to get there. The streets were crowded with partiers, and I got lots of stares, laughter, and catcalls on the way.

…of course, I could have asked my friend to circle around and drop me at the house before parking, but that would have taken forever, and I figured what the hell…