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For The Love of a Submissive

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NSFW - Over 18 Only Please Dominants are not great because of their technique but because of their passion, honor and integrity. Submissives are not great because of their obedience but because of their love, trust and devotion. Welcome! Here I share my views of loving and sensual Dominance and submission and other forms of power exchange. I am a 40-something male who relishes the mental, sensual, emotional and sexual aspects of D/s relationships. To me, D/s is first and foremost about the mind; once a mental and emotional D/s bond is established, the body has no choice but to follow. Feel free to look around, share your thoughts and feelings with me, and generally engage in a dialogue on the topic. Frequently Asked Questions About D/s Relationships and BDSM More About This Site and its Author The Reading Room - A place where you can find links to the fictional D/s stories and non-fiction posts by the blog's author. The Reference Room - Sources of good information (books and links) for those interested in exploring D/s and BDSM Gentlemen of Character - A vision of gentility and civility as seen by the author of For The Love of a Submissive. A companion photo blog that contains images of life as I see it beyond the confines of my D/s lifestyle. Originally, the "For The Love of a Submissive" blog was designed to tell a fictional story of Domination and submission and the first 480 posts make up that story. The blog progressed chronologically from the start of the relationship to the conclusion of the story and as such is best read from the beginning. You can find the story and navigate to the various "chapters" directly using the links contained in The Reading Room.

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