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What I like: Mpreg (original), art, muscle men, animation (2D & stop-motion only), Disney (2d only save for Tangled & Frozen), Ghibli, Laika, FaceOff, RuPaul's Drag Race, Pokemon, Orcs, music & musicals, Halloween, 2 Broke Girls, Badtz-Maru, cartoons, horror, rhinos, seahorses, barn owls, hummingbirds, octopus,jellyfish, tits or gtfo. What I hate: Pixar, My Little Pony ("art"), bronies, Disney Channel (recently), wolfaboos, religion, Westboro Baptist Church, PETA, CG animation (save for a select handful). Message me if you'd like to get to know me more :) Love meeting new people. - Frisby's stuff (@frisby2007)
Hot damn @frisby2007

Hot damn!

Ultrafacts some of the unusual sentences during @frisby2007


Some of the unusual sentences

  • During heavy blizzards, he ordered defendants to clear snow at a retirement home.
  • A man caught with a loaded gun was sent to a morgue to see corpses.
  • A man who shot a dog was sentenced to donating 40 lbs of dog food on every holiday to the Lake County Animal Shelter.
  • Two teenagers who scrawled 666 on a nativity figure had to lead a donkey through the streets, with a sign saying: “Sorry for the jackass offense
  • Teenagers who flattened tires on school buses were ordered to throw a picnic for the primary school children whose outing was cancelled due to the prank.
  • A man who shouted “pigs” at police officers was made to stand on a street corner with a 350-pound pig and a sign that said “This is not a police officer.”
  • An 18 year old male who stole pornography from an adult book store was ordered to sit outside the store wearing a blindfold and holding a sign that read “See no evil.”
  • A woman who skipped out on a cab fare was ordered to walk 30 miles in 48 hours. Thirty miles was the length the cab had driven her before she skipped out on the fare.

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Best. Judge. Ever.

He makes it sound like country music is bad @frisby2007

He makes it sound like Country music is bad.

Toastoat head animator people for happy feet @frisby2007


head animator people for happy feet: don’t forget to make the female penguins so it looks like they kinda have penguin titties

Well they’re called pecs/breasts for a reason :P

Frisby2007 happy birthday to me ugh its a @frisby2007


Happy Birthday to me!

Ugh, it’s a birthday but I’m sick as shit -.- And I’m just growing old :/

Reblog this gorgeous ass & man.

Armon adibi is a perfect example of how men like @frisby2007

Armon Adibi is a perfect example of how men like him are the closest things we have to gods :D

Ultrafacts source read more about it @frisby2007


Source: (Read more about it HERE)

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It’s actually really difficult to drive in that more comfortable position though :/

Pizzaismylifepizzaisking j4tgas @frisby2007




Source+more info
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I panic at the thought of even being tickled.


The person tickling me should be panicking instead, because I kick at being tickled.

Milk bubbles o ishiii etrangerdanscemonde @frisby2007




So there was a shitty sign in jacksonville and my boyfriend may or may not have left work early went to the church saw the news crew who looked the other way while he fixed it

Haha I know I surround myself with the right people

Sorry this doesn’t fit my blog but this is too good not to share.

Because God truly needs advocates. He must’ve be that powerful then.

Textured quazza ladylinencloset @frisby2007






Kim Jong Un Would Really Hate For You To Watch This, Which Is Exactly Why You Should

so fucking moving

I got chills

holy shit

So stop asking which Korea I’m from, so ignorant and fucking terrible to even think it’s an okay question to ask. Bless this brave woman and her family.

Words cannot even express how powerful & tragic this is.

How dare people compare the diva ursula to that @frisby2007

How dare people compare the diva Ursula to that godawful queen!!

Deviantartwhy her name is broken spirit she @frisby2007


“her name is Broken Spirit. She lives a cursed life of misery and sorrow. Even her birth was a mistake in her families eyes and decided to abandon her. She wanders the world for meaning and purpose but finds bleakness and despair. Her horn breaks that caused her deformity and caused her to grow horrendous wings. She is destined to be alone forever. She would turn evil after she thought she would never be loved and ponies would call her an abomination to nature. Until she finds someone who makes her feel she has a purpose.”

You’ve got to be kidding.

Her description reads exactly like a bronie’s every day life.
No bronies allowed kick neckbeard ass @frisby2007






And of course there’s already been death threats. Of course.

Read the whole thing here, and witness Brony reaction here. (Third screencap comes from the top of the EqD comments.)


this is actually terrifying 

bronies are good people you guys. srsly.

A race of love & tolerance indeed.

Ultrafacts his name was buddy source for more @frisby2007


His name was Buddy

Source For more facts, Follow Ultrafacts

Is this dog still alive?

Muscleaddict bubblebuttland best photo ever @frisby2007



Best photo ever

—(•·÷[ R * B * L *G * D ]÷·•)—

Brought to you by

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OMFG lucky field people!

Keepemgrowini love when he shows off his size @frisby2007


I love when he shows off his size…


Tim Budesheim

Mermen are real, I tell you! They. Are. Real.

Damn lucky boy @frisby2007

Damn, lucky boy!

Fierceisnotenough oracleanne thefrogman @frisby2007





Taylor, I am so sorry that I allowed the media to make me dislike you when you are serious best friend material.


I dislike her recent music, but I never doubted she was still a great person herself. Maybe she should write a song about her cat or cats in general for a change :P

I think i found my ultimate man crush mancrush of @frisby2007

I think I found my ultimate man crush; mancrush of the YEAR for me. He’s got it all! I’d give anything to be his husband!

Frisby2007 romy7 who doesnt love an @frisby2007



Who doesn’t love an exhibitionist?

Maybe not as much as they love themselves tho…

Why isn’t he in my room right now doing this for me as I am stimulated to do whatever he wants me to do after he’s done?

Old old OLD post that’s still good :D