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var ref = (''+document.referrer+''); document.write(' '); --This blog contains adult content and is NSFW. 18+ ONLY please-- Welcome to FTM Porn! On this blog, you'll find a massive collection of the hottest gay/queer/solo FTM porn - both amateur and professional - hand-picked from around the internet! Check out the archives for more! If you want to see straight FTM porn, check out our sister blog: FTMs With Femmes This blog doesn't accept submissions, but we do run a submission blog for self-shot FTM / Transmasculine porn. Check it out and submit your stuff!: TransmasculineXXX All transmasculine bodies and identities are respected and celebrated here. This blog is curated by: Donnie Phoenixxx About us Links _________________________
Dudeimadude impromptu bathtub porn just some @ftmporn


Impromptu bathtub porn, “just some fun in the tub” says Alan

(he, him, his for both of us yo)

Transqueersxxx im shane lucius ive posted my @ftmporn


I’m Shane Lucius I’ve posted my ftm cock on here before. I’m an intersex transman and here’s what my body looks like. My tumblr is intersexgod.

Super sexy trans man dicky johnson and tristan @ftmporn

Super sexy trans man Dicky Johnson and Tristan Mathews have a hot afternoon romp in this newest scene from Bonus Hole Boys!

Parkerreedxxx this is me getting naked in @ftmporn


This is me getting naked in Golden Gate Park. I’ve never felt better about being in this body. Photos by alaruephoto

Memphisbradley oh hey yall its been a while @ftmporn


Oh hey ya’ll, it’s been a while! I’m just gonna leave this here (; photo by: Ames Bexxx

Ftm buddies jack dixon and bucky take turns @ftmporn

FTM buddies Jack Dixon and Bucky take turns sucking eachother’s cocks (among other things!) in FTM Fucker’s latest photoset (stay tuned for the video!).
FTM Fucker is the longest running and one of the absolute best destinations online for hot FTM porn of all kinds - gay, straight, queer, they have it all - and every scene has a trans guy in it! It’s all FTM porn, all the time!

Chancearmstrong hello im ftm porn performer @ftmporn


Hello, I’m FTM porn performer Chance Armstrong. I am honored to be nominated for three Transgender Erotica Awards, and I need your help to make my trip to L.A. a success.  I am looking for a couple of couches to crash during my February 13-18 visit and perhaps rides to and from LAX airport. Please signal boost and email me at if you can help.

plz don’t reblog without text until after the awards. ;) 

Bonusholeboys heres a sneaky peek from the @ftmporn


Here’s a sneaky peek from the scene we just shot with Lucas Knight and Brando Lavish. Brando’s first porn ever. He is a mega babe with preternatural talents and did great with the gigantic 9 inch cock Lucas was serving. 

SO hot! Can’t wait to see the video!
In the meantime, why don’t y'all go check out the rest of their stuff! Bonus Hole Boys.

Amosmac ethical butcher berlin reed wrapped in @ftmporn


Ethical butcher Berlin Reed, wrapped in brown paper, hanging out on a butcher block.

Read Berlin’s story in OP #7, The Green Issue.

© Amos Mac

Jamesdarlingxxx adorable shot from my shoot @ftmporn


adorable shot from my shoot with Jessie Sparkles today, photo by Nikki Silver

Transqueersxxx around 9 weeks on t with a @ftmporn


Around 9 weeks on T with a semi.

Horny as ever with a significant amount of growth. 

Pierced and painted ftm hottie viktor belmont gets @ftmporn

Pierced and painted FTM hottie Viktor Belmont gets his cock sucked by sexy alt porn star, Ruckus, in one of Bonus Hole Boys’ latest scenes!
Be sure to check out their other scenes too!
They churn out some pretty amazing high definition hardcore gay FTM porn. It’s a real treat!

Transbodypride body modification my path to @ftmporn


BODY MODIFICATION, my path to Happiness .:.

Name: Touka Voodoo
Gender: Hybrid
Born in full female body in 1972
Female to Male Chest reconstruction: 2010 by Dr Catherine Milroy, St Georges hospital in Tooting, London.
Hormone therapy: Testosterone - sustanon 250 for 3 years and Nibido for 2.
Chest tattoo: One year after surgery by Matt Black
Upper chest Calligraphy and collarbone Tattoo: Touka Voodoo
Armpit Tattoo: Alice of the Dead
Mid/Stomach Calligraphy Tattoo : Xed Lehead
Groin Tattoo: Touka Voodoo

I lived as a complete female until the age of 36. I useTestosterone to “enhance” my male features although I do not see myself as a man only, I am a Hybrid Human, a third gender. Through body modification and tattoos I have finally achieved a body that perfectly suits my spirit.

I believe that many lives can be saved if we are exposed to as many images of hybrid bodies as fully male and fully female.  a few of my previous images were deleted on Instagram. It is so Medieval to view nudity as pornographic and offensive. I will do my best to post Images of my body more often. Love and positive vibrations to all beings, male, female and hybrids :-)

Transporn sailor james performer and rentboy @ftmporn


Sailor James! performer and rentboy. please visit and FOLLOW

Trans man rain and adorable cisbear ian sparks @ftmporn

Trans man Rain and adorable cisbear Ian Sparks have some fun in the Rec Room, in QueerlySF’s latest scene!

This weeks video friday video comes from @ftmporn

This week’s Video Friday video comes from Leather_Teddy on Queer Porn Tube!
Click on the photo to go to the video!

Just to remind you, Queer Porn Tube is an awesome free video sharing site (brought to you from the same creative genius who brought you Indie Porn Revolution and Queer!)- kinda like XTube, but 100% Queer! You can upload your own naughty videos if you make them, and since the audience is predominantly other queers, you can rest assured that you most likely won’t get a bunch of weirdos leaving inappropriate comments.

Courtneytrouble look at this gorgeous photo of @ftmporn


look at this gorgeous photo of charlie spats that kitty stryker took on set yesterday! looking good y’all!  (unedited)  (whole set up at soon!)

Twentysomethingtransboytrick shot with the @ftmporn


Shot with the amazing @bonusholeboys today and Ruckus, here’s a preview of what we have in store! 

Mixtereasydee someone is having a problem with @ftmporn







Samiiafterdark figure its been a while since @ftmporn


Figure it’s been a while since I’ve both pumped and shown y’all some love.

Ftmslave i thought it was time for me to post @ftmporn


I thought it was time for me to post some more naked selfies. I was chatting to someone on Kik earlier who wanted me to take a photo of myself on all fours with my dick in view so here is my attempt at that! And also some closer up pics so you can see my dick properly too!

Jamesdarlingxxx james darling in a jockstrap @ftmporn


James Darling in a jockstrap and dirty boots, photo by Amy Bexxx!

(Thanks Chris for the jockstrap!)

This weeks video friday video comes from a tube @ftmporn

This week’s Video Friday video comes from a tube site where one would not normally expect to find FTM porn!
The video features a trans man getting fucked super hard by his cis male partner. It’s so hot, we felt compelled to share it with you!
Click on the photo to check it out!

**Trigger warning for language used in title/tags/ads on the video page.**

Dudeimadude wow this couch is gonna see a lot @ftmporn


Wow this couch is gonna see a lot of naked photos… It’s just so perfect for it… Anyways, good morning~ Care for some tea?

Dudeimadude these underwear are so fucking @ftmporn


These underwear are so fucking comfy. Just sayin.

(he, him, his)

Ftmfags today i fly to new york for a month @ftmporn


Today I fly to New York for a month.  Wanna meet me in person?  Click HERE

F2fag had some epic sex during iml 2014 thumbs @ftmporn


Had some epic sex during IML 2014. Thumbs up to a great weekend and 16 fingers in my boy cunt!

The much anticipated bonus hole boys have @ftmporn

The much anticipated “Bonus Hole Boys” have finally made their first scene available!
The scene, titled “The Casting Couch”, features hunky tattooed FTM porn star Cyd St. Vincent, and sexy cisguy, Mickey Mod!
Check it out HERE!

Gaytransguys i lucked out and won a free set of @ftmporn


I lucked out and won a free set of custom pics from The Rakish Fritz Von Fuckup - check him out over at

Thank you for these Fritz :) xoxoxoxoxo

(Don’t worry, he said I could share with the blog, and would love to have you as a fan)

Ethical butcher berlin reed wrapped in brown @ftmporn
Ethical butcher Berlin Reed, wrapped in brown paper, hanging out on a butcher block.

Read Berlin’s story in OP #7, The Green Issue.

Photo by Amos Mac

This weeks video friday video comes from xtube @ftmporn

This week’s Video Friday video comes from Xtube user scand_ftm!
Hot video of a trans guy and his new toy! Click on the pic to go to the video!

Kaleb cat body hair size reference photo at @ftmporn


body hair + size reference photo at 9.5 months on t! plus I really like to camwhore

Mkwftm 5 months on testosterone this is my @ftmporn


5 months on testosterone.  This is my last photo update before I leave for Ghana for 2-3 (or more) months.  Pre-T weight: 114lbs. 5 month on T weight: 135lbs.  It will be interesting to see the changes over the summer!

Thanks again, Tyler, I appreciate you documenting my journey. 

Love fellow trans guys with long hair!