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- Fuck My Azz (@fuckmyassbby)
Mr petty krueger beefy boy big fat nikka all @fuckmyassbby



Big fat nikka all that huffing & puffing…….Good Night!

Damn 😍😍😍😍

Deafbear scream2013 gulobear @fuckmyassbby





Any black man is welcome! ;)

Of course!!!

Geile 🐷👅! Da hätten wir auch Spaß dran! 👍😜😛💦

Yes I love black older men to have sex with me anytime.

Every thug aint hung @fuckmyassbby

Every Thug Ain’t Hung

Regularguyz hats off zippers down and cocks @fuckmyassbby


Hats off, zippers down and cocks most definitely up to Yusaf Mack who not only has the balls but a hot cock, a hot ass and a handsome mug, who is standing up to the world that it’s ok for a former Boxer, and father of quite a brood to say it’s okay to like dick too! Now THAT’s my kind of PLAYER! BRAVO!

Regularguyz omg justins dreamy if justin @fuckmyassbby


OMG Justin’s dreamy!!!!

If Justin Beiber made this face me its own. In the car, bed, or runway.

Regularguyz riding around in cars with boyz @fuckmyassbby


Riding around in cars with boyz…

Cash out august the game dickprint @fuckmyassbby

Cash Out, August, The Game #DickPrint 🍆🍆🍆

Fatthesequel thot shot sexy @fuckmyassbby


thot shot


Prissychrys missionary n pussy play @fuckmyassbby


Missionary n Pussy play

His morning wood on fleek @fuckmyassbby

His Morning Wood on Fleek 😛

Taking on 3 @fuckmyassbby

Taking on 3 🍆🍆🍆💦

Big dick daddy putting in work @fuckmyassbby

Big Dick Daddy putting in work 👅💦

What would you do to him @fuckmyassbby

What would you do to him? 💋

Nice @fuckmyassbby

Nice 🍆💦

Car head the best @fuckmyassbby

Car Head….. The Best

Dont this make you just want to join the military @fuckmyassbby

Don’t this make you just want to join the Military , DAMN…. 🍆🍩

Chubb daddy can get @fuckmyassbby

Chubb Daddy can get 👅💦

Just sexy af @fuckmyassbby

Just Sexy af

Rock out with your cock out @fuckmyassbby

Rock Out with your Cock Out

Black daddy dick is tha best @fuckmyassbby

Black Daddy Dick is tha Best

Black guys love big juicy cocks @fuckmyassbby

Black Guys Love Big Juicy Cocks

Quarter dick nice @fuckmyassbby

Quarter Dick. Nice 👅💦

Sexy guy caught of guard @fuckmyassbby

Sexy Guy Caught Of Guard.

Um scooby doo i think i found shaggy and damn he @fuckmyassbby

Um. Scooby Doo. I think I found Shaggy and DAMN he hung.

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Do it if youre ever in louisiana hit me up an @fuckmyassbby

Do it! & If you’re ever in Louisiana, Hit me up an maybe we can make some videos. REBLOG & SHARE

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Whoisahmad let me know yes @fuckmyassbby


Let me know


Mukicopafeel this handsome young lad is my @fuckmyassbby


This handsome young lad is my little brother, Christopher. His family and close friends, referred to him as “DeathProof”.

He was diagnosed at the age of 5, with an incurable genetic disease, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and had the life expectancy of 12 years old. When he turned 12, the doctors said he wouldn’t make it past 18. When he turned 18, they said it was NO way he’d live past 21. My baby celebrated his 26th birthday March 28, 2014. Happy; healthy and enjoying the birthday gift I had gotten him. Sadly, a week later was admitted into the hospital.

For a little over a month, my mother and I watched Chris fight for his life. Things were up, and down but we stayed by his side every step of the way. I left the hospital one night jst to escape the sounds of the beeping machines which I am terrified of. The next morning as I was about to head out, back to the hospital, I received an urgent call from my pops telling me to come to ICU. I ran out of the house, down the block to my car, and sped all the way to University Hospital. Ran across the street, didn’t even look to see if cars were coming. Got up to ICU were his favorite nurse pointed me to his room, FILLED with doctors and nurses. “Where’s my brother?!” I shouted as nurses tried to me sit me down. My pop told me that my brother’s heart had stopped. “My brother died?!!!!” Nooooo, nooooo! My pop said, they got him back and had to put the trach back in his throat. When I was finally able to go in, his face was all swollen. I could feel my heart pounding through my chest. The first thing I did was grab his hand, as he had always wanted me to do. It was cold, and the tears began to stream from my eyes and then his. He was jst lying there, still. He then began to grab my hand, I figured he would be ok. A week had gone by and he still was unresponsive, he no longer grabbed my hand. His eyes would open, but he wouldn’t be starring at anything. It broke my heart to see him this way, seeing as though the quality of life he had lived before this was entirely different. A brain scan showed that he was in fact, brain dead. When my mother finally made the decision to turn off the machines, in my heart I knew it was the right thing to do.

The day of, after they cut off the machines, he breathed on his our for 7 hours strong. My mother laid with him on his bed, I on the chair, and we fell asleep. It was the best nap I had ever taken. Reminded me of when we were kids, so nostalgic. When I woke up, scared something was going wrong, his pulse was still strong, dropping very slowly but strong. I leaned over to him, “Chrissy I’m going to take a shower, I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere ok” Even though he couldn’t respond, I know he could hear me. My shortie and I were talking to the doctor in the hall, I’d say for about 7-10mins, after that we’d made our way to the street. My phone rang. It was my pop saying “I think you need to come back up” I’m like is everything ok, what’s going on. “Just come spend a little more time” he said. I looked at my boyfriend, he looked at me. “Go” he said. I took off running. Felt like I was back on the track in my heyday.

I ran back to his room only to find that he had flatlined. “Nooooo; Chris, noooooo” I dropped to my knees at his bedside. “I told you to waiiiiiiit. I’m sorrrryyyyy; I’m sorrrryyyy” I’m full on ugly cry at this point. I couldn’t believe this was happening. “Kiona, but he IS waiting” my mother said. I looked up and his pulse had come back, very faint, but it was back. He came back so that I could say goodbye. My boy! I climbed in bed next to him and let him know how much I loved him and would miss him and how proud I was of him for fighting this long. He was my hero. And I asked if he would come visit me in my dreams. It was a gloomy dark day outside but oddly enough, the sun was beaming in his room. It was soooo bright and hot. When it left his room, so did his pulse. He was gone. In my heart, I know that it was my little sister coming to bring him home to the Kingdom.

Though I know he is resting, peacefully in the arms of our Father, it still doesn’t fill the void his departure has left. My brother was everything to me, everything. I had protected him for so many years from bullies and assholes, incompetent nurses, burnt couldn’t save him from this. I couldn’t fight death. I hope one day, I’ll be able to see that sweet face and kiss those cheeks, but until then I’ve dedicated my life to helping find a cure and speaking with families who’ve recently been diagnosed. I know he’s be so proud. And that’s all I want, all I’ve ever wanted. I love you Jelly and I miss entirely too much!!!!!

In light of blackout, I’d like to recognize the beauty of this beautiful soul. My brother, my best friend, my guardian angel.

Yes indeed @fuckmyassbby

Yes Indeed

Ok yall shaq got a huge dick @fuckmyassbby

Ok Ya’ll. Shaq Got a “H.U.G.E.” Dick

Would you suck dick in public @fuckmyassbby

Would You Suck Dick In Public?

Imabornsinner11 i understand he wanted to make a @fuckmyassbby


I understand he wanted to make a life change and all but….. Damn he was a sexy ass chub!!! Handsome guy both sizes!!

We all grew up watching him as little stanley on @fuckmyassbby

We All Grew Up Watching him as little Stanley on the hit Disney Channel Show, “That’s So Raven”. You also may remember him from the movie “Role Models”, but lil Stanley ain’t so little no more…!! Everybody, here is the now Sexy,  Bobbe J Thompson

Black noir 26 years old 163 lbs 60 @fuckmyassbby

Black Noir

26 years old

163 lbs 


Domino star 30 years old 160 lbs 510 @fuckmyassbby

Domino Star

30 years old

160 lbs  


Dudeswithswag coworker with dick outreblog @fuckmyassbby


coworker with dick out..reblog for inbox video

Juggledees hoodfreak write sumn about this @fuckmyassbby



Write sumn about this pic!


I hope im this sexy when im in my late 40s like @fuckmyassbby

I hope I’m this sexy when I’m in my late 40s like pornstar Jerry Stearns 

Terry crews crazy sexy azz can get it @fuckmyassbby

Terry Crews Crazy Sexy Azz Can Get It

Smash or pass @fuckmyassbby

Smash or Pass?

Nick prescott sexy ass @fuckmyassbby

Nick Prescott Sexy Ass

Old school porn star gene benson @fuckmyassbby

Old School Porn Star: Gene Benson

My typehe sexy af @fuckmyassbby

My Type….He Sexy AF

Sexy dl thugs @fuckmyassbby

Sexy DL Thugs

I need this @fuckmyassbby


My kind of manyass @fuckmyassbby

My kind of Man……….Yass!!

Name jeffery ross age mid 20s location @fuckmyassbby

Name: Jeffery Ross

Age: Mid 20s

Location: Alexandria LA

Name derrick age 21 ig bblvckhippyy snapchat @fuckmyassbby

Name: Derrick 
Age: 21
IG: bblvck.hippyy
Snapchat: bblvck.hippyy

Body builder sex symbol jacob sumana @fuckmyassbby

Body Builder & Sex Symbol: Jacob Sumana

Model rapper j hustle @fuckmyassbby

Model & Rapper: J-Hustle

Meet sean kory rasta new prison boo lol so @fuckmyassbby

Meet Sean Kory .. rasta new prison boo lol

So this is what happened…Sean yelled “I hate Fox News”  & was arrested after allegedly attacking someone dressed as a Fox News reporter at a Halloween parade in California over the weekend — but it’s his mugshot that’s garnering the most attention.

Sean Kory, a 29-year-old from Santa Cruz, was at the city’s annual Halloween parade on Friday when police say he spotted the victim, voiced his opinion about the cable news network, grabbed the victim’s microphone prop, “and started to rub the microphone on his dick” and hit the victim up side the head with a tennis racket. The victim, who was not hurt, told the police with his bitch ass. Then the police came and Sean tried t run but they got him. Sean was arrested and booked into Santa Cruz County Jail.

Sean’s booking photo, released by the Santa Cruz Police Department, received immediate comparisons to Jeremy Meeks, whose photo took the Internet by storm after his arrest on gang-related gun charges in June.

Live with kelly michael host michael strahan is @fuckmyassbby

Live! With Kelly & Michael Host Michael Strahan is going where no morning chat show personality has gone before: stripping on the big-screen. After announcing in Sept.  that he’d be joining the beefcake-laden cast of Magic Mike XXL, the former NFL player is now showing off his ripped physique in a New Instagram Pic alongside his sexy vanilla co-star, Channing Tatum.

Lavance bayone 27 years old 6 ft 6 11 of dick @fuckmyassbby

Lavance Bayone

27 Years Old

6 ft 6

11" of Dick (Thick)

Eddie murphy sexy back in the day @fuckmyassbby

Eddie Murphy: Sexy Back in the Day

Str8 dl dude dj @fuckmyassbby

Str8 DL Dude: DJ

Dorion renaud yall remember dorion from the bet @fuckmyassbby

Dorion Renaud

Y'all Remember Dorion from the BET show “College Hill”? Well here he is, all sexy and shit..!! 

What would you do @fuckmyassbby

W.H.A.T.  W.O.U.L.D.  Y.O.U.  D.O.  ? ?

Reblog if you think you can take this dick @fuckmyassbby


Dl dude terrance hampton 26yo @fuckmyassbby

DL Dude: Terrance Hampton (26y/o)

Dl str8 dude darryl @fuckmyassbby

DL str8 dude: Darryl

Reblog if you think you can take this dick @fuckmyassbby


R e s t i n p e a c e j o a n r i v e r s @fuckmyassbby

R E S T   I N   P E A C E   J O A N  R I V E R S 

The lady that said whatever she wanted to say, stood up for what she believed in, and didn’t care about your feelings to get her point across. She was a mother, grandmother, wife, entertainer, comic, and most of all a Legend. Rest In Peace Joan. You will be missed.

This guy has horrible tattoos but still look @fuckmyassbby

This guy has horrible tattoos, but still, look what he packing. Would y'all let this dude smash?

Assfuhdays daddycakes21 what app is this @fuckmyassbby



What app is this?

I wanna know what app it is too.

The app is Baddo