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Cgmfindings brooch ca 1900 manufacturer @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Brooch, ca. 1900

Manufacturer: Georges Fouquet (French, 1862–1957); Designer: Alphonse Mucha (Czech, 1860–1939)

Gold, enamel, mother–of–pearl, opal, emerald, colored stones, gold paint.

This remarkable brooch is a highlight of the three-year partnership of Georges Fouquet, the French jeweler known for his inventiveness and high-quality execution, and Alphonse Mucha, the Czech graphic artist whose work perhaps best epitomizes the decorative luxuries of the Art Nouveau style. The two men collaborated from 1899 to 1901. At a time when the emphasis had been on precious stones in traditional settings usually derived from the Louis XVI period, Fouquet and Mucha together redefined fine jewelry design, espousing the belief that the beauty of a jewel depends on its artistic conception. Materials were chosen for their contribution to the overall design, not for their intrinsic value.

Mucha conceived a spectacular series of elaborate jewels to be executed by Fouquet in his Paris atelier. Those objects formed the centerpiece of Fouquet’s display at the 1900 Exposition Universelle in Paris. In 1901, he asked Mucha to carry out an idea that he had kept in mind for a number of years: Fouquet wanted new premises in which the interior decoration harmonized with the jewelry he was creating. By the end of the year, he had moved his business to the Rue Royale, where the interiors were of unparalleled Art Nouveau sumptuousness.

Stephan1e says my mucha sleeve done by tuan le @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


My Mucha sleeve, done by Tuan Le at Cowabunga Ink

Night birds alfons mucha la nature @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alfons Mucha - La Nature [1899-1900]

Gilt bronze, malachite ornements. Executed by Emile Pinedo.

Ladylabsinthe journal cover lart @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Journal Cover: L'Art Photographique 1899-1900

Songesoleil study of a woman1918 silver @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Study of a woman.1918.
Silver print.
12.1 x 8.9 cm.

Alphonse Mucha.(1860-1939).

Loumargi alfons maria mucha 1860 1939 @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alfons Maria Mucha, 1860-1939

Pastperfect online bieres de la meuse alphonse @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Bieres de la Meuse
Alphonse Mucha, 1897.
Lithograph on Paper
University of Arizona Museum of Art

Tuloktulok art deco art nouveau silver effect @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Art Deco

Art Nouveau Silver Effect Plaques by Alphonse Mucha

Loumargi alfons maria mucha @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alfons Maria Mucha

Kcsee15 these pictures cannot begin to do @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


These pictures cannot begin to do justice to Alfons Mucha’s Slave Epic.  These works are huge and there are about 20.  I liked it a lot, the other exhibits outside of this room…just okay

Powerful art alphonse mucha @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alphonse Mucha

Littleemoon sometimes i can art a little bit @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


sometimes I can art a little bit

~please don’t remove the credit~

Djinn gallery alphonse mucha photo @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alphonse Mucha photo

Alphonsemucha @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alphonse Maria Mucha - The Father of Art Nouveau Alfons Maria Mucha, known in English as Alphonse Mucha, was a Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist, known best for his distinct style. He produced many paintings, illustrations, advertisements, postcards, and designs.

Antandash2378 mucha stained glass display at @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Mucha stained glass display at Navy Pier, Chicago

Cgmfindings alphonse maria mucha the father @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alphonse Maria Mucha - The Father of Art Nouveau Alfons Maria Mucha, known in English as Alphonse Mucha, was a Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist, known best for his distinct style. He produced many paintings, illustrations, advertisements, postcards, and designs.

Mariannamic alphonse mucha russell cotes art @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alphonse Mucha

Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum
(Photo: MariannaMichael©, Sept 2015)

Soul into paintings the artists daughter @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


The artist’s daughter Jaraslava, 1920s

Alfons Mucha - Dorotheum

Ladylabsinthe la plume alphonse mucha @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


“La Plume” ~ Alphonse Mucha, 1897

Aube marine alfons mucha spring summer autumn @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alfons Mucha
Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter (1896)

Michael1280 laurel alphonse mucha @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Laurel - Alphonse Mucha

A portrait of a lady muchas stained glass @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Mucha’s stained glass masterpiece, Saint Vitus Cathedral, Prague.

Sgtpeppersofab daydream alfons mucha @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


(Daydream - Alfons Mucha).

Mpoliveira13 princess hyacinth by alphonse @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Princess Hyacinth by Alphonse Mucha, 1911

Zeekara north star alphonse mucha 1902 @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


North Star - Alphonse Mucha


Nictekonodraw inktober día 30 detalle tinta @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


#inktober (día 30)

Detalle, tinta sobre papel

Obra original de Alphonse Mucha

“Princezna Hyacinta”

Songesoleil monaco monte carlo paris 1897 @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Monaco . Monte-Carlo
Paris, 1897, F. Champenois.
107.3 x 73.3 cm.

Art by Alphonse Mucha.

Annastrophe alphonse maria mucha model @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alphonse Maria Mucha - Model posing, 1898

Fuckyeahtattoos the original art named @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


The original art, named “Topaz”,  is by Alphonse Mucha. He is my favorite artist and know for his contribution to the art nouveau movement. The tattoo was done by Pam at White Tiger Tattoo in Webster ( Rochester ), NY. 

Judyhilo the book arrived a couple of days ago @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


The book arrived a couple of days ago - YAY! It is quite extraordinary! It is a beautifully laid out book - excellent photos of her entire collection of pins with a lot of personal accompanying text. There are even thumbnail pics at the end of the book - a “pindex” -  that are very helpful if you are searching for a particular pin. I have not had a chance to read the whole book but wanted to post a few of the pics to whet people’s appetites. From top to bottom: 1. Little zebra perched on her shoulder for her meeting with Nelson Mandela in Africa. 2. Petit Oiseau (Little Bird) 3. Four Ginkgo leaves (I love leafy things:) 4. Art Nouveau pin based on a design by Alphonse Mucha (I adore this one.) To read about the pins and the context in which they were worn, makes for a fascinating read.

Thank you so much @johnlloydyoungfriends for calling our attention to this gorgeous book! (My various house guests over the holidays will LOVE it, too!) We will of course be scrutinizing your own pins at every opportunity - as if we were not already doing that!!!

Bonebuttons the moon and the stars series @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


The Moon and the Stars Series 1902 - Alphonse Mucha 

Morning Star, Evening Star, Moon, Pole Star

Night birds alphonse mucha byzantine heads @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alphonse Mucha - Byzantine Heads: Blonde [1897]

Sesiondemadrugada postage stamp 1927 design @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Postage stamp (1927) - Design by Alfons Mucha.

Vdrimor the moon and the stars series 1902 @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


‘The Moon and the Stars’ series (1902)

Alphonse Mucha  Czech: [ˈalfons ˈmuxa]

Coppercosmonaut newest harajuku haul @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Newest Harajuku haul! #InnocentWorld jsk, #BabytheStarsShineBright coat, and #Pamyupamyu shrug. The Alphonse Mucha print on this jsk is to die for, and my friend Tia bought the same dress in a different color (green). I was trying to put together the main pieces for my Yulemas outfit, so; at home I have stockings and gold shoes from #AliceandthePirates, and an offbrand purse and white beret! (at U.S. Naval Base Yokosuka, Japan)

Cgmfindings laurel alphonse mucha 1901 @fuckyeahalphonsemucha



Alphonse Mucha
Rx death alphonse mucha @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alphonse Mucha

The two germanys the man himself from a @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


The man himself. From a photograph by Edward Streichen.

Historical Paintings of the Slavic Nations

Alfons-Marie Mucha
New York: The Brooklyn Museum Press, 1921.

Briimcfly nouveau alphonsemucha @fuckyeahalphonsemucha






Artkicks alphonse mucha madonna of the lilies @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alphonse Mucha - Madonna of the Lilies , detail
Raf Simons adidas ss16

Loumargi alfons maria mucha @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alfons Maria Mucha .

Jessicasuniquegiftshop alfons mucha the @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alfons Mucha- “The Spirit Of Spring “- 1894

Oqueseraquesairadaqui aqui deixo um pouco da @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


✒ Aqui deixo um pouco da minha admiração e deslumbre por um dos mestres de Art Nouveau - A L P H O N S E   M A R I A   M U C H A 

Envoituresimone alfons mucha extrait de le @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alfons Mucha

Extrait de Le Pater


Anachronisticfairytales alphonse mucha @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alphonse Mucha

Quoteallthethings mucha alphonse 1860 1939 @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Mucha, Alphonse (1860-1939) - Marie Model Posing In Muchas Studio Rue Du Val: 1898


Heaveninawildflower autumn postcard by @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


‘Autumn.’ Postcard by Alphonse Maria Mucha (1860–1939). Printer F. Champenoise

Image and text courtesy MFA Boston.

Teawithasplashofmilk age of wisdom @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Age of Wisdom

Alfons Mucha


Ladylabsinthe rosea study for a french @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Rose,a study for a French perfume brand by Mucha

Vodkaunicornslincolnlogs alphonse mucha @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alphonse Mucha

Largavidatattoo representación de una obra de @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Representación de una obra de Alfons mucha 1er session realizada en #largavidatattoo #art #alfonsmucha #blacktattoo #blackworkers #dotwork #tattooedguys #tattooedgirls #tattoo #tattoos #tattooers #tattooallday #tattooalldays #rudyvelasco #dynamikink

Tatuajeshombres tatuaje de estilo art nouveau @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Tatuaje de estilo Art Nouveau inspirado en una obra de Alfons Mucha. Artista tatuador: Adrian Bascur

Arthistorianmindswirls alphonse maria mucha @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alphonse Maria Mucha, Dusk


A good spirit a terrible photo of an art @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


A terrible photo of an art project. I had to choose a famous art piece and match the values in the original work with textures instead of blocks of color. In an act of hubris I chose “Biscuits Champagne Lefevre-Utile” by Alfons Mucha.

Wainhead just love art nouveau the original @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Just love Art Nouveau. The original poster was commissioned in 1898 by Alphonse Mucha and looks simply amazing on this chocolate walkers tin.

#art #arts #artnouveau #chocolate #packaging #design #artwork #pretty #amazing #style #tasty #snack #sweettooth #woman #love #mucha

Thegreenesttrees painting holy mount athos @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Painting: Holy Mount Athos, Alfons Mucha. This painting displays what is happening in the spiritual realm during an Eastern Orthodox Divine Liturgy.

Sofipricecom art nouveau alphonse mucha spring @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Art Nouveau Alphonse Mucha Spring Post Card - $1
Postcard. Art Nouveau Alphonse Mucha Spring post card. Alphonse Mucha’s beautiful allegorical portrait completed in 1896. A colorful lithograph that typifies Mucha’s ornate and flowery style. An expressive piece of art nouveau from the turn of the twentieth century.

Nictekonodraw inktober día 28 detalle tinta @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


#inktober (día 28)

Detalle, tinta sobre papel

Obra original de Alphonse Mucha


Loumargi alfons maria mucha @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alfons Maria Mucha

Bancodeimagenesvgdj summer 1896 alphonse @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Summer 1896 - Alphonse Mucha -

Este fue uno de los primeros iconografias de Mucha acompañado de las demás estaciones, este demuestra como la linea empezó a tener mucho mas movimiento ondulante y como la sensualidad fue un factor importante en el Art Nouveau. Mucha pintaba lo impresión de lo que había quedado cuando veía su inspiración. 

Se puede ver que Mucha usa el pelo de la mujer como un símbolo de sensualidad y como los colores demostraban la sensación de verano.

Mucha, Sarah, and Victor Arwas. Alphonse Mucha. London: Frances Lincoln, 2005. Print.

Arete kai eudaemonia alphonse mucha art nouveau @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alphonse Mucha Art Nouveau

Eat art at8 cropped print of four panels each @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Cropped print of four panels each depicting one of the four seasons personified by a woman
Alphonse Mucha

Mouseandboo postcrossing de 2670772 by gail @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Postcrossing DE-2670772 by Gail Anderson
Via Flickr:
Postcard with art by Alfons Mucha (1860 - 1939). Sent by a family of Postcrossers in Germany.

Aube marine alfons mucha spring summer autumn @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alfons Mucha
Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter (1896)

Heaveninawildflower programme pour une soiree @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Programme pour une soiree by Alphonse Maria Mucha (1860–1939), Printer F. Champenoise

Image and text courtesy MFA Boston.

Birdarchive alphonse mucha solitude @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alphonse Mucha /Solitude 

Vodkaunicornslincolnlogs the trappistine @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


The Trappistine - Alphonse Mucha

Heaveninawildflower autumn postcard by @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


‘Autumn’ postcard by Alphonse Maria Mucha (1860–1939), Printer F. Champenoise

Image and text courtesy MFA Boston.

Night birds alphonse mucha byzantine heads @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alphonse Mucha - Byzantine Heads: Brunette [1897]

Natefickforpresident im gonna get this piece @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


I’m gonna get this piece (minus the border, probably) as a half-sleeve on my right arm some day. I know it’s a LONG time out, but I’m so excited, I love this series so much. (Artist is Alphonse Mucha)

Gilliauna ivy necklace alphonse mucha pendant @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Ivy Necklace. Alphonse Mucha Pendant with Green Teardrop and Fresh Water Pearl. Oval Charm Necklace. Art Nouveau Jewelry. Handmade Jewelry. by StumblingOnSainthood (26.00 USD)

Bookscallingproject do you all have an @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Do you all have an easy-going Sunday? ✌ Now I’m reading a book written by Jiří Mucha, a son of Alphonse Mucha. I just wanted to try the book and I can’t stop reading it 👌🏼 A few days ago I bought myself 15 old books at a secondhand bookshop and I borrowed some from the Municipal Library. My friend Veronika called me a ‘chronic bookworm’ 😃👏🏼  I want more and more books even if I can’t read them all… but I love books!! 📚

Soul into paintings alfons mucha 1896 @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alfons Mucha - 1896 - Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Fuckyeahpainting alphonse mucha fruit 1897 @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alphonse Mucha

Fruit, 1897

Elegant lust alphonse mucha @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alphonse Mucha

Sakrogoat alfons maria mucha @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alfons Maria Mucha

Makdesignlab repost makdesign with @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


#Repost @makdesign with @repostapp.
#mural done by #streetartist @mear_one in back of #loftatliz #loftslizs of #famous #artnouveau #artist Alphonse Mucha (at The Loft at Liz’s)

Reichweinkultur alfons mucha 1897 chocolat @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alfons Mucha 1897 Chocolat Ideal

Designersscrapbook alphonse mucha mucha lived @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alphonse Mucha

Mucha lived from 1860 to 1939 and in that time he became known for his distinct style that essentially defined the art nouveau movement. He printed his posters using lithography and while by the time of his death his style was outdated, it was revived in the 60s thanks to hippie movements. I chose Mucha because his style is inspiring to me. He has all the standard art nouveau elements yet he is able to make it distinct enough to be a style of his own. He is also capable of incorporating so many elements like pattern, text and illustration without getting overcrowded and allows the audience to focus on the details he wants them to see. 

Songesoleil design for the poster monaco @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Design for the poster Monaco . Monte-Carlo .1897.
Pencil on paper.
66 x 50 cm.
Mucha Trust.

Art by Alphonse Mucha.

Thethoughtcontrol the slav epic by alphonse @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


The Slav Epic👌🏻 by Alphonse Mucha #mucha #prague #exhibition #art (at Veletržní palác - Národní galerie)

Linakaye the precious stones by alphonse @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


‘’The precious stones’’ by Alphonse Mucha

Website (x)

Coler alfons mucha poster for monaco monte @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alfons Mucha, Poster for ‘Monaco - Monte Carlo’, P.L.M. railway services, 1897. by an_elsker

Adhemarpo alfons mucha la france embrasse la @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alfons Mucha - La France embrasse la Bohème.

Ivory black again alfons mucha 1890 by @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alfons Mucha, 1890 by Catherine La Rose.

Songesoleil cloches de noël et de pâques by @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Cloches de Noël et de Pâques, by Émile Gebhart.(1839-1908).
Illustrated by Alphonse Mucha.(1860-1939).
H. Piazza et Cie.
L'Édition de l'Art,
4 rue Jacob, Paris.1922.

Verdesedano mucha decoupaged journal in liberty @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Mucha decoupaged journal in liberty style
For romantic girls and art lovers!

Pisseral alfons maria mucha the abyss @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alfons Maria Mucha, The Abyss.