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Alfons Mucha

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Alfons Mucha

Vivere militare est 72 faces amucha @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Faces, A.Mucha

Songesoleil convolvulusc1897 watercolor on @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Watercolor on paper.
59 x 48.1 cm.

Art by Alphons Mucha.(1860-1939).

V ersacrum alfons mucha peonis details 1897 @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alfons Mucha, Peonis (details), 1897

Songesoleil clio by anatole france de @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


CLIO, by Anatole France de l'Académie Française.
Calmann Lévy, Éditeur.
3, rue Auber, Paris.
Published 1900.

Art by Alphons Mucha.(1860-1939).

“Le chanteur de Kymé”

Il allait par le sentier qui suit le rivage le long des collines. Son front était nu, coupé de rides profondes et ceint d'un bandeau de laine rouge. Sur ses tempes les boucles blanches de ses cheveux flottaient au vent de la mer. Les flocons d'une barbe de neige se pressaient à son menton. Sa tunique et ses pieds nus avaient la couleur des chemins sur lesquels il errait depuis tant d'années. À son côté pendait une lyre grossière. On le nommait le Vieillard, on le nommait aussi le Chanteur. Il recevait encore un autre nom des enfants qu'il instruisait dans la poésie et dans la musique, et plusieurs l'appelaient l'Aveugle, parce que sur ses prunelles, que l'âge avait ternies, tombaient des paupières gonflées et rougies par la fumée des foyers où il avait coutume de s'asseoir pour chanter. Mais il ne vivait pas dans une vie éternelle, et l'on disait qu'il voyait ce que les autres humains ne voient pas. Depuis trois âges d'hommes, il allait sans cesse par les villes…

Onceuponatown new york cover for the new york @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


New York. Cover for the New York Daily News by Alfons Mucha, Sunday, April 3, 1904. 

The Daily News celebrating Mr. Muchas move to New York City, calling him- 

“The Greatest Decorative artist in the World”.

Sapporosanporo ミュシャボトル @fuckyeahalphonsemucha



Songesoleil allégorie du printemps allegory @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Allégorie du printemps / Allegory of Spring.
Dated 10/1/1935 lower left.
Pastel heightened with gouache on paper.
41.5 x 30 cm.

Art by Alfons Mucha.(1860-1939).

Design is fine alphonse mucha poster cycles @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alphonse Mucha, poster Cycles Perfecta, 1897. France. Musée de Bretagne. Via Joconde

Design is fine alphonse mucha the artist as @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alphonse Mucha, the artist as designer, early 20th century. Drawings. Museé d’Orsay, Paris. Via Joconde. © Réunion des musées nationaux

Fotoblur64 alfons mucha 1890 @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alfons Mucha, 1890

from  Francesco Maria Masmata

Ouphrontis the start of my mucha tattoo d @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


The start of my Mucha tattoo!!!! :D

Ouphrontis so the meaning behind my tattoo is @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


So, the meaning behind my tattoo is a bit complex. Someone at the Mucha foundation was nice enough to send me an email explaining what they supposed it might mean, as Mucha never did leave any notes behind.  Although there are two figures, my tattoo artist actually wondered if perhaps they are supposed to be the same woman, one in death, the other reincarnated! I got this one because I wanted to get something that is not like all the other Mucha tats out there (and there are many!). Plus I’ve been mulling it over for about 2 years now. I think I’ve succeeded in getting something different. I just hope the finished product will do it justice. I am still unsure what to do about colour, though I’m leaning towards black and grey only, or perhaps just a tiny bit of colour highlighting. 

“The cover was designed in 1896 for the special Christmas number of the magazine.  As in many examples of Mucha’s designs for magazine covers, this composition is rich with symbolism.  Although we don’t have Mucha’s own writing about the interpretation of this particular design, we  can read the idea behind this cover. as follows.

As indicated by the title of this number ‘1896-Noel-1897’, the magazine marks the turn of the year - the passing of the old year and its renewal.  The pale figure of the dead (or dying) woman in the foreground seems to symbolise the passing year, while the winged figure is wrapping her body in a shroud. The silhouetted flower held by the passing woman is thistle, which often symbolises Sin and earthly suffering. However, the hope for renewal and redemption is indicated by the image of the silhouetted church building in the background (considering the occasion, probably the Church of Nativity) as well as the band of decorative motifs on the left, consisting of three pairs of hands and snowed branches of Christmas tree. In the Christian context, pairs of hands often allude to spiritual power or the conduits to convey spiritual energy, while Christmas trees represent vitality or life force.  Whist these motifs were inspired by the Christian tradition, the idea of ‘meahnical’ hands with cogs is totally unique.  By this,  probably Mucha expressed the power of the mysterious God who governs time and the harmonious working of Nature.” 

Ouphrontis muchas models @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Mucha’s models

Bellissimapendants cycles perfecta alphonse @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Cycles Perfecta, Alphonse Mucha 1 in. 25.4 mm necklace, pendant, art, modern art

Fragrantblossoms alfons mucha bush in bloom @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alfons Mucha, Bush in Bloom.  

Nekemisvan mucha @fuckyeahalphonsemucha



Songesoleil design for the poster la @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Design for the poster ‘La Samaritaine’.1897.
Indian ink, watercolour on paper.
169 x 55 cm.

Art by Alphons Mucha.

Nigra lux mucha alfons 18601939 woman in @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


MUCHA, Alfons (1860–1939)

Woman in the Wilderness, Star or Siberia
Oil on canvas, 201.5 x 299.5 cm
Ed. Orig.