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Part of Alphonse Mucha’s series “Precious Stones” is “Emerald” (c.1910), pictured with model at right. You can’t fool us, Mr. Mucha; we know La Fee Verte when we see her.

Songesoleil parfumerie oriza c 1901 62 x 42 @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Parfumerie Oriza.c.1901.
62 x 42 cm.

Art by Alfons Mucha.(1860-1939).

Mysteriosabelle paintings of many colours @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Paintings of many colours

Levitate entis documents decoratis @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


‘Documents Decoratis’

Don56 alphonse mucha 1896 @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alphonse Mucha (1896)

Beardbriarandrose alphonse mucha tete @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alphonse Mucha, ‘Tête Byzantine: Brune’ and ‘Tête Byzantine: Blonde’, two colored lithographs, 1897

Canadianbeerandpostmodernism alphonse mucha the @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alphonse Mucha

The Three Ages:  Love, Reason, Wisdom (1938)

The final works by the artist principly associated with the Art Nouveau movement four decades earlier

Great concavity poster for imprimerie cassan @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Poster for ‘Imprimerie Cassan Fils’ (1896)
In this poster for the Cassan Fils printing works, Mucha combines the real with the emblematic - the semi-naked model contrasts with the allegorical, faun-like printer who represents the printing industry. The eyes in the mosaic border could be seen to represent the readers who benefit from the printing works.

Meggrra for the longest time i thought i wanted @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


for the longest time i thought i wanted the first mucha piece to be part of my tattoo design, but ever since i found the second one i’m not sure anymore!

Astartemisia alphonse mucha 1923 @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alphonse Mucha (1923) href=""

Colvolumeasteccapuosopravvivere gorgeous @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Gorgeous Tattoos Inspired By Famous Artists

Your body deserves the finest artwork imaginable.

  • Vincent Van Gogh
  • Gustav Klimt
  • Alphonse Muncha
  • Hokusai
Books0977 alphonse mucha 1860 1939 from the @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939). From the frontispiece of Le Pater, an illustrated edition of the Lord’s Prayer embellished in his sinuous, faintly occult style.  

According to the Mucha Foundation: “Mucha…was at that time increasingly dissatisfied with unending commercial commissions and was longing for an artistic work with a more elevated mission. He was also influenced by his long-standing interest in Spiritualism since the early 1890s and, above all, by Masonic philosophy … the pursuit of a deeper Truth beyond the visible world.”

Boughtyoursoul mucha zodiac poster 1896 @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Mucha † Zodiac poster (1896)

Elderlygamer alphonse mucha color lithograph @fuckyeahalphonsemucha


Alphonse Mucha, color lithograph, France, ca. 1896.


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