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FuckYeahChubbyGUYS is great, but sometimes we need a place just for the QUEER boys. All forms/ideas/interpretations of "male" are accepted here just so long as you're fluffy and identify with the LGBTQ community! - Fuck Yeah Chubby Gays (@fuckyeahchubbygays)
Httpgpmike31tumblrcom hi im gerald 20 @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hi, I’m Gerald. 20 years old in school right now studying marketing. I love to go out and have a good time and I love meeting new people. I listen to alot of different genres of music but my main type I listen to is top 40 stuff and old school r&b/hip hop music. Come and check out my tumblr and get to know me better and see more great of me and other things that I like. Thanks! :-)

Hey guys im adam d im 28 and i am an aussie @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hey Guys, I’m Adam :D I’m 28 and I am an Aussie Cub :D Always like to use my tumblr as it’s the first space where people accept me for who I am :D 

I have more pics of me on my tumblr so I think you should check it out :D


Hi im johnny i like morrissey pugs personal @fuckyeahchubbygays


I like kawaii burritos my tumblr is somewhat an @fuckyeahchubbygays

i like kawaii burritos. 

my tumblr is somewhat an online journal mostly filled with selca/selfies at the moment, excuse the vanity! but i do generally like to post words and music as well! :))

p.s:   let’s be friends!  へ(゜∇、°)へ

Whats up i am johnny i like meeting new people @fuckyeahchubbygays

whats up I am johnny, I like meeting new people and having fun and smoking weed…….

Tyler 20 years old entrepreneur you can find @fuckyeahchubbygays

20 Years Old.
You can find my blog at
Talk to me :)

Eyy im ian i think im kinda rad check it @fuckyeahchubbygays

eyy, i’m ian. 

i think i’m kinda rad

check it out

Hi my name is gerald 20 from missouri always @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hi, My name is Gerald, 20, from Missouri, Always looking forward to meeting new people from around my area and anywhere from around the tumblr universe. Check out my page for lots of pics of me and other things that I like to re-blog and get to know me better. Love to chat with you. Go ahead and check out the page below

Im piotrek from warsaw poland feel free to @fuckyeahchubbygays

Im Piotrek, from Warsaw, Poland

Feel free to contact me on whatsapp 048533800433 ^^

or skype pessimistic4

Hi im trevor url wwwhoodratzrustumblrcom @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hi im Trevor 


lol iv been spending a lot of time on tumblr lately but hey its a nice way to escape from work :)

Hey guys i took a break from tumblr for about @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hey, guys! I took a break from tumblr for about four months, but I’m back now and looking to make some new friends. I post a lot of different stuff, but I think theres something for everyone. Come say hi :)

Hey guys im doug im 19 architecture student @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hey guys, I’m Doug, I’m 19, architecture student, and i run a blog filled with all sorts of stuff.

I’m a nice guy and I’d love to get to know you =)

Name trevor likes cuddles movies and kisses @fuckyeahchubbygays

Name: Trevor

Likes: Cuddles, Movies, and Kisses.

Occupation: Realtor & Interior Designer (Super gay I know)

I love making new friends and new people to chat with. So follow me and send me a message, I will always respond. I love to travel, so I may be coming to a town near you!

instagram: glitterinmyvodkaa

snapchat: trevorchilds101

I post about video games and personal stuff @fuckyeahchubbygays

I post about video games and personal stuff mostly. Taken but always looking for new friends to chat and play games with :-3

Hi my name is emmanuel im 21 years old i live in @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hi my name is Emmanuel, im 21 years old, i live in mexico !!   :D

My names dylan im 21 years old im bisexual @fuckyeahchubbygays

My name’s Dylan.
I’m 21 years old.
I’m bisexual.
I’m cool?

Hey im william i live in new york i love @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hey, I’m william. I live in New York. I love music, art and everything about being big and cuddly. :D

Here’s my blog,

Hello im quy 3 from bay area ca i post and @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hello! I’m Quy. <3 from Bay Area, CA. I post and reblog a variety of things ranging from funny to cute things to video games to science to cats to food porn to tearjerkers :3