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FuckYeahChubbyGUYS is great, but sometimes we need a place just for the QUEER boys. All forms/ideas/interpretations of "male" are accepted here just so long as you're fluffy and identify with the LGBTQ community! - Fuck Yeah Chubby Gays (@fuckyeahchubbygays)
Httpgpmike31tumblrcom hi im gerald 20 @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hi, I’m Gerald. 20 years old in school right now studying marketing. I love to go out and have a good time and I love meeting new people. I listen to alot of different genres of music but my main type I listen to is top 40 stuff and old school r&b/hip hop music. Come and check out my tumblr and get to know me better and see more great of me and other things that I like. Thanks! :-)

Hey guys im adam d im 28 and i am an aussie @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hey Guys, I’m Adam :D I’m 28 and I am an Aussie Cub :D Always like to use my tumblr as it’s the first space where people accept me for who I am :D 

I have more pics of me on my tumblr so I think you should check it out :D


Hi im johnny i like morrissey pugs personal @fuckyeahchubbygays


I like kawaii burritos my tumblr is somewhat an @fuckyeahchubbygays

i like kawaii burritos. 

my tumblr is somewhat an online journal mostly filled with selca/selfies at the moment, excuse the vanity! but i do generally like to post words and music as well! :))

p.s:   let’s be friends!  へ(゜∇、°)へ

Whats up i am johnny i like meeting new people @fuckyeahchubbygays

whats up I am johnny, I like meeting new people and having fun and smoking weed…….

Tyler 20 years old entrepreneur you can find @fuckyeahchubbygays

20 Years Old.
You can find my blog at
Talk to me :)

Eyy im ian i think im kinda rad check it @fuckyeahchubbygays

eyy, i’m ian. 

i think i’m kinda rad

check it out

Hi my name is gerald 20 from missouri always @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hi, My name is Gerald, 20, from Missouri, Always looking forward to meeting new people from around my area and anywhere from around the tumblr universe. Check out my page for lots of pics of me and other things that I like to re-blog and get to know me better. Love to chat with you. Go ahead and check out the page below

Im piotrek from warsaw poland feel free to @fuckyeahchubbygays

Im Piotrek, from Warsaw, Poland

Feel free to contact me on whatsapp 048533800433 ^^

or skype pessimistic4

Hi im trevor url wwwhoodratzrustumblrcom @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hi im Trevor 


lol iv been spending a lot of time on tumblr lately but hey its a nice way to escape from work :)

Hey guys i took a break from tumblr for about @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hey, guys! I took a break from tumblr for about four months, but I’m back now and looking to make some new friends. I post a lot of different stuff, but I think theres something for everyone. Come say hi :)

Hey guys im doug im 19 architecture student @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hey guys, I’m Doug, I’m 19, architecture student, and i run a blog filled with all sorts of stuff.

I’m a nice guy and I’d love to get to know you =)

Name trevor likes cuddles movies and kisses @fuckyeahchubbygays

Name: Trevor

Likes: Cuddles, Movies, and Kisses.

Occupation: Realtor & Interior Designer (Super gay I know)

I love making new friends and new people to chat with. So follow me and send me a message, I will always respond. I love to travel, so I may be coming to a town near you!

instagram: glitterinmyvodkaa

snapchat: trevorchilds101

I post about video games and personal stuff @fuckyeahchubbygays

I post about video games and personal stuff mostly. Taken but always looking for new friends to chat and play games with :-3

Hi my name is emmanuel im 21 years old i live in @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hi my name is Emmanuel, im 21 years old, i live in mexico !!   :D

My names dylan im 21 years old im bisexual @fuckyeahchubbygays

My name’s Dylan.
I’m 21 years old.
I’m bisexual.
I’m cool?

Hey im william i live in new york i love @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hey, I’m william. I live in New York. I love music, art and everything about being big and cuddly. :D

Here’s my blog,

Hello im quy 3 from bay area ca i post and @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hello! I’m Quy. <3 from Bay Area, CA. I post and reblog a variety of things ranging from funny to cute things to video games to science to cats to food porn to tearjerkers :3

Hi im zachary i like new people my blog i @fuckyeahchubbygays

hi, i’m zachary. i like new people.
my blog.
i have a boyfriend, i’m 22, live in arizona, and i enjoy meeting new people.

Kris 22 currently living in limbo bt nj and @fuckyeahchubbygays

Kris, 22, currently living in limbo b/t NJ and Madrid. I like chubs and chasers, but if you know how to eat regardless of your size, I’ll cook a nice meal for you :P

Hi my name is gerald 20 from missouri i love @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hi, my name is Gerald, 20 from missouri. I love music and I love to sing. I also like writing a lot and taking pictures, mostly of myself just cause I get bored sometimes XD. I love meeting new people and I’m always up to chatting with anyone I like, so if you want to talk to me and check out my blog full of pics of me and other things follow me at this link

Names charles nerdy canadian you can follow me @fuckyeahchubbygays

Names Charles, nerdy Canadian. you can follow me at hope to see ya there for all the game, art and music fun :) 

The name is brandon i live in colorado and i @fuckyeahchubbygays

The name is Brandon! I live in Colorado, and I love Doctor Who, Sherlock and Supernatural. If you want, feel free to come to my page!

Hi d im quentin i like bearscubs food doctor @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hi :D
I’m Quentin. I like bears/cubs, food, Doctor Who, new friends, video games and… Maybe we can be friends? :]

Hey im jason 18yo bisexual from northern @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hey, I’m Jason, 18yo bisexual from Northern Virginia~ href="" 

Hey guys my name is nathaniel and im turning 17 @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hey guys, my name is Nathaniel and I’m turning 17 soon:3 Just looking for a nice guy to chat with!:3 Not too much to ask for is it?

Hey all my names trevor someone told me i look @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hey all! my names Trevor :) someone told me i look like a fat Ryan Gosling in this picture, which was oddly appreciated haha. follow me at!!! :) see yall there ;)

Whats up my names justin im into comic books @fuckyeahchubbygays

What’s up! My name’s Justin. I’m into comic books, video games, writing, and taking over the universe. You can check out my blog here.

Im ian sup im nearly 20 years old and a cool @fuckyeahchubbygays

I’m ian, sup?

I’m nearly 20 years old and a cool guy. Come chat me up. ;)

Hello its mep first submissionp @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hello:) It’s me;P First Submission:P

My name is brandon im 20 and from new york i @fuckyeahchubbygays

my name is brandon. i’m 20 and from new york.
i make music and eat buffalo wings :)

This is me and my dirty mirror picture i like @fuckyeahchubbygays

This is me, and my dirty mirror picture. I like cute chubs, Doctor Who, beards, ect. Hit me up and say hey sometime.


Lol just wanted to post another pic of me here @fuckyeahchubbygays

lol just wanted to post another pic of me here. names danny im 19 and im a jersey boy. i go to camden county college. i love chubs. add me be my friend :D

Httpicelightredtumblrcom its been a very @fuckyeahchubbygays

It’s been a very long time since I submitted anything here.

Yo im mark im 19 british and a gaymer i @fuckyeahchubbygays

Yo! I’m Mark, I’m 19 British and a gaymer :) I work as a support worker for adults with learning difficulties :D 

hit me up

Hey guys im dave from fort wayne indiana im @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hey guys, I’m Dave, from Fort Wayne, Indiana. I’m on Growlr if you’re interested in contacting me to say hello. I don’t have a tumblr but you can follow my boyfriend Marvin here (he sometimes posts pictures of me):

Also, last month I did standup comedy. I told jokes about coming out and public radio. You can watch a video of it online here.

Hey im kyle im 23 and from rochester ny @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hey, I’m Kyle.  I’m 23 and from Rochester, NY, working on my masters degree in Education.  I’ve recently lost 95 pounds, but still very much a chubby guy.  I always need new friends, so feel free to hit me up.

Hey everyone my name is dustin im 22 @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hey everyone!! 
My name is Dustin! I’m 22. Originally from just outside of Vancouver, BC. Feel free to message/follow me. Would love to hear from some of you!!

Hi im brandtley im 19 years old and im an @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hi, I’m Brandtley. I’m 19 years old and I’m an aspiring stand up comedian/actor. I sometimes wonder why I’m single then i remember I have a blog dedicated to one direction, doctor who, supernatural, sherlock and other nerdish things. Paint raves are pretty fun too.
you can follow me here at
on twitter @brandtleySTFU
or on my facebook page 

Hi i am ray ray1031tumblrcom @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hi, I am Ray!

Hey im eli im 18 i live in kissimme fl if you @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hey im Eli, im 18. i live in Kissimme, FL.
If you wanna know anything else you can hmu
Follow me, i follow back :D 

Im brandon im a 20 year old college student @fuckyeahchubbygays

I’m Brandon!
I’m a 20-year-old college student from Ohio.
I run a pop culture blog, but there’s a lot more to me than that. Get to know me, I love talking to people. <33 

My name is tyler im 19 years old i play college @fuckyeahchubbygays

My name is Tyler. I’m 19 years old. I play College football in California

Hi im cearch im a 25 year old software and @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hi, I’m cearch. I’m a 25 year old software and hardware engineer from argentina. I like comics, hiphop, videogames, sports, anime, movies, tv shows and so many other things.

24 detroit x men lover pizza destroyer and @fuckyeahchubbygays

24, Detroit, x-men lover, pizza destroyer, and super smash bros enthusiast.

This is me and my boyfriend im the chubby @fuckyeahchubbygays

This is me and my boyfriend. I’m the chubby bearded one and he’s the adorable little chaser.



My attempt at a topeless tuesday modeling session @fuckyeahchubbygays

My attempt at a Topeless Tuesday modeling session. Haha Follow me.

19 loves movies athingcalledjoetumblrcom @fuckyeahchubbygays

19. Loves movies.

Hi im brandon 3 im a 20 year old student at @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hi, I’m Brandon! :3
I’m a 20-year-old student at Kent State Unviersity, double majoring in Political Science and Criminal Justice.
I run a pop culture blog here on tumblr.

I’m really nice, so I’d love it if you’d come talk to me, yeah? <3

Hello follow me @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hello !!! follow me guys !! 

Onehatmaddertumblrcom hey im mike musical @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hey, I’m Mike.
Musical theatre buff and Patti LuPone fan.

I love chocolate and bats and I despise sports of all kind.
Live in New Zealand :D 

Piotr 21yo from poland i am a big fan of songs @fuckyeahchubbygays

Piotr, 21yo from Poland

I am a big fan of Songs of Ice and fire (I will take back what was stolen from me with fire and blood! motherf$@#$rs!)

Im cute :P  Im broke and single.

Fell free to msg me or send free clothes :P

Hey 22 year old student from illinois @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hey. 22 year old student from Illinois.

Im wearing a leather jacket over a sweater over @fuckyeahchubbygays

I’m wearing a leather jacket over a sweater, over a t-shirt, in Miami, because I can. Somewhat apparent that I suffer from a mild case of boredom, so you guys should follow me and entertain :D

Warning: I post for de lulz. :D

Hi im jason im 20 and i like programming @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hi! I’m Jason! I’m 20 and I like programming, music, and pandas, among many geeky things. :3

Will here 26 in cleveland tremendously @fuckyeahchubbygays

Will here.

26 in Cleveland.

Tremendously nerdy, feel free to talk to me via my blog at

Name is tyler im 19 i play college football @fuckyeahchubbygays

Name is Tyler. I’m 19. I play college football. I’m a gym rat. I love video games and I work as a Club Promoter in California. Love to meet new people. Follow me and Inbox me and Let’s talk!

Hey danny 18 new jersey loves chubby boys my age @fuckyeahchubbygays

hey danny 18 new jersey loves chubby boys my age. follow me.

Tarucubtumblrcom hello i go by quy my tumblr @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hello, I go by Quy. My tumblr is full of food and cute stuff. If that’s your thing, we should be friends :D

Keleb here 21 college student and a waiter @fuckyeahchubbygays

Keleb here. 21. College student and a waiter. Music keeps me sane and a free spirit is what i am. :)

It has been ages since i last submitted a picture @fuckyeahchubbygays

It has been ages since I last submitted a picture here. So I figured I would make another appearance. Come say hello!

Thenumberonejuantumblrcom 19 nc not out @fuckyeahchubbygays
Not out.

Hey im chris thought i would submit a pic here @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hey I’m Chris, thought I would submit a pic here.  Check out my blogs.   <—Clean

Hey im ian come check me out and drop a line i @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hey, I’m ian. Come check me out and drop a line. I love to chat with new people. :3

oh hey it’s my blog

Hey guys i am chris a 21 year old college student @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hey guys I am Chris, a 21 year old college student in Georgia.  I just rejoined tumblr so my blog is a bit lacking, but I’d love to meet some awesome new friends!!

Hey guys trying this again come say hi i dont @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hey guys trying this again. Come say hi, I don’t bite. Nice guy here in the midwest

Ive tried this a few times gonna give it one more @fuckyeahchubbygays

Ive tried this a few times. Gonna give it one more go. 

Breakingthestereotypestumblrcom gay college @fuckyeahchubbygays

Gay college football player 19yo. 

A photo of myself very hungover on new years day @fuckyeahchubbygays

A photo of myself very hungover on new years day.
Using my usual cure of a bento box and saki in the vain hope i will be cured. ^_^

Lyckliga nya år i am americas next top best @fuckyeahchubbygays

Lyckliga nya år!! I am America’s Next Top Best Friend!!

Whats up nater here just seeing whats good @fuckyeahchubbygays

What’s up?  Nater here.. Just seeing what’s good and all that fun stuff.  27 year old Alaskan guy.  Friendly, single and looking for friends or whatever!

Part of photoset i made up i i wanna be a bear @fuckyeahchubbygays

Part of photoset I made up. :I I wanna be a bear model. But I don’t look gruff enough.

Anywayz. Second time posting :3 I finally got a tumblr though :D help me get started!

I am dayle on the left liam is my lovely bf on @fuckyeahchubbygays

I am Dayle (on the left)

Liam is my lovely BF (on the right)

Just came to say hi to the chubby menz!

We’re both shameless narcissists, we know.

Names donte age 22 bisexual play drums in a @fuckyeahchubbygays

Name’s Donte. Age 22. Bisexual. Play drums in a band and into video games, anime, music, and general socialization. Feel free to drop by my page and say hi.

Joe 19 i used to post here a lot before i @fuckyeahchubbygays

Joe, 19. I used to post here a lot before I deleted my blog, but I’m baaaaaack.

Find me at

Hey there 19 year old college student here @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hey there!

19 year old college student here(: 

Love to chat and meet new people, hit me up ;)

Hey there i am nater just your average 27 year @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hey there!! I am Nater. Just your average 27 year old guy looking for friends and all that fun stuff!!! If you want to know more just ask! :)

Hiya im nethaneel i am a fun outgoing and @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hiya! I’m Nethaneel. I am a fun, outgoing, and artistic being. My live revolves around my craft, which is Musical Theatre. I love it. I love it. I love it. I’m very chill. Follow/Message me and let’s chat! :D

Hey im justin im a writer and artist who @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hey, I’m Justin!

I’m a writer, and artist who has no clue what I want to do in life, but until I figure it out (and even probably after) you can watch me Tumbl.

I’m 6'3", 330lbs, and kind of a good. Lets be friends :3

Hey im anthony 20 musical theatre major and @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hey! I’m Anthony, 20, Musical Theatre major, and and quite the video game nerd. If you want to know then follow me! I reply to all the questions people who ask me anon or not. Talk to you soon ;D

Skype: Anthony_chris17

Facial hair class nerds follow me @fuckyeahchubbygays

Facial hair, class, & nerds. 

Follow me!

Mike 3rd or 4th submission nurse in ottawa @fuckyeahchubbygays

Mike, 3rd or 4th submission. Nurse in Ottawa, Canada. 23yo.

Herro 3 18 california love making new friends @fuckyeahchubbygays

Herro :3
18, California.
Love making new friends :3 :] 

Its been a while since i submitted anything to @fuckyeahchubbygays

Its been a while since I submitted anything to this blog. 

Here is a pic post workout. Working on myself, not trying to get super skinny but add some muscle to my fluff ;).

Keleb here 21 yo southwest alabama waiter and @fuckyeahchubbygays

Keleb here. 21 Y/O. Southwest Alabama. Waiter and a college student currently. My fourth submission! Twin. Lover of Body mods (tattoos and piercings), fashion, food, music, and finer things. Follow me, you won’t regret it!

Hi im bryan i recently returned to tumblr so @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hi, I’m Bryan. I recently returned to tumblr, so some new followers would be pretty cool!

Hello im aaron cruz cubinhidingtumblrcom i am @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hello Im Aaron Cruz ( I am 21 years old. Originally from Inland Empire in Southern California but currently a student at UC Santa Cruz Doing Biology. My blog has mainly funny posts. Tends to go along with my personality. I am very friendly :) I am seeing someone right now and he is very special to me…and I can’t wait to see where our journey will take us. Don’t be afraid to add me, I will more then likely follow you back…have a wonderful day :)

Hey so this is like my 3rd time submitting its @fuckyeahchubbygays

hey, so this is like my 3rd time submitting, its fun, and i heard they needed more submissions. :3 

but im mikey. say hi. i love music.i do hair, my blog is pretty awesome if i do say so myself. im single :) from Arizona. so yeah, say hi and follow, i always follow back :) i have twitter and instagram also.

Hey heres another submission of me im karl @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hey, Here’s another submission of me. I’m Karl, 22, SIUC, college cheerleader. Come be my best friend forever?

Hi im jamel and i run my personal blog @fuckyeahchubbygays

Hi I’m Jamel and I run my personal Blog and I love movies, Video games, naked/shirtless men of any size, Funny Gifs, and tv shows…much like any other blog with a pulse….so Just follow me and message me if you think im cute :) 

Im steve a 21 year old culinary instructor @fuckyeahchubbygays

I’m Steve :)

A 21 year old culinary instructor from the south side of Chicago. When I’m not teaching or cooking, I run a small catering business on the side.

When that’s not happening, I’m sitting down. On a couch with a movie and blanket, in a pub with a pint, or at a restaurant in front of food. But ALWAYS with friends.

Talk to me. MY door is always open.