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This blog is dedicated to empowering all the beautiful transwomen out there, as well as DMAB non-binary folks and anyone falling on the feminine side of the "trans*" spectrum. Please feel free to submit questions , photos , and videos . Stay classy, ladies ♥ Ask / Random / Archive / FAQ / Submission Tips / Submit - Fuck Yeah MTFs (@fuckyeahmtfs)
A couple months ago i was playing the @fuckyeahmtfs

A couple months ago I was playing the I’m-cute-so-I’m-gonna-take-a-million-pictures-of-myself-game. I think I won :P

My blog is if y'all are interested

Everyone say hello to my friend lily again she @fuckyeahmtfs

Everyone, say hello to my friend Lily again! She lives in near me in Georgia, the city of Atlanta, and a personal good friend of mine. Enjoy her gorgeous face and get to know her!


My name is anna 18years old 19 in two months @fuckyeahmtfs

My name is Anna, 18years old (19 in two months!) and I’ve been on hormones for 16 months now.

Hi dolls my name is lea and im an 18 year old @fuckyeahmtfs

Hi dolls, my name is Lea and I’m an 18-year old makeup artist and I’ve been on hormones for 3 months! :)))

Hello beautiful ladies im azora a 25 year old @fuckyeahmtfs

Hello beautiful ladies i’m Azora, a 25 year old transgender woman at the beginning of her transition. Thank you all for giving me the courage to finally be free

Finally got an appointment so hopefully i can now @fuckyeahmtfs

Finally got an appointment, so hopefully I can now properly begin my transition, only taken nearly 2 years to get here aha, but in the mean time come say hi? =]

This is lily and this girl is very near and dear @fuckyeahmtfs

This is Lily and this girl is very near and dear to my heart. Please give her the appreciation and compliments she deserves.


T0gekisses so this happened im so horrible @fuckyeahmtfs


So this happened. I’m so horrible at walking in them too. xD

I absolutely love this blog and all of you if @fuckyeahmtfs

I absolutely LOVE this blog and all of you! ^_^ If any of my fellow trans girls need someone to talk to you always will have a friend in me! <3

Hi im bunny 16 years young transgender @fuckyeahmtfs

Hi, i’m Bunny ❤ 16 years young Transgender, current not on any hormones.

Hey im lara from the uk nice to see so many @fuckyeahmtfs

Hey, I’m Lara from the UK. Nice to see so many brave girls going through the same as me. Love this blog! Hope you all like mine :) x

Im just on the verge of diving head first into my @fuckyeahmtfs

I’m just on the verge of diving head first into my journey, and similarity social media. I am to become a Faerie, and plan to chronicle the experience. Keep an eye out for me. ;)

Makeup done night out had a lil fun ate some @fuckyeahmtfs

Makeup done, night out, had a lil fun, ate some good food. :3

Hi christine from norway here 25 and 14 15 @fuckyeahmtfs

Hi! Christine from Norway here, 25 and 14-15 months on estrogen. Loving the changes and transition so far, and becoming a bit of a badass :-p
Pic taken from my Uni :-)

Hi im sapphira michaels im a mtf 5 months @fuckyeahmtfs

Hi Im sapphira michaels Im a Mtf 5 months Transitioning on hrt and had ffs and implants done. Feel free to hit me up at 

My name is nikki i have been on hormones for @fuckyeahmtfs

My name is Nikki. I have been on hormones for almost 3 years now. I started HRT when I turn 18.

Hello lovlies aleah 22 yo pre everything i @fuckyeahmtfs

Hello lovlies!! Aleah, 22 y/o pre everything, I was on hormones for a few months but ran into some complications :( Boo! But life is still good!! Feel free to drop a message if you want to talk!!

Im kristen ive been on hrt for 6 months now @fuckyeahmtfs

I’m Kristen. I’ve been on HRT for 6 months now. Kinda scared to post this picture, but finally figured I should just go for it. Just looking for people to talk to and whatnot. I’m pretty shy, but I’m a nice person.

I pretty much post Doctor Who, cats and some venting. If you like what you see, feel free to follow me.