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This blog is dedicated to empowering all the beautiful transwomen out there, as well as DMAB non-binary folks and anyone falling on the feminine side of the "trans*" spectrum. Please feel free to submit questions , photos , and videos . Stay classy, ladies ♥ Ask / Random / Archive / FAQ / Submission Tips / Submit - Fuck Yeah MTFs (@fuckyeahmtfs)
A couple months ago i was playing the @fuckyeahmtfs

A couple months ago I was playing the I’m-cute-so-I’m-gonna-take-a-million-pictures-of-myself-game. I think I won :P

My blog is if y'all are interested

Everyone say hello to my friend lily again she @fuckyeahmtfs

Everyone, say hello to my friend Lily again! She lives in near me in Georgia, the city of Atlanta, and a personal good friend of mine. Enjoy her gorgeous face and get to know her!


My name is anna 18years old 19 in two months @fuckyeahmtfs

My name is Anna, 18years old (19 in two months!) and I’ve been on hormones for 16 months now.

Hi dolls my name is lea and im an 18 year old @fuckyeahmtfs

Hi dolls, my name is Lea and I’m an 18-year old makeup artist and I’ve been on hormones for 3 months! :)))

Hello beautiful ladies im azora a 25 year old @fuckyeahmtfs

Hello beautiful ladies i’m Azora, a 25 year old transgender woman at the beginning of her transition. Thank you all for giving me the courage to finally be free

Finally got an appointment so hopefully i can now @fuckyeahmtfs

Finally got an appointment, so hopefully I can now properly begin my transition, only taken nearly 2 years to get here aha, but in the mean time come say hi? =]

This is lily and this girl is very near and dear @fuckyeahmtfs

This is Lily and this girl is very near and dear to my heart. Please give her the appreciation and compliments she deserves.


T0gekisses so this happened im so horrible @fuckyeahmtfs


So this happened. I’m so horrible at walking in them too. xD

I absolutely love this blog and all of you if @fuckyeahmtfs

I absolutely LOVE this blog and all of you! ^_^ If any of my fellow trans girls need someone to talk to you always will have a friend in me! <3

Hi im bunny 16 years young transgender @fuckyeahmtfs

Hi, i’m Bunny ❤ 16 years young Transgender, current not on any hormones.

Hey im lara from the uk nice to see so many @fuckyeahmtfs

Hey, I’m Lara from the UK. Nice to see so many brave girls going through the same as me. Love this blog! Hope you all like mine :) x

Im just on the verge of diving head first into my @fuckyeahmtfs

I’m just on the verge of diving head first into my journey, and similarity social media. I am to become a Faerie, and plan to chronicle the experience. Keep an eye out for me. ;)

Makeup done night out had a lil fun ate some @fuckyeahmtfs

Makeup done, night out, had a lil fun, ate some good food. :3

Hi christine from norway here 25 and 14 15 @fuckyeahmtfs

Hi! Christine from Norway here, 25 and 14-15 months on estrogen. Loving the changes and transition so far, and becoming a bit of a badass :-p
Pic taken from my Uni :-)

Hi im sapphira michaels im a mtf 5 months @fuckyeahmtfs

Hi Im sapphira michaels Im a Mtf 5 months Transitioning on hrt and had ffs and implants done. Feel free to hit me up at 

My name is nikki i have been on hormones for @fuckyeahmtfs

My name is Nikki. I have been on hormones for almost 3 years now. I started HRT when I turn 18.

Hello lovlies aleah 22 yo pre everything i @fuckyeahmtfs

Hello lovlies!! Aleah, 22 y/o pre everything, I was on hormones for a few months but ran into some complications :( Boo! But life is still good!! Feel free to drop a message if you want to talk!!

Im kristen ive been on hrt for 6 months now @fuckyeahmtfs

I’m Kristen. I’ve been on HRT for 6 months now. Kinda scared to post this picture, but finally figured I should just go for it. Just looking for people to talk to and whatnot. I’m pretty shy, but I’m a nice person.

I pretty much post Doctor Who, cats and some venting. If you like what you see, feel free to follow me.

My name is maëlys i identify as genderqueer and @fuckyeahmtfs

My name is Maëlys. I identify as genderqueer and my preferred pronouns are they/them. I’ve lived through twenty-eight revolutions around the sun and am from Ontario, Canada. I should hopefully be starting HRT come December.

Hiiiiiiii im lede and im 18 months into hrt @fuckyeahmtfs

Hiiiiiiii! I’m Lede, and I’m 18 months into HRT. Much love and strength to all of my sisters out there! Drop by if you’d like: <3

Hi my name is corrine to contact me my youtube @fuckyeahmtfs

Hi! My name is Corrine, to contact me my youtube is I hope to be able to share my experiences with you :D

Hi im lilly 3 ive been on hrt for a little @fuckyeahmtfs

Hi! I’m Lilly <3 I’ve been on hrt for a little over 3 years; feel free to follow me if you like @

That day i managed to get maamed even after i @fuckyeahmtfs

That day I managed to get “ma'amed” even after I opened my mouth.

Hi im bennie im 16 years old and from @fuckyeahmtfs

Hi, I’m Bennie! I’m 16 years old and from Massachusetts. I love playing all sorts of music. Especially Synth-Pop!
Feel free to follow me!

Finally got an appointment so hopefully i can now @fuckyeahmtfs

Finally got an appointment, so hopefully I can now properly begin my transition, only taken nearly 2 years to get here aha, but in the mean time come say hi? =]

Hy my name is saša iris 21 and im from @fuckyeahmtfs

hy, my name is Saša Iris, 21, and I’m from Croatia. I’m now 10 months on HRT and every day feeling more authentic to my true self  ^_^ love to you all! <3

Hello i guess im carly for now @fuckyeahmtfs

Hello, I guess?

I’m Carly (for now), pre-everything and almost 8 months into transition! Come say hi, I’d love to talk to some of you! :3

Hey all danielle here i have been on hormones @fuckyeahmtfs

Hey all! Danielle here. I have been on hormones for almost three months now. I have been full time for about two months. And I am loving life.

Here I am ready to enjoy some time at the beach in my first girly swimsuit.

One more @fuckyeahmtfs

One more;)

7 mo hrt @fuckyeahmtfs

7 mo. Hrt ;)

Image a girl in a black dress really not much @fuckyeahmtfs

(image: a girl in a black dress, really not much going on here. Some makeup and a bad hair day)

Hi, I’m Dakota! I’m pre-everything, in the beginning stages of transtition. I just came out to my parents so there is some drama, a lot of people in my life are really awesome! Come follow me, or talk to me if you’d like!

My makeup came out really well today why does it @fuckyeahmtfs

My makeup came out really well today. Why does it always go better when you’re not planning to actually go anywhere?

Description: An 18 year old trans woman with near-shoulder-length dark brown hair, rectangular glasses, and red lipstick. Someone holding a game controller is just visible in the background.

For queer summer nights there was one clothed @fuckyeahmtfs

For Queer Summer Nights! There was one clothed, one nude. Very fun to do. 

The project was called, “Invisible Bodies” (bet you can guess why!)

Anyways, come say hi!

Hi its rachel happy fun smart sassy @fuckyeahmtfs

Hi, it’s Rachel.  Happy, fun, smart sassy transgirl here.  Come visit and / or talk to me at

Black and white photo of a girl holding a champagne glass. Her head is in profile, she has dark hair in a pony tail, a diamond earring and is smiling.  Her dark eyes are looking right into the camera.

I absolutely love this blog and all of you if @fuckyeahmtfs

I absolutely LOVE this blog and all of you! ^_^ If any of my fellow trans girls need someone to talk to you always will have a friend in me! <3

I was bored so i got really dressed up no @fuckyeahmtfs

I was bored so I got really dressed up,  No special occasion really…14 months plus a couple days I guess.  I’ve posted before but this is a much more recent picture.

A girl in a black corset smiles cheekishly while holding a snowboard over her shoulders behind her head.  

My names otis i dont know what to call myself @fuckyeahmtfs

My name’s Otis. I don’t know what to call myself quite yet.. This is me at Wasabi Con in Denver 2013. Unfortunately those are just breast forms in my shirt because I haven’t started HRT but a girl can dream ;)

Hey everyone my name atm is jacob but im @fuckyeahmtfs

Hey, everyone! 

My name atm is Jacob, but I’m hoping to change my name to Julia once I transition. 

I am pre everything, but I want to start soon. If anyone can help me and give advice to starting and stuff (I have no idea how/where to start).

I’d love to talk to you and be friends and stuff. :3

If you wanna tumblr message me, go here

My name is tammi im 16 pre everything and am @fuckyeahmtfs

My name is Tammi, I’m 16, pre-everything and am just trying to pass the best I can until I am old enough :)

The left picture was taken back in like september @fuckyeahmtfs

The left picture was taken back in like September 2011, while the right image was taken several months ago. I’ve been living full time since December 2012, have been on Estrogen since October 2012, and I feel SOOO much better than I did before!

Indian tgirl escort aditi @fuckyeahmtfs

Indian tgirl escort Aditi

Yo im cheryl 17 and pre everything but im @fuckyeahmtfs

Yo, I’m Cheryl. 17 and pre-everything, but I’m starting HRT this month,,

Hi my name is sasa im 21 living in croatia and @fuckyeahmtfs

hi my name is Sasa, I’m 21, living in Croatia and finally living my authentic self. love to you all

Pre hormones pre good clothes pre everything @fuckyeahmtfs

Pre-hormones, pre-good-clothes; pre-everything really. xo

This is my first entry this is me at my first @fuckyeahmtfs

This is my first entry, this is me at my First Denver Pride (2013), and my first pride being out as trans. =]

Came out to my friends about 6 months ago and my Dad and Step Mom about 3 weeks ago. They were/are so supportive. =] Mom and step dad? well there right winged Mormons and are not supportive at all. =[ what eve’s, you cant please everyone.

I will post more updates in the future as well =]

<3 Stacy

Its been a while since ive gotten dressed sorry @fuckyeahmtfs

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten dressed. Sorry for the bad wig and the minimal makeup. I’m starting hormones soon though! How am I doing?

Hi im bunny 16 year old transgender currently @fuckyeahmtfs

Hi i’m Bunny  16 Year old transgender. Currently not on hormones!

Hi im mykal ive been on hrt for 6 months and @fuckyeahmtfs

Hi! I’m Mykal I’ve been on HRT for 6 months and I’m one of the coolest people you will ever meet! ^_^

Hey there im izzie recently started presenting @fuckyeahmtfs

Hey there! i’m Izzie, recently started presenting full time, Hoping to share experiences, feel free to follow me c’:

Hi my name is rose sanchez im a trans girl pre @fuckyeahmtfs

Hi my name is Rose Sanchez. I’m a trans girl. Pre hrt though :/. Im a mix of Taino Puerto Rician, German, Irish, Black Foot Indian, and Hungarian-Austrian. I’m from New York and 18. i love anime, comic books. And I’m femme and love other girls :D

Hi everyone im bailey im 18 and have @fuckyeahmtfs

Hi everyone, I’m Bailey :) I’m 18 and have currently been on hrt for almost 13 months. Right now I’m planning to go full time by late August if not much earlier. This picture was when I was coming back from my college orientation :) I hope I get to talk to a lot of you wonderful people!

Hey im lucy 17 from london looking for @fuckyeahmtfs

Hey, I’m Lucy, 17 from London. Looking for friends!

Follow me?

Thanks! <3

Hi my name is corrine to contact me my youtube @fuckyeahmtfs

Hi! My name is Corrine, to contact me my youtube is I hope to be able to share my experiences with you :D

Businesses that offer at least one @fuckyeahmtfs

Businesses That Offer at Least One Transgender-Inclusive Health Care Coverage Plan

So I know the HRC is pretty damn shitty to us trans folk. But this is still the best comprehensive thing I have seen with employers that offer trans* inclusive benefits. 

I set a click through link to a high resolution.

A lot of these are worth a Google to find out what they really are. Like Darden Restaurants, that’s Olive Garden and Red Lobster. 

If you can get a full-time job at one of these places, they will (most likely) offer GRS/SRS in the insurance plan. If you take a look here, you can see what companies have what restrictions about it. Eg, age, time on hormones, ‘real life experience’, all that bs.

Hopefully this will help some of you get jobs at places that will actually do you some good.

For the rest of the Corporate Equality Index, look here.

Please reblog this at the least, even if you don’t care, your friends or fellow trans people might.

3 lovecraftietumblrcom @fuckyeahmtfs


Im soraya valentine from ct i wanna be yr friend @fuckyeahmtfs

I’m Soraya Valentine from CT. I wanna be yr friend and stuff!

Hi lovelies im arielle and its been almost two @fuckyeahmtfs

 Hi lovelies! Im Arielle and its been almost two years since I started hrt and I couldn’t be happier :)

Hii im willow im 20 years old and ive been @fuckyeahmtfs

Hii, I’m Willow! I’m 20 years old, and I’ve been on HRT for a little over 2 years. Feel free to follow me at

Hello there i have never made a submission here @fuckyeahmtfs

hello there. i have never made a submission here before so i figured it’s about time ha. my name’s bailey. i am 24 years old and i have been transitioning for roughly 2 years come september. currently i am working on getting my life organized and hopefully moving out of the midwest. but yeah, i enjoy a good conversation, especially the intellectual kinds. feel free to shoot me a message http://

Hai im rebecca 17 trans 3 ive been on @fuckyeahmtfs

href=""Hai I’m Rebecca, 17, trans :3 I’ve been on hormones for almost a year, blockers for almost two, and I’ve been full time since 2010ish. I’ll be 18 soon and moving to the adult clinic in London at Charring Cross, so excited. Big love to all you ladies x

21 year old nursing student from nj 4 more months @fuckyeahmtfs

21 year old nursing student from NJ
4 more months until I start HRT.
Always looking for new friends :-)

Hi im michael pre pretty much everything @fuckyeahmtfs

Hi. I’m Michael, pre pretty much everything, twenty years old. From the UK. People should talk to me! Regular blog is and transition blog is hope to talk soon! :D 

Lily here 21 lit studies student havent @fuckyeahmtfs

Lily here. 21, lit studies student. Haven’t started hormones.

If you cant tell im the tall one the rest are @fuckyeahmtfs

If you can’t tell, I’m the tall one. The rest are my fellow derby girls. Wearing heels puts me just a little bit under 6’ 6". 

Come say hiiiiii

My names anna im 18 i live in omaha nebraska @fuckyeahmtfs

My name’s Anna, I’m 18. I live in Omaha, Nebraska, and I just I’m almost at 11 months on HRT woooooo

Im back a few months later after another party @fuckyeahmtfs

I’m back a few months later after another party. This is me with one of my bestest friends… and out in PUBLIC! It was a fun night

My friend ana takes the best photos everrrrrr @fuckyeahmtfs

My friend, Ana, takes the best photos everrrrrr! So glad we did a graduation photoshoot! ;] This is my favvvvv.

I’m sooooo proud. It’s been almost a year on hormones and I am sooo glad that I am at a point where I am soooo comfortable in my own skin. I can finally look in the mirror and be *mostly* happy with myself.


Hang in there, girls! <3

Sup ash here again i think drop us a hi or hello @fuckyeahmtfs

Sup ash here again I think, drop us a hi or hello as I’m trying to find more MTR blogs to follow

Happy sunday and happy cinco do mayo everyone @fuckyeahmtfs

Happy Sunday and Happy Cinco do Mayo everyone!

Christina, Buffalo NY, 46, Hormones for 1 year 11 months. Sunday morning, no make-up. Gotta get busy doing housework :( Hope to have some time later to relax in the sun with a margarita :( Sunny, 72 F…I’ll take it, coz everyone knows it’s always snowing in Buffalo, right?! ;)

Stop and say hello :)

My name is tessa and im 19 ive start taking @fuckyeahmtfs

My name is Tessa and I’m 19, I’ve start taking hormones on Christmas day so I’ve been on it for 4 months. =3

Laura thirtysomething adoptive berliner almost @fuckyeahmtfs

Laura, thirtysomething, adoptive Berliner, almost 8 months HRT. Went full time a week ago after coming out at work and I’m loving my life. Come say hi!

Hi im dakota 21 yrs old always looking for @fuckyeahmtfs

I’m Dakota, 21 yrs old
Always looking for new friends


Heres another one p just took it today follow @fuckyeahmtfs

Here’s another one :P Just took it today!

Follow me at :       http://shebelieved–

or message me on Facebook at :



Sup my name is charlotte im a make up artist @fuckyeahmtfs

Sup? My name is Charlotte, I’m a make-up artist, model + architecture student.

Hello the names cyd just your friendly @fuckyeahmtfs

Hello. The name’s Cyd. Just your friendly, neighborhood musician / gear fanatic. Au revoir. 

Hi my name is karen and im a transgender hair @fuckyeahmtfs

Hi, my name is Karen and im a transgender hair stylist :)

Its been a long while since ive submitted @fuckyeahmtfs

It’s been a long while since I’ve submitted something so here we go.

Hello everyone, my name is Kristin. I’m 21 and (as of this submission) 11 months on HRT.

My life pretty much revolves around school, tv, food, and videogames.

Oh and sleep. Sleep is also pretty awesome.

I love meeting new people. Let’s talk? (:

Im 21 mtf pre hrt im crazy i started @fuckyeahmtfs

im 21, MTF, pre HRT… im crazy… i started questioning 4 or 5 years ago… i dont have a name yet :/ and i like to make electronic music…

this is my blog

Hi im rosa 20 year old pre everything binary @fuckyeahmtfs

hi, i’m rosa! 20 year old pre-everything binary trans girl. this is a picture from the first time i ever went in public presenting femme, at an anime convention. it was so nice, and its the happiest i’ve ever felt.

you can follow me at!

[Image description: a girl with long black hair, winged eyeliner, and a pink top. her head is slightly inclined and she’s wearing a soft smile.]

Adrienne 18 i havent start any hormone @fuckyeahmtfs

Adrienne, 18. I haven’t start any hormone treatments, and i am unable to dress according to my true gender, but, i stay hopeful most times. :)

Me and my friend léa almost same state 1y½ and @fuckyeahmtfs

Me and my friend Léa. Almost same state : 1y½ and 2y THS, (4months post-SRS)…

Hi my name is christina im a 46 year old trans @fuckyeahmtfs

Hi, my name is Christina. I’m a 46 year old trans woman living in Buffalo, NY. I am originally from England, and have been on Estradiol and Spiro for almost 2 years (June). 
I was divorced and became a single parent to my two young children 10 years ago. Although I loved my children with all my being, I was such a very unhappy shell of a person before I started transitioning. For me starting hormones made me feel at ease, normal, and truly alive for the first time in my life. It was like suddenly the world became a colorful, vibrant place. My now teenage children have been fantastic, and my boyfriend, Ethan is the most awesome person I’ve ever met. I have never been happier. 

Stop by and say hello if you like…

One of my favorite quotes: 
It’s never too late to be who you might have been (George Eliot, 1819 - 1880)

Finally heard that i might actually be getting an @fuckyeahmtfs

Finally heard that I might actually be getting an appointment with a gender therapist in the future sometime and actually begin my transition, hurray

In the mean time, come say hi? or F4F or something =]

Hi im bunny 15 years young transgender @fuckyeahmtfs

Hi i’m Bunny   15 years young transgender. Currently not on hormones.

46 years old 2 years on estradiolspiro its @fuckyeahmtfs

46 years old :( 2 years on Estradiol/Spiro. It’s never too late to find yourself and be truly happy! 
I wish I was 60 lbs lighter and 20 years younger…I’m working on the first…the second may take more time…

Double fang jenny 21 im hoping to talk to a @fuckyeahmtfs


Jenny, 21, I’m hoping to talk to a counselor soon and start HRT. This is my first real attempt at passing…

Hi im mikayla just under 2 weeks of hrt d and @fuckyeahmtfs

Hi I’m Mikayla! 

just under 2 weeks of HRT :D and the changes are happening so fast! 

If your a Veteran try going to your local VA they helped me out with everything and I pay nothing for the hormones!

If you have any other questions feel free to shoot me asks C: