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Fuck Yeah Native Babes @fuckyeahnativebabes

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We do not own any rights to the pictures posted, with that being said if you are on here and would like to be removed we will as soon as possible. And if you are part Native American or have any relation to someone we are accepting submissions. Thank You =) - Fuck Yeah Native Babes (@fuckyeahnativebabes)
Briana my little sister navajo @fuckyeahnativebabes

Briana (my little sister)  Navajo

Chippewa hes a buster anywaytumblrcom @fuckyeahnativebabes

chippewa :*

Cherokee stephanie petet @fuckyeahnativebabes

Cherokee. Stephanie Petet

44 navajo 21 years old living in colorado @fuckyeahnativebabes

4/4 Navajo. 21 years old. Living in Colorado :)

Athena radford 24 yrs old musician lesbian nez @fuckyeahnativebabes

Athena Radford. 24 yrs old. Musician. Lesbian. Nez Perce tribal enrolled. Grew up on the Umatilla reservation.

½ cherokee littleladyluxurytumblrcom @fuckyeahnativebabes

½ Cherokee

Letitenfoldyou fuckkkin right @fuckyeahnativebabes



Ally rose chief joseph brant is one my great @fuckyeahnativebabes

Ally Rose, Chief Joseph Brant is one my great grandfathers.

Jayde sinclair native american j lovetumblrcom @fuckyeahnativebabes

Jayde Sinclair

Native American

Native american muncies @fuckyeahnativebabes

native american, muncies

Clarisse littlechild keep it classy @fuckyeahnativebabes

Clarisse Littlechild ; Keep It Classy ;)

Kirby wolfe katie cire @fuckyeahnativebabes

Kirby Wolfe & Katie Cire.

Cheylynn large and her baby zakaylo @fuckyeahnativebabes

Cheylynn Large and her baby Zakaylo. :)

Christina o rogerrthat @fuckyeahnativebabes

Christina O.


Tris mountain and lil bradlen mother is girl @fuckyeahnativebabes

Tris Mountain and Lil Bradlen.. Mother is girl posted before this. :)

Jennifer nepoose karlene cutknife tootoosis @fuckyeahnativebabes

Jennifer Nepoose & Karlene Cutknife-Tootoosis.

Chaselyne crane @fuckyeahnativebabes

Chaselyne Crane.

Jurnee dion @fuckyeahnativebabes

Jurnee Dion.

Darcie carter gamble @fuckyeahnativebabes

Darcie Carter-Gamble

Ashley callingbul modelactress @fuckyeahnativebabes

Ashley Callingbul (Model/Actress)

Brandon stone a boy is naturally full of humor @fuckyeahnativebabes

Brandon Stone

A boy is naturally full of humor.

Jasmine littlechild beauty gets the attention @fuckyeahnativebabes

Jasmine Littlechild

Beauty gets the attention , but personality catches the heat <3

Chase barqs p music washes away from the soul @fuckyeahnativebabes

Chase Barqs ;p

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. 

Lanaya houle @fuckyeahnativebabes

Lanaya Houle.

Lilo sharphead @fuckyeahnativebabes

Lilo Sharphead .

Dalton raine swagga so bright i don t even need @fuckyeahnativebabes

Dalton raine

Swagga so bright * i don`t even need light .

Jesse valvo p i got 99 problems they all @fuckyeahnativebabes

Jesse Valvo ;p

I got 99 problems & they all bitches !

Rolanda quinney you hurt me once shame on you @fuckyeahnativebabes

Rolanda Quinney

You hurt me once… shame on you. You hurt me twice… shame on me!

Royce alexis a man snatches the first kiss @fuckyeahnativebabes

Royce Alexis

A man snatches the first kiss, pleads for the second, demands the third, takes the fourth, accepts the fifth - and endures all the rest.

Ashton hootcher ive learned that either you @fuckyeahnativebabes

Ashton Hootcher

“I’ve learned…
that either you control your
attitude or it controls you.”

Megan iveson love is not about its your fault @fuckyeahnativebabes

Megan Iveson

“Love is not about "It’s your fault” but “I’m sorry”. Not “Where are you?” but “I’m right here”. Not “How could you?” but “I understand”. Not “I wish you were” but “I’m thankful you are”.

Naomi skye dont screw up the best thing that @fuckyeahnativebabes

Naomi Skye

“Don’t screw up the best thing that ever happened to you just because you’re a little unsure about who you are.”

Belle alexis half of life is fucking up the @fuckyeahnativebabes

Belle Alexis

“Half of life is fucking up - the other half is dealing with it.”
Ambur raine take chances tell the truth date @fuckyeahnativebabes

Ambur Raine

“Take chances. Tell the truth. Date someone totally wrong for you. Say no. Spend all your cash! Fall in love. Get to know someone random. Be random. Say I love you. Sing out loud. Laugh at a stupid joke. Cry. Get revenge. Apologize. Tell someone how much they mean to you. Tell the asshole what you feel. Let someone know what theyre missing. Laugh til your stomach hurts. LIVE LIFE!”
Desiree alexis its not that we arent meant to @fuckyeahnativebabes

Desiree Alexis

“It’s not that we aren’t meant to be together, I think that we’re just not ready for forever.”
Audrey johnson i dont fear your judgment @fuckyeahnativebabes

Audrey Johnson

“I don’t fear your judgment ‘cause I already know who I am.”
Joey stylez my sugga sugga sugga cane @fuckyeahnativebabes

Joey Stylez

“MY SUGGA ,SUGGA, SUGGA CANE” joeeeyy sylezz
Payton cutknife swagga so bright i don t even @fuckyeahnativebabes

Payton Cutknife

“Swagga so bright I don`t even need light” ;)
Braiden baron love is giving someone the @fuckyeahnativebabes

Braiden Baron

“Love is… giving someone the ability to destroy your heart… but trusting them not too.”
Chloe hunter cardinal because of you i laugh a @fuckyeahnativebabes

Chloe Hunter Cardinal

“Because of you… I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a little more.”
Curtis laboucan i dont want anyone else to @fuckyeahnativebabes

Curtis Laboucan

I don’t want anyone else to realize how amazing you are
Julianna flamingo if i could take it all back i @fuckyeahnativebabes

Julianna Flamingo

“If I could take it all back I wouldn’t. Don’t live in regret.”
Luke alexis i party like a rockstarr look @fuckyeahnativebabes

Luke Alexis

“I party like a rockstarr* , look like a movie star* , play like an allstar* , fuck like a pornstar* babbbbbyyyy i`m a supaastar*”
Claudine gladue all our dreams can come @fuckyeahnativebabes

Claudine Gladue :)

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. ”
Rex soosay p she has known this man for some @fuckyeahnativebabes

Rex Soosay ;p

“She has known this man for some time, and there was never any misrepresentation on her part, and there certainly was no extortion.”
Karrie littlechild been around the world i @fuckyeahnativebabes

Karrie littlechild

“ Been around the world I still can`t find .. another girl that can steal my shine, I`ve had my highs I`ve had my lows , but you can`t tell me that I`m not the BADDEST B*TCH!!”
Martie whitequills beauty is only skin @fuckyeahnativebabes

Martie Whitequills

“Beauty is only skin deep. I think what’s really important is finding a balance of mind, body and spirit. Somebody said to me not too long ago, ‘Until you’re twenty, you have the face you are born with, and after that you have the face you deserve’, and I really loved that - the idea that you wear who you are on your face.”
Nigel alexis p truth is everyone is going to @fuckyeahnativebabes

Nigel Alexis ;p

Truth is: everyone is going to hurt you, it’s finding the ones worth suffering for - Bob Marley
Brooke steinhauer add me on fb lol might @fuckyeahnativebabes

Brooke Steinhauer (; add me on fb . lol

might look white but 100% native baby fuckyeaah native american
Katherine deschamps real eyes real lies @fuckyeahnativebabes

Katherine Deschamps

“real eyes , real lies , realize”
Kayla houle joe kootenay our hearts are drunk @fuckyeahnativebabes

Kayla Houle & Joe Kootenay

“Our hearts are drunk with a beauty our eyes can never see”
Chase wolf i got alot of problems getting @fuckyeahnativebabes

Chase Wolf

“I got alot of problems .. getting pussy just isn`t 1one! ”
Shelby cardinal if she s amazing she won t be @fuckyeahnativebabes

Shelby Cardinal

“if she`s amazing, she won`t be easyy, If she`s easy she won`t be amazing, If she`s worth it you won`t give up .. If you give up your not worthy”
Darien cardinal if your having girl problems i @fuckyeahnativebabes

Darien Cardinal

“If your having girl problems i feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but a B*TCH ain`t 1one” :p
Breanne desjarlais beauty always promises but @fuckyeahnativebabes

Breanne Desjarlais

“Beauty always promises but never gives anything”
Darien talon christian p it s a mans world @fuckyeahnativebabes

Darien , Talon , Christian ;p

“It`s a mans world & you men can have it”
Clarisse littlechild the rarest thing in the @fuckyeahnativebabes

Clarisse Littlechild :)

“the rarest thing in the world , is a women who is pleased w/ her photographs”
Shantal steinhauer i hate youand then i love @fuckyeahnativebabes

Shantal Steinhauer :)

“I hate you…and then I love you…it’s like I want to throw you off a cliff….then rush to the bottom to catch you”

Ryan p lust is easy love is hard like is @fuckyeahnativebabes

Ryan :P ;)

“Lust is easy. Love is hard. Like is most important.”