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Fuck Yeah, Nice Cock! {F.Y.N.C.} @fuckyeahnicecock

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Beautifully portrayed specimens of male charisma and anatomy. Cum, Cocks, Pussies, mouths and asses dominated by and celebrating the male member in it's proper glory. A celebration of steel wrapped in silk and the pleasure it brings to men and women... - Fuck Yeah, Nice Cock! {F.Y.N.C.} (@fuckyeahnicecock)
Take him out and resubmit @fuckyeahnicecock

Take him out and resubmit!

My cock hunglo10yahoocom @fuckyeahnicecock

My cock.

Very hot @fuckyeahnicecock

Very hot!

Im not nearly as hung as most of the submissions @fuckyeahnicecock

I’m not nearly as hung as most of the submissions you get but I figured I’d at least give it a shot!

{That’ll do, sir.}

Yo nice blog man @fuckyeahnicecock

Yo nice blog man.

Nice @fuckyeahnicecock


Yes no maybe probablynotideal fuck yeah @fuckyeahnicecock

Yes, no, maybe?


[ Fuck Yeah]
My 7 inches @fuckyeahnicecock

my 7 inches

Loopez depth chart @fuckyeahnicecock


Depth Chart.

Do you like this @fuckyeahnicecock

Do you like this ?

Come off anon @fuckyeahnicecock

Come off anon!

7 incheri @fuckyeahnicecock

7 incher

Monster energy @fuckyeahnicecock

Monster energy

Tell me what you think its a little passed 6 12 @fuckyeahnicecock

Tell me what you think. Its a little passed 6 1/2 

Rossinnbigcockdevotion @fuckyeahnicecock


Saythankyoumaster you get me so hard @fuckyeahnicecock


You get me so hard.

Hes a keeper @fuckyeahnicecock

He’s a keeper.

I dont know who to give credit to for this set @fuckyeahnicecock

I don’t know who to give credit to for this set. If this is your set, please PM me for credit. You deserve it, this guy is adorable.

0 @fuckyeahnicecock


This is fucking pretty thanks for the submit @fuckyeahnicecock

This is fucking pretty.
Thanks for the submit.

Thanks for showing off @fuckyeahnicecock

Thanks for showing off!

Kvn378tumblrcom that is a beautiful piece of @fuckyeahnicecock 🐻

[That is a beautiful piece of meat, kvn378. Thanks for the share!]

Hot damn @fuckyeahnicecock

Hot damn!

My ginger cock hope you like love it send @fuckyeahnicecock

My ginger cock. Hope you like.

[LOVE it. Send more!]
Handjobhottie meet and fuck local sluts @fuckyeahnicecock


Meet and fuck local sluts:

Kik danielvolnysky13 @fuckyeahnicecock


Submission pretty @fuckyeahnicecock


From flaccid to monster energy ultra @fuckyeahnicecock

From flaccid to monster energy ultra.

Just want to show off my hubbys seen many and @fuckyeahnicecock

Just want to show off my hubby’s. Seen many and his is one of the better looking !! Hope you enjoy 😍

Here it is fully hard lovely cock @fuckyeahnicecock

Here it is fully hard!! Lovely cock! 😍









Ha @fuckyeahnicecock


Nice one more please @fuckyeahnicecock

Nice one, more please!

Just fucked flaccid now will send full on hard @fuckyeahnicecock

Just fucked, flaccid now. Will send full on hard if this gets enough likes ;)

My monster goddamn @fuckyeahnicecock

My Monster