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an Appreciation blog to Roxy Lalonde of Homestuck. cant stop patrynig partying* Who's this Douchebag? - foxy roxy (@fuckyeahroxylalonde)
Im going to tag all of the stuff that i dont @fuckyeahroxylalonde

i’m going to tag all of the stuff that i don’t have the artist “artist unknown!!!” so you guys can like

send me the artist! 

Artiswordswecantsay by spriteocarina @fuckyeahroxylalonde


By Spriteocarina

Justin urine i got bored afterew 15 minutes and @fuckyeahroxylalonde


i got bored afterew 15 minutes and i dont eenev know i

Notmikey babhtihththttg aint that the cutest @fuckyeahroxylalonde



aint that the cutest drawing ever 

Notmikey roxy lalondeyyyyyyyyyy @fuckyeahroxylalonde


roxy lalondeyyyyyyyyyy

Princelybutt roxy lalonde an 2012 @fuckyeahroxylalonde


Roxy Lalonde @ AN 2012

Sillysayings precious cottancandy girls turns @fuckyeahroxylalonde


Precious cottancandy girls!

Turns out I dun goofed worse than I thought, aaaand I don’t want to reline everything a third time. 

Clappsu my headcannon bodytype for roxy is that @fuckyeahroxylalonde


My headcannon bodytype for Roxy is that she’s actually pretty petite, but has curves.

Also, that she’s a platinum blonde black lady.

Why? More like why not?

Bonestuck in a world of pure inebriation @fuckyeahroxylalonde


In a world of pure inebriation.

Joogooleh i feel like roxy is a real classy @fuckyeahroxylalonde


I feel like Roxy is a real classy dame

but maybe because she has a haircurl and a striped scarf like I do bweh heh heh

Kaizcu did these a little while ago did the @fuckyeahroxylalonde


Did these a little while ago. Did the beta kids, might as well have done the alpha kids too, right?

I don’t know how to draw ANY of these people’s hair. It literally makes no sense to me.

I was debating whether or not to draw Dirk in god tier but then I decided it would be too much purple. Plus I love that orange highlighter so much!~

Coffeeclocks todays not a good day dirk @fuckyeahroxylalonde


Today’s not a good day.

Dirk, why’s your head so big?

R uoi so more tarzanstuck i was pretty @fuckyeahroxylalonde


So, more Tarzanstuck. I was pretty hesistant to upload at first due to the romanticising colonialism debacle but it was pretty much finished so oh well gung-ho. I guess this means I need to state outright that no, I’m not down with colonialism, and this AU wouldn’t be down with it if I ever actually did anything proper with it.

Anyway here’s Roxy (the scientist wanting to study apes) and Rose (the writer recording the experience) in bustle dresses, off to do things. Pretty sure they’d have to get more sensible clothes before long in that heat, bustle dresses were stupid anyway.