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Fuck Yeah Sissy Boys! @fuckyeahsissyboys

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Inspiration and exhibition for girlish males - Fuck Yeah Sissy Boys! (@fuckyeahsissyboys)
This sissy humiliates herself but then you gurls @fuckyeahsissyboys

This sissy humiliates herself. But then, you gurls are SO good at that aren’t you? Just give you a place to expose your true nature and look what happens…*evilsmile*

Methinks this sissy is enjoying herself a bit too @fuckyeahsissyboys

Methinks this sissy is enjoying herself a bit too much. Looks like she needs a smacking down to me! *evilgrin*

Does your cockette need to be controlled? See me now.

Another submission from a scared little sissy @fuckyeahsissyboys

Another submission from a scared little sissy.

Don’t you wish you had a Mistress to take it out of your hands, FORCE you into those silky panties and fishnets? Come talk to me about it..

Sissy math businesswear panties yum @fuckyeahsissyboys

Sissy math: Businesswear+panties = yum ;)

Do i see this in your future @fuckyeahsissyboys

Do I see this in your future?

High heeled and chastized in the kitchenjust the @fuckyeahsissyboys

High heeled and chastized in the kitchen…just the way a good sissy should be! –Goddess Opal

Zaniel exposed and ready for the night shift @fuckyeahsissyboys

Zaniel exposed

And ready for the “night shift”. *smirk*  –Goddess Opal

I took this for you p i hope you like it @fuckyeahsissyboys

I took this for you :p I hope you like it!

Adorable - looks to me like that sissy ass is ready for a smacking. *wickedgrin*

(But for goodness sake, get some cute socks to go with the rest of your outfit dear! ;p )

Goddess Opal

Silksatinlacesissyboi nj the ultimate ladies @fuckyeahsissyboys


the ultimate ladies adventure!  take it like a sissy, gurl!  you know this is where you belong, mounted and stuffed like the wild animal you are

What she said, lol! –Goddess Opal

Anthonybianco2 sissy is rented out at 2000 @fuckyeahsissyboys



Twinkle twinkle little star d @fuckyeahsissyboys

TWINKle, TWINKle, little star..  ;D

To meet email or im sissyfagukyahoocom @fuckyeahsissyboys

To Meet email or IM

Trying to be the most emasculated and pansy sissy @fuckyeahsissyboys

I’d say this sissy is well on the way to her goal, what do y'all think? *smirk* 

Goddess Opal

Love his expression mmm @fuckyeahsissyboys

Love his expression, mmm

A fine piece of pansy ass goddess opal @fuckyeahsissyboys

A fine piece of pansy-ass ;) 

-Goddess Opal

Misskittensadventures what a good boy he is @fuckyeahsissyboys


what a good boy he is.

Tixxasimmons lovestephiestuff siscuc @fuckyeahsissyboys




training white hubby for his new prupose in life

I just don’t think I can go through with this ….it’s just TOO much

We used to be a normal couple you know ……we had a nice house …we had kids …we had holidays abroad … I had a TVR sports car …

I only used to dress at home …now and again … she tolerated it ……she hardly even saw me dressed

And then the kids grew up and left home …and everything just changed …she always worked long hours so I never suspected she had met anyone else

I thought she was going to leave me  ….it really seemed that was the most likely result….but then she admitted she had told him about my dressing up and my submissive side

At first she said he was really shocked ….but he got over that ….and suddenly saw the possibilities of having a full time live in maid …to cook and clean and keep  house ….

He said ….’ I mean he HAS said that it WANTS that ‘ .

She knew I wanted the humiliation ….she knew I could never say  no …. I think she believes this is just how it was all meant to be

We had a trial evening ….. she went over to pick him up Friday evening and suggested  I should be dressed when they came back …I was SO nervous when  I heard the car pull up

At first I just couldn’t bring myself to come downstairs …she had to come up and try and talk me down …except in the end she ORDERED me down because she knew it would work …..

’ You WILL do as I say …do you understand …. now don’t make me cross …. he’s a nice guy …he’s not going to beat you up …. I’m going down now and you WILL follow me ’

And so I did …. I descended the stairs in my 50s dress and petticoats and cardie around my shoulders tied at the neck …. I nearly died of embarrassment  and humiliation.

I had to watch them kiss and cuddle …I had to fetch them drinks …she made me MINCE up and down ….. she joked that I needed a boyfriend ….she joked that I should be in chastity ….. SHE asked if I was wearing stockings and made me raise my skirts to show them ….. they both laughed at the little bulge in my panties

She SUGGESTED I suck him ….on my knees …..we had NEVER discussed that …..she said she KNEW I had done it before …..she even unzipped his fly and got it out … I sucked him I saw her looking at me ….she was actually enjoying it …… I just never imagined it would ever happen for real.

And then she found you…………..   

Gorgeous post

Penismanagement pantyhose bondage provides @fuckyeahsissyboys


Pantyhose bondage provides another layer of restricted access to the troublesome penis…


Hisdominatewife i like their matching boots @fuckyeahsissyboys


I like their matching boots.

Taliacd @fuckyeahsissyboys


New to tumblr pics all me updates and a better @fuckyeahsissyboys

New to tumblr! Pics all me! Updates and a better profile coming soon!

Mistress’s note - love the shoes darling, and nice toesies too - keep up the good work!