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Future Swingers

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AGE INAPPROPRIATENESS – If you are younger than 18 (or 21 depending if you live in a really shittily repressed area), stop reading this and go away. NSFW – If you are viewing this at work, shame on you...get back to work. HATERS – If you are a hater or part of the moral whinority, fuck off. COPYRIGHT – We do not claim copyright to any of these images unless we specifically say otherwise on an image-by-image basis. If you are the copyright owner of a pic we post and would like it removed or credited, just let us know. No problem and no harm meant, but you do understand this whole Tumblr thing, right? WHAT WE BLOG – We reblog all the sick stuff we find erotic like beautiful naked or scantily clad people, sexual acts so depraved it makes you type with one hand and anything else that catches our fancy. WHAT WE DON'T BLOG – Cats, kids and every animated GIF in the world. If you happen to see an animated GIF on this blog, it will be because we think it is one of the FUCK-ALL BEST ANIMATED GIFs IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD! Otherwise, we won't be obnoxious and load up our page with 2 million average GIFs..mostly because we're 40, not 14. THE BLOG – As for the blog's name... we have played in the past, but we're hoping to play some more though. Maybe we should have named this blog LotsMoreSwingingInTheFuturePlease, but this seemed more easily remembered.

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