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Fuck Yeah, Storm & Wolverine! @fyeahstormandwolvie

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This blog is for fans of the relationship between two long-time X-Men, Storm and Wolverine. Whether you like them as: teammates, friends, best friends, best friends with benefits, platonic life partners, romantic partners, or soulmates 'til the end, you'll find something for you here! Feel free to use the Ask Box or Submit Box to leave a message or share a post. Just remember to have fun! - Fuck Yeah, Storm & Wolverine! (@fyeahstormandwolvie)
Spoiledcomics time for a storm and wolverine @fyeahstormandwolvie


Time for a Storm and Wolverine fastball special. (via Wolverine and the X-Men #3)

Mcc2040 @fyeahstormandwolvie


                                                           –Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not.

Bunnywith storm flying with wolverine in her @fyeahstormandwolvie


Storm flying with Wolverine in her arms like a princess. A very angry princess.

Photoshards is it just me or does she look @fyeahstormandwolvie


Is it just me, or does she look pretty annoyed by Logan? One of my favourite #MarvelComics pairing. Too bad he’s still dead #Marvel #Funko #funkopop #Storm #Ororo #Wolverine #XMen #GirlHero

Ororomunroe meet the new flagship x men title @fyeahstormandwolvie


“Meet the new flagship X-Men title after Secret Wars:Extraordinary X-Men.

Announced in a CBR interivew with writer Jeff Lemire,Extraordinary X-Men will feature an eclectic team of mutants dealing with the fallout of an unspecified incident between mutants and Inhumans in the eight months between Secret Wars and the beginning “All-New All-Different Marvel.

This Extraordinary X-Men team will consist of the adult Iceman, young Jean Grey, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Magik, and Old Man Logan.”

Our first look at Storm post Secret Wars!  Full article can be read here.

Nking674 storm talking dat ish cuz she can @fyeahstormandwolvie


Storm talking dat ish, cuz she can back it up 🙌🏾🙌🏾

Girlwholivesandbreathesstories sumbitted little @fyeahstormandwolvie
girlwholivesandbreathesstories sumbitted:

Little fanmix over on YouTube I made. I warn you, mostly rock/metal, nothing exceptionally heavy though. Lots of drama. Even some sadness, I guess. If you’re looking for cute love songs, look elsewhere, please, you’ll be disappointed with this, but all of these songs remind me extremely of Logan and Ororo, especially tracks 2, 7, 8 and 9. Some of the lyrics read like they’re written about them. 

The pic on the “cover” is from Wolverine and the X-Men vol. 2 #6 and the artist is Mahmud Asrar. I only added the writing.

Saintsflows just another shipper meme @fyeahstormandwolvie


Just Another Shipper Meme

flashthomps0n asked: 6 - Favourite Comic Book Pairing.
Storm/Wolverine, Marvel.

Comicsalliance storm has been bringing dc some @fyeahstormandwolvie


Storm has been bringing DC some gorgeous weather all day. #cosplay #marvelcomics #xmen #awesomecon #storm #wolverine

Girlwholivesandbreathesstories submitted i had a @fyeahstormandwolvie

girlwholivesandbreathesstories submitted:

I had a lot of fun today drawing this after reading this unfortunately unfinished but nonetheless awesome story on Charles makes a joke at one point calling Logan and Ororo “Leggy Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolverine” and I couldn’t resist drawing something inspired by it, complete with shitty wannabe cell shading. Excuse the crappy lines, I was to lazy to try and make them clean. 

Greg pak superheroesincolor storm 02 @fyeahstormandwolvie



Storm #02 (2014)

Story Greg Pak, art: Victor Ibanez, colors: Ruth Redmond

Loved writing this scene. And Victor and Ruth made it come to life so well.


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