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This is a Fuck Yeah! blog for fans of the relationship between two long-time X-Men, Storm and Wolverine. Whether you like them as teammates, friends, best friends, best friends with benefits, platonic life partners, romantic partners, or soulmates 'til the end, you're sure to find something here for you :) Check out our navigation page to browse the tags or search the posts! Or feel free to drop us a line via the Ask or Submit box. Most of all, have fun! Happy browsing! - Fuck Yeah, Storm & Wolverine! (@fyeahstormandwolvie)
1407 graymalkin lane at lokis banquet storm @fyeahstormandwolvie


At Loki’s banquet, Storm fights Wolverine

Uncanny X-Men Annual #9, December 1985

1407 graymalkin lane hela comes to take @fyeahstormandwolvie


Hela comes to take Wolverine to Hel

Uncanny X-Men Annual #9, December 1985

1407 graymalkin lane storm finally comes to her @fyeahstormandwolvie


Storm finally comes to her senses

Uncanny X-Men Annual #9, December 1985

Ncbek wolverine storm xmen costume halloween @fyeahstormandwolvie


#wolverine #storm #xmen #costume #halloween #halloweencostume #puertorico #sanjuan

Emi oddity storm and wolverine halloween @fyeahstormandwolvie


Storm and wolverine!!! :) Halloween power couple

Itsonlyyourshadow last minute storm and @fyeahstormandwolvie


Last minute #storm and #wolverine look for a #halloween themed bridal party #me #xmen

1407 graymalkin lane damnit they drank the tea @fyeahstormandwolvie


Damnit they drank the tea

Uncanny X-Men #172, August 1983

Little spooder logan called out on his bs @fyeahstormandwolvie


Logan called out on his bs

Princessangelinacosplay my boyfriend and i at @fyeahstormandwolvie


My boyfriend and I at New York Comic Con 2015 as Storm and Wolverine.

I made my costume 100% and My Bf made his armour, belt, painted his mask, and attached the claws to the gloves.

Wolverineholic from wolverine and the x men 11 @fyeahstormandwolvie


from Wolverine and the X-Men #11

So at the time of this post there are over a @fyeahstormandwolvie

So at the time of this post, there are over a thousand posts and/or reblogs of Ororo/Logan panels, pages, edits, fan art, fic recs, fanmixes, fanvids, meta, questions, and other fan content on this blog! That’s basically over a hundred pages to browse. I’m not entirely sure how we got here, and I don’t think I ever expected to even get this far, but here we are…! So happy browsing, fellow shippers. Here’s to a thousand more. :’)

Hellsingfanchick on a mission uh huh get @fyeahstormandwolvie


“On A Mission”

Uh-huh!  Get some RoLo up in here!

Not sure what my thought process was for this one.  Ororo is being super flexible and cute and climbing all over tiny Logan in her PJs… I think this picture may have been right after Logan tried on his new uniform and Ro is squeeing at how awesome he looks.

Plus I really wanted to put Storm in some thunder-themed pajama pants.  

1407 graymalkin lane storm and angel disagree on @fyeahstormandwolvie


Storm and Angel disagree on whether or not Wolverine should be on the team

Uncanny X-Men #148, August 1981

X menosis storm and wolverine by arthur adams @fyeahstormandwolvie


Storm and Wolverine by Arthur Adams - X-Men Annual #12 - October, 1988

Hey there surprisingly i dont think ive seen @fyeahstormandwolvie

Hey there! Surprisingly, I don’t think I’ve seen any fic that deals with Logan’s (inevitable, IMHO) return to life yet. Sorry :( I’m sure it’s only a matter of time ‘til someone writes fic about it though!

Of course, it’s also entirely possible that we just haven’t seen any because the internet is a big place. So if anyone else has seen anything that resembles this sort of fic, shoot us a link so we can share it!

Onepieceistruepain basically im really a big @fyeahstormandwolvie


basically im really a big damn hot mess bc i love this pairing and it’s the original otp for me.

Listen Here

Art From:

Credox marvel can pry this panel and these canon @fyeahstormandwolvie


Marvel can pry this panel and these CANON ships from my cold dead body

1407 graymalkin lane storm washes away a little @fyeahstormandwolvie


Storm washes away a little dinosaur problem

Uncanny X-Men #116, December 1978

Rainydaydraws wip of an adoption au where storm @fyeahstormandwolvie


WIP of an adoption AU where Storm and Wolverine are married and adopt 9/10 year old Scott

Joesmithrealname wolverine logan storm ororo @fyeahstormandwolvie


#Wolverine #Logan #Storm #Ororo #XMen #Comics #comicbooks #cartoons #sketchbook #draw #drawing #illlustrator #illustration #joesmithrealname #JSRN #ink #pen #pencil #doodle #artist

I love this message so much im keeping it in the @fyeahstormandwolvie

I love this message so much, I’m keeping it in the inbox instead of straight up answering it haha.

Anyway, Kurt is absolutely my top choice. They all already have great relationships with each other as pairs and also as a trio, it would work out really wonderfully and smoothly. Kurt and ‘Ro would also be super healthy for Logan! They’d ground him and won’t take any of his shit tbh. (Storm, anyway. Kurt would balance it out!)

Remy, I’m a bit ambivalent on. He’d look aesthetically pleasing next to them but I’m not sure it would work out so well…? Idk, I’m not sold on it yet.

Please also consider: Yukio, Scott (he needs to branch out of his preference for telepaths??), and idk. Maybe Betsy? I almost wanted to say Jean (because Ororo/Jean is really really underrated) but I also think that Logan/Jean is toxic and unhealthy enough as it is, so that’s a no go for me. -Ana

Kurt is my go-to choice as well. He adds to their dynamic in that he is caring, occasionally impulsive, and definitely a flirt. That smooths out Logan’s rough sides and also offers balance to Ororo. I cannot imagine a perfect third than him… Except maybe Yukio.

As for Gambit I’m going to have an unpopular opinion here and admit that I don’t like Gambit so much. Well it’s not that I don’t like him it’s that I’m more amibilevent towards him in general? Like he’s an great character, don’t get me wrong, adds an interesting dynamic to the x-teams he’s on for sure. But anything I say about him is going to be biased in that regard. I don’t hate him or anything, far from it, he just doesn’t interest me is I guess the best way to put it.

Aside for Kurt other thrids I’d want for RoLo would be Yukio. It’s canon that both Ororo and Logan had a relationship with her, however vague Ororo’s has to be since it was the 80s but still. She’d be the one that got them more into trouble though.

Like Anabee, I’m also anti Jean as a third because while I love Ororo/Jean, Logan/Jean is insanely unhealthy. I support Betsy I guess. Also potentially Logan’s former girlfriend Melita. The few times she and Ororo interacted it was great. -Joan

Enderdragonite storm and wolverine height @fyeahstormandwolvie


Storm and Wolverine + height difference in Storm #2 (2015) for arseniccupcakes

Davidwynne high contrast scans of a couple of my @fyeahstormandwolvie


high contrast scans of a couple of my favourite pieces that I’ve done for rachelandmiles recently. I feel like I’m developing a style here that I’d really like to pursue, one that incorporates some of my more disparate influences pretty organically. While I am pretty happy with what I did with each of these in terms of colour (more so than with most of my work, in fact), I think both of them are pretty strong in black and white too, and wanted to share them with you.

As always, both of them are for sale in my shop.

The one with Wolverine and Storm is called The Most Dangerous Game and can be purchased here.

The one with Mirage is called Showdown With Death and is available here.

To see the colour versions, and listen to the podcasts they were drawn for, head over to and get ready to fill your life with awesome. You can also find links there to buy prints (and sometimes travel mugs and other craziness!) of the latest piece in colour.

Process art by chris brunner and rico renzi for @fyeahstormandwolvie

Process art by Chris Brunner and Rico Renzi for Wolverine and the X-Men #11 by Jason Latour. (More detail about the process + bigger images here!)

Spoiledcomics time for a storm and wolverine @fyeahstormandwolvie


Time for a Storm and Wolverine fastball special. (via Wolverine and the X-Men #3)

Mcc2040 @fyeahstormandwolvie


                                                           –Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not.

Bunnywith storm flying with wolverine in her @fyeahstormandwolvie


Storm flying with Wolverine in her arms like a princess. A very angry princess.

Photoshards is it just me or does she look @fyeahstormandwolvie


Is it just me, or does she look pretty annoyed by Logan? One of my favourite #MarvelComics pairing. Too bad he’s still dead #Marvel #Funko #funkopop #Storm #Ororo #Wolverine #XMen #GirlHero

Ororomunroe meet the new flagship x men title @fyeahstormandwolvie


“Meet the new flagship X-Men title after Secret Wars:Extraordinary X-Men.

Announced in a CBR interivew with writer Jeff Lemire,Extraordinary X-Men will feature an eclectic team of mutants dealing with the fallout of an unspecified incident between mutants and Inhumans in the eight months between Secret Wars and the beginning “All-New All-Different Marvel.

This Extraordinary X-Men team will consist of the adult Iceman, young Jean Grey, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Magik, and Old Man Logan.”

Our first look at Storm post Secret Wars!  Full article can be read here.

Nking674 storm talking dat ish cuz she can @fyeahstormandwolvie


Storm talking dat ish, cuz she can back it up 🙌🏾🙌🏾

Girlwholivesandbreathesstories sumbitted little @fyeahstormandwolvie
girlwholivesandbreathesstories sumbitted:

Little fanmix over on YouTube I made. I warn you, mostly rock/metal, nothing exceptionally heavy though. Lots of drama. Even some sadness, I guess. If you’re looking for cute love songs, look elsewhere, please, you’ll be disappointed with this, but all of these songs remind me extremely of Logan and Ororo, especially tracks 2, 7, 8 and 9. Some of the lyrics read like they’re written about them. 

The pic on the “cover” is from Wolverine and the X-Men vol. 2 #6 and the artist is Mahmud Asrar. I only added the writing.

Saintsflows just another shipper meme @fyeahstormandwolvie


Just Another Shipper Meme

flashthomps0n asked: 6 - Favourite Comic Book Pairing.
Storm/Wolverine, Marvel.

Comicsalliance storm has been bringing dc some @fyeahstormandwolvie


Storm has been bringing DC some gorgeous weather all day. #cosplay #marvelcomics #xmen #awesomecon #storm #wolverine

Girlwholivesandbreathesstories submitted i had a @fyeahstormandwolvie

girlwholivesandbreathesstories submitted:

I had a lot of fun today drawing this after reading this unfortunately unfinished but nonetheless awesome story on Charles makes a joke at one point calling Logan and Ororo “Leggy Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolverine” and I couldn’t resist drawing something inspired by it, complete with shitty wannabe cell shading. Excuse the crappy lines, I was to lazy to try and make them clean. 

Greg pak superheroesincolor storm 02 2014 @fyeahstormandwolvie



Storm #02 (2014)

Story Greg Pak, art: Victor Ibanez, colors: Ruth Redmond

Loved writing this scene. And Victor and Ruth made it come to life so well.

These are all full sidebar type images that were @fyeahstormandwolvie

These are all ‘full-sidebar’ type images that were used at one point or another on this blog. Since I’m in the process of switching to another (hopefully easier-to-navigate) theme, I thought it would be nice to share these.

You can find them in full-size/ at their original size in this album, along with hex-codes of the bg colors, so you can use them on 100% tall sidebar themes. Feel free to edit further, since I know not everyone likes bright, super-saturated colors like I do!

Despondentparamour girl comics 1 cover by @fyeahstormandwolvie


Girl Comics #1 cover by Amanda Conner (2010)

And Wolverine is handing money to Storm in the back. Like, you were betting on Tony over She-Hulk? Not a smart move.

Towritecomicsonherarms storm dealing with scum @fyeahstormandwolvie


Storm dealing with scum

Black Panther Vol 4 #14

Im not sure how many of you guys are still active @fyeahstormandwolvie

I’m not sure how many of you guys are still active or around to read this, but I still think this is a milestone worth mentioning! When this blog first started, I figured that Storm/Wolverine shippers were vocal, but few in number. I guess there’s a bit more of us out there than I previously thought! Cool!

To anyone still reading, I have a small request; if you can spare the time, can you reblog this with a bit of why you ship them? Doesn’t have to be long, I’m just curious :)
ultimately I can’t really police what you say on your reblogs, but please keep fyeahstormandwolvie’s cardinal rule in mind: no ship and/or character hate allowed!

Shopow11 commission i finished on @fyeahstormandwolvie


#commission I finished on #freecomicbookday. #storm #wolverine #logan #xmen #marvel #zombies #daysoffuturepast #lightning #art #drawing

Mcc2040 god love your soul and your aching bones @fyeahstormandwolvie


god love your soul and your aching bones
take a breath, take a step; meet me down below.
whenever your world starts crashing down,
that’s where you’ll find me.
Nice ponies by gothictundra strip poker with @fyeahstormandwolvie
Nice Ponies! by gothictundra

- Strip poker with Kurt, Ororo and Logan

Mcc2040 im reaching out wide @fyeahstormandwolvie


i’m reaching out wide
                    trying to catch myself before I fall
                        too little too late
                                       can you save me?
Ultradude13 wolverine and the x men 8 cover by @fyeahstormandwolvie


Wolverine And The X-Men 8 Cover by MahmudAsrar on DeviantArt

Wolverine And The X-Men 8 Cover by MahmudAsrar on DeviantArt.

Mcc2040 what you dont know is that youre @fyeahstormandwolvie


what you don’t know is that you’re poetry;
if you turn ‘round, i’m someone you won’t  s e e.
Lucrezianoin 10 favourite canon 616 ships 04 @fyeahstormandwolvie


10 favourite canon 616 ships

04. Ororo/Logan

I admit that I stopped reading X-Men comics many years ago. I’ve read stories from the 80s and 90s then I jumped to the 2010s stories and now I’ve stopped again with the hole Hope and Cable story. I still miss X-Men a lot but there are so may characters and stories that I’ll just wait after Secret Wars. Luckily there’s Storm. Her comics are amazing and I could have witnessed some scenes of the romance between Wolverine and Storm (yay and some Yukio/Ororo moments too) and while I still love Yukio/Ororo I feel like Logan and Ororo are such a balanced pairing for so much potential (if only Wolverine came back… to life.. now). And you can’t tell me that their dance together wasn’t one of the sweetest moments in marvel comics. You can’t. 

(top10 616 noncanon otps + top10 mcu otps)

Youre not something i deserve @fyeahstormandwolvie
 & you’re not something I deserve.’  
                        ( click the images to enlarge them. )
Rainydaypaperback not terrible for an @fyeahstormandwolvie


Not terrible for an educational comic. This is sadly the only page the X-Men appear on because a whole comic of Wolverine and Storm gardening would be GOLD.

Were not alone were together not just a team @fyeahstormandwolvie

We’re not alone, we’re together. Not just a team, but family.

Astonishing X-Men #66 (2013)

Conflict of command is never good i had my fill @fyeahstormandwolvie

Conflict of command is never good; I had my fill of it when ‘Roro first took over an’ Cyke kept horning in– meaning well and doin’ well, but always undercutting Storm’s authority an’ confidence. That was when she started getting tough inside.

Storm tore out her soul to do this job, Charley, an’ your pulling rank as much as tells her it was for nothing, that you think she can’t cut it.

That’s wrong, bub, an’ so are you.

Fuckyeahxmenmovies my general rule is do as many @fyeahstormandwolvie


My general rule is do as many movies with Halle Berry as possible - Hugh Jackman
Bitchsune hugh jackman loving all his fellow @fyeahstormandwolvie


Hugh Jackman loving all his fellow cast members equally |x|

Jules616 ororo and logan storm 2 @fyeahstormandwolvie


Ororo and Logan. Storm #2.

Bear1na the x men storm halle berry and @fyeahstormandwolvie


The X-Men - Storm (Halle Berry) and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) by Bill Sienkiewicz *

Artandmayhem i had fun butchering logan this @fyeahstormandwolvie


I had fun butchering Logan this morning.

Side note, I feel like Ororo gets away with a lot of shit no one else gets away with, and there are not enough pancake-related Wolverine jokes.

Molecularmonster you mean so much to methe @fyeahstormandwolvie


“You mean so much to me…The warrior at my back. The lover in my arms. The friend at my side.”