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I'm a naturist. It's a great way of life. Give it a try. You might find your birthday suit is the last suit you'll want to wear. There is something truly free and innocent to be found in this way of life. Please note: this blog is a porn-free zone. This blog supports the top-freedom movement, is body-positive, and is against all forms of exploitation of humans and the environment. Expect reblogs, along with links to useful articles promoting naturism and the human body. I assume anything I reblog is public domain - however I will remove posts if you are kind enough to provide the specific link (in which case be very patient as I only sporadically log on to this tumblr any more). - fy naturism (@fynaturism)
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Peace, love, waterfalls… Oh and my wolfdog❤️

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Hi there. I’m currently running tests around the college town I live in experimenting with being topless in public with my nipples covered and being 100% comfortable and not addressing it. So far I’ve gotten a few other women being like “Rock on!” and two bits of harassment. The first bit of harassment was a little goofy, and was this singular guy who just seemed shocked and was yelling “Hey! Hey! You don’t have no shirt on! You don’t have a shirt on!” to which I happily responded “WHAT?! I DON’T?!” because honestly, I was a little tipsy. The second bit was at a house show where this guy was like “So like, everybody around is like ‘whoa check out that girl without a shirt on’ so like, what’s going on with that?” to which I responded “I’m not wearing a shirt. Like, that’s it. I don’t think anyone really cares here, and you’re just trying to validate yourself coming and addressing it.” he got pretty embarrassed and walked away. Overall, pretty interesting. Cops don’t seem to give a damn, so that’s cool. Hopefully that doesn’t change. Going out in thirty minutes or so for the first time in daylight. Updates incoming~

ps. tape is hockey tape and as long as I wait a good while before pulling it off, it doesn’t hurt.

Thejennybones so heres a real question what @fynaturism


So here’s a real question: what is it that is so scary and awful about nipples that we run screaming when we see them, BUT ONLY ON A WOMAN? I personally think nipples are great, but I also don’t immediately associate being naked with anything sexual.

I mean, why is nudity synonymous with sex for so many people? I could go into a diatribe about the puritanical restrictions we put on things and how ridiculous it is, but instead, I’ll just post this selfie hashtag it #freethenipple

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awesome little sign on the window of the Revue Cinema ticket booth in Toronto.

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Reporter Goes Undercover As a Topless Performer in Times Square

Following the recent pearl-clutching by New York mayor Bill de Blasio and governor Andrew Cuomo over topless performers in Times Square, Amber Jamieson, a reporter for the New York Post, donned nothing but a thong, patriotic headdress, and some body paint to get an undercover look at the practice. Her takeaway? Performing topless at the Crossroads of the World is perfectly harmless and kind of liberating, and the other topless performers and their manager seemed like decent, hardworking people. Save having to endure some creepy gawkers and sore legs after spending seven hours standing around, she came away from the experience $210 richer and left with the conclusion that anti-topless campaigning by police and politicians is more sexist than sensible…

Topfreeliving topless protest headed to weirs @fynaturism


Topless protest headed to Weirs Beach Labor Day weekend

New Hampshire’s “Free-the-Nipple” movement is coming to Weirs Beach on Labor Day weekend, and police say they will be monitoring the event.

The organizer of the campaign, Heidi Lilley of Gilford, says there will be eight to 10 people going topless at what is considered a family beach on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

The group is hoping to challenge what members believe is the only local law in the state prohibiting bare breasts in public, a Laconia law that was passed in the 1990s to curb the baring of breasts that used to be a staple of Motorcycle Weekend (which is now Motorcycle Week).

“I hope they do arrest us, then we can challenge that law in court,” Lilley said. “Otherwise, we are hoping for a huge turnout for what will be a normal day at the beach topless, with cooking out and Frisbee playing…”

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You don’t need to send me pictures Just get #clothesfree #clothesfreelife is not about getting unclothed for the pleasure of others it’s finding freedom for yourself in your body and being comfortable in your skin

#clothesfreeliving #clothesfreelifestyle #bodyfreedom #bodypositive #lovetheskinyourein #lovethebodyyourin


Works for me.

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“The minute we made our way down to the hot springs, we were greeted by naked Jesus doing yoga on top of a giant boulder. At first we were embarrassed and didn’t want to make eye contact, but he wasn’t at all phased and simply started up a conversation inquiring about who we were and where we came from. After he pointed us in the direction of the main beach we began to relax and enjoy the environment. We quickly adjusted to all the nudity and decided it was time to join in the fun and take a swim!”

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Have some natural, naked fun today! #NudeOn #NoBodyShame #ProudNudist #Nudity2015

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This image is not to be sexualized. #freethenipple

Racuminius vía what should naturism mean to @fynaturism


(vía What should naturism mean to us? | BN – NI)

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

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write this everywhere. tell this to yourself everyday.

there is no wrong way to have a body.

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#Repost @jonnyrocket4
#tbt to the end of a hike at deep creek. Sunset and moonrise. #bumbook

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Two nipples, one is “offensive”

Topfreeliving andy golub a message to parents @fynaturism


Andy Golub: A Message to Parents visiting Times Square

If you are looking for Disneyland, then you are in the wrong state. This is New York. Times Square is a PUBLIC SPACE. And in New York City (and New York State) being topless in public is LEGAL. If businesses are upset that the law is hurting their bank accounts, then they should get the politicians to make Times Square private (which is what I presume they are trying to do). In the meantime, let’s all stop pretending that the painted women in Times Square is a violation of anything real. It is only an offense to people who come to New York City (many with kids) and want it to be an escape from reality. Well, New York City is reality, and we respect civil liberties here.

Not only is it legal to be topless in New York City, but for the sake of art, full nudity is legal in public for both men and women. I have proven this MANY times including many times in Times Square. I recently returned to New York after producing the first Amsterdam Bodypainting Day. Following a successful NYC Bodypainting Day in July (100 fully nude models in the public streets), I thought it was a good time to take the message of artistic freedom to Europe.

I was only gone for a couple of weeks and look what happened. People started freaking out about topless women! So upon my return to New York, I went back to Times Square and began painting to reaffirm that full nudity is still legal for the sake of art.

If the city has issue with aggressive pan handling in Times Square, then they should restrict it. But they should but restrict all of it. It’s a shame that it was only when female breasts were involved that it was decided there needed to be a change (this is prime example of gender inequality-the Naked Cowboy has been topless for decades).

Some people say that the art on the “desnudas” is not good art or not art at all or that they’re just trying to make money. Please! How many times have you seen art at a gallery or a museum, and you don’t even know what it is? If it’s a painting, it’s art. And as far as making money, that’s what everyone is trying to do. In fact, it is only because some of the richest people are in danger of making less money that we are discussing this in the first place.

Andy Golub
Artist/Bodypainter/Founder Bodypainting Day

Topfreeliving the battle of the breasts in times @fynaturism


The battle of the breasts in Times Square is nothing new. Here’s why.

Mayor De Blasio, who presumably does have things to do in August, took note and rushed together a blue ribbon committee to deal with this plague of terrifying topless women, going so far as to threaten to turn Times Square from a pedestrian plaza back into a thoroughfare for cars.

Over the weekend, the New York Times published a wonderfully scathing oped blasting the mayor for his overreaction and noting that “being shirtless in the city is perfectly legal, a privilege men have enjoyed since forever. … Times Square is not going to hell, or anywhere near hell’s vicinity.” On Sunday, dozens of topless women marched in support. (The last time a NYC mayor got this up in arms about a bare breast was 1999, when then Mayor Giuliani was handed an article by, you guessed it, the NYDN about a Chris Ofili painting exhibited in the Brooklyn Museum which depicts the Virgin Mary with a bare breast made from elephant dung; Giuliani wasted no time in cutting the museum’s $7 million in public funding, a decision that was later overturned in court.)

In a country where we seem unable to enact any sort of meaningful gun laws, despite continually witnessing terrible proof of their necessity, how is it that the simple appearance of bare breasts can inspire a response that one imagines should be reserved for actual weapons?

…What is the solution? As movements like Free the Nipple suggest, a generation of younger women are increasingly fed up with being bound up. Our bodies have functions beyond those geared toward sexual pleasure, and it’s time they’re recognized as such.

De Blasio will probably be a one-term mayor, thankfully.

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Jammie and Tyler you fucking ignorant shits :)

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Liberty Ladies

WARNING: Equality Beyond this Point

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Bset quote

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Male nudist blog owners outnumber female blog owners by a huge percentage.

This is still true. This needs to change. I hold out hope that the success of the actions of WNBR and the topfree movement will sow the seeds for that change. That a lot of nudist blogs end up being glorified porno blogs (with the implicit and sometimes explicit violence - physical and social - that entails primarily against women and is perpetrated almost exclusively by men) surely does not help matters. My personal experience with nudism/naturism is that of an empathy-based movement and way of living. My personal experience with many social justice organizations as an activist was that the more successful actions were empathy-based. I see the efforts to normalize the unclothed human body (call it body freedom, etc.) and the efforts of topfreedom activists as part of an interconnected set of struggles against a hierarchical system (call it patriarchal if you want) that exploits everything in its path.

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More #hotsprings . It’s what it’s about. Regram from @hologramtrav

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#melancholicmodel #nudeinnature #model #skinnydip

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#skinnydip #chunkydunk #sunset #lake #summer #butts #butt #bum #beach #beachbum #crackalackin #cracks #moons #mooning #wild #nature #nipply #refreshing #shitthatsfresh #girls #ladiesnight #love

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Once around the other end of the pond, I ran over to the shelter area to see the view and decided a little skinny dipping was in order. :) I love to skinny dip during a run, and I’m fortunate to be out there a lot with no people around. I thought I would spice up my dull blog a little with this 1950s era risque shot I took. I was actually laughing as I did this. Ha ha. ;)

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World of Possible.

Nudism/Naturism has so much to offer it’s a shame more people don’t try it for themselves. For one, it’s completely free. Anyone can take off their clothing and be nude without anymore pretense than to be nude and to feel good.

Many can’t wrap it around their heads that there is more to nudity than taking a shower, changing clothes, or copulating. Really, the opposite is true. Most things can be done nude. We don’t need clothes for most of our daily activities, sports, or work.There are lifelong benefits and advantages to living nude and being nude around others that clothing either can’t do or prohibits.

Naturism makes it possible to be ourselves, to accept others, and be aware of the connection between the two. When we are able to understand that, their are no limits to what we can do.

Have you been nude today?

Text by Made in the Nude. Photo Posted by countrysidenurism

Photo retrieved from Just"B"Naked

#NudeOn #NoBodyShame #Nudity2015 #ProudNudist

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Freedom Land, 2015

Welcome home! #NudeOn #NoBodyShame #ProudNudist #Nudity2015

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#NoBodyShame. Pass it on.

#NudeOn #ProudNudist #Nudity2015

Nigga salad more unedited photos from the @fynaturism


more unedited photos from the #freethenipple series :)))))

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Topless rally marches through campus

The chant, “free your breasts, free your mind,” evoked both shouts of agreement and surprised stares from passerby as the group Go Topless CoMo marched topless through Peace Park and MU in honor of the International Go Topless Day on Aug. 23.

About 40 participants gathered at Peace Park on Sunday afternoon for the eighth annual topless rally where they constructed signs that read, “free the nipple,” and “radically legal,” before they commenced their march across Francis Quadrangle, to Speaker’s Circle, past the Student Center, and through Greek Town before reconvening at Peace Park.

“We are challenging a tacit, puritanical system, one which represses the minds and bodies of its young women by causing them to feel shame about their bodies,” Go Topless CoMo co-organizer Jeannine Anderson said in an Aug. 20 news release…

Going topless may become a regular occurrence on campus. MU senior and rally co-organizer Mark Schierbecker said that next year the group also hopes to make Go Topless a student organization on campus. Tentatively going by the name “Mizzou Topless,” becoming a student organization would make it easier to receive funding and also get more students involved, Schierbecker said.

“Women’s equality is not a ‘loophole,’” Schierbecker said in an Aug. 20 news release. “It is an inherent right to bare one’s breasts in public. Columbia just happens to be one of the few jurisdictions that make this possible.”

Nudista funktion no way on earth would i do @fynaturism


No way on earth would I do that!

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NOTICE: This is a #NoBodyShame zone.

#NudeOn #Nudity2015 #ProudNudist