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Gang up on Her! @ganguponher

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THIS IS AN 18+ BLOG, NSFW! I'm just an everyday guy who makes a lot of GIF's yo. I take requests when I'm not busy as shit with my job, which I usually am. PLEASE check the Requests link or do a blog tag search (, to see if you're requesting something that has already been requested. Use the "Porn Categories" link in orange text right below this description for popular kinks on my blog. If you have a comment or question, the ASK button is in all them orange links below as well! Note: If you're using Tumblr's mobile app, you're fucked and won't be able to see any of this. What you'll find here: Click the Porn Categories link. This is mainly an MMF blog, so no, I don't only post gangbang content. I like a little bit of evertthing else as well. If you want to know more about me, click the About Me link below. - Gang up on Her! (@ganguponher)
Wifey dreams of dp part 1 of 2 on the surface @ganguponher

Wifey Dreams of DP, Part 1 of 2. On the surface, she acts grossed out by porn when her and her husband come across it on TV. But the truth is, she has quite the dirty mind!

Part 2 is Here.

Wifey wants a second dick part 1 of 2 whats the @ganguponher

Wifey Wants a Second Dick, Part 1 of 2. What’s the best way to see if someone wants to fuck your wife? Apparently, have your wife play with herself in bed, and give your buddy incorrect directions to the ‘restroom.’

Sharing the wife with the realtor part 1 of 2 @ganguponher

Sharing the Wife with the Realtor, Part 1 of 2. Because when you catch the wife with the realtor, you immediately join in and don’t break your knuckles on his face.

Part 2 is Here.

Sharing the wife with the realtor part 2 of 2 @ganguponher

Sharing the Wife with the Realtor, Part 2 of 2.

Shes really cramming em in there @ganguponher

She’s really cramming ‘em in there

I think i just got trolled when i logged in damn @ganguponher

I think I just got trolled when I logged in… Damn you Tumblr, I used to think you were crazy but now I can see your nuts!

Shootoffonher another rare facial while she is @ganguponher


Another rare facial while she is sucking a cock. First load is weak as shit, but the second one makes up for it.

Hot or Not?


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