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Gaysome! is a Spanish webcomic. English is not my first language, so translations may be wrong sometimes. You can read the spanish version of Gaysome! at . Please, notice that these stories are not representative of all gay people. Also, understand that this is a spanish webcomic, so cultural differences may happen. To see only the strips click here . Thanks for reading! - Gaysome! (@gaysomecomic)
Superhealthclub hi guys heres a in game @gaysomecomic


Hi guys,

Here’s a in-game screenshot of our latest game built.
As you can see we’ve progressed a lot since we last showed in-game images but it’s still not the final art.

We also want address a questions that we’ve heard a lot since we released our teaser trailer last December, which is…

Why is the trailer so dark? Isn’t it a happy game?

The reason for that is actually really simple.

The mist you see in the trailer was meant to symbolize one of our favorite parts of going to the gym, the sauna. The other reason is that we want Super Health Club to be more than simply a game where everything is about hot bara dudes sexing it up and what better way to let people know that than by making a trailer like that?

Sex is obviously a huge part of Super Health Club and we’ve created many really hot scenes taking place all over the various gym locations but we wanted more than just that. We want each character to have their own story to tell and give them each their own history.

While the overall tone of the game will be quite happy, the more you progress in the game, the game might have a bit darker themed parts depending on how you play.

After all the comments on the teaser trailer, we’ll try to make the game trailer a happy one.

So are you happy we’re adding a story to Super Health Club or would you prefer less? Let us know! We’d love to hear from all of you.
We’d also like to hear what you guys want our next development blog to be about.

Thanks for reading.


Dear gaysome readers im going to take a little @gaysomecomic

Dear Gaysome readers,

I’m going to take a little break from Gaysome, again.

Recently I’ve been assigned to a new professional project, unrelated to Gaysome, whose impending deadlines and heavy workloads have left me barely any free time in the coming months.

As you know, I draw Gaysome for fun and in my spare time, so this means there won’t be any new Gaysome strips during October and a large part of November, as I won’t have the time to draw.

If everything goes well with this new work, I’ll be back in time to celebrate Gaysome’s first anniversary in late November — wish me luck!

Thank you for reading my comic, for commenting, and just for being there. A big hug to you all!


38 strangers to view the full size comic go to my @gaysomecomic

38. Strangers

To view the full-size comic go to my tumblr page and clic on the strip.

(Special thanks to Josh for helping me with the english correction.)

37 the root of the problem special thanks to @gaysomecomic

37. The root of the problem.

(Special thanks to Josh for helping me with the english correction.)

The new shantae game is still 100000 away from @gaysomecomic

The new Shantae game is still $100,000 away from being funded. This is a game I’m really looking forward since the day I saw WayForwards’s kickstarter video. Not only the art is beautiful, but the game looks really fun. Please, check it out:

Shantae Half-Genie Hero Kickstarter

I did this fanart of Shantae to support the campaign. I hope it reachs its goal  (and, why not, some of their stretch goals) in time.

36 desire @gaysomecomic

36. Desire

Superhealthclub this one above is one of our @gaysomecomic


This one above is one of our secondary characters. He’s the boss at the Super Health Club.

As the rest of the characters, his design is not yet finished and may vary in the final version of the game.


35 familiarity @gaysomecomic

35. Familiarity

Superhealthclub so finally all four characters @gaysomecomic


So… Finally all four characters have been revealed. I hope you like them all! Here you have Kouji in a pic I did just for today.

It seems like the winner of the posters will be revealed soon too. Good luck everyone!


Superhealthclub the super health club teaser @gaysomecomic


The Super Health Club Teaser Video has been released & Ishikawa Kouji has been revealed! 

Go check out Kouji-kun, the teaser video and all the other images released on the Super Health Club website:

If you like our game in the making, please do help us out by re-blogging this post so that the news about SuperHealthClub can spread! We would really appreciate it a lot :D

Coming up in a next post soon…. The Winner of our Two “Big Ass” SHC Posters!

34 new experiences @gaysomecomic

34. New experiences

Superhealthclub seems like i forgot to open the @gaysomecomic


Seems like I forgot to open the “ask us” page. My fault, sorry!

Feel free to ask:


33 shy boy @gaysomecomic

33. Shy boy

Super health club new tumblr new character and @gaysomecomic

Super Health Club: New tumblr, new character and poster giveaway!

Hello everyone!

I’m glad to let you all know that I finally decided to open a new tumblr for all my stuff related to the game I’m taking part in: Super Health Club. It’s a tumblr that I will share with other Oonyx Games staff members, and where you will find updates, doodles and stuff related to the game and its development process. Please, check it out:


There’s some stuff posted already, like the design of the third character of the game and some doodles of the characters I did during the past months.  I hope you like them!

To celebrate its opening, Oonyx is giving away a set of 2 posters! All the information about how to take part in the giveaway are posted in the SHC tumblr.

Thanks for all your support!

32 bottoming @gaysomecomic

32. Bottoming

31 ethical shopping @gaysomecomic

31. Ethical shopping.

Primera página de mi historia para sextories @gaysomecomic

Primera página de mi historia para sextories. Podéis encontrar más información, reservarlo y ver otra página de muestra (NSFW) en su blog.

First page of my comic for sextories fanzine. You can find more info, pre-order and see other preview page (NSFW) at their blog (in Spanish.)

Eric y álex protagonizan una pequeña historia en @gaysomecomic

Eric y Álex protagonizan una pequeña historia en el próximo número del fanzine Sextories.

Entérate de todos los detalles en mi blogspot: Gaysome!

28 gays on tv @gaysomecomic

28. Gays on TV

27 mothers gay pride @gaysomecomic

27. Mother’s gay pride

26 handsome young guy @gaysomecomic

26. Handsome young guy

The second character for super health club was @gaysomecomic

The second Character for Super Health Club was revealed a few days ago.

More info at:

I would like to let you know that I’m still working on the character’s main pictures, and these are not the final versions. They’ll be more polished in the final version of the game. I’m also doing the backgrounds and other art for the game. It’s being a lot of work, but this is something I always wanted to try and it’s been really fun so far hehe.

My two favourite characters are still to come. They’re the two more “bara like” characters of the bunch. I promise.

Also, I will be publishing a short story featuring Gaysome’s Alex and Eric in the spanish fanzine Sextories. It will be an explicit edition of Gaysome. I posted two sneak peek pictures on my twitter. We still don’t know the release date yet, but I’ll be sure to post it in here to let all of you know.

New Gaysome! next monday, and new tumblr for my bara art really soon. Thanks to all the people in here who support me and enjoy what I do. I’m still in Tumblr because of all of you, and I really appreciate what you do. Thanks.

And please, excuse me if there are a lot of english mistakes in here hehe. I shouldn’t write so much, huh?

Micaelopes my tribute to a fresh spanish @gaysomecomic


My tribute to a fresh spanish already well-known webcomic!
More info HERE.

25 in the woods @gaysomecomic

25. In the woods

Super health club is a bara visual novel game that @gaysomecomic

Super Health Club is a Bara visual novel game that will be released later this year, Q4. I’m in charge of the game’s artwork!

The one above is the first character revealed.

More information about it in my blog, Peek-a-dong (NSFW) and in the game official site.

I’ll be taking some weeks off drawing Gaysome!, but I will definitely continue. Thanks for the messages of support ;)

3 @gaysomecomic


24 the beard dilemma @gaysomecomic

24. The beard dilemma

23 coexistence @gaysomecomic

23. Coexistence

22 natural selection @gaysomecomic

22. Natural selection

21 more than friends @gaysomecomic

21. More than friends

20 dirty talk @gaysomecomic

20. Dirty talk

19 flatmate @gaysomecomic

19. Flatmate

18 the body @gaysomecomic

18. The body

17 whos in charge here @gaysomecomic

17. Who’s in charge here?

16 renting an apartment @gaysomecomic

16. Renting an apartment

15 fake straight dude @gaysomecomic

15. Fake straight dude

14 self confidence @gaysomecomic

14. Self confidence

13 the day we first met @gaysomecomic

13. The day we first met

12 the love of my life @gaysomecomic

12. The love of my life

11 gaymers @gaysomecomic

11. Gaymers

10 a mothers love @gaysomecomic

10. A mother’s love

09 uniforms and authority @gaysomecomic

09. Uniforms and authority

08 gaydar @gaysomecomic

08. Gaydar

07 when you have a boyfriend @gaysomecomic

07. When you have a boyfriend

06 super smooth toy @gaysomecomic

06. Super smooth toy

05 happy holidays @gaysomecomic

05. Happy holidays

04 something else @gaysomecomic

04. Something else

03 what i like about you @gaysomecomic

03. What I like about you

02 privacy @gaysomecomic

02. Privacy

01 farewells @gaysomecomic

01. Farewells