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Gender Role Reversal @gender-role-reversal

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Let's switch things up. - Gender Role Reversal (@gender-role-reversal)
This post is a little different this time the @gender-role-reversal

This post is a little different this time! The website Choice of Games is a seriously fun site, where you can do all sorts of choose your own adventure stories. 

Specifically one called “Choice of Broadsides” is my favorite. You can choose to either play as a man or a woman, but the fun part is if you choose to play as a woman, it sets the game in a world that has reversed gender roles. [Totally up our alley, of course!]

It is a short game, but you get to try to work your way up to a captain and woo a few beautiful boys. You guys should definitely check it out. This one game is free, and they have a few other free ones too! 

Click here to check it out!
Magnificenthindsight dragon lady knight and @gender-role-reversal


Dragon Lady-Knight and Unicorn Prince!

Oh, I’d kill to see a story about these two! They look so interesting! 

Millana the gender role reversal art of jamie @gender-role-reversal


The gender role reversal art of Jamie Vesta

I’m a huge Eve’s Rib fan! Everyone should check out their blog and DeviantArt page!

Lexxercise personal sketch based on this @gender-role-reversal


Personal sketch based on this excellent comic about a lady knight and her willowy poet boyfriend by 16ruedelaverrerie.

This is seriously amazing. 

Kasandra murray eat your heart out conan the @gender-role-reversal


Eat your heart out Conan the Barbarian, no, literally she will eat it. ;)

Let’s flip the rolls ladies. :D

Love this! 

Monkeearmada catman batwoman by memed you @gender-role-reversal


Catman-Batwoman by ~Memed

You guys don’t understand… I would give an arm and a leg to read a comic book like this. 

Emilyjarvisdesign photography assignment @gender-role-reversal


Photography Assignment - Gender Role Reversal
Who says barbies are only for kids?!

Rinabibliophile brilliant found on deviantart @gender-role-reversal


Brilliant. Found on Deviantart, by nebriniel.

This is so sweet. I think these two would make an adorable couple. 

How wars should be fought by m0ga @gender-role-reversal

How Wars Should Be Fought by m0ga


Oh man, this hits all the right buttons for me. Someone write this story! Please? I'm desperate! 

What can i say i have a weakness for men doing @gender-role-reversal

What can I say? I have a weakness for men doing their chores. 

Jane bond by humon what a lucky @gender-role-reversal

Jane Bond by Humon


What a lucky woman…

Imsugoiandiknowit my friend and i are writing @gender-role-reversal


my friend and i are writing a story/light novel!!!!

wow ok sorry for the bad quality but its a role reversal story where the lady knight saves the wussy bratty boy its gonna b awesome 

anyway yeah more to come i think

I would die of happiness if I got to read this. 

Dont look so sad sweetheart you look prettier @gender-role-reversal

Don’t look so sad, Sweetheart. You look prettier when you smile. 

Colaresmaira ive seen a lot of disney tlok @gender-role-reversal


I’ve seen a lot of Disney-TLOK crossovers through tumblr, like Mermako, Kuzkorra, Bo White, Irohlan… and since I’ve not seen any of Tahno and I watched Tangled recently, made this in a sleepless night. I think we could call him Tahnunzel /WAT