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Hippies, rainbows, etc. @gerald1122

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The spirit of life. A collection of mainly counter-culture images and other pictures that grabbed my fancy. There is some nudity. - Hippies, rainbows, etc. (@gerald1122)
Nagadhippie cest aussi ça lamour sans tabou @gerald1122


C’est aussi ça l’amour sans tabou.

Russian rainbow @gerald1122

Russian Rainbow

Thespianoge a festival goer has a floral motif @gerald1122


A festival-goer has a floral motif painted onto her bare chest at the Isle of Wight pop festival, a five day event held at East Afton Farm, near Freshwater and organised by Fiery Creations, 1970 (via Vintage Photo LJ)

Glimmermerephoto elisweetwater eli @gerald1122



Eli Sweetwater shot by glimmermerephoto

Shot on 4-22-2014.

This is at wilderland new zealand and is from @gerald1122

This is at Wilderland, New Zealand and is from 1974. Nudity today is more on the back burner. 

Benoitp rainbow gathering quebec 2012 love @gerald1122


Rainbow Gathering Quebec 2012

love, beauty, nature, all at the same place

Wnbr 2012 london @gerald1122

WNBR 2012 London

Wnbr london 2012 @gerald1122

WNBR London 2012

Bloodorangemary meist magickal elf cats @gerald1122


Meist magickal elf cats, individual burry gathering. 

I shall return home soon.  

Wnbr @gerald1122


Wnbr @gerald1122


Burning man @gerald1122

Burning Man?

Hippie girls nude hippie jammin via @gerald1122


Nude hippie jammin’

via themostnaturalnudists

Another of the same model gregory jackson haley @gerald1122

Another of the same model. Gregory Jackson Haley.

An example of body painting by gregory jackson @gerald1122

An example of body painting by Gregory Jackson Haley. Source: GJH.

Racusophy claramente una fotografía de @gerald1122


Claramente una fotografía de principio de los ochenta, pero igualmente válida ahora. Otra gran ventaja del nudismo: la piel no pasa de moda!

Sunbury festival near melbourne 1972 this was @gerald1122

Sunbury Festival, near Melbourne. 1972. This was characterised by widespread nudity, though more in the water than anywhere else. Credit. Soc Hedditch. 

From the monsanto rainbow 2012 source vicente @gerald1122

From the Monsanto rainbow, 2012. Source: Vicente Llamas.

Rainbow canary 2012 source various @gerald1122

Rainbow Canary 2012. Source: various.

Rainbow gathering canary islands 2012 source @gerald1122

Rainbow gathering. Canary Islands, 2012. Source: various.

Rainbow gathering canary islands 2012 @gerald1122

Rainbow Gathering. Canary Islands. 2012.

Rainbow canary islands 2012 source various @gerald1122

Rainbow Canary Islands. 2012. Source: various.

Burning man @gerald1122

Burning Man

Actionbuddy viva la différence at seattles @gerald1122


Viva la différence!  At Seattle’s annual Fremont Solstice Parade, nude cyclists lead the way.  Mark your calendar: Saturday, 6/16/12

Ohnesans fremont solstice parade 2012 9 @gerald1122


Fremont Solstice Parade 2012 (9)

source: seahawklaw (Flickr)

Ohnesans wnbr 2012 london 15 source natseb @gerald1122


WNBR 2012 London (15)

source: nat_seb (Flickr)

Rawinla world naked bike ride los angeles 2012 @gerald1122


World Naked Bike Ride Los Angeles 2012

Reldred beautiful sunrise in monarto winter @gerald1122


Beautiful sunrise in Monarto, Winter Solstice 2012 (Psy trance doof).

I love me a good Doof, however next time I’m bringing more blankets, a pillow, and some goddamn ear plugs so that I can SLEEP. 

Nambassa construction crew 1978 some of the crew @gerald1122

Nambassa construction crew, 1978. Some of the crew worked naked. The site workforce were recuited locally from the Coromandel from various communities, notably Wilderland. Photo source:

Nambassa festival nz 1979 @gerald1122

Nambassa Festival, N.Z., 1979.

Nambassa festival nz 1979 @gerald1122

Nambassa Festival, N.Z., 1979.

Nambassa festival nz 1979 @gerald1122

Nambassa Festival, N.Z. 1979.

Nambassa festival nz 1979 @gerald1122

Nambassa Festival, N.Z. 1979.

Nambassa festival nz 1979 @gerald1122

Nambassa Festival, N.Z. 1979. 

Peru rainbow 2010 source various @gerald1122

Peru rainbow 2010. Source: various.

Russian rainbow 2003 @gerald1122

Russian Rainbow 2003.

Empty hills festival russia @gerald1122

Empty Hills Festival, Russia.