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Getting Stuffed

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When I think about sex, it's always something to be explored, and to discover new things about. For the majority of my sex life, where that has led me is to vaginas, and making them bigger. I love a big hole, I love when it's open, you can tell when it's been open, or when it's just plain stuffed full of something big. I find it incredibly, and endlessly erotic. Seeing as I like to explore and discover though, I've found I have lots of other kinks (pussy pumping, piercings, hentai), which will also be appearing here. Sometimes I might even just post a picture of a woman that I find attractive in a note worthy way. I'm also curious to see how many people share my tastes, since in my experience, not many do. So followers, follow! and let me know what you think! Also, I should add, I'm a guy, and I'm straight. Now all the guys messaging me asking to see my pussy don't need to bother.

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