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You must be over 18 to view this blog. I love gif making and animation. This is a collection of bad ass gif file and more! Call the Planet Earths number one LIVE adult World wide chat line! dial 1-800-908-5975 18+ - Gif Mistress -Must be over 18 to view gifs :) (@gifmistress)
Dat soldier shadowmaat enrique262 the @gifmistress




The disastrous Australian Emu War.

Someone turned it into a comic. YES.

never forget the emu war

Un gif dans ta gueule cascade langevin île de @gifmistress


Cascade Langevin - Île de la Réunion

A post card from the Indian Ocean (I’ll be back in two weeks…).

Late nightlove found some sailor moon sanitary @gifmistress


Found some Sailor Moon Sanitary Pads at the nearby drug store

lolol cute

Wewereliarsbook we were liars by e lockhart @gifmistress


We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

“Thrilling, beautiful, and blisteringly smart, We Were Liars is utterly unforgettable.” -John Green, author of The Fault in Our Stars 

Yocalio hedy lamarr in ziegfeld girl 1941 @gifmistress


Hedy Lamarr in Ziegfeld Girl (1941)

Tastefullyoffensive animated movie posters @gifmistress


Animated Movie Posters [via]

Previously: Overused Movie Poster Cliches

Lady boyles last party @gifmistress

Lady Boyle’s Last Party.

Supermodelgif john galliano fw 199798 the @gifmistress


John Galliano FW 1997/98. The designer’s dramatic depiction of the Cleopatra story for modern times.

Comicbookwomen joe benitez @gifmistress


Joe Benitez

Hahaha no shit @gifmistress

hahaha no shit!

They hold back technology lolol @gifmistress

They hold back technology… lolol 

Snowing gif @gifmistress

Snowing gif.

Montreve seapuke a favourite custom 1909 @gifmistress



A Favourite Custom1909

 Oil on wood

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema 

“The tiles, emblazoned with fish, were slick beneath my bare feet, heated beneath by an unseen hypocaust. I slipped the robe from my shoulders and descended the steps into the steaming water, ignoring a collective gasp as I did so.”

Justbeingnamaste love isnt the work of the @gifmistress


“Love isn’t the work of the tender and the gentle;
Love is the work of wrestlers.
The one who becomes a servant of lovers
is really a fortunate sovereign.
Don’t ask anyone about Love; ask Love about Love.
Love is a cloud that scatters pearls.”

Foxyfoxy circe in justice league @gifmistress


Circe in Justice League

I always loved this movie weird science lol @gifmistress

I always loved this movie “Weird Science”.. lol

Rhamphotheca how to see the lears macaw by @gifmistress


How to See the Lear’s Macaw

By David Younkman, Vice President of Conservation, ABC

If you ever find yourself in northeastern Brazil, go see one of the wonders of the bird world: Lear’s Macaws emerging by the hundreds from the crannies of a windswept cliff face. Thirty years ago this species seemed to be on the verge of extinction, with only 60 left in the wild. Now there are hundreds of Lear’s Macaws, thanks to conservation programs launched by groups such as ABC and our Brazilian partner, Biodiversitas.

The only wild home of the Lear’s Macaw is found near the town of Canudos, in the Brazilian state of Bahia. There, in an endless-looking red-dirt landscape called “caatinga country,” these birds nest and breed in wind-blown, dried-out, isolated cliffs. Crops and cattle struggle here, but you’ll still find lots of spindly corn, yucca, and licuri palm, the last the chief food of the Lear’s Macaw…

(read more: American Birding Conservancy)

photo: Ciro Albano

Occhidimenta buona notte bonne nuit buenas @gifmistress


Buona notte … Bonne Nuit … Buenas Noches … Good Night … Tumblr

There could be life forms so strange we wouldnt @gifmistress

There could be life forms so strange we wouldn’t even recognize them as life.

I love the holidays sparkle and lights gif @gifmistress

I love the holidays. Sparkle and lights gif.

Oh bravo @gifmistress

Oh bravo :) 

Orientaltiger the first innovative bicycle path @gifmistress


The first innovative bicycle path in the Netherlands will be paved with light stones that will charge during the day and emit light during the evening. The path will run by the home that Vincent van Gogh lived in from 1883-5

Rhamphotheca bitter oyster fungus panellus @gifmistress


Bitter Oyster Fungus (Panellus stipticus)

… is a species of fungus in the family Mycenaceae, and the type species of the genus Panellus. A common and widely distributed species, it is found in Asia, Australasia, Europe, and North America, where it grows in groups or dense overlapping clusters on the logs, stumps, and trunks of deciduous trees, especially beech, oak, and birch. During the development of the fruit bodies, the mushrooms start out as tiny white knobs, which, over a period of one to three months, develop into fan- or kidney-shaped caps that measure up to 3 cm (1.2 in) broad.

Panellus stipticus is one of several dozen species of fungi that are bioluminescent. Strains from eastern North America are typically bioluminescent, but those from the Pacific regions of North America and from other continents are not. The luminescence is localized to the edges of the gills and the junction of the gills with the stem and cap. Bioluminescence is also observable with mycelia grown in laboratory culture, and the growth conditions for optimal light production have been studied in detail. Several chemicals have been isolated and characterized that are believed to be responsible for light production…

(read more: Wikipedia)

photos: Chaz @ Mushroom Observer; Noah Seigel; Ylem; Dan Molter

Chlora virgo finishingschoolbooks i have no @gifmistress



I have no doubt you are familiar with the fan and sprinkle maneuver, students. After all, there have been numerous pamphlets published on the subject.

Oh, how I love these things!

Wildcat2030 do we live in the matrix tests @gifmistress


Do We Live in the Matrix?

Tests could reveal whether we are part of a giant computer simulation — but the real question is if we want to know…

In the 1999 sci-fi film classic The Matrix, the protagonist, Neo, is stunned to see people defying the laws of physics, running up walls and vanishing suddenly. These superhuman violations of the rules of the universe are possible because, unbeknownst to him, Neo’s consciousness is embedded in the Matrix, a virtual-reality simulation created by sentient machines. 

The action really begins when Neo is given a fateful choice: Take the blue pill and return to his oblivious, virtual existence, or take the red pill to learn the truth about the Matrix and find out “how deep the rabbit hole goes.” 

Physicists can now offer us the same choice, the ability to test whether we live in our own virtual Matrix, by studying radiation from space. As fanciful as it sounds, some philosophers have long argued that we’re actually more likely to be artificial intelligences trapped in a fake universe than we are organic minds in the “real” one. 

But if that were true, the very laws of physics that allow us to devise such reality-checking technology may have little to do with the fundamental rules that govern the meta-universe inhabited by our simulators. To us, these programmers would be gods, able to twist reality on a whim. 

So should we say yes to the offer to take the red pill and learn the truth — or are the implications too disturbing?

Tildren mia yala @gifmistress


M.I.A. || Y.A.L.A. 

Those eyes @gifmistress

Those eyes….

Haroldlloyds happy birthday gene eliza tierney @gifmistress


Happy Birthday Gene Eliza Tierney
19 November 1920 - 6 November 1991

“Gene was the most underrated actress we ever had!” - Vincent Price

Meooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww chick is in heat or @gifmistress

MEOOoOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW  chick is in heat or something there. 

Witch bitchh i want to see snoooooow these @gifmistress


I want to see snoooooow these GIF’s kill me.

Elixirforthesoul marmalade gin 1 12 oz @gifmistress



Gin - 1 1/2 oz

Lemon Juice - ½ oz

Orange Marmalade - 1 tsp

Shake everything with ice cubes and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with an orange twist.

“By its bitter-sweet taste this cocktail is especially suited to be a luncheon aperitif.” - Harry Craddock

Salvatore Calabrese’s Breakfast Martini wasn’t the first cocktail to make use of marmalade, the Marmalade Cocktail from the Savoy Cocktail Book dates 7 to 8 decades back. The original recipe was meant for 6 people, so I did some experimenting and ended up with the recipe above: it’s slightly tart; evident bittersweet flavour; and not too strong, which makes it appropriate as a “luncheon” drink.

The “one teaspoon” of marmalade is not describing an exact measure, so don’t try to be; or indeed nor can you, the consistency of marmalade is like something between jam and jelly with bits of rinds stuch in it, so just scoop up a generous amount of with a teaspoon. Before shaking, stir all ingredients together with your barspoon until the marmalade is almost completely dissolved; and be sure to fine strain the mixture at the end, to remove the rinds.

Gypsystripper i guess she was not that @gifmistress


I guess she was not that innocent...

Hypno mkultra stop wasting your time on people @gifmistress

HYPNO MKULTRA “Stop wasting your time on people who don’t love you”. We love you for your money of course!

Hypno hyper fashion @gifmistress

HYPNO Hyper fashion. 

Lol white people @gifmistress

LOL “White people" 

Oh look at that sex munchies and pussy what @gifmistress

Oh look at that sex , munchies and pussy. What more could anyone ask for? 

Goddess worship freak show @gifmistress

Goddess worship freak show

Forty six and 2 sick oo @gifmistress


Sick O.o

Psychedelic moods a mind expanding phenomena @gifmistress

Psychedelic moods a mind expanding phenomena. 

Itscolossal light painting evolved introducing @gifmistress


Light Painting Evolved: Introducing the Pixelstick

Designed by Duncan Frazier and Steve McGuigan of Brookyln-based BitBanger Labs, the Pixelstick is a fancy new gadget for creating long-exposure light paintings. The device reads digital images created in Photoshop (or any other editor) and displays them one line at a time through an array of 198 full-color RGB LEDs. The images can be any height up to 198 pixels tall and many thousands of pixels wide creating huge possibilities for visual effects.

Tits on the screen @gifmistress

Tits on the screen…

Sizzlinghotlegs saucy french maid @gifmistress


Saucy French maid

Vintagegal illustration by ren wicks c 1963 @gifmistress


Illustration by Ren Wicks c. 1963

Choose neon gif @gifmistress


Nylon pantyhose legs and butt gif @gifmistress

Nylon pantyhose legs and butt. Gif 

Sexy gif @gifmistress

sexy gif

Scifi fantasy horror checkpoint by omen2501 on @gifmistress


Checkpoint by ~OmeN2501 on deviantART

Centuriespast the beheading of st catherine of @gifmistress


The Beheading of St. Catherine of Alexandria

Date: circa 1325-30

Artist: Pseudo-Jacopino di Francesco

Italian, active 1320-1350

North Carolina Museum of Art

Asktheghosthost hahamagartconnect abandoned @gifmistress




I cannot stop surfing through these haunting Francesco Mugnai pictures. His photo series on abandoned amusement parks brings chills to my body as thrilling as the excitement I can recall back from visiting the amusement parks of my childhood. Here are all the memories rotting in fields and perhaps hosting some ghostly visitors.

via indulged

A lot of the USA looks like this. Shit is falling down fast. 

Clairdelun3 yes plz that would rock @gifmistress


Yes plz

That would rock!

You build up a world of magic because your real @gifmistress

“You build up a world of magic

because your real life is tragic”

Chill out fan animated gif summer time @gifmistress

Chill out! Fan animated gif. Summer time. :)

Vintage world war 2 photo lovely women @gifmistress

Vintage World War 2 photo. Lovely women,

Peace sign gif animated @gifmistress

Peace sign gif animated

Stoned again quote gif @gifmistress

Stoned again-quote gif

Quote gif life is an opportunitybenefit from @gifmistress

Quote gif “Life is an opportunity…benefit from it" 

Go on an adventure funky ass gif @gifmistress

“Go on an adventure” funky ass gif

Hornydevilxxx message to geeks @gifmistress


Message to geeks

It was a sickperverted world a sadistic candy @gifmistress

“It was a sick,perverted world,

A sadistic candy land in the sky”

Drugs gif animation neon looking @gifmistress

“Drugs” gif animation. Neon looking.

Mental illness @gifmistress

“Mental illness”

Theatlantic egyptian protestors shine laser @gifmistress


Egyptian protestors shine laser lights on a military helicopter flying over the presidential palace in Cairo, on June 30, 2013, as hundreds of thousands of demonstrators gather during a protest calling for the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi.

See more. [Credit: Mohamed Abd El Ghany/Reuters, Khaled Desouki/AFP/Getty Images]

Mushroom art @gifmistress

Mushroom art

Far out man gif animated crazy @gifmistress
<`)))>< party  ¸.·´¯`·.´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸><(((º>
Have a fabulous weekend gif @gifmistress

Have a fabulous weekend! GIF 

Birth control babe fast an d sexy poster @gifmistress

“Birth Control Babe” fast an d sexy. Poster. 

Zacksnydrs my asshole brother bought her back @gifmistress


My asshole brother bought her back in September ‘57. That’s when you got your new model year, in September. Brand-new, she was. She had the smell of a brand-new car. That’s just about the finest smell in the world, ‘cept maybe for pussy.

Fancydancynancy riotgrrrlzrule collage i @gifmistress



Collage I made.

Girl Crush. Totally cool!

❤ Vintage Wonderland ❤

Sex shop sign @gifmistress

sex shop sign.

Holy shit youre a talking pony lol @gifmistress

“Holy shit, you’re a talking pony” lol

Supermodelgif mr blonde @gifmistress


Mr. Blonde

Great looking gif from big trouble in little china @gifmistress

Great looking GIF from Big Trouble in Little China

Supermodelgif cathartic @gifmistress



Saveflowers1 mermaids vintage postcard @gifmistress


Mermaids - vintage postcard.