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Gina BoundLife @ginaboundlife

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- Gina BoundLife (@ginaboundlife)
Inventerius the lovely gina featured in my @ginaboundlife


The lovely Gina featured in my little sitting cage.
You can find more pictures of her on her website

(Other pictures of my little cage can be found here)

Yay it’s me!!

Fuckiamsexedout how proudly she presents it @ginaboundlife


How proudly she presents it :)

That’s Cobie wearing a chastity belt for her 2-week Chastity Deal at!! The webmaster told me. She loved it!

Cosplay cow katz not happy about being milked by @ginaboundlife

Cosplay Cow Katz, not happy about being milked by the relentless goat milker! From, with permission.

Fuckiamsexedout blonde teen babe is locked in a @ginaboundlife


Blonde Teen babe is locked in a steel chastity belt with a metal anal buttplug :]


Metalbdsm model natalia forrest website @ginaboundlife


Model: Natalia Forrest


Stephanie handcuffed on wwwcuffedteenscom @ginaboundlife

Stephanie handcuffed on

I like it just like wwwhucowscom @ginaboundlife

I like it, just like!

From wwwtieablecom great website @ginaboundlife

From!!! Great website!

From wwwhucowscom daisy milked with a real goat @ginaboundlife

From Daisy milked with a real goat milker, full power, medium speed. I love it!

Its me d @ginaboundlife

It’s me!! :D

Rigidfiddle education at @ginaboundlife

RigidFiddle Education at

Jonnynhm does any one know where this is @ginaboundlife


Does any one know where this is from?

Of course!! It is from!!! Check out their site, it is awesome!

She knew she had to wear a chastity belt for 12 @ginaboundlife

She knew she had to wear a chastity belt for 12 hours to get her cash prize, but she wasn’t expecting the two surprises inside the belt!! This was a hard challenge!

This is bad she can not wear it for more than a @ginaboundlife

This is bad. She can not wear it for more than a few minutes. Look at the rubber at the left side, it is completely off, the sharp metal will hurt her on every move. The waist band has been adjusted between a waist model and a hip model. Really bad and quite fake.

Natalia forrest held in place only by 1 bar no @ginaboundlife

Natalia Forrest held in place only by  1 bar! No other restraints! She could not escape this! Check out this update:

Heavy handcuffing on wwwgirlsincuffscom @ginaboundlife

Heavy handcuffing on

New site at wwwgrabbedgirlscom @ginaboundlife

New site at!

Wow this website is nice i want to be one of @ginaboundlife

Wow, this website is nice!!

I want to be one of these girls! :)

Please reblog.

Heavy breathing in heavy metal gear poor birdy @ginaboundlife

Heavy breathing in heavy metal gear. Poor Birdy Dee has lots and lots of unforgiving metal locked onto her. It is a predicament in itself, as time goes by she is struggling more and more against the weight of her restraints. The heavy chastity belt is cinching her waist super tight, and her wrists cuffs are locked to the sides of the waist belt. She can not lie down, because the Sleepless Collar prevents her head from touching the floor. She can not stand up, because her ankles are padlocked together. Birdy is getting so out of breath, we finally decide to give her the keys to the wrist padlocks. Even more evil, because after a long struggle to unlock herself, she still can not get any rest with the belt and collar still locked on! Birdy was totally spent after this ordeal, she is such a tough girl!

Carrarachastity please check this website a @ginaboundlife


Please check this website! A very nice shoot and video of our belts in a nice setting on a lovely lady! Thanks Ariel, Thanks chastitybabes!

Fuckiamsexedout sub girl amarantha in her steel @ginaboundlife


Sub Girl Amarantha in her steel chastity belt (bdsm)


Fuckiamsexedout sub girl amarantha is still @ginaboundlife


Sub Girl Amarantha is still locked up in her steel chastity belt (bdsm)