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This is a NSFW personal blog. So it's a little bit of this and a little bit of that and some porn. Also if I post a pic that is yours and you want it removed please let me know. - Pup-Rusty (@ginger-beef)
Inspired by aphyr post @ginger-beef

Inspired by @aphyr post.

Aphyr maxtem19 aphyr maxtem19 @ginger-beef






When ur told to present ur hole faggots, do it like this.

Truth. But better lighting maybe.

Like this?

Absolutely. But even better if your chest is touching the ground.

Yes Sir.

Good form takes practice. ;-)


Noodlesandbeef good morning master oh @ginger-beef


“Good morning, Master!”

Oh.  Good morning, alpha.

I will never look at that couch the same way again.

Goal for next years folsom drinking someones @ginger-beef

Goal for next years Folsom: Drinking someone’s piss at the street fair.

Well look at this sexy ass man @ginger-beef

Well, Look at this sexy ass man.

Californiacubster workin my nips puppy would @ginger-beef


Workin my nips

puppy would very much like to chew on those suckers.

Grumpyface thank you for the compliment i @ginger-beef


Thank you for the compliment, I think it depends on what “successful” means to you and other individuals. Also, I think it has to do with perspective and attitude. After going through certain life experience, you may gain some perspective that makes what was once a big deal, not a big deal at all anymore. Learning to react to life in different ways as well. 

The famous saying is that “it gets better”, what they don’t explain is that “it gets better” doesn’t mean life gets easier, it just means “YOU get better”. You become stronger, you become wiser, you become more particular and also you realize the untapped potential you have and you find out that you’re capable of a lot more than you ever thought possible. Life doesn’t get easier, in fact it can get harder, it’s just that now instead of letting life overwhelm you, you now see what life is throwing at you and you deal with it as best you can. 

You can focus on the shitty things and make them seem huge and show them to the world, or you can just quietly deal with them and keep your chin up and keep moving forward. It doesn’t mean you’re pretending to be perfect, it just means you’re not gonna give your problems the spotlight and parade them to the world. That seldom helps any, in fact most of the time it simply makes things worse. 

My only regret is not realizing this sooner, everything else? Well that’s just peachy. :) 

I’m pretty lucky I get to do what I love for a living too (makeup), not a lot of people get to do that so I’m pretty grateful. The body confidence? Well, that just comes from me being proud of what I’ve accomplished so far. But please don’t let that be the only thing that matters, it’s so easy to change your body shape that it’s not something you should base your confidence on, it’s simply not a solid foundation to rest your self worth on since looks are so maleable and ever changing and fragile. I show off because I’m a cyber exhibitionist and I think it’s fun and I get to do it now when I didn’t feel comfortable enough to do it before, but all this is gonna fade one day. What matters is that spark we all have inside of our shells, your brain and your heart, the nature of your being and who you are and how you are as a person. 

You never know how strong you are and all the things you’re capable of till you find yourself having no other choice but to keep going forward no matter what life throws at you. The rest is just whatever face you choose to show to the outside world while you’re doing it. 

Couldn’t have said it better…

After a great workout seeing great gains ive @ginger-beef

After a great workout, Seeing great gains. I’ve come a long ways.

Feeling on point and cute as fuck today @ginger-beef

Feeling on point and cute as fuck today.

Maxtem19 teganxxx92 maxtem19 towelplay @ginger-beef





please do porn

@teganxxx92: I watch a lot of porn, and I’m self-aware enough to know that I would be TERRIBLE at it. I’m a mediocre blogger. Imagine how downright boring my porn would be. 🙈

Umpf, Yes my tail would be wagging.

Fun with gifs @ginger-beef

fun with Gifs

Dudetube dan savages super sexy husband terry @ginger-beef


Dan Savage’s super sexy husband Terry Miller

One reason to move to Seattle…

Puppy taking sirs paw @ginger-beef

Puppy taking Sir’s paw.

Such a happy puppy @ginger-beef

Such a happy puppy.

Bigxbad playtime with akbearcub of course @ginger-beef


playtime with @akbearcub

Of course this is the first thing on my feed. Damn you guys! Fuckin. Sexy. As. Hell!

Yes it was a great weekend a couple of sirs @ginger-beef

Yes, It was a great weekend. A couple of Sir’s many marks.

Sir gifted puppy with his first tail @ginger-beef

Sir gifted puppy with his first tail.

Tumblr peeps i introduce you to puppy rusty @ginger-beef

Tumblr peeps, I introduce you to puppy rusty.

Sir and puppy together again @ginger-beef

Sir and puppy together again.

Good lord this cub is hot @ginger-beef

Good lord this cub is hot.

Oh you know just watching some tv @ginger-beef

Oh you know, Just watching some tv.

My loss is your gain i have a xl invincible @ginger-beef

My loss is your gain. I have a XL Invincible Surfsuit for sale or for trade for a Large. Black w/red zip. Has only been worn a handful of times. Selling because it no longer fits. No defects at all. Will clean and vivishine before shipping. Would like $150 plus shipping. Let me know if interested.

Cubdar gorgeous sight to see in bed at night @ginger-beef


Gorgeous sight to see in bed at night

Oh look, It’s a old pic of me.
Nice photoshop job.

Getting beefier @ginger-beef

Getting beefier.

Today could get interesting @ginger-beef

Today could get interesting….

Sodomymcscurvylegs arbitrary stag @ginger-beef





True story, Don’t Fuck with us.

Who wants a sniff @ginger-beef

Who wants a sniff?

Djcubster new harness from mr s leather i @ginger-beef


New harness from Mr. S Leather I bought during Folsom!
I also have the suspended straps, so yay for versatility!


Hahaha this feel about right @ginger-beef

Hahaha, This feel about right.

Noodlesandbeef innerbear left brandedbulltank @ginger-beef


innerbear left, brandedbulltank right….ahhh!  Which one?

OMG, How do you choose?
I’m leaning left.

Lessdanthree ruin me just take me now @ginger-beef


Ruin me

Just take me now!

Damn looking good @ginger-beef

damn looking good

Noodlesandbeef noodles and beefs folsom street @ginger-beef


Noodles and Beef’s Folsom Street Fair 2015 Guide

This weekend is Folsom Street Fair: the world’s largest leather event.

Nearly a million people will visit San Francisco for this year’s Folsom Street Fair and the surrounding leather events and parties.

It can be overwhelming for even the seasoned leather person.  What parties do I go to?  What do I wear?  Where can I get new leather gear?  What time do I go to the official street fair?


This is my 10th Folsom Street Fair and I’ve prepared a day-by-day guide on how to enjoy this incredible event.

Keep Reading

Keep reading

Such A great Post!

Puppy is so bummed he doesn’t get to go this year.
Have fun Boys!

Thank god for good lighting @ginger-beef

Thank God for good lighting.

Sir got a cut and a trim instant puppy @ginger-beef

Sir got a cut and a trim, Instant puppy boner. Oct 15th can not get here soon enough.

Puppy got a boner while talking to sir last night @ginger-beef

Puppy got a boner while talking to Sir last night.

Hisfirsthugedick sketchzoid video source @ginger-beef



Video Source


Yeah, definitely one of the hottest things I’ve seen in a long long time.

Pups little home away from home for the next two @ginger-beef

Pup’s little home away from home for the next two weeks. Time to unwind a lil bit.

Its been a while since ive posted a nice butt @ginger-beef

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a nice butt pic. So here you go.

Gigaguess dirtybeardadmike sexy red bear @ginger-beef



Sexy red bear

Oh look, ginger-beef!

Oh look, this is going around again.

Someone had fun down at rock river over labor day @ginger-beef

Someone had fun down at Rock River over Labor Day.

Arm day dylan pose @ginger-beef

Arm day Dylan pose.

Please dont make puppy adult today @ginger-beef

Please don’t make puppy adult today.

Stinky rusty @ginger-beef

Stinky Rusty

Puppy started his training on stance this week @ginger-beef

Puppy started his training on stance this week. Puppy has over a month to learn how to do his stance properly. Puppy can’t wait to greet Sir at the airport in his stance.

Who doesnt love a little nude sun bathing by the @ginger-beef

Who doesn’t love a little nude sun bathing by the river.

Puppy went for a run this morning arrf @ginger-beef

Puppy went for a run this morning. Arrf

Bondagebudsf love that his head gear is @ginger-beef


LOVE that his head gear is directly connected to his balls.  Zero wiggle room.  And the tit clamps, further restricting his range of motion. 


Seeing more progress @ginger-beef

Seeing more progress

Exhale me jadorexjaii aww omg im @ginger-beef




Omg I’m crying, this post is probably the best thing I could have seen.

Love Stich.

So a funny thing happened today @ginger-beef

So a funny thing happened today…

Gayandbritishnerd hung8cut ill eat out @ginger-beef



I’ll eat out & fuck the shit out of this ass!!!

Gayandbritishnerd loogie fag rim shots @ginger-beef



Rim shots…

Can you guess a theme today??

Yes please @ginger-beef

Yes please

Gayandbritishnerd thecakemonsters @ginger-beef




Eat the booty like groceries

Me next✋🏻

Either position, Pleeeaaase.

Gayandbritishnerd thecakemonsters @ginger-beef




Eat the booty like groceries

Me next✋🏻

Either position, Pleeeaaase.

My fbf me 5 6 years ago @ginger-beef

My #FBF me 5-6 years ago.

Innerbear ironbearicade thigh thursday for @ginger-beef



Thigh Thursday for innerbear

YAY!!! looking good handsome!!

Damn those thighs, so much power behind em. Or so I umm hear.

Enough of this depressing shit back to our @ginger-beef

Enough of this depressing shit, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Misterchgocub im actually really vanilla when it @ginger-beef

misterchgocub, I’m actually really vanilla when it comes to places I’ve had sex. In college I got head in the middle of a party once and I’ve given road head. Though ask me again in Dec, When I get back from SF after visiting Sir. lol

Today we lost a great man but heaven gained an @ginger-beef

Today we lost a great man but heaven gained an Angel. RIP Grampy, Love you with all my heart.

How puppy is spending his day @ginger-beef

How puppy is spending his day.

This is the other thing that helps @ginger-beef

This is the other thing that helps.

These are the memories that are getting me through @ginger-beef

These are the memories that are getting me through this rough time.

Puppys getting down ndirty in his back yard @ginger-beef

Puppy’s getting down n'dirty in his back yard.

So this happened @ginger-beef

So this happened.

Finefukwhatever a drawing dean did today to @ginger-beef


A drawing Dean did today to celebrate a historic Stitch Day.  Happy 6-26 :)

I love the Stitch comparison.

Punkboy1964 in quo totum continetur msterg @ginger-beef




I am interested in seeing how many bois and guys are pierced.  Re-blog this pic and let the world know you are!  I am and proud of it!

Proudly pierced

Finally liking the way i look in a swimsuit @ginger-beef

Finally liking the way I look in a swimsuit.

We won we fucking won i never thought this day @ginger-beef

We Won!! We Fucking Won! I never thought this day would come. I also didn’t think it would hit me this hard, I’ve been crying off and all day at work. It’s been one of the most emotional fucking amazing weeks ever. I will always remember this Pride month. So much Love!

Good arm day still got da belly @ginger-beef

Good arm day? Still got da belly

Dj pusheen does edc @ginger-beef

DJ Pusheen does EDC.

Some of the awesome people i met during edc my @ginger-beef

Some of the awesome people I met during EDC. My stitch twin. A couple of daddy bears @ironbearicade. Man I had such a great time hanging out with you this weekend. All I can say is wow!

Noodlesandbeef our group for edc vegas @ginger-beef


Our group for EDC Vegas!

Noodlesandbeef ive been in vegas this weekend @ginger-beef


I’ve been in Vegas this weekend to celebrate the wedding between two of my closest friends, Tony akbearcub and Arman bigxbad.

They were the first gay couple married at EDC in Las Vegas. I was incredibly honored to be witness/bestman for two of my closest friends. Congratulations to both of you; your love is inspiring and beautiful. I am so happy to be in your life to share this moment.

Noodlesandbeef me giving arman a shoulder ride @ginger-beef


Me giving Arman a shoulder ride through the crowd at EDC.

Our handsome group, and pusheen our totem.

Noodlesandbeef more pool day photos from this @ginger-beef


More pool day photos from this weekend. 110-degree heat wasn’t so bad in the lazy river.

Look at all these handsome boys :D

Bigxbad edc day 2 was a crazy night i was @ginger-beef


EDC Day 2 was a crazy night. I was going so hard dancing to the Dada Life set that my phone, ID and debit card flew out of my pocket. I just now was able to retrieve it from the lost and found 3 days later. Thank goodness to the good soul who dropped it off there.

This was our first day officially as husbands. We got stopped by so many people congratulating us when they would see our just married banner. It was heart warming connecting with so many lovely people wanting to hear our story.

Bigxbad returning to edc day 2 as husbands @ginger-beef


Returning to EDC Day 2 as husbands.

Feeling so blessed I got to be there for their special day.

Bigxbad day 1 edc wedding pushen kandi @ginger-beef


Day 1 EDC!
Wedding, Pushen, kandi, PLUR, friends, dancing, partying……what a night.

Bigxbad the adventure team is coming together @ginger-beef


The adventure team is coming together! ginger-beef, aboveaaandbeyonce, cublifeboston, theinscrutablepanda, akbearcub.

Just waiting on the San Fran friends and we’ll be complete!

Pup is finally home after such an amazing @ginger-beef

Pup is finally home after such an amazing vacation, pics and posts to follow.

Daddyandcubby flattering x 2 someone @ginger-beef


Flattering X 2 - Someone assembled a bunch of Daddy’s pics.

Fucking hell Daddy!

I need this right now any takers @ginger-beef

I need this right now, Any takers?

Lessdanthree spencestar leavesandbitches @ginger-beef




Why do I think this is so funny

lessdanthree: the photoset

I got 2 free tacos

In honor of Sir. ;-)

Gaygeekysquirrel submission from a while back @ginger-beef

gaygeekysquirrel Submission from a while back. Sorry it took so long to post. :/


Dieselpup no adventure today just me can i @ginger-beef


No adventure today. Just me. Can I have belly rubs?

Arrroohhh, All the belly rubz.
Such a sexy puppy.

Yesterday was sir and pups two month anniversary @ginger-beef

Yesterday was Sir and pup’s two month anniversary. While I was in Maine over Memorial Day Weekend, I found this Sea Heart. I have always loved the ocean and Sir was the first person I thought of. Every day my love for him grows. I may not be able to be close to him at the moment but I can send him a lil bit of my heart to let him know how much I care for him. Sir sent me this picture he made of the sea heart I sent him in a good night text. It was the perfect way to end the day. Thank You for being in my life Sir. I love you. ~Rusty

Puppy got paparazzid at work lol @ginger-beef

Puppy got paparazzi’d at work. lol

Cublifeboston ginger beef looks like your pic @ginger-beef


ginger-beef Looks like your pic got stolen.

Yup, another one reposted. :/
Oh well.

Stitch got sacrificed for edc thats right bro @ginger-beef

Stitch got sacrificed for EDC. That’s right bro, feel how soft I am.

Sir said i should enter the innerbear and @ginger-beef

Sir said I should enter the innerbear and akbearcub thigh off. So here you go. Be kind…

Come this october there will be tons of pics of @ginger-beef

Come this October there will be tons of pics of puppy and his Sir. Till then there won’t be that many, Unfortunately puppy and Sir live on different coasts.

Jukadiie anothercleverjedimindtrick i hate @ginger-beef



I hate y’all 


I can’t even.