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This is a NSFW personal blog. So it's a little bit of this and a little bit of that and some porn. Also if I post a pic that is yours and you want it removed please let me know. - Ginger-Beef (@ginger-beef)
Puppys getting down ndirty in his back yard @ginger-beef

Puppy’s getting down n'dirty in his back yard.

So this happened @ginger-beef

So this happened.

Finefukwhatever a drawing dean did today to @ginger-beef


A drawing Dean did today to celebrate a historic Stitch Day.  Happy 6-26 :)

I love the Stitch comparison.

Punkboy1964 in quo totum continetur msterg @ginger-beef




I am interested in seeing how many bois and guys are pierced.  Re-blog this pic and let the world know you are!  I am and proud of it!

Proudly pierced

Finally liking the way i look in a swimsuit @ginger-beef

Finally liking the way I look in a swimsuit.

We won we fucking won i never thought this day @ginger-beef

We Won!! We Fucking Won! I never thought this day would come. I also didn’t think it would hit me this hard, I’ve been crying off and all day at work. It’s been one of the most emotional fucking amazing weeks ever. I will always remember this Pride month. So much Love!

Good arm day still got da belly @ginger-beef

Good arm day? Still got da belly

Dj pusheen does edc @ginger-beef

DJ Pusheen does EDC.

Some of the awesome people i met during edc my @ginger-beef

Some of the awesome people I met during EDC. My stitch twin. A couple of daddy bears @ironbearicade. Man I had such a great time hanging out with you this weekend. All I can say is wow!

Noodlesandbeef our group for edc vegas @ginger-beef


Our group for EDC Vegas!

Noodlesandbeef ive been in vegas this weekend @ginger-beef


I’ve been in Vegas this weekend to celebrate the wedding between two of my closest friends, Tony akbearcub and Arman bigxbad.

They were the first gay couple married at EDC in Las Vegas. I was incredibly honored to be witness/bestman for two of my closest friends. Congratulations to both of you; your love is inspiring and beautiful. I am so happy to be in your life to share this moment.

Noodlesandbeef me giving arman a shoulder ride @ginger-beef


Me giving Arman a shoulder ride through the crowd at EDC.

Our handsome group, and pusheen our totem.

Noodlesandbeef more pool day photos from this @ginger-beef


More pool day photos from this weekend. 110-degree heat wasn’t so bad in the lazy river.

Look at all these handsome boys :D

Bigxbad edc day 2 was a crazy night i was @ginger-beef


EDC Day 2 was a crazy night. I was going so hard dancing to the Dada Life set that my phone, ID and debit card flew out of my pocket. I just now was able to retrieve it from the lost and found 3 days later. Thank goodness to the good soul who dropped it off there.

This was our first day officially as husbands. We got stopped by so many people congratulating us when they would see our just married banner. It was heart warming connecting with so many lovely people wanting to hear our story.

Bigxbad returning to edc day 2 as husbands @ginger-beef


Returning to EDC Day 2 as husbands.

Feeling so blessed I got to be there for their special day.

Bigxbad day 1 edc wedding pushen kandi @ginger-beef


Day 1 EDC!
Wedding, Pushen, kandi, PLUR, friends, dancing, partying……what a night.

Bigxbad the adventure team is coming together @ginger-beef


The adventure team is coming together! ginger-beef, aboveaaandbeyonce, cublifeboston, theinscrutablepanda, akbearcub.

Just waiting on the San Fran friends and we’ll be complete!

Pup is finally home after such an amazing @ginger-beef

Pup is finally home after such an amazing vacation, pics and posts to follow.

Daddyandcubby flattering x 2 someone @ginger-beef


Flattering X 2 - Someone assembled a bunch of Daddy’s pics.

Fucking hell Daddy!

I need this right now any takers @ginger-beef

I need this right now, Any takers?


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