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Warning: this site is 18+ due to the mature nature of the posts. I am a happily married 23 year old woman, so please don't hit on me :) Why did I make a sex blog? Because sex fascinates me. Sex is beautiful, natural thing. This site is to show ALL aspects of sex, whether I personally enjoy them or not. Feel free to post what you feel may be missing. Sex is special, it takes something out of you every time you have sex. Ask me questions This blog is for YOU "Don't be ashamed of your sexual desires. Sex is part of nature and you have to remember that everyone had to try something first before they knew they liked it, don't be afraid to experiment." --ME function showInfluensterWidget(data){ document.getElementById('influenster-widget-container').innerHTML = data.widget_html; } - Girls LOVE Sex Too (@girlslovesextoo)
Buttsandbeard whispering dirty pretty things @girlslovesextoo


Whispering dirty pretty things


You had one job @girlslovesextoo


Sexxxualdesires fucked outdoors today such a @girlslovesextoo


Fucked outdoors today; such a rush.

Dominickthedom its like kryptonite to all my @girlslovesextoo


It’s like kryptonite to all my prey.

This is so hot @girlslovesextoo

This is so hot

Erikalust it s finally here to feast your eyes @girlslovesextoo


It´s finally here to feast your eyes on!!! Watch EAT WITH…ME on now!

Deathwishyeezuz tasting my princess making a @girlslovesextoo


Tasting my princess & making a mess 💕💦

Girlslovesextoo i dont normally call people @girlslovesextoo


I don’t normally call people out, but I think I’ll make a special exemption for someone who is an ignorant asshole. It is because of people like you that women who have been raped do not come forward because they think they’ll be judged, that people will blame them when it is not their fault. Being raped is still part of who I am, even after it being almost 9 years ago. It changed who I was physically, emotionally, and mentally for the rest of my life. 1 out of every 6 women have been raped, and the fact that you don’t see this as a problem worries and frankly disgusts me.

Manofsteelinsideher lick the kitty bite the @girlslovesextoo


Lick the Kitty. Bite the thigh.

Thehonestcourtesanandtherake have i ever said @girlslovesextoo


Have I ever said his cock is just delicious? - Lucia

Camdamage i got suspended for the first time @girlslovesextoo


I got suspended for the first time today and it was truly magical ✨💕

Grimygurl yeh id fuck me @girlslovesextoo


yeh I’d fuck me

Sexysexandsuch sexysexandsuch some naughty @girlslovesextoo



Some naughty submissions from a lovely anon :) Thank you! -J

Aw these are some of my favorites of myself


Nakedcouples him 22 her 20 hxenri @girlslovesextoo


Him-22 & Her 20 @hxenri