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Warning: this site is 18+ due to the mature nature of the posts. I am a happily married 23 year old woman, so please don't hit on me :) Why did I make a sex blog? Because sex fascinates me. Sex is beautiful, natural thing. This site is to show ALL aspects of sex, whether I personally enjoy them or not. Feel free to post what you feel may be missing. Sex is special, it takes something out of you every time you have sex. Ask me questions This blog is for YOU "Don't be ashamed of your sexual desires. Sex is part of nature and you have to remember that everyone had to try something first before they knew they liked it, don't be afraid to experiment." --ME function showInfluensterWidget(data){ document.getElementById('influenster-widget-container').innerHTML = data.widget_html; } - Girls LOVE Sex Too (@girlslovesextoo)
Suushiilips @girlslovesextoo



Nymphoninjas new apartment with great light @girlslovesextoo


New apartment with great light means lots of fun photos to be taken.

And hopefully there are many more where this one came from. Thanks for sharing your sexy silhouette and this beautiful little moment of you two together. I really like how his hair hangs over his face and the detail you captured in the wall. 

Dcci intimacy upstate ny october 2015 @girlslovesextoo



Upstate NY | October 2015

Image shot by me (dcci) with a FujiX20

Sheismadeinpoland smilebecause it happened @girlslovesextoo



I could swear that looks like @sheismadeinpoland… No, couldn’t be!

Couldn’t be!

Nvbianprincess he loves watching my booty @girlslovesextoo


✨🎀 he loves watching my booty jiggle.

Corwinprescott temperance philadelphia pa @girlslovesextoo


Philadelphia, Pa 2015

There are things that have always been scary to me.  Traveling the country, sleeping in my car, sharing that journey with you that has never been hard, but sharing the intimacy that Nicole and I experience together, our private selves, its one of those things that scares the shit out of me.

Perhaps its allowing people to look at our relationship through a lens that we wouldn’t normally.  I don’t know.  I love these images.  I am intensely proud of them, but mostly intensely proud of us.  How we have grown together mentally and physically over years of spending time away from each other.  Sacrificing an intense amount of time together to our ambitions as artists.

Nicole is my creative partner, my side kick, my love.  The most special person in my life, and that means a lot of things.  It means we have an erotic life in addition to the romance we experience in so many things.  In coffee, in mornings spent far away, in the mirrors reflection.

Corwin Prescott - Nicole Vaunt - Full post part of Patreon Archive

Beerandiron devilmaycall friday nights oh @girlslovesextoo



Friday nights.

Oh look. It me.

Everyone is uploading pictures of the first snow @girlslovesextoo

Everyone is uploading pictures of the first snow for the year and I’m over here like….

Katgoyette kathryn goyette by ryan bussard @girlslovesextoo


Kathryn Goyette by Ryan Bussard

Acrosstheneverendingblue we exist we are still @girlslovesextoo


we exist, we are still valid

2jam4u free the fuckin brown nipple @girlslovesextoo



Weednymphos blurry hair pulling weednymphos @girlslovesextoo


blurry hair pulling | weednymphos

Kittensplaypenshop we just wanted to show our @girlslovesextoo


we just wanted to show our appreciation for all of your support of us with a big contest~! We love you guys so much D: Contest is 18+ 

You will be winning:
1 Lockable Toy Chest
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1 Star Wand
1 Tentacle
1 Pink 7 Piece Bondage Set
1 Choker
1 Mini Vibe

Value of over 200.00 :3

All you have to do is reblog! No following necessary! Contest will end November 30th 2015. Good luck!

Demonsangel fur n steel hmmmmmm @girlslovesextoo




hmmmmmm … breakfast in bed

Dirtydiapersandabottleofwine this came across @girlslovesextoo


This came across my timeline on Facebook and I couldn’t believe my eyes were reading this and couldn’t believe that women actually feel this way.

There is never an excuse for rape. EVER.

You could be in the middle of sex and if you want it to stop, it needs to stop. It’s that simple.

I don’t understand what men or women have been taught in their lifetime to feel this way or have experienced to think that this ok, but it’s not.

Rape is never ok.

Rape is never deserved.

Rape is never an answer.

Sexual feelings groping burning weednymphos @girlslovesextoo


groping & burning | weednymphos

Alex storm you havent experienced anything @girlslovesextoo


You haven’t experienced anything until you’ve been with a Scorpio.