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Warning: this site is 18+ due to the mature nature of the posts. I am a happily married 23 year old woman, so please don't hit on me :) Why did I make a sex blog? Because sex fascinates me. Sex is beautiful, natural thing. This site is to show ALL aspects of sex, whether I personally enjoy them or not. Feel free to post what you feel may be missing. Sex is special, it takes something out of you every time you have sex. Ask me questions This blog is for YOU "Don't be ashamed of your sexual desires. Sex is part of nature and you have to remember that everyone had to try something first before they knew they liked it, don't be afraid to experiment." --ME function showInfluensterWidget(data){ document.getElementById('influenster-widget-container').innerHTML = data.widget_html; } - Girls LOVE Sex Too (@girlslovesextoo)
Www always arousedx tumblr com @girlslovesextoo


I want you.

Yours truly source realsubmittedporn @girlslovesextoo

Yours truly, source : realsubmittedporn

Alluring mess gifs by xzdp clipvia tumblr @girlslovesextoo


Gifs by xzdp


Buy this video either threw snapchat or tribute to my clipvia.

The video comes in two parts but all together is 17 minutes long. 

This video is $10 alone, or you can purchase both of my pornos for $15. (view other porno here)

  • Snapchat: send me your snapchat name and what deal you want and I’ll add you, then go from there.
  • Clipvia: just click here and send me $10 or $15 depending on what deal you want. Then write me on here and send me your email address in this format - alluringmess at gmail dot com. 
Thesecrettwo one over two @girlslovesextoo


one over two

Thepureskin amazing couples submission sent in by @girlslovesextoo


amazing couples submission sent in by the beautiful alluring-mess

W y s f so sweet with a mean streak nearly @girlslovesextoo


“so sweet with a mean streak; Nearly brought me to my knees” -Karly 


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