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I love sex and just about anything to do with it. Send me your fave pics of fetishes that you'd like to share, especially your cock or cock related pics. I will post them. - Girlythings13 (@girlythings13)
Sissydonna where boys will be girls @girlythings13


Where Boys Will Be Girls

Weaponoutfitters amanda furrer with a @girlythings13


Amanda Furrer with a Centurion Arms Modular Rail build.  The CMR is strong, thin, lightweight and exceptionally well designed… which makes sense since a SEAL with the help of 2 weapons designers put it together over 2 years. 

Everyone appreciates a smart design that end up being functional and beautiful.

Ballistic Advantage Hanson barrel

2A Armament BALIOS Lite receivers

B5 Systems Bravo Stock

Weaponoutfitters high school of the dead @girlythings13


High school of the dead cosplay.  

Precision M-14s and the like are definitely filed under “cool guns I would never spend a dime of my own money on” thanks to the fact the inherent accuracy potential of these guns, and the weight on them (esp with modern chassis) is nuts.

The bone stock SCAR-H will shoot circles around a M-14/M1A/M21… and be far more reliable and cost effective.

Seems to me that the fan boys of the M-14 family lineup have no real experience with it.  I actually have a retired SEAL in my office who played a big part in getting the updated M-14s into theater back in the early days of the GWOT, but even he doesn’t have a M1A/M-14 style rifle in his personal collection (I asked, for this photoshoot, LOL)

I want to see that tight ass violated @girlythings13

I want to see that tight ass violated…

Asianladyboytops it is good to date older @girlythings13


It is good to date older women. They know what they want. Like me faced down and ass up.

Hacky gif visit hacky gif for more sex gifs @girlythings13


Visit Hacky GIF for more sex gifs

Sissydonna where boys will be girls @girlythings13


Where Boys Will Be Girls

Cocklockedslavehubby would love to come home @girlythings13


Would love to come home and here and see that @hotforbbcwife

Boysmakegreatpets looking right through you @girlythings13


Looking right through you boy…

Yum @girlythings13



So cute @girlythings13

So cute..

Sexy public nudity scroll katrina jade fetish @girlythings13


Katrina Jade - fetish porn star loves exhibitionism too

Jaynelovesdick give thanks that he bought you @girlythings13


give thanks that he bought you such huge cock magnets

and now he is helping you make every throatgsm™ even more intense

Blackkox reblog if you like this @girlythings13


Reblog if you like this.

Ill take two @girlythings13

I’ll take two.

Digital art costume @girlythings13


Belify Bel as Female Shepard MASS EFFECT 3

Hacky gif visit hacky gif for more sex gifs @girlythings13


Visit Hacky GIF for more sex gifs

An andreja pejic blog andreja pejic attends the @girlythings13


Andreja Pejic attends the Marie-Claire awards ceremony in Madrid, Spain, November 19, 2015, where she was awarded best model. Photo credits: Archie Andrews/ABACAPRESS.COM/Pure People

Ir digest katie kox @girlythings13


Katie Kox.

Realcouplesrus so much cum so little @girlythings13


So much cum… so little time.

Thank you for your submission 💋👌🏼
Damn yes please @girlythings13

Damn. Yes please.

Jennajonass learn a little more about me here @girlythings13


Learn a little more about me HERE. Follow my Tumblr blog HERE.

Awesomehotwomen wonderful @girlythings13



Valdeznico i was once a jedi knightthe same as @girlythings13


I was once a Jedi knight…the same as your father.

A young Jedi named Darth Vader… He betrayed and murdered your father.

I don’t think [Obi-Wan] exists anymore. He died about the same time as your father.

Brittanyarazavipictures 2000 followers @girlythings13



Brittanyarazavipictures @girlythings13