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The idea of creating a structure out of recycling @gloryhole

The idea of creating a structure out of recycling materials, which we confront with almost everyday (bottles, cans, wood and wire), is a reflection to our consciousness of the importance of recycling. The balanced and strong spiral shape invites us to enter, while the structure of the walls allows us to look through the environment we live in. And therefore, we come to a dead end that makes us go back and think “why”. We know about recycling but most of us never do it by ignoring the consequences. But what we don’t realize is that to survive in the near future, recycling today is not an “ought to do”, it’s a “have to do”.

The belgian mixed media cooperative fisheye was @gloryhole

The belgian mixed media cooperative Fisheye was commissioned to design and build the Fortis White Room, a mobile chill-out room that travels from festival to festival. Its design encompasses all of their expertise: interior design, video, light design and automation. The walls are modular, made of bent wood, the components of which fit together with a simple click system. Festival visitors can literally ‘hang out’ in hammocks. Light and video work reinforces the jungle-feel. More info:

Flex vase @gloryhole

flex vase

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Refined roots symbolises irregular structures like @gloryhole

Refined roots symbolises irregular structures like those in nature – a modern interpretation of “Back to the roots”. Lesstravagance describes that less is more and processes simple materials to a high qualitative standard. Here so-called eco-luxury is apparent in the mix of plain, simple style variations and elementary forms of extravagance. The third theme, Infinite time, is a combination of raw materials and soft materials. The interior setting reflects timeless comfort with calming strength and a rustic confidence in the future.

Text @gloryhole


Bubbles @gloryhole


Woollypocketcom @gloryhole

Clear lamp @gloryhole

Clear lamp

Large lobster @gloryhole

Large lobster

Moshe bursuker photo etched @gloryhole

Moshe Bursuker photo etched…

Intelligent vase designed by david sweeney begins @gloryhole

Intelligent vase designed by David Sweeney begins to ‘lie down’ when it needs water. [link]