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As some of you may know i am the artist gb @gmcboot

As some of you may know, I am the artist GB Morphs. I have posted some of my work here on my personal Tumblr page. For well over a decade I have had a dedicated website. Well I have decided to let me website go and post to a dedicated Tumblr site. Not this tumblr account. But this one:

If you like my work and what the image above hints at, please follow my dedicated page as well. I say as well because that site will be dedicated to my Brute artwork, this site will continue to share massive monsters I find on the net and just have to share.  The image above is a hint, a Brute Tease if you will of what new work I will be releasing very soon. VERY SOON. I am also uploading my archive of over a decade of work.  Thanks in advance and see you over at GB Morphs Tumblr!

100 brute monster @gmcboot

100% Brute Monster

Power mma brute @gmcboot

Power MMA Brute

Brute get to it @gmcboot

Brute - Get To It

Hot brute @gmcboot

Hot Brute

Strong brute @gmcboot

Strong Brute

Wrasllin brute ii @gmcboot

Wrasllin Brute II

Wrasllin brute @gmcboot

Wrasllin Brute

Arm wrestling brute @gmcboot

Arm Wrestling Brute

Inked mma brute ii @gmcboot

Inked MMA Brute II

Sweaty brute @gmcboot

Sweaty Brute

Wide brute @gmcboot

Wide Brute

Inked mma brute @gmcboot

Inked MMA Brute

Biker brute @gmcboot

Biker Brute

1 percent brute @gmcboot

1 Percent Brute

Bare knuckle brute ii @gmcboot

Bare Knuckle Brute II

Brute brothers @gmcboot

Brute Brothers

Brute trouble @gmcboot

Brute Trouble

Bare knuckle brute @gmcboot

Bare Knuckle Brute

Inked power brutes @gmcboot

Inked Power Brutes

Brute biker @gmcboot

Brute Biker

Wrestling brute @gmcboot

Wrestling Brute

Power brute @gmcboot

Power Brute

Pure power brute @gmcboot


Bearded brute @gmcboot

Bearded Brute

Hardcore brutes @gmcboot

Hardcore Brutes

Inked brute @gmcboot

Inked Brute

Inked brute @gmcboot

Inked Brute

Kilted brute @gmcboot

Kilted Brute

Pro brute @gmcboot

Pro Brute

Shaved brute @gmcboot

Shaved Brute

Hairy power brute @gmcboot

Hairy Power Brute

Viking brute @gmcboot

Viking Brute!

Hugemusclegeek worlds strongest man 2014 @gmcboot


World’s Strongest Man 2014 competitors meeting

The Strongest Room EVER in the history of the world!

Doomtrooper99 the responses were overwhelmingly @gmcboot


The responses were overwhelmingly for the Pro Wrestling Beat down. So I want you to meet the Enforcers and their opponent, baby face jobber, Private Danny Stone.Danny needed some extra money, so he decided to accept a after hours match with a unnamed opponent at some out of the way gym. The guy told him there would be no audience, just video. This match would be rough and tumble, heavy bumps and stomps. By the time they are done, the 2 grand will not seem like that much money no matter what he needed it for. 

Doomtrooper99 destruction domination defeat @gmcboot


Destruction. Domination. Defeat.

Brute bulls happy new year if you want to see @gmcboot

Brute Bulls. Happy New Year. 

If you want to see more of these for 2014, you can go to ,

Gofujimoto present to you @gmcboot


Present to you !!

Doomtrooper99 what naughty boys get for @gmcboot


What Naughty Boys Get for Christmas

Outstanding @gmcboot


Brute back @gmcboot

Brute Back

Pro brute @gmcboot

Pro Brute

Sweaty brute @gmcboot

Sweaty Brute

Brute pin @gmcboot

Brute Pin

Brute ink @gmcboot

Brute Ink

Pro power brute @gmcboot

Pro Power Brute

Brute glutes @gmcboot

Brute Glutes

Brute trooper @gmcboot

Brute Trooper

Brute executioner @gmcboot

Brute Executioner

Incredible brute @gmcboot

Incredible Brute

Inked daddy brute @gmcboot

Inked Daddy Brute

Scalding hot brute @gmcboot

Scalding Hot Brute

Brute trouble makers @gmcboot

Brute Trouble Makers

Brute guns @gmcboot

Brute Guns

Inked brute ii @gmcboot

Inked Brute II

Massive brute iii @gmcboot

Massive Brute III

Massive brute ii @gmcboot

Massive Brute II

Viking brute @gmcboot

Viking Brute

Brute sleeper @gmcboot

Brute Sleeper

Power brutes @gmcboot

Power Brutes

Brute attitude @gmcboot

Brute Attitude

Brute hug @gmcboot

Brute Hug

Handsome brute @gmcboot

Handsome Brute

Massive brute @gmcboot

Massive Brute

Inked brute @gmcboot

Inked Brute

Red fing hot bear brute rey rey photography @gmcboot

RED F'ing Hot Bear Brute - Rey Rey Photography

Pro brute iii @gmcboot

Pro Brute III

Brute service ii @gmcboot

Brute Service II

Dj brute rey rey photography @gmcboot

DJ Brute - Rey Rey Photography!

Daddy brute @gmcboot

Daddy Brute

Brutally hot @gmcboot

Brutally Hot

Leather brutes @gmcboot

Leather Brutes

Thick bear brute @gmcboot

Thick Bear Brute

Giant brute @gmcboot

Giant Brute

Pro brute domination @gmcboot

Pro Brute Domination

Shine brute @gmcboot

Shine Brute

Brute service @gmcboot

Brute Service

Bear brutes @gmcboot

Bear Brutes

Fing swole brute @gmcboot

F'ing Swole Brute

Brute ink @gmcboot

Brute Ink

Brute trouble in the parking lot @gmcboot

Brute Trouble in the Parking Lot

Power brute @gmcboot

Power Brute

Knux brute @gmcboot

Knux Brute

Bearded brute @gmcboot

Bearded Brute

Pro brute @gmcboot

Pro Brute

Brute worship @gmcboot

Brute Worship

Brute mma @gmcboot

Brute MMA

Hot bear brutes @gmcboot

Hot Bear Brutes

Brute pump @gmcboot

Brute Pump

A proposed world the chicago spire was a @gmcboot


The Chicago Spire was a proposed supertall skyscraper to be built along Lake Michigan in Chicago, Illinois.  It’s construction was stunted due to the “Great Recession” that started in 2008.  The project was officially declared dead in the water in 2010 after developers were unable to secure the funds.  After nearly 5 years of planning, the Chicago Spire will remain a 30 meter (100 ft) wide hole in the ground, instead of the towering 610 meter (2,000 ft) structure it could have been.

I pass this everyday. I want them to finish this BUILDING!

Doomtrooper99 so it begins @gmcboot


So it begins.

Strong brutes @gmcboot

Strong Brutes

Thick brute @gmcboot

Thick Brute

Brute security @gmcboot

Brute Security

Swole brute @gmcboot