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As some of you may know i am the artist gb @gmcboot

As some of you may know, I am the artist GB Morphs. I have posted some of my work here on my personal Tumblr page. For well over a decade I have had a dedicated website. Well I have decided to let me website go and post to a dedicated Tumblr site. Not this tumblr account. But this one:

If you like my work and what the image above hints at, please follow my dedicated page as well. I say as well because that site will be dedicated to my Brute artwork, this site will continue to share massive monsters I find on the net and just have to share.  The image above is a hint, a Brute Tease if you will of what new work I will be releasing very soon. VERY SOON. I am also uploading my archive of over a decade of work.  Thanks in advance and see you over at GB Morphs Tumblr!

100 brute monster @gmcboot

100% Brute Monster

Power mma brute @gmcboot

Power MMA Brute

Brute get to it @gmcboot

Brute - Get To It

Hot brute @gmcboot

Hot Brute

Strong brute @gmcboot

Strong Brute

Wrasllin brute ii @gmcboot

Wrasllin Brute II

Wrasllin brute @gmcboot

Wrasllin Brute

Arm wrestling brute @gmcboot

Arm Wrestling Brute

Inked mma brute ii @gmcboot

Inked MMA Brute II

Sweaty brute @gmcboot

Sweaty Brute

Wide brute @gmcboot

Wide Brute

Inked mma brute @gmcboot

Inked MMA Brute

Biker brute @gmcboot

Biker Brute

1 percent brute @gmcboot

1 Percent Brute

Bare knuckle brute ii @gmcboot

Bare Knuckle Brute II

Brute brothers @gmcboot

Brute Brothers


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